Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition software version 19.1 is here. Download it now.


The latest Intel® Quartus Prime Pro Edition software, version 19.1, is now available for download and you’re going to want it for the latest updates, which include the following additional and enhanced tools to make your job easier:

  • Improved synthesis algorithms including Fractal Synthesis and improved dot-product synthesis. Fractal Synthesis uses a new set of synthesis, clustering, and packing algorithms to dramatically increase utilization and performance of certain arithmetic elements such as adder trees.
  • A new Global Signal Visualization Heatmap that provides a 3D clock-tree visualization.
  • New Global Router Congestion Reports to help isolate nets that result in routing congestion and no-routes.
  • An enhanced Platform designer that display a list of all of your design’s memory-mapped domains and help you visualize the systems address map.
  • An enhanced Intel Advanced Link analyzer that provides end-to-end, mixed-mode simulation support, a Channel viewer that shows effective return loss, and an enhanced Channel Designer that adds support for far-end and near-end crosstalk (FEXT and NEXT).
  • An integrated Ethernet Link Inspector that links the Ethernet Monitor and Analyzer into the System Console.

In addition, you can now install the Intel HLS Compiler separately from Intel Quartus Prime.

You’ll find more information about these enhancements here.

Download the new Intel Quartus Prime Pro Edition software Version 19.1 here.


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