Are FPGAs good for accelerating AI? VentureBeat takes a closer look

VentureBeat has just posted an article titled “FPGA chips are coming on fast in the race to accelerate AI” that takes an in-depth look at the use of FPGAs for Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. The article cites five AI application challenges that FPGAs help to overcome:

  • Overcoming I/O bottlenecks
  • Providing acceleration for high performance computing (HPC) clusters
  • Integrating AI into workloads
  • Enabling sensor fusion
  • Adding extra capabilities beyond AI

The article also discusses Microsoft’s integration of FPGA-based AI into Microsoft Azure and Project Brainwave and ends with the following statement:

“Today’s FPGAs offer a compelling combination of power, economy, and programmable flexibility for accelerating even the biggest, most complex, and hungriest models.”


If you are developing applications that incorporate AI, be sure to take a look at “FPGA chips are coming on fast in the race to accelerate AI.”



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