Home-Based Health Leaders, Unite!

I like to think of myself as being a lot like George Clooney. Okay, okay, more like Ryan Bingham, the airport- and airmile-addicted character he plays in the recent movie, Up in the Air. (Except I don’t have his good … Read more >

Be Engaged, not Entertained, by the National Healthcare Debate

I’ve been sneaking in and out of meetings all day to catch snippets of the President’s “Healthcare Summit” (insert flying graphics and dramatic theme music here!) with Congressional members at Blair House. Colleagues in D.C.—some of them in the actual … Read more >

Healthcare Reform: We Can’t Wait for Washington

“Well, I guess you are done blogging since healthcare reform is dead now?”   Ouch! This comment came from a friend—from someone who says he actually likes some of my blogs and is eager for healthcare reform to happen. But … Read more >

New Jobs for New Healthcare: 5 Ideas for Growing a Careforce for the 21st Century

In a blog entry months ago, I wrote about how Baby Boomer women—and creating a new “careforce”—are critical for healthcare reform to succeed. And I promised back then to put out some ideas the following week for creative ways to … Read more >

Healthcare Reform: Too Big To Fail

Rumors of the demise of healthcare reform have been greatly exaggerated. After Scott Brown’s upset victory for the Massachusetts Senate seat, the news media and blogosphere are abuzz. Ah, folks, we have ourselves an official media frenzy! Let the hyperbole … Read more >

A New Decade Resolution: 50% of Care to the Home by 2020

I’m not usually one for New Year’s resolutions. Either they are so small in scope so as not to rise to the level of “resolution” status or so big that they will take far more than one year to accomplish. … Read more >

A Good Friend Is Hard To Lose

My friend Leslie loved to quote from the famous Flannery O’Connor short story, A Good Man Is Hard To Find, where towards the end, the Misfit (an escaped convict) says of the Grandmother: “She would have been a good woman … Read more >

The Infinite Loop of Finger Pointing: Chemotherapy, Congress, CMS, & the CBO

“Janice” is dreading her 65th birthday next month, and not for the reasons you might imagine. She is actually proud to be turning 65, especially because doctors told her ten years ago that she only had a year to live. … Read more >

Winning the War for Independence: The Independence at Home Act

What will it take to get our nation to prepare for the Age Wave and the chronic disease epidemic that is already here? What do we have to do to make home-based care a fundamental priority for government, healthcare, and … Read more >

TED MED conclusion: Juxtaposition & Systemic Thinking at the Dinner Party

Okay, TED MED 2009, after a 5-year hiatus for this conference series, is now over….and I, for one, am glad the conference is back. I’m mentally exhausted as I force myself to pound out these thoughts on the flight back … Read more >