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Intel Participates in Israel’s Privacy Week

By Brian Huseman, senior policy counsel for Intel Intel has a strong presence at “Privacy Week,” taking place in Jerusalem, Israel this week in conjunction with the OECD conference on the 30th anniversary of the OECD Privacy Guidelines and the … Read more >

Towards Accountable Care Cultures: Minding Our “Clinical Footprint”

If , while reading this blog, you have a medical emergency, please stop reading and dial 911 or go to a nearby emergency room. Because sometimes you just need help from a doctor or other medical professional. But what about … Read more >

Spotlight on Technology in Education

By Carlos Contreras, Intel’s U.S. Education Director Somewhere I heard a good portrayal of our US Education System — if a student from 1910 was able to time travel to today’s classroom. It would be one of the few places … Read more >

Intel, eBay and Microsoft Signal Support for Movement on U.S. Privacy Legislation

By David Hoffman, Intel’s director of security policy and global privacy officer Intel deeply cares about protecting privacy. We see computing moving in a direction where an individual’s applications and data will move as that person moves through his or … Read more >

The Hype and Hope of “mHealth”

Another day, another flyer arrives for a seminar on “mHealth.” One that showed up in my mailbox this week is typical: high-gloss images of mobile phones and heart signals, celebratory claims about how all of this will “revolutionize” healthcare, and … Read more >

Intel CEO Paul Otellini Keynotes at TPI Aspen Forum

I had the opportunity this week to attend the Technology Policy Institute’s 2010 Aspen Forum, which brought together policymakers and thought leaders to discuss the top technology policy issues facing our country. Intel’s CEO, Paul Otellini, had the opportunity to deliver … Read more >

DESC Comes of Age

By Stephen Harper, Intel’s global director of environment and energy policy With the re-launch of our website, the Intel-founded Digital Energy Solutions Campaign (DESC) celebrates two years of growth and progress. DESC was founded two years ago by Intel and … Read more >

EHRs: Healthy Relationships, Not Health Records

It’s been eleven years since my Intel colleague, John Sherry, and I first did some fieldwork studying physician practices and hospitals that were in the throes of choosing, installing, and/or experiencing EHRs (electronic health records) for the first time. Most … Read more >

Intel Testifies on Privacy Bills

Yesterday, Intel’s global privacy officer, David Hoffman, testified before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce on H.R. 5777, the BEST PRACTICES Act of 2010, introduced by Rep. Bobby Rush, and a discussion draft, released by Reps. Boucher and Stearns, … Read more >

My Opinion: E-Care Is Ethical, Effective, and Economical Care

I make it a general rule not to discuss Intel’s products in this blog, and in so doing, have erred on the side of rarely even mentioning our Intel® Health Guide. Which also means that I haven’t been able to … Read more >