Intel CEO leaves American Manufacturing Council

By Brian Krzanich, Chief Executive Officer

Earlier today, I tendered my resignation from the American Manufacturing Council. I resigned to call attention to the serious harm our divided political climate is causing to critical issues, including the serious need to address the decline of American manufacturing. Politics and political agendas have sidelined the important mission of rebuilding America’s manufacturing base.

I have already made clear my abhorrence at the recent hate-spawned violence in Charlottesville, and earlier today I called on all leaders to condemn the white supremacists and their ilk who marched and committed violence. I resigned because I want to make progress, while many in Washington seem more concerned with attacking anyone who disagrees with them. We should honor – not attack – those who have stood up for equality and other cherished American values. I hope this will change, and I remain willing to serve when it does.

I am not a politician. I am an engineer who has spent most of his career working in factories that manufacture the world’s most advanced devices. Yet, it is clear even to me that nearly every issue is now politicized to the point where significant progress is impossible. Promoting American manufacturing should not be a political issue.

My request—my plea—to everyone involved in our political system is this: set scoring political points aside and focus on what is best for the nation as a whole. The current environment must change, or else our nation will become a shadow of what it once was and what it still can and should be.

862 thoughts on “Intel CEO leaves American Manufacturing Council

  1. Kudos. We need leaders, both political, business and religious to point put the dysfunction in this WH. Thank you fir standing g up to the racist in the WH.

    1. After 200+ years of democracy, we are experiencing a break-down in respecting the election result by the citizens of this country. The hatred demonstrated by the liberals is unprecedented (probably the biggest hate group in the US right now). I voted for Obama twice (and Bill, Al in the past), but I am sickened by the attack toward our elected president without base (he might be arrogant, but not a racist). I am not surprised that Intel will make this decision to pull out because this is a California company, but I disapprove BK’s rationale in the cheap shot on his way out.

      1. You are brave to stand up and say this, Jim. I agree with most of it as well. I also agree with BK’s statement about the growing problem of scoring political points at every possible event. But I’m still confused about what happened that tied that point to his leaving the council. Particularly as it relates to the hate crimes in Charlottesville. I would greatly prefer if we left all politics out of our workplace. That, in my mind, would be a good start.

      2. “The hatred demonstrated by the liberals”. Congratulations, you just whatever else you had/have to say irrelevant.

        1. Not really, to deny it exists is burying your head in the sand. One look at Portland tells you all you need do know about violence and the left. Do you think they ransack the downtown area out of love?

          1. You and several others in these comments are only proving BK’s point.

            “The hatred demonstrated by the liberals…”
            “History shows that political violence usually comes from the Left.”
            “[liberals] ransack the downtown area…”

            There is plenty of dysfunction in both parties, and life is nowhere near convenient enough that everything wrong with society can be blamed on “the other one.” Not everything needs to be turned into “right vs. left.”

            Trump is not doing a very good job, it’s as simple as that. To admit that doesn’t mean you have to be a die-hard liberal who loves socialism and hates freedom. He neither needs nor deserves unconditional support. If BK sees this manufacturing council as a dead end, then so be it. It doesn’t mean battle lines are being drawn. We don’t need to take the opportunity to start attacking those who disagree with us.

        2. Bitter pills are hard to swallow. As I said, I voted Democrats all these years (I did not want to reveal my age too much by going beyond Bill C.), but I have never seen such a resistance toward an election result, include Gore vs Bush on Florida recounts. Granted that Trump is not as elegant as Obama or as gentleman, but people have spoken. If this verbal and propaganda violence continue, more independents would be forced to vote for the right next time.

          1. It’s not resistance toward an election result, it is resistance toward a man that is unfit to lead this nation, that is leading from the far right, riding into office on the coattails of racists. It is resistance against a party that is wrecking the middle class with its horrible policies. Trump was elected by less than half the electorate, most of them holding their noses assuming he wouldn’t actually act on all of the horrible things he was saying. They turned out to be wrong.

            In this case he is covering the deeds of dirty racists and nazis by laying a false equivalency, appeasing the alt right and giving them more strength. We already fought these wars, that side lost. We are not letting them gain strength again. What you see are strong, moral men and women disassociating with the Train Wreck that Trump has become. He hasn’t really changed from his initial stances, but people are starting to realize that they should have taken him at his word, that their hope for him to unite the country and “become presidential” was a false hope.

          2. Just because 50.1 % of the people voted this nasty person into office, doesn’t give him full permission to support bigotry and violence. My father served in WW2, risking his life to defeat just this kind of hate and evil this Trump guy brings not only to America and the world. Get out of your alternate universe and get on board with what this country is about. It’s not about Making America White Again. Did I mention my mother is Jewish, father is Catholic, and my daughter is disabled? Love,,,,,Trump’s Hate!

          3. The people did speak. Trump did not win by majority vote but by electoral vote. I am not saying Hillary would have been better, just know that the majority of people did not vote for trump.

          4. ScottX and John Rice: Many of your statements are subjective perceptions and analyses that you have firmed up in your mind and are not necessarily fact (if there is anything that is fact). Obama haters also had strong beliefs of who he was, his character flaws, how unfit he was to be POTUS, scandals about him, his not being a US citizen, etc., etc. I like that someone coined “alternative realities” or “alternative facts.” Your perceptions are definitely not clear-cut and guaranteed to be the perceptions of many others in this country. …. “riding into office on the coattails of racists. It is resistance against a party that is wrecking the middle class with its horrible policies. Trump was elected by less than half the electorate, most of them holding their noses assuming he wouldn’t actually act on all of the horrible things he was saying. They turned out to be wrong.”

            Generalizing and stereotyping is a huge problem. Dialogue and honesty would be more helpful.

            You’ve assembled a ‘picture’ in your mind that fits your world view, but don’t think it is everyone else’s. It is how you’ve resolved your uneasiness and dislike for Trump and his views and actions.

        3. Jim Sunder is spot on. The violence perpetrated in this country by those who lost the election and cannot abide by the policies which were offered in the campaign far exceeds what the WS did this weekend. The groups are disgusting and it is understandable the abhorrence, but I appreciate Pres Trump being realistic and truthful about there being blame on many sides for hate in this country. Anything to do with white-skinned haters, of course, would be the worst possible kind of hate in the world, now that’s a given, right?

          1. Try your best to explain it all away, with your limited knowledge of history. Read a book on history. If you can’t read, watch the history channel, or get an electronic book which reads to you. The alt right is full of hate for everyone who isn’t white. The alt left will resist the alt right’s hate and intolerance. That’s all it is. The alt right can’t see anyone else who is not white. But you know what, we see you. This Fake President Trump just isn’t a fit for this job of President. I’m so sorry, he should do the country a favor and resign. Right?

        4. I seem to recall a Democratic convention where the leader shouted ‘f**k Trump’ and the rest of the convention roared it back. There IS an extremist leftie faction and it appears more widespread than you think.

      3. Well said Jim. I agree there is too much hatred on both sides. Placing blame on the administration for the actions of a couple hundred knuckle head alt right activists as well as the left leaning anti group that showed up with the intent of violence is not fair.

        I am very disappointed in BK for his resignation. Seems like this action further encourages the divide that he himself is condemning. One thing is for sure, Intel will not have a voice on the presidents manufacturing council now. How does that help??

        1. “Both sides” perpetuates a false equivalency. One group is arguing for the oppression of others, the other group is arguing against oppression. Germany needed more of the latter 80 years ago.
          I did not see BK put blame for the violence on POTUS (though his rhetoric in the past certainly encouraged violence on several occasions). The timing suggests that the resignation is due to the lack of an appropriate response. Yes, he corrected it on Monday, under pressure, then immediately went back to blaming “both sides”. Again, if David Duke publicly thanks you, you need to check your position.

          1. The previous poster was referring to violence being perpetrated by both sides. Are we now implying that if we perceive ourselves to be morally correct then violence is okay to achieve our ends?

        2. “Knuckle heads”? You mean the people who admire the author of the “Final Solution”? You mean the people who burn crosses on lawns?

          Gosh, those silly ol’ knuckle heads! They didn’t mean any harm…

        3. You nailed it on the head Neil, BK sited “politicizing” in his reasons for resigning and the first thought that popped into my head was that BK’s move was in it’s self political. I am disappointed in BK’s decision and hope that the remaining members of the AMC aren’t a bunch of puppets.

      4. There is a *significant* difference between disliking, disrespecting, or disagreeing with an individual or election result for political reasons, and “hate” as it pertains to “hate groups”. This false equivalency is very insulting, especially for anyone who has actually experienced discrimination due to their race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Also, the language as its used here is meant to intentionally distract and redirect blame, instead of dealing with and discussing the issue civilly.

        BK’s move yesterday was in-line with his stated views, and that of Intel’s, with regards to inclusion in the modern workplace. It was not only the right decision, but the only decision to be made.

        1. Azmil I have to disagree with you, We should not have puled out, all BK did was entitle the left more, President Trump called out all race violence, White Supremes, BLM. As I see it AMERICA has the right to protest, we may not like the hate speech but it is protected by the first amendment. I do not think this country is headed in the right direction due to Obama and the democrats. But as Intel and AMERICAN company not uniting with the message of all hate speech is wrong and only attacking the people who were doing it legally with a permit. Tensions are very high in this country the divide has grown bigger, as our Founding Father John Dickinson said United we stand Divided we fall.

          And let me be clear I do not condone any violence on anyone.

        2. Azmat – that would be the case if Trump would associate himself with white supremasists but has has not. And there is actually no indication despite all the propaganda that he is racist. Also, rise of the violent left is the new phenomenon in US politics described here:

          Antifa is not your human rights movements as we understand it, they are basically anarchists and Trump was right to condemn them.

        3. All of this is from the viewpoint of a 62-year-old white woman who has never wished ill toward anyone. I’ve grown up with integration since I was a child, have loved ones who I’ve sacrificed for and loved deeply who have black or brown skin. I’ve never considered myself better or more privileged than anyone. Heck, there are millions of people of all skin colors who are more privileged than me. I and my sons have all traveled and lived in other countries in the world, some 3rd world (not because we’re rich enough to travel around, either – just opportunities to help here and there). I’ve always wanted ‘justice’ in this world but have finally accepted that it will not happen in this world. Everyone has been discriminated because of something in their life; the argument that all Whites are privileged and should never have a grievance is a narrative that plays well, I guess, to a lot of people. Perhaps a feeling of ‘hate’ is festering because of that proclamation that is loudly spoken every day. White people can no more choose their birthplace, conditions and color of their skin than anyone else. Current living white people did not commit the atrocities that some white people did back in the slave days, yet they are still stigmatized for that every day. I am not sure how ANYONE in America, Britain, Europe or Africa thought that some humans should be slaves to others, but the known history of our planet proves that it happened all the time, and not only to Africans. A dialogue with these White Supremacists, as ugly and evil as they appear, would be more helpful, and to challenge them to explain why they think this way. The problem I have is that they applied for a permit and, as abhorrent as their ideology is, they were not allowed to march without violent protestors coming at them. (Of course it was going to turn violent! DUH) Everyone says it is not fair to compare and it is not morally equivalent. A lot of things aren’t. Many people are horrified by a LOT of things that go on this country that, in their perspective, are just disgusting, outrageous and so wrong. But they don’t go after the opposition with bats and trying to beat them up. Yes, they protest and occasionally a rogue protestor sets a bomb or does something violent, but generally it is the more liberal left activists who are in the streets causing anarchy and damage. As far as the author of the article above, he can do whatever he likes, but it is a more typical response these days by the tech giants and corporations to side with the left and not be so concerned about the people in the majority of counties in this country who voted for Trump. When people’s voices are not heard, they do end up going to extremes – and that is why Trump is so popular among his base.

      5. Amen Jim Sunder! History shows that political violence usually comes from the Left. Given that, and we are under a trend or rising war and civil unrest, this is no surprise though it is sad to see. A lot of career politicians and other high powered people on both sides of the political aisle have a vested interest in seeing our democratically elected POTUS fail for their own selfish reasons instead of ‘doing the right thing’. Unfortunately, this will probably only escalate things even more. Good to see that you recognize that the party of Kennedy, Carter, BillC no longer represents the working class anymore but instead has gone hard left towards Socialism and seeks to gain power through division/tribalism achieved through Identity Politics. We are a very divided nation, and the powers that be including the MSM seem to be fomenting this.

          1. Jim
            Jim, Jeff, Marc
            FYI-Intel is not a democracy and BK can make any statement he wants, but pat yourselves on the back. You and the GOP did a superb job of supporting Barack Obama after each of his two election wins. No one ever challenged his right to the presidency e.g Demanding a birth certificate, never stalled legislation, or failed to process his judicial appointees or allowing a vote on his Supreme Court nominee. (Sarcasm) Courage is also about acknowledging your own faults and hypocrisy. Unlike Marc, I don’t think you’re brave. Just a hypocrite. With your moral self-righteousness, you should take a strong stand and move on from this company. Put real morals where your mouth is. I’m guessing I won’t see your resignations any time soon.

          2. MS,

            In reading your post, it seems the ‘moral self-righteousness’ tone is your own. Perhaps you should take your own advice before preaching to others. BTW — last time I checked, 2 of the Supreme Court Justices were appointed by Obama. Have a nice day.

      6. Standing up against hate, doesn’t make anybody part of a hate group. If a country elected an unfit leader as it’s president, it doesn’t mean that the rest of us have to be silent against any wrong doing. You misunderstand democracy and free speech – neither gives anybody a license to be evil or commit crimes.

        “We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Sometimes we must interfere. When human lives are endangered, when human dignity is in jeopardy, national borders and sensitivities become irrelevant. Wherever men and women are persecuted because of their race, religion, or political views, that place must – at that moment – become the center of the universe.”

        ― Elie Wiesel, The Night Trilogy: Night, Dawn, the Accident

        1. I am sorry that I am not seeing an oppressor in the WH. The beauty of USA is the check and balance in the system. If we had a dictator, or an oppressor, like one in the communist countries, do you think there would be “leaks” from deep state, GOP rebellion, and parades in front of WH every week? A Trump-like chicken balloon raised up in his backyard? Yes, he has a stronger immigration policy, but nobody in this country is being persecuted except illegal immigrants who I have sympathy with, but this is definitely lawful. Obviously, I am not a fan of his behaviors, but people have spoken to elect him. Without cooperation, he cannot even pass a health reform bill in Congress. The challenges are mounting with tax reform and infrastructure, but none of these plans are trying to oppress anyone. What do you mean he is an oppressor? This is the kind of verbal & propaganda violence I am against. You need to control your anger, and trust the system unless you want to live in an environment like China or North Korea in the future after overthrowing this legally elected government.

          1. Well, Senators from his own party also voted against the health (repeal) reform bill in Congress. And they are representatives of their constituents. So, a lack of cooperation is not the problem here. The problem is that his party introduced a short sighted bill that has no purpose other than revenge; removing the primary legacy (the namesake bill) of the previous President.

          2. Hi Jim,

            The system is broken. Money in politics has corrupted the key tenets of democracies by allowing corporations to become “people”, give donations to both political parties and basically rig the game in their favor. Trump is a product of that environment. There’s a reason why his entire cabinet is stock full of the Wall Street types that destroyed the economy in 2008 or the massive corporations, including his own, whose policies of outsourcing have negatively impacted American manufacturing. If you want to compare political antics, the alt-right had effigies of Obama where they burned the effigy. Or how about when Republicans refused to take the President’s calls when Obama was in office? Obama and his birth certificate? All of these antics aside, Trump has not made good policies. He IS persecuting legal immigrants. He just lowered the amount of legal immigrants that can come into the US. This is actually bad for the economies of many states, including Republican states where low-skilled labour jobs are unwanted by Americans and hard to hire for. I don’t think Trump is a racist, but he IS supporting racists by not condemning people who think the NAZIS were right. Do we really need to debate on if Nazi Germany and those views are right??? Those views are the views that caused one of the worst atrocities on the PLANET and one of the worst genocides in the history of the WORLD.

          3. Read “On Tyranny – Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century” by Timothy Snyder. I’ll freely admin that it is written from a particular view and some of the conclusions may be a leap but it illustrates HOW these people get to power and it is frightening even if half of the examples hold water.

            Social Media has given power to people that know how to manipulate and has highlighted the lack of understanding or willingness to understand for those that are easily manipulated. People take what they see online as fact without any responsibility.

            My issue with the President (I’ll respect the office), is that he is trying to run the country like he runs his business and that will never work. I work with people overseas and the number of people speaking out against our current President is unprecedented. He has his own agenda and if anyone in this country, left, right, middle, think he is looking out for them, they are blind. He only seeks power, fame and control. The fact that he said his statement about the violence was “a fine statement” is just standard practice at this point. Sad that our leader has no empathy, compassion, humility or grace. We SHOULD strive to hire the best of our people.

            I applaud BK and all that leave the council. Look at who’s left. Defense contractors and old boys club.

          4. Incidentally why is it bad if he cannot get a lawfully elected Congress to strip away health insurance from 20 million Americans? Or for that matter if he cannot “do” anything he wishes (e.g. reduce taxes for the rich etc.) that needs the support of democratically elected representatives or the legal system?

          1. Many had the same sincere complaints and grievances against Obama when he was in office. It just shifts when the other side is in power. Don’t think you are special or Trump is especially evil just because you don’t agree with him.

            Many of his woes are self-inflicted because of his personality and hurting so many ‘feelings’ of other politicians, equally on both sides, so that is his fault. His ‘policies’ are not bad, they are ‘lawful’ and in the interests of legal citizens, but the resistance has been huge, and I agree the resistance to Obama was also huge.

            Most of the stuff that is said about Trump is exaggerated imaginations of those who despise him anyway – same as it was with Obama. People are rarely all evil or all good, especially in politics. Trump voters knew what they were getting, and it was worth it to poke the liberal fascists in the eye. It certainly seems that middle-America or those with traditional values will never again have a say in what goes on this country. The left can NEVER abide by an election that does not go their way. At least the Repubs or Conservatives do not go riot in the streets and tear up everything and then blame everyone else.

      7. Yes – always a good idea to equate violence by Nazis with the violence by those that are opposed to Nazis. Nobody but POTUS knows if he is a racist, but if you look at his rhetoric, it is clear that he is very concerned about alienating the extreme right. If David Duke thanks you for your comments, you’re likely on the wrong side of history.
        I get that we should have respect for election results, and for our elected leaders even if we did not vote for them. But there are limits. Do you have a threshold for POTUS’ actions that would lead you to withdraw your support or respect? He’s crossed mine.
        I’m also not clear on what cheap shot you’re referring to (immediately after dumping on all Californians).

        1. LOL. Awesome. Couldn’t agree more. If Duke is saying “Great job!” you might want to step back and take a look at your policies.

          You can respect the “Office” without respecting the person in it. And to say that the “people” voted for him isn’t correct unless you are talking specifically about the electoral college “people”. Until we fix the system to have one vote per one registered voter with PAPER ballots, to say someone was voted in by the people is just a sham.

      8. Trump (and many others) spent the last 8 years claiming Obama wasn’t legitimately president, so you are at worst getting a taste of your own medicine.

        1. You are right, there where people who did not like Obama, BUT the difference is, The RESIST movement and DEFY movement no matter what our POTUS does don’t support him, (VERY UNAMERICAN) Obama his last term won the electoral but did not win the popular vote .. but Obama if you liked him or not he was NEVER treated as poorly as the current POTUS and his FAMILY have been. This movement is hurting this country and I blame our political career politician who support the extreme left as they throw the rock then hide the hand as if they are not the ones poking them to resist and pushing for the unrest in this country! Instead of uniting they WANT to divide. And actually Trump was a democrat who supported Bill Clinton and was friend with them. The small % of people out there on BOTH sides who are extremist are not the voice of the people in this country, the people of this country believe in unity, peace ,love for their neighbor and acceptance of our difference regardless of our political party ! I also blame the Media who is also pushing to divide instead of unite to gain ratings…Poor form on all sides! Its time to GROW up and stop the HATE ! This country was founded on freedoms that we all are proud to be apart of . The rest of the world is watching us and right now we are not setting a good example, and should be ashamed of our behavior.

          1. First, as someone else pointed out, Obama did win the popular vote – both times. In fact, two of the last 3 times a Republican president was elected they lost the popular vote.

            Second, the “both sides” stuff is simply not true. “Both sides” did not drive a car into a crowd of people. And “both sides” do not advocate removal/disenfranchisement of big segments of the population. And “both sides” do not have a history of burning crosses on innocent people’s lawns or engaging lynching. Nor do both sides associate themselves with a historical political party the committed genocide against millions of people.

            Whether you like either side or neither, those are historical facts.

      9. Jim, Please find a documentary called “13th” on Netflix. and pay special attention to Trump’s rallies where he refers to “the good old days” and calls himself the “Law & Order candidate”. Then we can re-visit if he is not a racist and if he did not target white supremacists with his speech of hate. I am convinced that Trump would not have been elected without them.

      10. As pleased as I was by BK’s strong move, affirming the best values of this company and country, I am perhaps more deeply saddened by the massive volume of comments showing that the country’s moral rot has permeated Intel too. Liberal ‘hatred’ did not kill Heather Heyer and injure 19 others with a car. To call people ‘haters’ for denouncing and facing down chants of “Blood and Soil” and “Jews will not replace us,” to call them haters and not heroes…. on what planet are those somehow equivalent examples of ‘hatred’?

        How on earth are those who preach racial inequality and hatred as a central tenet equivalent to BLM protesting repeated, unnecessary actual killings? No white person has yet died from white privelege, and its preservation is not a moral imperative. Stopping killing is.

        And how on earth is the most important takeaway in the wake of this tragedy, the most important talking point, that “liberals are the biggest hate group in the US”?

        1. Jeff MC, I am guessing you didn’t write this post because you want to convince people who think the way you think.

          But if you are trying to convince anyone else, this is not going to work, Here’s why. The people you want to convince, who represent a substantial portion of the people in this country and in Intel, are the people you think of as constituting the country’s “moral rot.” These people, people like me, will typically dismiss your argument immediately because you believe that ‘conservative’ is equivalent to ‘racist,’ which is obviously false.

          I don’t put myself in wholeheartedly with those who would so readily dismiss you because I am, perhaps stupidly, optimistic that some kind of real dialog can exist between the two sides in this country. I am even more invested in the idea that a civil dialog can exist within Intel. This is not meant as an insult, but I have to point out that your post does not promote such a discussion. I doubt that you would deny that.

          1. Matt H
            That was the opportunity Trump missed – to embrace conservatism and simultaneously repudiate racism.

            I know plenty of good conservative-minded people who are not racist. I would argue (civilly) with their view of what kinds of opportunities are actually available to poorer people and how race place with them, but there are ways to disagree on that the don’t involve alleging racism. And I don’t care for the way that liberals equate being against a particular government program (or even the way it’s designed) with racism or other kinds of bias. If I understand correctly, that kind of casual casting of aspersion is a big part of what you dislike.

            All that said, the GOP and right-leaning media has used an awful lot of symbolism around race to suggest that minorities are a threat to white people in a variety of ways. For example, for years the GOP and the larger right has used black people to symbolize welfare, when in fact most welfare recipients are white (which makes sense because most people in any income bracket are white). Or suggesting the crime rates have gone up (particularly in urban areas which are symbolically associated with black people), when in fact they have gone down. Or reporting domestic terrorism attacks conducted by Muslims but downplaying those by Americans
            (reading through this Wikipedia page
            in an empirical way is very instructive about the types of mass public attacks that have occurred and who commits them). All of this has the subtext that minorities are lawless, and government expenditures support “other people” and not “good regular Americans”.

            So while I agree that the casual charges of racism (and sexism) are unfair to many conservative people, it’s also long past time for the GOP and right-leaning media to quit playing symbolism games about scary other people. If you want to make a case against the welfare state, let’s talk about the white people who depend on it as well as the black and brown people.

        2. Seriously…haven’t had a chance to read through this till today, it’s just depressing to read.

      11. I agree Jim.. the CEO of Intel is bowing to liberal pressure… what about the hate and violence in Calif and Wash state from the ultra leftys??? they always wear masks, black anarchy symbols and come to all their rallies with pepper spray to spray anyone who they disagree with? I have seen the looney leftys chase a teen age boy(15 yrs old) to beat him because he has a trump tee shirt on….where is the outrage for all that? Time for CLEAR THINKING AMERICANS TO RISE UP AND SAY THAT IS ENOUGH! NO MORE HATE AND VIOLENCE FROM ANYONE.. no more masks at rallies, no more clubs, shields, pepper spray…make it law or there will be much more bloodshed soon! IM NOT RACIST BUT I SIDE WITH TRUMP

      12. Isn’t it ironic you are talking about respecting the election result for a man who built his political career spreading falsehoods and lies repeatedly, shamelessly about the legitimacy of our first black President?

      13. Disapproving BK for taking a cheap shot while the President takes multiple cheap shots daily? You are pointing out a speck in BK’s eye while the man you defend has a plank in his. There is a vast difference between righteous outrage over the Presidents words and actions and actual hate. To equate those who protest evil and those who defend and spread evil is simply wrong period. The outrage (or hate as you call it) is not baseless unless you ignore everything the president does and says. From politicizing a boy scout speech to name calling to sympathizing with hate groups it is all there in his own words. The only thing unprecedented are the words that come tumbling out of his mouth on a daily basis. This has nothing to do with a breakdown in respect of election results and everything to do with disgust for the mans words and actions.

      14. The liberals are the biggest hate group in the US? Did you not just see the crowds of Neo Nazi’s and Klansmen marching in the streets?

      15. Its not just the election results that aren’t being respected. The root of the problem (that has really grown in the last few years IMO) is that people don’t respect that other people can have a different opinion, and when someone does have a different opinion, then the worst possible reason for having that opinion is automatically assumed. The loudest voices for inclusion and diversity are not for diversity and inclusion, they are just pushing their viewpoint and trying to squash any different views. Think about how many violent protests there have been in the past 6 months in the name of protesting “violent and hateful rhetoric” from the president. People need to get over their own opinions a little bit and think about other peoples viewpoints and respect that they may disagree.

      16. You say that Trump may be arrogant, but not a racist. I disagree wholeheartedly. His father, Fred Trump, was arrested in association with a Ku KIux Klan rally on Long Island in 1927 (

        The first time his own name was mentioned in the press was when his real estate company would not rent apartments to black families in New York, marking their rental applications with a red “c,” for colored. He was warned to discontinue this practice, continued it anyway, and was subsequently fined and forced to take out full-page ads in all NYC newspapers stating that his buildings would now all be equal-opportunity.

        And let’s not forget that he came to political prominence by questioning the legitimacy of the nation’s first black President, lying about the investigators he sent to Hawaii and how we “would not believe what they were finding!”

        Trump said earlier this week that he delayed in responding to Charlottesville because he “wanted the facts!” Since when? There was another time he took out full page ads in all the NYC papers – to advocate for capital punishment for the so-called “Central Park 5” who were eventually ACQUITTED (by DNA evidence) of the rape/murder they’d been charged with.

        As incensed as you may be about the “break-down in respecting the election result by the citizens of this country,” I am just as upset by an administration that seems to believe it can simply rejects any aspect of science, history, an/or fact that becomes inconvenient, that calls the free press an enemy of the people, that defends racism & fascism, and that THANKS Russia for throwing out our embassy personnel.

      17. I think it is beyond BK. BK represents Intel brand and as CEO of global brand, he has fiduciary responsibility to protect it.

    2. This is offensive that you would make a PC move like this. Trump made it very clear he was against this. As well as against the Left wing violence that was not covered by the media. Do your homework. You just offended half the country. It wont work well for you.

      1. I agree, Kym. There is a non-stop scream coming from those who oppose Trump, after every move he makes. And I suspect it will continue throughout his presidency. We will only become more divided as we continue to call each other very offensive names, at maximum volume. As I said earlier, I deeply regret that these politics have been brought into the workplace. It was completely avoidable. And I hope it stops.

    3. You sir made a difference today. Your not a politician but you were called on to make a moral decision and you quickly did. Thank you!

    4. When I heard that Merck’s CEO has left the panel, the first thought I had was that I wished our CEO sent a message that he and Intel will not be associated with hate-groups apologists.
      Thank you Brian for doing the right thing.

      From reading the comments I see we might need civics and history lessons.
      Another thing we need is a tech solution to the problem of fake news. We can’t have hate groups re-write history.

    5. This is 100% political, no question.

      Brian is stating directly that the violence is due to our president (judge, jury, and executioner).

      Wonder why Brian didn’t mention these episodes, which occurred during our previous president, and for these previous events the previous president did not condemn, mostly encouraged the protesters telling them that they had ever right to be angry :
      Oakland 2009, Akron 2009, Pittsburgh 2009, Santa Cruz 2010, Oakland 2010, Los Angeles 2010, Oakland 2011, Chicago 2012, Anaheim 2012, Brooklyn 2013, Ferguson 2014, New York City 2014, Baltimore 2015, Anaheim 2016, Chicago 2016, St Paul 2016, Milwaukee 2016, Charlotte 2016, Standing Rock 2016, Oakland 2016, Portland 2016, Washington DC 2017, Berkeley 2017, Anaheim 2017, Berkeley (again) 2017, Berkeley (again again) 2017, Olympia 2017, and Portland 2017. This is a list of overwhelmingly leftist protests [that turned violent].

      That at minimum makes Brian a hypocrite, certainly not informed, and not logical (which is what any good engineer should be).

      Brian has every right to voice his own political opinions, as do we all, he should not be using his position as CEO to speak politics for all of his employees.

      Those of employees that don’t agreed with him will likely not speak out for fear of losing their jobs, just like the Google engineer that tried to say something that didn’t match the liberal dogma preached to us by Hollywood (great place for moral values), the main stream media, and wonderfully intolerant college professors.

      1. @Fred, This argument attacking the left I find rather interesting(to put it lighly):
        – BLM, Antifa, etc, being at the same level as this.

        Fred provides a long list of examples in the same line “Oakland 2009, Akron…”

        Just to pick one:

        Oakland 2009 (

        All leaders of the left and the right condemned this event profusely including Obama. There were speeches from all sides united in a front to call for unity and sympathy for those fallen.

        So first, I think this is what you would want in a civilized society, and second, on the latest even…. did you see NAZIsssss…..for god sake, false equivalency does not even begin to register here, this is the most horrible ideology that has ever existed in all of our human history. Millions killed simply for being singled out as belonging to a belief system.

        To even associate remotely with this in any way shape or form is a disgusting activity.

        This is not even coming from the right in my opinion. It grew in the right as an internal cancer over the last decades, but my opinion is that it also exists heavily in the left (although proportions matter and there is no comparison). Dark human nature at its worst.

        Leave this ideology unchallenged and Hitler will be a shadow rather than the worst offender in history.

        We must stand up against this!! BKs reaction is not only great, but should be followed.

        The core values of the right (small government, freedom to do as you please with less regulations, etc…) should not mix with irrational hate.

        Lumping groups together and stating that because of your skin color or religious belief you now deserve less of anything (even less life if they kill you) is the darkest philosophy anyone can follow.

    6. Where was the protest to BLM violence and chants of killing cops and white people? Such hypocrisy!

    7. BK, you are not an engineer, you are a CEO and we all know this is politics. This President’s position has not changed fundamentally on his policy or his approach. First you need to represent Intel, not yourself and then decide what is best for Intel regarding policy regardless of the personal presidential approach. If best for Intel to follow the policy then follow the policy and you should not resign, else it reflects bad on Intel. If you are now changing the direction based on Trump approach then this is worse. He has been consistent which means you were hoping for a change in the person rather than the policy representing self interests over Intel. Either way a mistake…

    8. Okay, this is too much. Some of these posts belong on Breitbart, not here. Totally not appropriate in a workplace. Where is the “Report” button on these posts?

    9. I appplaud intel,s CEO for taking the stand and leaving the the presidents council

      Good for him. , many more should stand up against trump!

    10. I agree with Jim Sunder. I also question whether the current administration’s efforts to bring jobs back to America conflicts with Intel’s growing resource counts in low-cost geos?

    11. Don’t be racist, Brad. These kinds of dehumanizing stereotypes are wildly inaccurate and straight up harmful to society. Why am I having to say this? This is the 21st century. Haven’t we fought wars over this stuff already?

    12. I am Shocked at the myopic view you All have towards this. To let one’s leftist, liberal ideology eclipse the needs to come to together for American workers and jobs is un-American. These CEOs are opportunists who are using this a way to promote themselves. They have slapped in the face all who support our President and the Excellent job he is doing. Trump didn’t create race issues. Obama did and we are experiencing the residual affects. The Antifa had No permit — no business even being there. We all hate hate speech but our society allows FREE speech regardless. U Berkeley isn’t building an escape door for the Challancelor due to Nazis.

      So to these blowhard CEOs. Do Your Job. If you want to make social commentary run for office. In the meantime, focus on job creation and putting Americans back to work so we can lift Everyone up the economic ladder. And stop further dividing us.

    13. Mr. Brian Krzanich, CEO

      Dear Mr. Krzanich:

      As an Intel shareholder, I subscribe to Intel’s Newsletters and read with great interest your letter of August 15 styled “Moving Faster on Diversity and Inclusion”. I have considered Intel to be a core holding in my portfolio since my initial purchase. After reading your letter, I did an analysis of the performance of my holdings of Intel common stock. I purchased shares on March 17, 2015 at $30.53/sh., July 24, 2015 at $28.22/sh. and January 15, 2016 at $29.77/sh. The closing price of Intel stock on the NASDAQ NMS yesterday, August 15, was $36.00/sh. Using that closing price, the weighted average unannualized price-only return on my shares was 20.0%. In order to fairly and objectively evaluate the return on my shares, I selected the Philadelphia Semiconductor Index (SOX) as a benchmark. I’m sure you’re aware that this Index is composed of 30 small, medium, large and mega-cap semiconductor manufacturers. It is a price-only Index so the comparison is like-to-like. Using the weights of my holdings on the relevant dates, the weighted average return of the Index as of yesterday’s close was 62.7%. Thus, under your leadership, my holdings of Intel stock have UNDERPERFORMED its relevant benchmark by 42.7%. This horrific underperformance is both abysmal and appalling. It is therefore clear that the owners of our company would receive much greater benefit from more attention from you to improving the fundamental operational performance of Intel than focusing a significant portion of your time to diversity, inclusion and other “social justice” issues.

      While I fully realize that you are totally unconcerned and could care less about the performance of my holdings (or anyone else’s) of Intel common stock, I thought it important to bring this to your attention. Further, after carefully evaluating the above performance analysis, I sold all of my holdings this morning. Which turned out to be prudent as the stock closed down 0.53% today.

      Yours truly,

      John Maidlow

    14. I would like to know what you mean by “you and your kind”. That sounds kind of racist to me. We all work together everyday, from all cultures, and never had problems. then you pop off with a “you and your kind” comment. This whole topic is nothing more then PC political division.

    1. Why resign from the American Manufacturing Council now? We all abhor hate filled racist violence. You’ve denounced it, Trump has denounced it. But it appears that Charlottesville isn’t the issue. It is the political polarization in Washington that makes the NEEDED changes difficult…not impossible. You are correct, the United States must prioritize the rebuilding of our manufacturing base. Your strong voice on the Council, with the correct message, is exactly what is needed. Now is not the time to quit.

      1. No, Trump didn’t denounce it; he was pressured to denounce it but his first reaction was NOT to denounce it and he’s done that multiple times thus far. So, please don’t try to insult our intelligence by saying that he (or his top aides) denounce such things because they are the ones who created that in the first place. Because you’re not on the receiving end of racism, you probably haven’t felt a thing, but many (like me) have felt a huge increase in open/public racism and personal racist confrontations…etc since the first day the curret POTUS took office and often those who do it indicate clearly it’s because of the POTUS’s support that they’re doing what they’re doing.

        1. Waheed, communication happens only when both parties are interested in listening to other person’s view. Most people in the thread are here to reinforce their racist ideology mixing it with half-baked logic so they don’t feel guilty about it. Don’t waste your time and energy trying to explain. It will only fall on prude deaf ears. 😀

          However, I am curious what would be the final straw that pushes them to disown him. He is against old and sick, women, climate change, refugees (who are losing families and their livelihood), LGBTqia, brown, black, Islam, Hispanic, China, legally immigrated skilled workers, you name it !!

          If a person can create so much chaos in 6 months, I wonder what will happen in a term of his presidency !

          1. Sensationalize much? Could the ‘deaf ears’ be your own? Rather than join the mob frenzy and call people who don’t politically agree with you ‘racists’, maybe you can put aside your anger and bias and begin to listen.

  2. Dear Mr. Krzanich:

    Thank you for your courage to speak up for what’s right. I can only hope more influential leaders, like you, stand up and demand a better discourse in this country. WE as a nation are better than this. We’ve always managed to come together and rise up in the worst of times. I have hope and faith that this too shall pass and with more like you demanding change I have a shred of hope that it’s possible.

    I only ask that you not shrink back after this – but be vocal, demand change and encourage others to do the same.

    Thank you.

  3. Thank you sir. This is the moment that will define who we are as a nation. We cannot look the other way and pretend this is normal. We can’t and I appreciate your step in that direction.

  4. You are a weak man. Resigning from the President’s board is essentially blaming only him for the divided America. The left bears responsibility for things such as not condemning “Pigs in a blanket. Fry em like bacon”. No, you were silent on that. But it is PC and the easy way to resign from the board. You showed no spine. You sided with the leftist anarchists. Until we are prepared for the left to call out the left and the right to call out the right, you will still have a divided America. You actions do nothing but continue it. Shame on you.

    1. You are so right. The left has not condemned the violence like the protests at Berkley where they shut down free speech and damaged school property !!!!

    2. Phillip take a step back and re-analyze your political and world view.
      Racism is wrong, and as the highest political office, the President should have been the FIRST to condemn it, regardless of which side perpetrated it.
      Stop watching Fox, InfoWars, Beck and Limbaugh, and I’m not saying watch CNN or some of Steven Colbert’s or John Oliver’s witty political satire instead (also SNL), but maybe just take a major step back.
      Realize that rhetoric like CNN is “fake news” or the NYT is an “enemy of the people” is what is truly divisive politically.

      I applaud you BK, as the vast majority of Americans likely do.

    3. I don’t see how that makes him “weak”.

      Whats the point of an Council if the leader doesn’t listen to the advice. Not to mention our said “leader” did anything he could to get a vote. Shame on you for most likely voting for a monopoly owning sexist who just wants the attention on himself and not the issues that plague America. We need someone to actually be a leader and bring the nation together.

    4. Agreed. Mr. Kryzanich says he resigned because a divided political climate is impeding the need to address the decline in American manufacturing, yet he uses this politicized issue as a feeble excuse to leave the table? It is weak and self-contradictory in that he has now politicized his company. How does resigning make progress? That is not in the best interest of Intel or its shareholders. Furthermore, the President was most emphatic in denouncing hate groups. Mr. Summerlin is right–the left bears responsibility too.

    5. Philip, good comments. I feel shamed by the actions of BK resigning. Our president did publically condemn violence and hate on both sides (left and right). The left continues to spew hatred, violence, lies and fake news. I don’t see that behavior from the right. In the name of free speech we allow the Westboro Baptist Church members to march around with anti-gay slogans and profanities but now suddenly need to beat up a small white supremacist group marching to preserve our civil war history with a permit.

      As a direct descendent of Robert E. Lee I’m sad to see the left intent on destroying all historical reminders of the civil war that actually freed slaves and marked the beginning of real change in our social acceptance of the rights and freedoms of all races in this country. Apparently they would rather re-write history. Meanwhile, BK and Intel will be left behind in making the decisions that will improve our economy. I have many white friends that are educated and experienced in technology that can’t find jobs (age discrimination). Meanwhile, CEO’s like BK are intent on bringing more cheap green card workers to the US to fill our diversity goals. I find that even more shameful.

  5. I applaud your courage for leaving the council. This administration is no longer interested in constructive policy that helps advance American business and interests. Instead it chooses polarizing rhetoric to divide us

  6. Really? Your not political? This is all about politics. You are the head of the greatest microprocessor company in the world, and you are leaving a council that could help create more good paying American jobs. We all abhor hate, we all find these actions repulsive. Your solution is not a solution, you quit. Instead of leaving, go tell the President he made a mistake. Tell him he needs to call out hatred in all its forms, and then please get back to creating jobs.

    1. Yes, because Trump is the type of collaborative leader who listens to advice and counsel from industry

    2. Thank you for your comment. We must remember the best way to take on hate is to confront it with a higher force – love, passion, dedication. We must not quit. We must not seen as surrendering for others take care of ‘it’. Now that you have left can you please tell the world how you as a leader will truly lead in your sphere of influence?

    3. I respect you that you have courage to post a different view here. You have a great point.

  7. BRAVO! This is a beautiful statement and I commend you for taking such an eloquent stand. Thank you for being brave enough to do the right thing. We need more people like you in our great nation.

  8. I admire you for doing this. Significant leaders such as yourself are hopefully the people whose voices can make a difference from the top. I was an Intel employee many years ago and worked with wonderful, smart people. Your leadership will make a real difference to the employees and others.

    Thank you for taking a stand.

  9. As a Canadian, I am proud of your stance. I have been dumbfounded by the recent political events in your country and am happy and relieved to see real leadership. My hope is that many silent decent Americans will follow your lead. Thank you.

  10. Thank you for standing up for what’s right – both on a personal level and Intel as a good corporate citizen

  11. Dear Mr. Krzanich:
    I am inspired by your enlightened words and your courage. Great engineering is about integrity and so is great leadership. Today, you showed Silicon Valley and America what both look like. Kudos to you and your board of directors.
    Kate Grant

  12. Kudos, Mr. Krzanich, and also my heartfelt thanks for taking a stand against this racist, hate-filled President. I hope your business peers follow your example and those of Mr. Frazier and Mr. Plank. We must all work together to protest the deliberate dividing of our great country.

    1. Ummm, the division in the country have been there way before President Trump. You can thank the purveyors of Identity Politics for that. But nice try with the race card.

  13. I’ll give you cudos that you didn’t blame the president for the violence. The president renounced it and it wasn’t good for the media, so he gets hit repeatedly for not being specific enough to their liking.

    I’d like to see my next processor say Made in USA instead of Made in Malaysia.

  14. I appreciate your comment; as an engr that almost worked for Intel in 1986; I see I missed out on working for a company with admirable leaders

  15. Thank you for your willingness to put the greater good before self-serving interests.

  16. Kudos Brian and thanks for demonstrating your leadership.
    Although I feel great leaders should not just quit but
    fight till you help find a resolution- our nation today
    needs more leaders like you.

    Keep doing great things

  17. It is disappointing to say the least that your action and its timing has added to the divide by politicizing your departure from the council. As an engineer myself with a similar background, it appears that you too have become part of the problem. Too bad you didn’t have the political fortitude to work the problem from the inside, rather than being the third member to resign from the board and second today. As they say quitting is easy…and in your case I suspect politically expedient. No one becomes a CEO without being a “politician” – your constituency is just different and less public. I doubt you will see this reply, much less respond to it. I just wanted to register my disappointment with you and the political calculus that likely underpins your decision. I have always held Intel in high esteem and have many family members, friends, and classmates in your ranks. I can’t help but think how you have missed an opportunity to say you are staying with the council to ensure the voice of American manufacturing, especially on the technology side was heard…

    1. Has “working from the inside” ever worked when you are working intermittently at the edge? Maybe for viruses and bacteria, but for individuals?

    2. The AMC is only a showboating attempt for Trump to give himself the appearance of CEO of all major manufacturing in the US. If you cant see that then maybe it is you who needs to consider the politics a bit more.

    3. Political fortitude? 45 does even have political fortitude. Unless Political fortitude is golfing on the tax payer dime. Then he has a bunch.

  18. This piece of advise is superb and total. Nearly every issues is now being used for political scores in thd nation. I hope the WH would find this piece very helpful. Long live Engr Brian.

  19. Thanks a lot Brian for leaving that cosmetic showboat committee aka AMC.
    US politics has lost its decency and we all need to do our part for equal rights and protection of all.
    Kudos to you for making the right call.

  20. Bravo. I am a Canadian, and one who is concerned as a citizen of the world and as a human being about the divisiveness of late and the ease with which some manipulate the system and those over whom they exert authority. The world has become a fearful place and I am saddened and fearful on behalf of my children and all children about the current state of diplomacy, democracy, and terrorism- much of which is spurned or provoked by the administration of the US government at this time. What was once touted as a country which led the world is now looked at with ridicule, disdain, and sympathy rather than as a leader.
    I hope the politicians, society leaders, and the people are or become courageous enough the restore hope, humanity, and honour to their country and to the world and forgo political maneuvering for honesty, politics and self-promotion for principles and financial gain for intellectual gain. It takes courage to stand for honour and wisdom to know the appropriate ways to do so. Thank you for being one of the few in the public eye willing to take a stand against an authoritarian, dictatorship style regime led by an unprincipled man doing everything he does for questionable and self involved reasons, despite the potential for becoming a target of he and his follower’s narrow perspective and favouring of self interest and proclivity for lies. It is unfortunate that this administration is so short sighted in cutting all the areas that could contribute to a healthy, intelligent population who in turn could then contribute more to their country in terms of strengthening the workforce and economy such as healthcare, women’s support, and education. As one individual puts It, SAD!

  21. You and the other business leaders are a major part of the problem.
    You have no spine or fortitude to assist with the problems facing this presidency and our nation.
    You scurry back into your office using these lame excuses and platitudes.
    You weaken your companies images to the American public and we will not forget what you have all done.

    1. Thank you for your comment I back you for courage to stand up for our President I will make sure and try not to buy products from these companies who are spineless to stand strong!I couldn’t see why people were thanking these idoits.l

  22. Thank you to Mr. Krzanich. Mr. Krzanich is in a position to make an impactful statement, and he has done that. I appreciate that he has taken this stand and spoken clearly on the vexing and important issues before us.

    Best regards,

    Jay Blackburn
    Santa Rosa, CA

  23. I applaud your resignation and attempt to speak the truth about the hate and harmful rhetoric from the WH. Please continue to be courageous and not sidestep the truth. You’re in a position to speak up and stand up to the harm that is coming from our administration. Yes–you are not a politician But you ARE a U.S. citizen and the CEO of a brilliant company–do not hide from that responsibility to continue to do the right thing in words and action.

  24. Why are you quiting? We need strong leaders to help unite our country and grow our economy. I’ve not agreed with lots of political policies over the last several administrations but I’ve not ever given up. The tragedy in Charlotsvilles was horrible but pales in comparrison to the every weekend shootings in Chicago. So your quiting to help us, huh?

  25. So if you (as I am) are so worried about American manufacturing tell me again how the political climate caused you to resign. If you really cared about manufacturing you would have remained REGARDLESS of the political climate.

    As an engineer myself I find it pretty abhorrent that you, as a fellow engineer, are unable to remove politics from your calculus.

  26. “I want to change something so I’m going to quit.”. That does not compute. You are obviously not a programmer where logic is needed.

  27. Why does this strike you as the right move? Charlottesville is tragic from whatever angle you look at it. How does resigning from this post do anything to affect that? Riots occur all the time, for a variety of reasons. There were multiple issues with this “protest”.
    Honestly, while I despise white supremacy and the KKK and most every other group that advocates violence, like ANTIFA, I cannot understand why a learned man such as yourself would imagine quitting a council that is meant to promote American manufacturing would help the growing unrest in the U.S.


  28. Thank you for standing up for what is right for our great nation. We need more leaders like you.

  29. Thank you for doing the right thing and taking a stand against what is currently happening in our country.

  30. This is clarity from where it’s needed most, just second to Washington DC perhaps.

    Thank you for saying what I love to hear, as a voice most sorely needed by the US and the world at large. Planetary healing potential, in statements like these.

    For the first time it hits me that I’m happy to be related, my MacBook Pro running on Intel 🙂

  31. Thank you a million times over!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not working together to make life better for everyone is criminal. The great recession didn’t need to happen. A struggling healthcare system didn’t need to happen. A decimate environment didn’t need to happen. Please keep speaking out…..sue

  32. Why didn’t you leave after Republican congressmen were shot at, leaving many severely wounded in Virginia? Why was that not considered “hate-spawned violence” which would prompt you to inexplicably leave the Manufacturing Council? What’s the difference… the difference I see is party affiliation. In other words you’re allowing your “Politics and political agendas [to sideline] the important mission of rebuilding America’s manufacturing base.” So, personally, I’m glad you are leaving. Thank you.

  33. Well spoken, Mr. Krzanich. Thank you. I say that both as an Engineer and a US Citizen.

    President Trump’s response to Ken Frazier of Merck was every bit as harmful as his lackluster response to the white supremacists in Charlottesville.

    …and as harmful as his withdrawal from the Climate Change accord,
    as Secretary Scott Pruitt’s effort to dismantle the EPA,
    as Secretary Betsy DeVos’s undercutting of the public school system, or
    as Secretary Sonny Perdue’s rollback of school nutrition standards.

    … this is only a partial list, of course.

    R. Saxon

  34. Your action today shows your true color as an advocate for the progressive left. I’ll never buy another Intel product again. Trump’s response on Saturday was directed equally to the protesters and the counter-protesters. While one person did an unthinkable thing by driving into that crowd, you have stamped everyone else with your own judgement and grandstanding. What a coward!

  35. Quiting isn’t the way to lead us forward. Being a voice ON the council is a voice that could be heard, instead you capitulated, picked up your marbles, and left the field. Disappointing. As a shareholder, I expected more bravery.

  36. If you want to enact change you need to be a part of the process. I also understand wanting to be on the outside of that process, but as an American it is our duty to support the president like his policies or not. I am a republican I did vote for Trump and no I don’t agree with everything that he has done, but he is the president and deserves the respect that the post commands. Trump is no more to blame for the actions of extremists that the Koran is to blame for terrorism, if you want to help in the political clement that exists be the change you seek. and start internally to understand the divide this country faced without judgment. Bring in your corporation the left and right together without judgment. IE don’t be google.

  37. Thank you! As an Intel enthusiast, systems engineer, and a father with interracial children, and a wife that is a different race than mine I fully support your decision. I’ve always been aware of racism, but it seems it’s always been in the underbelly, and not so much out front. Two quick anecdotes. 1. My daughter came home crying early in her education, during some lessons on slavery. She cried out that at one point I could have owned her mother, her, and her brothers. As parents we laughed a little bit and thought that we live in a different time. 2. Several years later after we moved to Missouri we stopped into our local Walmart. I paused to smoke before I went in and my wife and kids went in the store. A man that introduced himself as a local pastor walked up and was talking to me. He told me I did a great thing adopting “those” kids. I was offended, and walked away and went in the store with my family. I served in the Army, and one of my sons currently is serving and is in special forces training in the Army. Some people are brazen, and blind to the fact that they are racist. The protesters in Charlottesville don’t fall into this category, and are trying to take a stand. They were empowered during the campaign to take action.

    When our President doesn’t condemn racist, and terrorist behavior by known hate groups, it sets a terrible precedent, and frankly sets the stage for more ignorant behavior and acts carried out that will have a long term affect.

    I applaud your decision, and the stance you are taking with Intel!

  38. Thank you Brian Krzanich,

    As a former Intel employee, your words speak volumes to your ethics and morals. The US has lost its moral and ethical compass and DC is in disarray. I will never understand how the man in the white house was elected – and like you, I sadly watch as America destroys herself with hatred, division, and partisan politics.

    Your resignation demonstrates that your heart is in the right place. I applaud you.

    Kind Regards,
    Leslie Fournier

  39. It is a shame that a guy like Krazanich does not have the courage to stay on board and help Trump. While the twisted hateful kkk type extremists should be banned, their hatred is nothing new. The implication that Trump and or Republicans have any blame for that hatred is ridiculous. I do not believe that his stepping down has anything to do with implicating Trump. His stepping down speaks more about the unbridled hatred that we are seeing from liberals towards conservatives and in particular the hatred that is being shown for our President by those same liberals.

  40. In 17 years I have never been more proud to work at Intel. Thank you BK for making a tough decision and staying true to Intel’s values!

  41. So you think that leaving Trump’s council will somehow help matters?

    You just handed the Democrats a victory – the same group that supported slavery, invented the Jim Crow Laws, and created the Ku Klux Klan. Nowadays, it has a new fascist terrorist branch – the Antifa – which has gone to peaceful demonstrations and attacked citizens, police and destroyed property.

    You know damn well Trump did not avoid condemning the white supremacists in his initial statement. He said “many sides” and many sides HAVE created the chaos we are now seeing in our streets. Perhaps you should acquaint yourself with the various left-wing groups that have terrorized every gathering of conservative and independent Trump supporters. Are you on their side?

    Do you support Antifa? Do you support their efforts to use violence and thuggery to shut down the free assembly and free speech rights of their political opponents? They have been doing so for months. Where was your concern then?

    And you might want to consider that the millions of voters who put Trump in the White House and the Republicans in charge of Congress will likely not appreciate your action. Those people are – or were – your customers. Are you trying to alienate them?

    This bit of virtue-signaling grandstanding is not going to stop any “hate” – it only supports the people who started the hating game to begin with.

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

    1. By your logic, white people should never be absolved of slave ownership because they were the ones who bought and owned slaves. I am a Democrat and I can say with whole-hearted certainty that today’s Democrats do not support slavery, Jim Crow laws or the Ku Klux Klan anymore. Can you whole-heartedly say that about all of your Republican friends?

    2. There are at least three more million customers from the Democratic side. Plus many of those that finally realized which kind of President they voted. Intel will make more money!

  42. Thank you for taking a stance. This past weekend’s events in Charlottesville was appalling and terrifying, but Trump’s self-pitying response to it is even more worrisome. No good will come to Intel from this so-called council of economic advisors. Trump’s disrespectful treatment of Kenneth C. Frazier, Merck’s CEO, is proof that your voice would not have been heard. I’ve read Andrew Grove’s biography. He experienced first hand bigotry, anti-Semitism, fascism, and the kind of racist, nationalistic, pseudo-patriotism Trumps’ advisors promulgate. Mr. Grove would support your move to resign and distance yourself and Intel from Trump’s – and Washington’s – chaos.

  43. U r an educated man?!! Your company is successful due to hard working Americans! Conservatives are some of those are conservatives. Liberals started the violence! Look at all the news and b a real man!

  44. Thank you for making clear your stance! We need people who are in positions of power like yours to assign action to their ideloology. I hope that in the future you can serve again and help our nation thrive. In the meantime, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt

  45. What do you think you just did?
    You just became political.
    You want everyone to work together, yet you just said you can’t work together.

    You should run for congress, and then you can really make sure progress is never made.

  46. So the nazis are bad but the communists are good. No one believes you. This blog post is vague and seems that you are indeed playing along.

    Intel keeps making poor decisions. Missed out on the mobile SoC boom and also software locks features on the x64 architecture.

    Seems like you are the part of the problem which concerns you.

  47. Thank you so much for standing for truth and right. There is no place in america for the violence and harm deliberately caused this weekend by white supremacists and nazis attempting to garner power. As for trump and his lack of calling out the groups by name, *white supremacists* . nazis is abhorrent and unacceptable.

    Again, thank you Mr. Krzanich. You are a warrior and a truth teller.

  48. Thank you for your thoughtful comments. It never ceases to amaze me that we must spend so
    much time and effort battlling those who would destroy the values that built this country. I spent
    25 years in the military and 15 years teaching high school in hopes of doing my small part to advance
    our democracy and keep our country strong. Now I see Americans who glorify Nazis and hate fellow
    citizens because of their color. My disgust reflects what I taught my students: Blaming Hitler, Trump,or
    any other individual is too simple and lets everyone else off the hook. THOSE OF US WHO VOTE TO PUT
    SUCH PEOPLE IN POWER ARE RESPONSIBLE! It’s not bad enough that half the world hates us…we also
    have to hate each other?!? It won’t be N Korea that destroys us. We will do it for them.

  49. You, Mr. Krzanich, by pulling out are contributing to the division of this nation. President Trump gave you the opportunity to help make this nation great again, but you, playing politics are accusing our President of what a 20-year old did.
    If you were really serious about American manufacturing you would not be looking for an excuse to pull out. You are a traitor! May God have mercy on your soul.

  50. Thank you for standing up for the values on which our country was built. It’s important for you and all other leaders to express your disgust at the way that politics has been playing out in the last two years and especially the last months. Our country has been held captive by hate mongers, white supremacists, and all those who are counter to progress. I salute your actions and hope that other leaders will follow you and the other two CEO’s. Your outrage needs to be heard. Our country seems to be in a retrograde mode-in manufacturing, the environment, as world leaders and everything. We have withdrawn. Other countries are making trade agreements and saving the environment without us. We have relinquished our power and leadership. The rest of the world is laughing on the one hand, very worried and sad on the other. Thank you for taking a stand.

  51. It is disappointing to learn you are yet one more liberal phony there in Silicon Valley.

    The primary reason things got out of hand in Charlottesville was due to the leftists who went there specifically to create chaos. The videos on display in the internet (brought to life on computers using your products) show that Trump was right in pointing out that both sides caused the problems.

    Civility in the United States has deteriorated over the past 8 years primarily due to Obama who worked hard to promote identity politics and pander to every nut case malcontent who claims to be a “victim”.

  52. Thank you, BK. I am a 27 year Intel employee. One of the things I love about working for Intel is the diversity in our world wide group of employees. It is both a privilege and a genuine pleasure to work with such a diverse and talented group of people on a daily basis. To me this historical moment in America is just about basic human values. I am happy to see you take a stand on behalf of Intel in support of those values.

  53. I do not understand how your resigning will help to achieve the objectives to which you ascribe.

  54. BK, I couldn’t be more proud of this company and your actions then I am at this very moment. This is true leadership and courage in action. Thank you, thank you as a citizen of this country, a shareholder and an employee. I can hold my high knowing our company is taking a stand and making a difference in a way I never thought possible.

  55. BK,
    Thanks for taking this bold step.My 3 year old daughter Kaira thanks you immensely for taking this step.

    I felt so let down that a country that I so admire allowed such negative energy of few folks topple the positive vibration of a million others .

    I am just an average person making a living and fighting every day to make this world a better place for my daughter.

    Also, I must have cursed you at least a 100 times today evening in my mind as your resignation did not come through and I totally apologize for all the name calling. Even in the shower today, I was just hoping that you would make a statement and be brave.

    For me, this is single action that I will always remember from you. Now, even if I am let-go via ACT or something else, it really does not matter.

    You will always be my HERO for taking this one stance.


    1. We as people can easily adopt hateful thoughts / actions in response to hateful expression or the desire to see “it” slapped back in some way. A better justice is learning to love and to speak the truth in love, understanding the hate as fear/pain striking out. It is a high calling and I hope to live up to it myself more each day. I believe we all have an immutable identity in being wonderfully and beautifully made that is fully independent of the words of a leader or shriek of another. Thank you for sharing your desire to feel valued as I affirm that shared desire while meeting it differently. I’m concerned for all of us in a world of hyper-partisanship, identity politics, and news as entertainment/adware … quite disconnected from all of my neighbors that look different than me and each other, we have a mixed salad of values and priorities, and yet we happily enjoy our time together as we intentionally create positive shared experiences.

  56. You are one great big chicken. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Instead you just up and quit. Why not stay and fight for what you believe in. Take a stand against the political BS and come out publicly and fight for your beliefs. But no. You just chickened out

  57. Hello Mr. Krzanich,
    Your departure will do nothing to change the list of items that you find objectionable. We all have jobs to do. Your message sounds confused, unlike the personal attributes that you claim to possess. It is sad that you do not have the wherewithal to finish the job that you accepted. Real change will come from within; those patriots that understand how to best impact change necessary to make a difference.
    Best Regards, Bill McGloghlon

  58. It wont change unless many views are willing to be involved. Cowardly to avoid sharing

  59. I think it is sad and disappointing that Brian is pulling out of the American Manufacturing Council. Pulling out for the above reasons seems to be involving us deeper into the political fray and moving us away from shaping national policy that can help Intel and our country. I think the Charlottesville incident and comments have nothing to do with designing, manufacturing and selling semiconductors.

  60. BK, Thank you, your action speaks volumes on your personal conviction to remain politically impartial and to enroll a diverse workforce towards the betterment of American manufacturing.

  61. Dear Brian Krzanich, I wish more politician worldwide was thinking like you. What a world we should have.
    Take care // Helena

  62. Thank you for resigning from the American Manufacturing Council. What happened in Charlottesville was about intimidation and destruction not freedom of speech and peaceful assembly. I am very angry about our presidents equivocal reaction to Saturday’s events and for mocking the CEO of Merck for making a stand against racism. Thank you for doing the same.

    1. He shouldn’t have resigned from the AMC to make a political point . But he did, and that makes his statement scream “Hypocrisy”. There has been plenty of hatred and violence from the left too in the last couple of years — all it takes is intellectual honesty to search and see what groups like Antifa and BLM (both were at Charlottesville) have done to innocent people, but you wont hear it from the MSM. So Trump was right for calling out both sides in this tragedy.

  63. Brian: As an Intel veteran, retiree and stockholder you and Intel made me really proud today for taking a stand.

    I’d read about President Trump’s reaction to the Merck CEO’s resignation from.the Manufacturing councils and knowing that Intel was also a member I felt it important that Intel support Mr Frazier’s position in some fashion. When I returned to my PC to write emails to Leslie and maybe Andy Bryant I was thrilled to find I didn’t have to thanks to your well articulated decision.

    Thank you and Intel for taking a stand. You did (no BS) make me proud and were he here, I know Uday would be proud that you guys made the right call.

    Best Regards

    Dick Binns

  64. Brian Krzanich, I cannot tell you how much I applaud your decision and your statement here. Working at Intel for decades has given me the honor of working with highly talented and decent men and women from around the world, and I am immeasurably richer for those relationships. Thank you for that. The hatred and violence displayed in Charlottesville is the absolute antipathy of America’s promise to itself and the world, a promise not yet fully realized. All of us, our families, are immigrants from somewhere at some point. Let us stand together and model for the world what mutual respect, compassion, and dignity can mean when people of all creeds and colors come together.

  65. Aren’t all of your intel chips made overseas. You are walking away from the our government that asked for your help. I have always bought computers with intel chips. My next computers will have AMD chips. We should put America before politics.

  66. You stated you wanted to make progress, yet you resigned from the Manufacturing Council. In order to make a difference you need to be part of discussion. If you’re not there, you’re just as irrelevant. As a CEO of a large company you carry weight in a conversation. Your omission is a clear indication that you simply don’t really care. This is very unfortunate. The goal of the American Manufacturing Council is to drive up American manufacturing. Why you choose to interject the white supremacists event of Charlottesville into this is beyond me.

    As with many of Intel’s latest premature business axing (Atom, IoT, et al..), Brian Krzanich decided to axe himself out of a very important conversation. As I was looking forward for Intel to make progress on the subject, I now need to move on onto other business leaders who, unlike Brian, do care about our country and are willing to be part of the conversation instead of fading into obscurity.

    1. The committee was not about businesses…it is always about Trump stroking his EGO and expecting everyone to do the same…I want to THANK YOU for doing what is the right thing…you’ll survive any forthcoming tweets… heck, you may get a good laugh from them!! So, again, THANK YOU!!

  67. That’s the Under-Armor wining spirit – if the game gets too ruff don’t try to fix it – JUST QUIT. LOSER
    I’ll tell all my military and law enforcement buddies to “give up” on Under Armor products just like Under Armor gave up on America.
    Hope all your new “social justice warrior – snowflake” friends buy your products when they go to the gym or cross fit, or wear your shirts under their plate carriers and body armor – oh wait, most of them don’t do that.
    Hope your stock crashes; good luck – you’ll need it.

  68. Thank you for doing the right thing! More people need to stand up to this nonsense. Signed, Mom of two in AZ

  69. Thank you for showing great leadership for all Americans of goodwill during this time of crisis in our country. As an African-American male who paid a physical price with my body to help integrate schools in the deep South during the 1060’s, I am just appalled by lack of vision from the President of our country in his apparent support of the evil of white supremacy by his silence. It’s leaders such as yourself who must take the stand to speak out so that our children will know that all of America’s leaders do not tactly support this evil. God bless you always.

  70. Dear Mr. Krzanich, Thank you for taking a stand. America needs strong advocates for equality, justice, and reason. You have my respect.

  71. Yet when BLM and other “left” groups attack others, you and everyone else are silent… I guess it’s okay to attack people if they are of a certain ideology or skin color. Google-think is everywhere.

  72. I find it pretty hypocritical of you to lament about everything being politicized when that is exactly what you are doing. And your criticism about “attacking anyone who disagrees with them” is a textbook description of the tactics of the fascist Left that you apparently support. When you also start blogging about the masked Antifa thugs who throw urine and feces in the name of “tolerance”, maybe I will think you are something more than a Leftist hack.

    You are right about one thing though. This nation will become a shadow of what it once was and it can’t happen soon enough for you California Silicon Valley elitists.

  73. Although I admire your convictions, I don’t buy that quitting your post so soon after the new administration appointed your help is being a quitter, not a pillar for your beliefs. How can you expect change , and to raise the level of respect in our American beliefs, if multiple leaders in the council just quit in protest. You are now no better than the protesters and expect others to do the work you could have contributed to. Disappointing that you and the others are “not present” and copping out.

  74. i am a Singaporean who had spend 4 years in college in America. It saddens me to see the state of politics in America where politicians are not in touch with what the majority of Americans want. Where white supremacists believe their president is supportive of them and the president does not immediately condemns the tragedy and loss of lives in Charlottesville.. Where health care of it’s citizens is not even debated but instead only privately among a select group of Republican senators. At the rate the president and the republican party is going, you are not going to make America Great Again. Far from it, you are going to harm and destroy America. My respect to Mr. Kranich and the other CEOs who have resigned and send a clear message. More of you Americans need to stand up before it’s too late.

    1. Appreciate the comment, but if your exposure to America is only 4 years at an American college (most likely very liberal/Progressive) and what is portrayed in the very Progressive-biased MSM will give you a very misguided view of America and misunderstand the situation. Career politicians on both sides of the aisle and their MSM cohorts are much to blame. The ACA was never debated, but was just ramrodded down the throats of America by a Democrat controlled Congress under a Democrat president. You might try reading the US Declaration of Independence, The US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights — bedrocks to the freedom of the individual — which served as a blueprint to many other Nations whose citizens wanted life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That might help you understand why Americans voted Trump in because they felt big government leaning politicians on both sides were taking us away from those principles. More people need to stand up for those same principles rather than joining the pile-on mob, funded by special interests some of which run counter to those said principles, that is currently attacking a Democratically-elected President and those that support him.

  75. Well sir, you’re a politician now…you just chose to take sides in the very side-show you are condemning. The council you were on bears no connection to these protests other than politics which thrives on the continuation of the very distractions you say you abhor.

    I suggest you were looking for a reason to move out. Just my 2¢

  76. Dear Brian,

    you are sending a very clear message and I have the sincere hope that this will reach many who follow you.

    I am a German, living in Germany, and I am convinced that the USA deserves a better President.

    God bless you


  77. Mr. Krzanich,

    As a mother and Grandmother I extend my Thank You regarding you resigning from the AMC.
    Seemingly, you now serve as a role model for all of us.
    Your resignation is the example I need for my family.
    In times when power and money are signs of Success, your action is the ultimate sign of someone that has power and money choosing to be brave; by doing the right thing for everyone..
    That Sir, is the Ultimate Powerful Leader.

    Sincere Thanks,
    June Gates
    Meridian ID

  78. Thank you for doing this. I realize having a “seat at the table” can be valuable, but the leader of that table is problematic.

  79. Good for you and thank you for taking a stand for justice.
    May God bless your work now and forever

  80. An excellently drafted, accurate, thoughtful comment

    Thank you so much for acting through speaking.

  81. Fantastic! Thank you for doing this.
    Please encourage the other members of the American Manufacturing Council to follow your fine example.

  82. Where were you over the past 5-7 years when all the violent protests have been going on Baltimore, Ferguson, MO, all the Islamic extremist attacks, Black Lives Matter in Dallas and many other cities chanting death to cops, and on and on. Give me a break. You make me sick. Your political motivation is transparent. You are a terrible representative of your company and I will not sit idle in calling you out for your hypocrisy.

    Do something productive and work with the country to create jobs. Work to unite not divide. Your acting like a little kid picking up your marbles and going home with the excuse that the President did not disavowed the hatred and bigotry….he did. You are selectively not listening for political motivation.

    You make me sick.

  83. Thank you BK for taking this brave and principled stance. Proud to have you as a CEO!

  84. Well said. Proud of you for taking a stand against bigotry. Hoping more will follow and Trump hate…this climate has got to change.

  85. Thank you. Agree that we need to focus on common ground, “what is best for our nation as a whole.”

  86. So you resign from the council instead of lending your voice. You go silent instead of helping the country build back manufacturing. You bow to the leftist agenda to destroy our President. By doing so you in essence are part of the leftist agenda and ARE political. Sir you are a wimp and for the first time in over 20 years as an IPD I am ashamed of the company that has innovated.

  87. I appplaud the turth of your comments and the stand against bigotry that you have taken.

  88. Thank you, Mr. Krzanich, and Intel, for standing up and speaking out against white supremecy.
    This nation needs leaders to speak up and do the right thing, today more than ever.

    I also applaud you calling out the current – and unsustainable – climate of politicization.

    Bravo, sir!

  89. Well said. I hope the Democrats are listening to you. They aren’t concerned with America but only with getting all issues addressed on their terms.

  90. Thank you for your actions in both resigning from the board and speaking so eloquently about the stresses to our country’s way of life and very survival. Well said! Thanks again.

  91. This is a bit confusing. It appears Brian is calling out political agendas yet appear to make a political point himself instead of focusing on American manufacturing. It should also be clear to everyone that violence and hatred in the US come from both left and right, from people of all races and skin color. Singling out one abhorrent group, like in Brian’s statement, does just that – serve a biased political agenda which does not heal this nation. Violent marches have erupted in many cities throughout this year, including cities where Intel has a large presence such as Portland and San Francisco. Why didn’t Brian speak out against violence then?
    While I agree with many of Brian’s points, the statement has shortcomings, and it’s sad to see it become political fodder and even add to the political divide.

  92. Referring to one item I totally agree with in your statement.
    “set scoring political points aside and focus on what is best for the nation as a whole”
    We in this Nation have the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Those make up this Nations foundation.
    And if we don’t follow and take care of our foundation We will crumble.
    This is the ONLY way we as a Nation move forward for us all. American Manufacturing can and will be better 🙂

  93. Mr. Krzanich,
    Your statement saying, “Promoting American manufacturing should not be a political issue,” is ridiculous. It is very much a political issue. Our industrial manufacturing left, due to POLITICIANS making POOR decisions, like passing NAFTA and other free trade agreements that saw a huge amount of our INDUSTRIAL base LEAVE THE UNITED STATES. Those SMART businessmen that understand it, like TRUMP, are doing something about it. Trump has already secured commitments from manufacturers to build plants in the United States which will employ potentially hundreds of thousands of people. He deserves the “political points” for that so he gets re-elected. That is just reality, just like you scored “political points” all through your engineering career on your way to the top of Intel. All politicians say they are going to bring jobs and business to their states. It’s likely part of every political campaign.
    Oh, and our nation is already a “shadow of what it once was.” The steel industry has been devastated due to poor decisions by politicians. Same with the textile industry and many others. Donald Trump is working hard to reverse some of this and you walk out on him?
    As far as his comments on Charlottesville, Trump could have stated things differently, but he DID strongly denounce racism shown by those that started the conflict. That’s what counts and he did it quickly, perhaps too quickly. He clarified that further yesterday, 8/14/17 and specifically mentioned the White Supremist groups involved. He made both statements far faster than Obama ever would. Where were you when Obama took FOUR DAYS to denounce several cops being brutally murdered, and when he did, he also showed his support for those that promoted killing police officers, and even invited the BLM people to the White House!! You should not have walked out on Trump. He cares much more than Obama ever did about our country and our citizens, black white, or brown, and more than Hillary Clinton does, as well.

    1. While I agree with your comment that “leaving the council was indeed a political decision”, I will have to disagree with your position defending the behavior of the Trump administration.

      I just want to point out that two reasonable people will disagree on how much of the blame for this is on Trump; two reasonable people will disagree on whether Obama or Trump are better people; two reasonable people will disagree on whether NAFTA is good/bad for US workers; two reasonable people will disagree on whether the ‘commitments’ Trump secured are even real or working.

      One thing that there’s almost no disagreement on: Trump did not take a hard stance denouncing hate groups early in this crisis; he did it WELL AFTER many other politicians (including Pence, Sessions, Ryan and McConnell) and after a lot of political pressure from his own party. Actions speak louder than words, and Trump’s LATE statement pales in the context of his earlier inaction.

  94. Thank you for taking a stand against violence and hate. I agree that change must happen. I fear for our democracy. Kathleen Lowe

  95. Thank you for calling attention to the “break down” of any cooperation in national government. It takes courage to make your principles public and then stand up for them.

  96. So why didn’t you comment on the Ferguson riots during Obama’s term? Where was your abhorence then? Or is it just reserved for the Trump adminsitration?

  97. Somewhat disappointed at your statement.
    Should have condemned white supremacists whitout lessening its importance by mixing with other subject.
    Same as trump did by first coasting on some macroeconomic trends before condemning white supremacists.
    Addressing the “decline of american manufacturing”, such a complex issue, in the same message, leaves the impression that you agree with proteccionism, antiimmigration and the belicose rethoric of trump.
    Unfortunately trump has united the world against america.

  98. The US, like all industrialised countries, manugactures 50% more today than it did in the 1970s, but with half the staff due to automation, much of it using Intel chips. What does Mr Krzanich hope to restore? The number of jobs?

  99. How do you think resigning from this counsel will help
    influence the resurgence of American manufacturing?

  100. If one truly abhors how politicized things have become then why politicize your very own resignation speech? The problem we have with big business in America these days, is too many business deciding they have to take up political postures and side with one side or the other. Not enough major players are willing to push the establishment to break with political lines, and break them norms. All the tech companys, Intel included, dropping out of the council after such a short time show just that!

    If you folks truly wanted changed, fighting for it from within would be the only answer!

  101. Some how this CEO thinks this is helping….ALL 3 CEO’s cannot stand President TRUMP….and leaving the “American Manufacturing Council ” just divides our country further…..instead of staying and doing what they were put on the council to do….which was help lead our country to a better place and help our President do his job…he is new at this …(obviously like you are at the job you are abruply resigning from…because. You can’t take the heat).and like all times like these…he may have used the wrong words and either too soon with out knowing all the facts…or too late …either way …A third of America…..will never ever…stop hating him.
    UNTIL the Media and the DEMOCRATS do and say exactly what they are accussing our President of not during… they need to sit down and shut up…since they are the instigators in all of this violence

    1. Nearly everything you do, driving a car, reading the web, searching for a good restaurant, visiting the doctor where he/she examines MRIs of your heart condition, paying your bills, taking a airplane ride, turning on the lights using electricity from your local utility, and even the comment you made above, more than likely used Intel devices to make it happen. Intel is helping you do everything you need to do. And they do it faster, for less money, every year.

  102. The radical left must listen and stop the political resistance that has frozen the White House from doing there job. To excel America forward The media bears great blame for politicizing every little word that comes from the White House in an hateful way, Instead of critisizing it on any which way , our attention should be to condemn such behavior and get back to Korea , the real danger to our society and the world at this time

  103. I would like to make clear my abhorrence to your H1B visa opinions. Work visas have clearly been bad for the USA. Now it’s time for Intel to take a risk and hire USA citizens just like Intel took a risk on unskilled engineers from poor countries like India.

  104. Mr. Krazanich,

    You are all over the news since June, 1, 2016 in matters involving Donald Trump. You say you are fed up with the politicizing of Washington. After seeing the latest resignation announcement, it seems to me that you are Mister Politicize! You might be the pot calling the kettle black!

  105. well said. I wish everyone was like you…. honorable and a proud American. You have generated so much respect.

  106. How about supporting tax incentives and policies that hire American citizens… republicans would get their low tax rate if they hire US citizens and democrats can raise taxes on the rich that outsource jobs. This proven policy has been a bedrock in Canada for more than 25 years and its works.

  107. I applaud your position that everything has turned political in Washington and is standing in the way of accomplishment. I wish a person of your insight, accomplishments, and power would stay on the council and fight for the needed changes to Make America Great. This too is the American way. Thank you for your service.

  108. Very well done . You have the guts to stand up to oppressive racist political
    Climate. 90 % of the people know what is going on is total dictatorship.
    When U S is threatening to go to war with Venezuela because leader is a dictator it is the pot calling the kettle black.
    What hypocrisy.
    I am proud of the CEO s like Ken Frazier, Kevin Plank and yourself who has guts to stand up to tyrant
    I wish there are more people in power who could stand up , instead of protecting their self interest.

  109. THANK YOU!! Your character and message to the intolerance to white supremacist’s hate speech and action speaks volumes! The POTUS does not represent American values!

  110. Awesome. I had hoped for this when the administration decided to opt out of the paris climate accord. I guess better late than never….

  111. As I sit at my computer with the Intel sticker on my monitor, I’m happy to write this and say thank you.

    Two of my absolute favorite business books are both by Andy Grove: Only the Paranoid Survive followed by High Output Management. A manager by the name of Ben Horowitz introduced me to both of these when I was an entry-level HR person at Netscape. Many great tech companies have come and gone since then, but Intel has endured. Seems like leadership is one of the reasons why this is so.

    With appreciation and admiration,

    Jen Campsey

  112. Dear Mr.Krzanich,
    Thank you for speaking out.
    The violence and hate speech of the white nationalists and neo-Nazis cannot be a part of any American leaders political base. These groups threaten and carry out violent acts and must be condemmed in the strongest terms.
    American business enjoys a wide and affluent market and needs to be involved in building the health, (physical and mental), not just the wealth of our Democracy.
    Thank you for standing up with Mr. Frazier of Merck who has the courage and moral fiber to speak out. It is shameful at how he was treated by the current president in arrogant tweets. Threatening business leaders for political gain (accusing Merck of high drug prices which is a separate policy issue) is what dictators do, not elected leaders.
    I hope there are many more like you who can step up and lend powerful voices for the rest of us.
    Best regards,

  113. BS. You are up to your ears in politics. Did you for get Obama? You’re afraid of losing your Chinese connection. Do you thinbk we’re stupid? No reply is needed. I’m stuck with intel chips.

  114. You are absolutely right and you made a brave move.
    The atmosphere surrounding the Trump administration is that of the school bully and his chronies. It is hard for the cronies to speak up disagree for two reasons; Trump’s bullying posture and for fear of disrespecting the office of the presidency. Influential figures in the US must make a stand against this immature and I’ll equipped president before you are seen as a laughing stock with no credibility in the eyes of the rest of the world.
    Your move helps restore some faith in your country.

  115. Kudos for this unvarnished statement of disgust at the low priority given to the values
    that have made America, a true melting pot, the greatest nation on earth!

  116. Mr. B. Krzanich, CEO, Intel Corporation:

    Your announcement of your personal decision to retreat from the forefront of manufacturing and foreign trade policy-making for the U.S.A. is not a principled stand. This is plainly a political act, and a venial act of cowardice. You said you are an engineer. I, too, am an engineer, with more than 20 years experience in industry and management as well as 10+ years in the private practice of electrical engineering, my father an engineer and manager before me, My career includes many years of active participation in my state’s affiliate of the National Society of Professional Engineers, participation that includes holding elective offices therein, and even more decades of activities and leadership in my related technical professional society, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. I feel strongly my obligations under the ethical codes of both, and am inspired by them to urge you to reconsider.

    As an engineer and an American, among the American values that I cherish is a respect for the truth. Your feeble assertion that you resigned because you “want to make progress” is laughable. If you wanted to make progress, you would refuse to abandon leadership in formulating policies to support progress, in the councils of the White House.

    Did you lift your voice to condemn the thugs paid and unpaid who were bused to the campuses, for their rampant assaults repeatedly committed upon persons who peacefully assembled to hear invited speakers of Jewish and Republican organizations on the campuses of the University of California System and elsewhere? If you did, please enlighten me, for the media have failed to do so.

    Similarly, the media have failed or refused to enlighten the nation of the physical assaults initiated by a group of violent extremists, apparently assembled illegally, without the necessary police permit, who verbally and physically violently attacked the peacefully and legally assembling group of citizens, peacefully assembling for the redress of grievances, having applied for and received lawful written permission from the Virginia authorities to assemble on that date at that time and place. These were assaulted while assembling lawfully and peacefully, while the police authorities under political orders were held back and refused to protect the lawful assembly from physical assault right in front of their eyes. These inoffensive citizens had no choice but to defend their persons, families and friends, to whatever extent they could. Have you condemned or made the slightest objection to this instance of clearly invidious governmental viewpoint discrimination? Have you condemned the assaults by the gang of left-wing thugs? One suspects, not. And so, the situation deteriorated from there into violence on all sides.

    Since, as you say, “Politics and political agendas have sidelined the important mission of rebuilding America’s manufacturing base,” how do you allow yourself to aid and abet the sidelining of that mission? And how do you allow yourself to ignore the agitators and initiators of violence against the peaceful, lawful, marchers and scheduled speakers who sought to show the citizens’ disapproval of the mayor’s and city council’s actions to remove these excellent products of their sculptors’ art? Truly, these monuments are skillfully produced artworks as well as historical commemoration of great events, and each should stand on their inherent artistic merit without invidious viewpoint discrimination by political actors, temporarily in power in elected offices.

    As an engineer and an American, and the owner of multiple computers now approaching replacement, with Intel CPUs [Core i5s the newest], I am disappointed in your reactionary action on behalf of Intel Corporation. While I have no significant resources sufficient to affect your company, I expect to consider long before purchasing my next PCs and Macs, as to the CPUs, With all due respect, I remain,


    E. B. Worley, Jr.,
    B.E. M.S.E.E. P.E. (ret.)

  117. Dear Mr. Krzanich:

    As an Intel partner, I am not sure that leaving the American Manufacturing Council was a beneficial move for all within the Intel ecosystem. From my viewpoint, leaving the council was in itself a political statement. Please explain to us specifically what changes you would need to see on the council in order for you to rejoin.

  118. I completely support you and your decision to resign from the American Manufacturing Council and in doing so, put your money where your values are. In a similar manner – I plan on buying Intel stock to put my money where my values are. I have worked in the tech industry in Ohio for my entire career of 27 years. As a female in software engineering I’ve experienced my own negative bias but I’ve also been blessed to work from many talented and creative people from around the globe and from our own country. We’ve integrated and collaborated and have as a whole become better as a result. Thank you for standing up for humankind.

  119. We are currently at a trade deficit against the rest of the world at
    $800 Billion annually. This is where our American manufacturing
    has reached. I am an Engineer as well, and had an impossible time
    of finding engineering positions after graduating from University on
    the Dean’s list with excellent grades back in 1992 when the aerospace
    industry came tumbling down.
    The facts are that under George Bush senior the trade deficit with China
    alone started at $20 Billion annually. Under Bill Clinton it grew to $80 Billion
    annually. Under George W. Bush is grew to $250 Billion annually. And under
    Obama it grew to over $365 Billion annually. Now we have a President who is
    finally calling strong attention to this growing problem of American manufacturing
    jobs leaving this country for cheaper wages elsewhere.
    So I don’t see how alienating something that our President is pushing for is going
    to help stop the few haters of this country stop their hate. Or stop the media and anti
    Trump legislators from continuing their rhetoric against the President on a daily basis
    which is pretty much going against the agenda that the people voted for, most
    of which is the promise to bring back jobs to America. Our President has nothing to
    do with hate in this country and the many supporters of the President want him to
    succeed in making the United States safe and prosperous.
    In fact, the mass media and some career legislators are the ones who
    are inciting some violent protests. The President is just trying to keep his
    promises to the American people that voted for him. Including an immigrant such
    as myself.

  120. Thank you, Mr. Krzanich, for having the courage to simply do the right thing! Too many leaders — business, religious, and others — have lost sight of the fact that we are all Americans. Hopefully, your act may help people everywhere see that we will not tolerate the horrible behavior of the white supremist or the White House with its apparent support of such hate groups.

  121. Stop complaining, it is real , are we not going to change it 100 percent perfect ( 300million plus ), they are so small as a group you must live in a bubble to even listen to them, how about the Black Panthers ?

  122. I also hate the violence and to a lesser extent, the hate on every issue. Because of your timing, you just became another political protester. Congratulations, because of your timing, you do, however, score political points. I suspect that was your intent all along. Because it was a race issue and you are the offended race, you get fewer points. DJ

  123. Your are on the wrong side of history. As has already been shown the events that unfolded in Virginia had nothing to do with Trump but was set up to cause problems. The immediacy of Robert Murdoch, the Democrats, and Nancy Pelosi calling on Trump to dismiss Bannon is the real reason why this was done.

    To blame Trump because he omitted what the liberals and Democrats wanted to hear would not have allayed their criticisms. Had Trump told them exactly what they wanted to hear from Trump, they would have said it was not enough and continued to sabotage him.

    1. No one needs to sabotage trump: he is doing just fine all by himself. He is being judged on his actions and words alone. His and only his.

  124. You, sir, are a coward. At the first sign of trouble, you quit and ran. Why would it not be better to stay and fight for what you say you believe in? What possible good does your quitting the Council do for the Country? It is all about virtue signaling for people like you. All talk and no action.

  125. Bunk! Senior executives can see rough the muck and stepping down at this moment is a farcical move not related to Charlottesville at all, in my opinion, just an excuse. Step up to the plate and help heal the country and a broken system.

  126. Thank you BK. I agree that a toxic political environment that is threatening our future, the future of our country and maybe even our world. We need to concentrate on all that we share and not emphasize our differences to score political points.

  127. I applaud your decision to take this public opportunity to denounce the attacks taking place on all sides. We need leadership all across America that demonstrates both cooperation AND competition can take place without treating others as if they are our enemies. Name calling and partisanship will not further our great country. Our children will not learn great leadership unless we demonstrate great leadership. Furthering our economic development begins with cleaning up our behaviors toward one another, and standing by our most important value that all people are created equal. Thank you sir.

  128. Thank you , sir. Our country needs more men like you. I shall share your statement with my grandchild who is 8.

    I have hope for people of all classes and cultures to stand up for what is right. You are an example of a true American.

    I am a saddened by what some people are capable of doing and saying to harm our country.

    1. “Thank you , sir. Our country needs more men like you.”, that quit instead of using their position of influence to work on solutions……….

  129. A real patriot does not run and hide from a problem; he stands and fights for what he believes in against those in Washington who care more about their own power and careers than America and Her citizens’ future, welfare, safety and jobs. If CEOs like you and others with prestige and resources do not stay united and fight, who will? If you flee from this problem and do not become part of the solution, the bad guys win by filling the vacuum. (Have you heard of ISIS?) Shame on you! Where are the grown-ups in America-Washington, business, the military, academia? All cowards who DO nothing but complain/talk and run and do not stay around for the hard work to create a real and permanent solution. Shame on you again.

  130. Although I am neither a politician nor an employee of Intel, thank you not only for clarifying your reason for resigning from the American Manufacturing Council, but also for sharing your plea of the need to change the current climate in Washington..

    As an organizational development change practitioner, it is inspiring to recognize values-based leadership as the foundation of your policy and operations. Congratulations on your bold commitment.

  131. Thank you for taking this stand, and explaining it with such clarity, and for standing with Mr. Frazier–so important!

    1. I applaud your decision to step down from the president’s Council.
      It cannot have been an easy decision; incurring Donald Trump’s wrath
      takes courage and moral conviction. Thank you for your character
      and leadership.

  132. Excellent response. Trump will never understand that people are not his real estate projects. No one has anything to gain, and much to lose, by being associated with him.

  133. Thank you for standing up against this atmosphere of “political shaming.” Please stay involved in promoting an active response from all leaders to the many non-political and non-economic problems we face and should resolve together.

  134. Thank you for standing with the majority of Americans! Your action has set an example for corporate leaders to reject the political divide being sponsored by this white house and president.

  135. Thank you! Your thoughtful statement and concern for the health of our great nation is deeply appreciated. I believe the huge majority of Americans stand with you.

  136. Forgive me if I am wrong. But I don’t remember your voice being heard when this same type of idiocy was going on under the previous administration.

    You had people, in the White House and Congress, spewing the same vitriol and hate.

    Wrong is wrong, no matter what side it is on.

  137. THANK YOU SIR. It is very important for American manufacturers to stand up for the values of our country. Peace and tolerance and concern for all people of our country is first and foremost. Again thank you for your courageous action

  138. I see what you have done as a political move and would encourage you to go back to work on the council to address the serious decline of american manufacturing you claim to be so concerned with.

  139. Bravo!

    The damage caused by Mr. Trump has already cost us so much. The next thing we must do is to call for Mr. Trump to step down as president of the US.

  140. None of this makes any sense. Does everyone’s bad behavior all of a sudden become President Turmps fault? Can no one take responsibility for their own behavior? I think these left wing businessmen got on the council just so they could thumb their nose at President Trump in hopes to make him look bad! Where were they when Obama was pushing this country into a sink hole?

  141. It seems everybody is out to make money on everybody else’s ability – now there are so many people wanting their share, to put their two cents forward, the whole process stops.

    Who’s going to willingly put the amount of effort required to invent products which actually matter when politics makes it too hard?


  142. Excellent choice! You carry the weight of your employees and shareholders so your message resonates. I hope other corporate leaders will follow your example.

  143. Thank you for being dave enough to say what needed to be said and do what needed to be done.

    America thanks you!

  144. I agree with your basic sentiments about our poisonous political climate, but specifically with regard to the events of this past weekend, the violence was instigated and caused by two groups, as reported, and not just the white supremacists. Far-left groups like Antifa showed up at this rally, as with other assemblies they don’t like, armed and intent on provoking violence. Why don’t you specifically call to reject this violence and suppression of others’ constitutional rights to free speech and assembly? Aren’t intentionally, deliberately violent counter-protests also an assault on our “cherished American values”? Why do you give these violent far-left groups a pass? Both sides are at fault and should be rejected and condemned, peacefully and universally, should they not? They both represent an assault on our values in different ways.

    And aren’t you making manufacturing a political issue by responding to the events in such a one-sided, politically partisan way through your resignation stunt? How does that help improve the political climate or manufacturing in America? Don’t you feel that you and those who refuse to specifically call out violent leftist groups like Antifa, as you do white supremacists, are also contributing to the degradation of our political climate? You are, in effect, excusing violence as a political tactic on the left, are you not? Do you think intentionally violent assaults on the freedom of assembly and speech, even when we find the views expressed to be disgusting, are ever what our “nation…should be” about? You and others seem to say that violence is justified in response to views, peacefully expressed, that you/we find abhorrent. But where do you draw the line and what do you think that says to those who might disagree with your broader socio-political views?

    Far from “putting politics aside,” you seem to be exploiting this reprehensible event to score partisan political points, and further dividing the country, just like so many others that shape our political discourse these days.

  145. Dear Mr Krzanich:

    Thank you for your resignation and thoughtful message above. I’m writing to urge you to continue thinking about your view that “every issue is now politicized….” and apparent belief that scoring political points drives everybody. This false equivalency – lumping together both political parties, dedicated career civil servants, and the public reacting to the horrific events in Charlottesville – is mistaken. Again and again we hear today’s GOP & WH & some in media dismiss our objections to a damaging agenda as politically-motivated, when it is an intelligent and accurate assessment of what is and is not in America’s interests. Millions of Americans by now – after the last decade of MSM reporting on horse-races to the exclusion of educating the public on issues and facts – have tuned out and dismissed their civic role of staying informed with the view “it’s all just politics.” Nothing could be further from the truth, and one must bother to understand when a specific party, specific administration, or specific person is or is not pushing a detrimental bill, agenda, erosion of laws, or viewpoint for the sake of political or personal gain. If your message above was pointed at a specific party or administration, you must name it. Please consider shifting your energy and emphasis to how we can grow a better informed public motivated to learn facts and discern which ideas – and politicians – represent their own best interests. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your well thought out decision BK. I have never been more proud to be part of this amazing company!

  146. Bravo! Maybe you and your cohorts who stood up for our cherished American values can start your own shadow council and get back to work. Am I deluded in thinking alternative energy is the go-to American job-creator of the future and have you mulled over how Intel could seed that revolution? Put chips in all the windmills, solar panels etc? When you hit on the big ideas, I promise not to give an iota of credit to the yam in charge. That guy wouldn’t know how to innovate his way out of an elevator.

  147. Thank You, for having the courage and thoughtfulness to take the action you did and lend the voice that you have.

  148. Dear Mr. Krzanich,

    It is unfortunate that you are comfortable putting forth an action coupled with an explanation that is clearly political and intended to send a message to your employees and the media of you are “not” supporting our President. The short of it, is that you, nor no other Fortune 500 CEO, would ever have dreamed of making a “public” statement of not working on an Obama council – and of course, never even considered not working with him. A matter of fact, the CEOs of our nation worshipped at his administration’s feet and worked diligently to be associated with him, no matter his history, what he did or what he said. Those of us in the business no why and you know why. For those of us that share the board room with you and your peers, there are few things more strategic and political than how our corporations react & interact on social issues in this country. While our PR, advertising and human capital teams with intention plot how we can grow our market share and advance our corporate brand, we link ourselves hand and hand with a media we know is for all intensive purposes, the left/establishment government. A media that with intention is undermining our very system of government and laws. Yet, those of us at the top….we are all in. It is all about our share price, our riches, our egos, our ability to get on boards in our retirement. It is not about our Nation, nor what is best for the generations that follow, not what is right vs. what is wrong. Instead we are all in with the groups that are destroying our country. The reality is, if our market research said that the media and our target groups loved to kill children we would not fight the narrative, we would not sacrifice our bottomline for what is right. Instead we would help change minds that it is the right way to think and those that oppose it are “bad” people. We would not dare to even advertise or support in any way those that were associated with the “bad” people. Our corporations spend billions playing the political system and selling out our nation in order to support what we feel are the touch-points of our consumer base, as well as to promote being in the positive favor of the left-wing MS – media. I do not know your political leanings; frankly it does not matter. The point is you are being disingenuous at best, if not intentionally misleadingly in pushing your narrative. Again, as a CEO of a large company with most of your ee’s leaning left and the foregoing, your concern is to send an intentional message of not working with this administration….while decrying your desire that it not be about politics. That is rich, indeed. The CEOs of America went out of their way to show their unwavering love for Obama and it is mostly a love that will never end. You and the majority of USA’s CEO’s use your roles along with your PR & advertising dollars to intentionally feed off the demographics as well as social issues that you deem will further the financial interests of your companies. Of course, as a fellow business person I fully embrace capitalism and profitability, however, there is a distinct difference between persons such as myself and CEO’s such as yourself. I will never put legal tender or professional gains before what is right and protecting our nation. Most importantly I will never be party to warping the minds of our future generation. Never will I put financial interests or my career before this great nation and it’s “citizens”. As a business leader with influence only you can decide what integrity truly means and what you are going to use your voice for….will you speak to truth? Will you tell young people, your ee’s and the media what they do not want to hear and that might cause you to be fired? I think not. However, it is never to late to do the right thing. In this day and age where going against the media can literally destroy a person’s life, it takes tremendous courage. I have tremendous admiration for someone that would risk his great life, his wealth, reputation, family, safety, walk away from his businesses, put himself and his family at risk of prosecution by a very corrupt system that is hell bent on destroying him, and on, and on, while having both parties, the media and the huge government employee network all out to ensure he is removed from office. The swamp is aligned with the media and it is all aligned with the CEOs of this nation. It is surprising when someone has the courage to fight a war that none of rest of us thinks can be won or that would destroy us and our family in the process. It is sad, when business people do not step in to help fight the war and instead help to take down History as well as current governmental systems have already proven what happens when people are too fearful to speak up against wrong or to stand along side someone that is being attacked. Yet, if we do not, we are no better than the persons committing the actions.

    1. Regarding staying and “fighting the war,” your point is well taken. But how can we take into account the ability of the student to learn? Teaching a difficult student is honorable, whilst continually shouting at the waves is the act of a mad man.

  149. Dear Mr. Krzanich

    I applaud your decision

    The American people can not tolerate such racist acts.

    We need a change of course to ensure that our principles of inclusion, acceptance and tolerance are championed by our leaders.

    Although not a politician your voice is what is needed at this time.


    Jack Capocci

  150. Right-thinking! But horrors now grinning from US politics (Trump) have been active (and from the separate states) for a very long time — even made civil war. Many died – white, black and red — without ending those horrors. Constitutional problems from 18th century revolutionary values — here meaning conquest (land taking, slavery, genocide) and white supremacy (“Europeans”) are foundational in the US. So what happens now? US is POLITICALLY multi-racial, multi-ethnic. I expect WHITE moral violence and politically dominance will complete our institutional collapse, and our ‘armed white citizenry’ will outgun civil law, with legal complicity. Hasn’t our justice system already gone down? (Supreme Court gave the presidency to Bush, etc.etc. ) I am not resigned though. There will be survivors.

  151. Dear BK, Well done, well said, perfect execution. CNN marked your words as to “carry weight”, for that I support your stance in influencing the polluted political climate in Washington. Thank you.

  152. Brian, For an engineer it appears you have failed to take in and account for all information before making your decision to leave the presidents job council. By calling out only certain participants in the tragedy that occurred this past weekend you have shown that you do indeed have a political position regarding this matter.
    Unfortunate that you did not mention black lives matter and antifa as they were there and actively participated in the ensuing fights and general disruption. I would like to see all participants treated with equal disdain.
    As a long time shareholder I expect the management of our company to withhold political comments and get on with the business of protecting and improving shareholder value.

    1. Agreed. He should have mentioned Antifa and BLM too … but he’s aligned to the Progressive agenda so that won’t happen. And now he wants to preach to all about working to “not score political points” and “focus on what is best for the nation as a whole”. Amusing. Actions speak louder than words.

  153. I applaud both your action and your sentiments. The business leaders of the United States can do much to improve our manufacturing, our access to health care and our standard of living – without Washington. My prayer is that these business leaders put their employees and their customers ahead of, or at least on equal footing, with profit and stockholders, and provide the American people with the hope and future that their government seems unable to.

  154. I may have thought less of you for having anything at all to do with Trump.. but oh have redeemed yourself and proved yourself a better man by standing up to his charade

  155. So your response to the political sideshow in Washington is to resign a position where you could actually be of some help to manufacturing’s plight and also show support for our president?? Where did you come up with that piece of brilliant insight? Is that how you solve problems at Intel? For what it is worth, I am a stockholder.

  156. I own Intel in my family portfolio which I manage. Yesterday I bought some for myself. Very proud of our CEO correct stand in face of last Saturday’s unfortunate events. Your clear message is morally and patriotically the right thing to do.

  157. Having worked for GM in the 70’s as a PL1 programmer l applaud your decision.

    We knew to identify the problem, fix the problem, then to figure out what went wrong.

    Fixing the blame was the last, and least significant portion.

    I taught that to my students at Ferris for 24 years.

  158. Mr. Krzanich,
    Thank you fo being one of the decent few, who has refused to ignore the
    derisive and harmful agenda of this White House. It takes individuals such
    as yourself to remind them of their purpose; to serve the good of the
    American people . Holding the torch of hate and division is not.
    Thank you again.

  159. Bravo, Mr. Krzanich. Bravery comes in all forms and today you are a hero. I sent your resigning statement to all my children so they can see what bravery looks like in this day and age. You have my admiration and respect.

  160. Thanks for your commitment to dignity in the face of hate. I ask all readers to read, reread, Thomas Paine’s Common Sense. The discussion of ‘Kings’ still applies and the very last line resonates today just as it did two and half centuries past.

  161. You are a man of admirable principles. Your action here will have an impact, and call attention to the isdues you raise. However, there must be some other means for you to promote industrial manufacturing; the challenge now is to find it and publicize your involvement. Please do so.

  162. Thanks for stepping down, standing up, and speaking up. You are another American hero. Not “Fake.” I hope that others in the Mega businesses and Mega churches, especially, will step up and become other American heroes. What is taking place in the US, today, most certainly is doing extreme harm to “All” peoples in this Country. When this play is over and the curtains are down, the actors of harm, will go on about the way that they really are, and who will be left to clean up their refuge. Refuge is definitely what “this” is.

  163. Brian,

    Disappointing to see the head of one of the world’s premier manufacturing companies resign from the manufacturing council. Aren’t you guilty of the same hubris here, more concerned with making a “political point” rather than working towards progress.

    … a decades long former Intel senior manager in mfg, technology and product development

  164. Thank you for taking a stand. One’s ethics are the only thing one owns in the end.

  165. Thank you so much for taking a stand, and for clearly identifying the problem that our country is facing right now. That being, the politicization I’ve just about every issue. Additionally, these attacks, and criticisms, do nothing to support the growth of this country nor its economy. I am so glad that people are continuing to take a stand against the president’s seemingly divisive rhetoric and undermining a race relations in this country. You have my respect for taking a stand and resigning from the panel.

  166. Mr. Krzanich,

    So, instead of staying on the council and trying to help from within, you turn tail and run away from the issues. Let me guess, you are afraid of the negative backlash towards your company that will effect your bottom line.

  167. Thank you for setting such a good example. Instead of staying the course thru dark times and over the bumps to achieve the end goals, you thtew up your hands and walked away. Because something happened that you didn’t agree with or somebody had a different opinion than you. Is that the way you run your company, agree with me or you can’t work for this company. Wow that Sir is simply awesome!!! What a place to work.

  168. I you don’t condemn the violence from both sides you are a coward and hypocrite. White supremacists and Nazis are certainly deserving of the highest condemnation from all however remaining lock stepped in a vacuum ignoring the violent rhetoric and actions from the alt left is a cowardly and hypocritical.

  169. Mr. Krzanich,

    This is both a thrill and a disappointment to be addressing you, the CEO of Intel, the creator of the hardware basis for my employment for almost 30 years. Thank you for providing that wonderful hardware that Microsoft’s products (and now Linux – I’m switching to the dark side) run so well on.

    Now on to the matter of your statement, I’d like to just make a quick parable here for illustration. First thing is that right in your statement you express the fact that you are not a politician and strangely enough that is something you share with that man you believe is a racist, bigoted, islamophobe, our President Trump. That being said, could you have written and articulatey delivered the perfect response to the Charlottesville situation such that your words would have soothed the anger and hatred in everyone on all sides in the country today? No, probably not. Now imagine instead of running a multi-billion dollar corporation you’re dabbling in politics (I guess that’s not too big a stretch since that’s exactly what you’re doing now) and you become President Trump’s speech writer. Even if you had written the ultimate in speeches, the Mona Lisa of speeches, and President Trump even managed to deliver it exactly as you hear it being delivered in your head, would anyone in the anti-Trump camp hear or appreciate your speech for the masterpiece it was? Let’s be honest here and answer that correctly by saying no.

    Now on to my parable… Let’s say you have a leaking water pipe in your home and you call a plumber to come fix it. Somehow the plumber and his wife both show up to assess and hopefully fix your problem. When the plumber has looked it over the wife starts talking to you about what she thinks you should have done to have prevented the problem and how this situation is entirely your fault and she does so in the most abrasive terms possible. Tell me, are you really going to put up with that or are you going to tell her to shut up because you really want to hear from the plumber about how to get the immediate problem of the leaking pipe fixed before it destroys more of your house? Which person’s counsel are you paying for and which do you want most at that moment, the wife or the expert?

    President Trump is making an effort to make America great again whether you agree with him as a person or not. Every whining, hateful, intolerant, bigoted, fascist, liberal in America is playing the part of the wife in the parable. Why don’t you stick to playing the part of the expert you were contracted to be and advise the President on matters you know a heck of a lot about. Don’t punish America by withholding awesome advice that maybe only you could give to get our economy back on the fast track because you want to be counted with all of the rest of the useless people who so loudly criticize but have no answers themselves.

    Best regards,

    Jeff Ford

  170. Thank you for coming to this decision, Mr. Krzanich. It was clear that your desire to lead American manufacturing back to prominence came into direct conflict with your morals. I appreciate the fact that you came to a difficult decision much more quickly than the President. Thank you for being a true leader.

  171. Your statement is intellectually and morally confused. You don’t want to be sidelined by politics, so you resign to make a political statement. You resign from promoting manufacturing to score a political point against the president, but you denounce scoring political points. What exactly is your reason for resigning? Because the president immediately condemned “bigotry” but did not say the word “racism”? That is shallow and a slanderous charge against the president for being a racist, despite his repeated condemnation of racists prior to this incident and subsequent to it. Stop being manipulated by the liberal political hacks who value power over truth.

  172. Thank you for your courage and silliness to do what is right for our nation, particularly the those within the American manufacturing industry. I agree with your decision and “plea” to set political agendas aside and refocus on our nation as a whole.

  173. Why I’m proud of my Intel CEO. BK speaks for all us rational Americans of all type that feel solidarity around this great nation and our values that are inclusive of all people without exception.

    1. Point of Conduct: By what power can your prove/claim that “BK speaks for all us rational Americans”. He can speak for himself and he may think he’s speaking for all of Intel, but to go further than that is a big oversell on your part.

  174. If you are leaving the council because The President did not condemn the “white supremacist” protest in Charlottesville then you are politicizing your former position. If you truly cared about American manufacturing you would stay on and work harder. Apparently you didn’t get something that you wanted there.

  175. I agree with the resignation. All congress cares about anymore is what they can get and the hell with the country and the people. They would rather pay to play.

  176. Bravo BK! I congratulate and applaud you for standing up for humanity! More Si Valley CEOs must take stronger stand against the hate inspired political rhetoric from Washington!

  177. As long-time stockholders in Intel, my wife and I applaud your courageous stance against racism and other forms of hate.

  178. Dear Mr. Krzanich.
    As investors and proud Americans, we support your bold action yesterday leaving the Trump American Manuf Council.
    You set a good example, perhaps others will have the courage to follow your lead!
    Thank you,
    Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Levitz

  179. Thank Mr. Braznick for his leadership stance. I am also an engineer that strongly disagrees with our politicians attacking people personally.

  180. Thank you for taking a stand. We need more brave leaders like you to do the same.


  181. If you actually believe what you say, then resigning is exactly the wrong thing to do. It politicizes the Committee you are leaving, leaves it absent your voice and viewpoint, and serves no other purpose than to make a political point. I submit that you are a hypocrite, sir, and serve your shareholders poorly by this action.

    1. Nope – I am a shareholder and I happily applauded the CEO action against Trump silence condoning bigotry and racism and lacking of moral values to stop racism. If you forgot, in WWII hundred thousand GIs gave their lives to destroy Hitler’s Nazism, White supremacy ideology. They would have died in vain if we now allow the Nazi, the KKK, White supremacy promoting hate and racism here in America.

  182. Based on this, I’m sure it won’t be hard to find your negative comments toward Obama when he hosted, at the White House itself, Black Lives Matter, after yet another voter intimidation effort or destroying more property they certainly did not own. Was that political? So certainly you were brave and spoke out directly to BHO, at your outrage at his actions. Oh, you didn’t….yeah, totally as expected. You did not have the courage to speak negatively to the ‘first black President’ and you, like so many others in a position of leadership, exercised the ‘soft bigotry of low expectations’. Yeah, you’re real brave.

  183. I am an Intel shareholder by virtue of my holdings in S&P 500 index and ETF funds.

    If Mr Trump behaves poorly, then the public must assume that he is doing so on advice of his many advisors. As one of these advisors, this of course would make you guilty by association. Thus, the only way for you to preserve your good standing is to resign. Therefore, I congratulate you on doing what is right and correct by resigning from the American Manufacturing Council.

    Unfortunately, the text of your statement is confusing. Clearly, you should remain a member of this council if you are to “promote American manufacturing”, work so that “the current environment must change”, and “remain willing” to rejoin the Council when America honors “equality and other cherished American values”. In this context, your decision is unwise–how exactly does resigning from the Council advance this objective? How does your absence help eliminate the politicization of “every issue…to the point where significant progress is impossible”?

    It appears then that you resigned not because Mr Trump’s apparent condoning of the events in Charlottesville is unacceptable, but because you feel like you’re wasting your time on the Council trying to reshape American industry. Interesting.

    I think you’re trying to have it both ways and walk an extremely fine line, and it really doesn’t work, does it? We don’t need you to “call attention the serious harm our divided political climate” is causing. We need leaders like to you clearly identify the root cause of these divisions, given your first hand experience with the administration. Mr Trump should have been named as part of the problem, not politicians trying to “score political points”. After all, politicians didn’t cause the Charlottesville riot, did they?

    Actually, I think Trump’s comments on the campaign trail are indeed an underlying cause of this unrest, and as are his inability to act decisively to condemn the violence and political view of the KKK and the “Alt-Right”. He is indeed the problem.

  184. Thank you for making your position so clear. I understand the courage that it would take to take such a position given the honor of serving on this council and the risk in harming you company by leaving. Thank you for your courage, you are a role model.

  185. Thank you very much. It is nice to see leaders like you take a stance on some of these issues.
    I’m deeply saddened by the state of affairs but hopeful when people like yourself standup and against it.

  186. Thank you. I am so thankful to see people with moral convictions standing up to an administration that is morally unfit to lead our nation. I am deeply moved and given some hope by your actions.

  187. Your decision to separate from the AMC reflects you. My fears are strong, but your decision has given hope to all that respect and love life. please continue showing strength for equal quality of life for us all.

  188. Global economy has become a chess game..of who gets what in a… game of thrones so to speak. A missile crisis..and ongoing endless wars in the Middle East and. Afganistan are always major players .When you have become a major piece, in this puzzle, you could affect the ways of the world as who gets what piece of the puzzle.
    Im not sure what tipped the scale for you..but it has become clear to me..that our children have become this countries biggest fighting these wars..our men..our good men are gone..and the breakdown of the loss is abhorrent. Im not sure America will ever be the country it once was but people need to stand up for themselves..and that is what is happening now with racial fighting across the nation.

  189. Perfect time to jump over to AMD for my CPU needs. The American manufacturing council is not about politics. Its about what is best for our nation and racism has nothing to do with it. If you think you are fooling anyone with your conscience bull i have news for you. By making this move you are in fact making it political. I have been a staunch Intel supporter for years. I am politically independent and loath politics and all politicians. I also abhor racism and hate.

    I am however a patriot and believe strongly in bringing America back to manufacturing prominence. Which is why you were on the council to begin with. In my view this move is misguided and clearly political in every way.

  190. That’s really too bad. By resigning, in a sense, we’ve allowed the focus to shift to that of political in nature. I would have hoped we could, rather, continue to engage, continue to focus on manufacturing, and not make participation (or lack of participation) in the Manufacturing Council conditional upon non-manufacturing related politics. By resigning, I worry that we’ve become less engaged and even more disconnected and possibly have added to the discourse that has lead to a more divided nation. But clearly I don’t have all the details in this decision so I can’t say one way or the other with any certainty, if I would have done the same or not.

  191. Thank you, Brian, for using this moment to call attention to the mess politicians are making of our nation. I, too, have spent my career in manufacturing and am committed to restoring it in America. True leadership in both business and politics is sorely needed now.

  192. And you just added to the division. Trump’s remarks were perfectly appropriate. What about the exclusion of the other hate groups that participated which don’t align with the anti-Trump media narrative? Did you comment about that? NO! You’re a hypocrite for asking us not to politicize everything yet you just politicized this. I only wish there was a way to avoid your product because I would.

  193. Thank you Brian for your courage to stand for racial equality and against racial bigotry and hatred. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” Matthew 5:9

  194. I too am an engineer, a Tau Beta Pi registered professional engineer. If the Intel CEO does not want to bring politics into the American Manufacturing Council, why the hell did he resign from the Council. That very act is bringing politics into the Council. Otherwise, he could continue to provide manufacturing expertise and technical knowledge to the Presidency. But what do you expect of liberals?

  195. Thank you. As a retired Intel employee, I am proud of your decision to stand against racism and hatred. Kudos to you.

  196. Thank you for standing up for your beliefs, Brian. So many of us feel voiceless and peerless to do anything of significance, or that would have real impact. Your words and your actions mean so much to me personally, and to many others across the country. Thank you for being a hero!

  197. Thank you for taking a stand against hate when in all probability you will be vilified for it by the current administration.

  198. Brian, I am part of the team at a game developer, a member of the Intel program. Just wanted to offer some feedback.
    I could not agree with your sentiments more and I want to thank you for this post. In today’s climate, you are taking a risk. Please know that you are supported.
    Thanks again.

  199. Brian,

    As a stockholder, I think you should keep your mouth shut and re-join the council. What a dumbass you are–allowing yourself to be controlled by the leftists in the media.

    Your obligation is not what you “think” is best for the nation (if you want to do that, run for office), it is to me as a stockholder.

    You should be worrying about the lackluster stock performance and the board should replace you.

  200. What will you do outside of the council? We need honest Americans like you to stay and protest bad direction in the meetings.

  201. If u r not a poliotician then why do you make this an “issue”. Sounds more like you have a hidden agenda. U should stick to being a CEO and keep your personal political views separate.

  202. thank you for this important move. I hope that many will follow your example.
    The POTUS needs to get the message that he he does not have what it takes – does not even understand what it takes – for leading a nation.

  203. As a user of Intel products for more than 30 years, I thank you for your statement of support of moral courage while still rolling up your sleeve, and getting back to work.

  204. I know this could not have been an easy decision, and I commend you for it. It’s not always easy to do the right thing, but we need more business leaders like you in the world.

  205. Not that I felt ashamed before about working here, but your action made me feel some moral pride in coming to work today! Thxs

  206. Thank you for so succinctly pointing out the lack of leadership in Washington and the detrimental effect on the nation. American is falling behind most of the other industrialized countries, because of our tax, education and social policies. These have become more politicized. Other advanced countries also keep religion out of their policymaking. I have a son who is working on his engineering degree and he will probably have to work outside the U.S.

  207. Thank you for standing up for what it right i live in Northern California and appreciate what you have done

  208. Thank you for taking a stand against the ugly forces of the white supremacists and others of the cult-right. I also am thankful for your plea – and that of many of us in the country – for the political system to start working together for the country, not just trying to win political points. Your stance will encourage more Americans to stand up and speech out for change and an end to the horrible mess that we are in today.

  209. Thank you for this. Let’s hope others feel positively empowered to follow your lead without fear of rebuke holding them hostage.
    This is far more important.

  210. to Brian Krzanich-Thank you for taking these important steps. It gives me hope to know that people heading corporate America are willing to stand up for what is right and good. thank you for putting the most critical issues in front, before money and power. I am thinking about what steps I can take in my own neighborhood to unite the community. I will no longer be a bystander with all that is at stake here. #savethecountry #dotherightthing

  211. Well, I’m super glad that we’ve established exactly what line needs to crossed before Brian Krzanich will finally decide to unhitch his wagon from Trump.

    We know that implying that President Obama was not a US Citizen was not enough for Krzanich.
    We know that calling climate change a hoax made up by the Chinese was not enough for Krzanich.
    We know that bragging about sexually assaulting women was not enough for Krzanich.
    We know that arguing for torture was not enough for Krzanich.
    We know that implying that most Mexicans are rapists was not enough for Krzanich.
    We know that naming a person that has tried to curtail the rights of the LGBTQ community as Vice President was not enough for Krzanich.
    We know that asking Russia to interfere with our elections was not enough for Krzanich.
    We know that placing white supremacists in his cabinet was not enough for Krzanich.
    We know that not releasing his tax returns like has been done for 50+ years was not enough for Krzanich.
    We know that lying about the most of mundane and easily checked things was not enough for Krzanich.
    We know that pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement was not enough for Krzanich.
    We know that badmouthing immigrants and enacting horrible immigration bans was not enough for Krzanich.
    We know that wanting to take away health care from millions in order to fund a tax break for people like Krzanich was not enough for Krzanich.
    We know that wanting to abolish the Dept of Education and putting in place a person with absolutely no experience with public education was not enough for Krzanich.
    We know that banning transgenders from the military was not enough for Krzanich.
    We know that threatening nuclear war was not enough for Krzanich.

    And, let’s be honest here. We know that Trump emboldening Nazis and white supremacists by refusing to call them out was also not enough for Krzanich.

    Krzanich isn’t leaving because Trump can’t denounce Nazis. Krzanich is using the exact same argument that Trump used Saturday. He’s leaving because both sides are bad. Everything is politicized. Progress is hard. Still, even today, he can’t take an actual principled stand and say “I will not stand with someone that can’t denounce Nazis a group Intel’s most famous employee fled Hungary from.”

    I spent a lot of time this weekend embarrassed for Intel and embarrassed of Krzanich. The CEO of Andy Grove’s company, standing with a man that rails on immigrants and can’t even find it in himself to denounce Nazis, a group Dr. Grove fled from.

    And, after reading this mealy mouthed response, I am actually more embarrassed of Intel and Krzanich. Krzanich likes talking about inclusion and diversity, as it gets him good PR from time to time. Yet, once again, like the dozens of opportunities before this weekend when he’s had the opportunity to actually make a stand for diversity and inclusion and disassociate himself, and Intel, with such a hateful man, again, he doesn’t make a stand. He whines about “both sides are bad” the same many sides logic that his candidate used.

    The hypocrisy is staggering.

    1. Thanks for summarizing how I feel. I am glad that a strong statement is made but BK’s justification feels very weak. It does not feel like a principled stand born of outrage. It feels like it is intentionally refusing to call out the elephant in the room. This is not about a general “everything-is-politicized-and-I-do-not-like-it”. It has been this way for some time. This is more directly about the current incident and what the response from the WH says. Does Intel want to be a part of a system that espouses white racial superiority? If not, then say that as the reason for leaving. If BK’s reason is that the Manufacturing Council is not making progress, then the timing is rather odd.

    2. Thomas E,
      I hear you points. Pretty good enumeration. Was it 16 or so?
      Here is a problem, though. BK could not resign from that council 16 times. All he had is just one shot. Let’s admit: BK choose a very good time to take the shot. Good job, BK! Besides, this REALLY helps me to focus on the stuff i’m getting paid here for. Engineering, that’s it, not political BS.

  212. Thank you !
    As a mother , as an educator thank you !!!
    Thank you for your leadership , thank you for being a leader that value equity

  213. What can other engineers do to improve the situation? I don’t want to just stand here and let things continue on this path, but I also am an engineer and not a politician, and I don’t know what kind of action would be effective.

  214. Appreciate your leadership — leading by example and standing up for what America stands for. Proud to be associated with Intel; proud to be an American. When leaders stand up for the right cause, Americans pay attention. Thanks for speaking up and taking a stand!

  215. I see this ‘protest’ as reducing Intel’s influence to affect positive change. How many noble causes moved forward with each member in lockstep agreement with each other? Living in an ivory tower is okay for an academician, not so plausible for an engineer dedicated to overcoming tough problems. Kind regards.

  216. You are acting for political reasons and only political reasons at least have the courage to say it

  217. Well said BK. I applaud your leadership in taking this position. I’m with you 100% in my willingness to be part of making us a better society while having no room for intolerance.

  218. BK: Your stand reminds me that we still have great leaders. Count on us to focus on progress and the best for our country. God keep blessing you with wisdom, courage and honor.

  219. BK
    I am awestruck at how the current political climate has blossomed under the current administration. The President has done little to assuage extremism at home & abroad and more so has attacked historical and fundamental US institutions and policies. the sad truth is that the rank and file Democrats and Republicans have done nothing to show that together they could lead and role model unity to enact change that will continue to make America great.
    The value of words and actions cannot be underestimated. When those in power seek to only hear themselves, we witness that there is no value placed on the meaning of words, so what is said one day can be unsaid the next.
    I commend you on using your words and for role modeling character, leadership, and shining a light on the chaos in Washington and its affect on business in America.
    thank you.

  220. Thank you BK, for taking a clear stand against hate. True leaders step up when leadership is needed.

  221. I’m sure that Andy Grove is looking down on you today with a proud smile. While it is important that we effect policy we should never do so at the expense of our soul. Thank you Mr Krzanich!

    1. I wouldn’t be too sure of that, Denise. There are many here who think Mr Grove would have the opposite opinion of BK’s actions and leadership.

  222. Well said, Brian, and thank you for speaking up. It’s clear that there’s a lack of leadership in Washington, which has descended into chaos. Leaders like yourself and others must fill this void and help the current environment change its course.

  223. Thanks BK for resigning from the council. I feel proud to be working under your leadership. the courage you have shown to stand against right vs wrong gives me inspiration.

  224. Buh bye is not like the American Manufacturing Council needs a company that has around the world engaged and been convicted in suppressive anti-free market tactics against another American manufacturer. Nice to see Intel virtue single its high moral values of opinions and beliefs and practice otherwise when it comes to making the almighty dollar.

  225. I applaud this action and the concise reasoning associated with it. On a global scale, the politics of isolation and division serve to dismantle agreements which have brought much of the world together. On a domestic scale our society will deteriorate if we don’t stand up for the core values of our nation, which includes tolerance of those who disagree with us and condemnation of those who try to force their views upon us with violent or coercive tactics. We expect our leaders to lead in this regard. BK and other business leaders have done so with these actions. Thank you!

  226. Hi Brian – thanks for making a statement about trying to change our current US culture and to make progress. I think these are the same values that drive us in our company to change the world. Mike.

  227. Brian,

    Unfortunately, I feel our nation is already a shadow of our former greatness and that the Trump administration only aggravates that sad reality.

    I sincerely thank you for showing adult leadership and courage in standing up to the continuing embarrasing saga that encapsulates our current president and his administration. I appreciate your efforts and I hold out hope that better days will return to America.

  228. Thank you for standing up for America, and against hate. I think you are spot on about our political environment being a barrier to real progress. I am proud to work at a company whose leadership is willing to take a stand, and speak out against a status quo that is toxic to the health of our society and all we hold dear.

  229. Hats off to you BK !!
    Really proud of you !!!
    You have aptly demonstrated that our core values and principles are way more important than politics and siding with the wrong people for petty gains.

  230. ” while many in Washington seem more concerned with attacking anyone who disagrees with them.”

    Not siding with Trump, I find it hard to believe that you don’t see the trends of smashing anyone who disagrees with the liberal lines of viewpoints at the University level. Seems you are another hypocrite of the Left who says one thing but supports the suppression of others.

    Who cares if you leave the group in question, go back to your gated community and suck up some more Chard, the world will go on and hopefully you won’t go out in a blast from a Korean Missile.

  231. Thank you! I appreciate your willingness to take a personal and “political” risk to help bring attention to this issue that we white Americans have ignored for so long and demonstrate that we’re now at the time of actions rather than solely words. Glad to see the intel pentium sticker on my laptop as I type.

  232. Very much welcome this move. It was heartening to see the head of Intel move away from the most divisive administration I can remember and call attention to what is wrong.

  233. So proud to work for a company where our CEO leads by example. Way to go BK!!

  234. Brian, I agree whole heartedly with your opinion on setting political agendas aside. My concern is that we need like-minded folks working to improve things in our country and your resignation takes an important voice out of the conversation. Someone needs to drive things forward else nothing will change.

  235. Thanks for your Bold leadership Sir. { From a former Intel Employee }

  236. The Intel community appreciates this. I understand why you attempted to engage with the administration, but they’ve made it clear that their agenda is overwhelmingly driven by ideology and politics. Thank you!

  237. Thank you BK for stepping up and making a statement. I applaud you and other CEOs for taking this stand.

  238. I am surprised that you are just now realizing the role that politics plays in all aspects of America culture and life and business. That in in itself is alarming How was this not on your mind when you stood in the Oval office and made the announcement about 7nm in AZ? You were standing in a political room with politicians. It was a business and political announcement and now you are saying that you are not a politician? I don’t understand that. Politics plays a role in everything….this is not a change from previous administrations in any era of time. Instead of giving up and resigning there would be more leadership displayed by choosing to lead from the front and trying to right the ship. In addition the actions of some small group of people with hate do not reflect the values and feelings of the vast majority of good God fearing Americans and other people from around the world. Don’t stand down….stand up and lead from the front!

  239. I believe you should have filtered out the current political noise (driven by the liberal media) and stayed focus of being on the council and commited to bringing technology and manufacturing back to the USA.

    Intel shouldnot walk away from this commitment. Disapointed.

  240. I’m proud of the decision Intel made. You are commended for doing the right thing.

  241. Thank-you BK! I hope more business leaders standup against this hate and any tolerance for it.

  242. Congratulations to your CEO Brian Krzanich for taking a courageous stance against hate and racism by leaving President Trumps American Manufacturing Council. You are setting a great example!

  243. Leaving the presidents council. Pretty hypocritical
    Where were you when a Black lives matter thug
    Killed police officers in Dallas. No more intel
    Product for this household.

  244. This was absolutely the right move. Sometimes leadership means having an impact on policy decisions, sometimes it means something even more important — standing up for the values of diversity and decency in the face of those who still don’t understand those values. This was a strong and clear statement of our shared values. Thank you for putting it out there for all to see.

  245. BK – thank you for taking a stand for American values. I agree with your reasoning and your position. My husband and I see the news every night and cannot believe the violence and hate that pollutes our nation. Also, the politicians clearly have their own agenda and do not represent the American people in general. Thank you for raising attention to the issues and what Washington is not accomplishing.

  246. Thanks BK for your leadership and bold stance. Appreciate you speaking out against the bullying and unjust attacks. If respect is not our foundation, we have no hope of succeeding.

  247. You say you are not a politician, but it appears you are playing politics. This is what you did by resigning from the council. I do not sympathize nor condone the beliefs or actions of the white supremacists group but this is America and we hold freedom of speech dear as a founding principle of this nation. As you walk away from the council, not only are you walking away from the table where your voice can be heard, but you are also contributing to the divisive atmosphere that is tearing this country apart.

  248. Glad you did the right thing even though it took you awhile.
    As is bouncing around social media “You don’t get to be both a Nazi and a proud American. We literally had a war about this. The whole world was involved.”

  249. Thank you for this bold action. We look to leaders such as yourself to restore norms and solve problems.

  250. Thanks Brian for taking the high ground on a fundamental issue of these times. We can’t selectively impact the technology issues that we care about when the overall national social debate is so chronically dissonant.

  251. Dear Brian, Thank you for leaving Trump’s Manufacturing Council. We appreciate you standing up for justice in our country at this time in particular.

  252. Thank you very much for speaking truth to power.
    We may not all agree all the time but civility respect and cooperation are
    required to solve problems and live in a safe world.
    Thanks again for speaking up.

  253. Your leadership is appreciated and necessary. Now more than ever, in recent times, we need people to take a stand. Thank you for having the courage of your convictions.

  254. Thank you BK, in times like these its important to do the right thing. I’ve been at Intel for 14 years and this is the first time I’ve ever commented. It is important to make a stand for what is just.

  255. Thank you for taking a stand! This statement, “The current environment must change, or else our nation will become a shadow of what it once was and what it still can and should be,” is particularly true.

  256. Dear Mr. Krzanich:

    Thank you for your courage. I’m a white, 72 year old engineer retiree and share your views 100%. Please continue in this vein.

    Thank you again, Jim Crozier

  257. Thank you for this decision. I realize it is important that being “on the table” is usually necessary for effecting change, but the current political and social situation in the US needs everyone to take a stand and send a strong message to the current administration. The multiple resignations of yesterday was an example of such message.

  258. Thank you for taking a stand and for caring about our country and its values of love and respect and against hate and violence.

  259. Thank you for taking a stand, BK. I am proud to work for this company today with a leader who is not afraid to stand up for what is right. I agree with your stand that divisive politics do nothing to advance the real issues in this country and glad that you weren’t afraid to say it. Bravo!

  260. Applaud your insight and reasons for leaving Trump’s alliance. I have been using Intel products for 30 years and am strong supporter of your CEO, Brian you did the right thing. God Bless you–you don’t need Trump to create the jobs that we need to make America strong. Trump weakens America.

  261. The only President I see attempting to assist with rebuilding American manufacturing is in office now. I don’t see behind closed doors however, so I am unaware of any politics involved with creation of new American manufacturing prowess. However, by removing oneself from the discussion itself, it removes ones ability to agree, or disagree with any policies, and simply makes one weaker by not even having access to the table. I am also not clear on how the American manufacturing council is in any way related to the terror attacks in Charlottesville.

  262. What a proud day to be able to tell our son we work for a company that is not only a world leader in technology but a world leader in ethics.

    We stand proudly by your side as you navigate this time of political term oil and hold our heads high as you lead with action and not silence.

    WE are what is Inside Intel, and we stand together in unity, every ethnicity, nationality, race, identity, culture and heritage, each and every day.

    It works within our virtual Intel walls and the world should use us as ‘copy exact’ as we go forward into each and every day.

    Standing O for BK!

  263. As an Intel employee, I am disappointed BK has decided to remove himself from the President’s Manufacturing Council. If you don’t have a seat at the table you do not a voice. If we are going to be engaged at the political level, we need to play an active role in EVERY administration and not choose sides. It’s clear though that we are and these actions do not represent this Intel employee.

  264. Thank you for doing the right thing. I am not an Intel employee, just an average American who thinks the character of our leaders matters. I spent 30 years in corporate America and learned what REAL business men are like. You are not a grandstander! You’ve acted with integrity and grace.

  265. Thank you Brian Krzanich for your leadership and for taking a stand, we hope you continue to influence and bring positive change.

  266. Thank you BK. This is strong leadership, what is needed and what is not coming from the White House

  267. Nicely said, and thank you for your leadership. I think this action will have a greater impact on this administration than any findings produced by the American Manufacturing Council.

  268. I fully agree with your position, and applaud your decision. While diverse opinions are essential to democracy, there is line between honest discourse and hate, and that line has obviously been crossed. Thank you!

  269. “I hope this will change, and I remain willing to serve when it does.”

    How can it change if good people like you don’t stay involved to make it change?

  270. Thank you BK for taking a clear bold step.

    Intel is a not a political organization, but as we raise our kids with values and work alongside our colleagues with mutual respect, what we do and say represents who we are.

    Business Leaders have the difficult task of acting/speaking not just on their behalf but also on the behalf of the majority of employees they represent and the core principles of the institution.

    When life is all said and done, we want to raise our heads high and say that we did the right thing even though it was not the easiest thing to do.

    That we choose to love and respect above hate and division.

  271. Brian,

    This means so much! thank you for standing for what is 100% true. Today I am especially proud that I work here.

  272. Mr. Krzanich,
    I want to express my support for your actions in exiting the president’s advisory council. In this extremely volatile climate we will all be judged in history by where we stood or turned our backs on moral choices. Thank you for exhibiting courage and adult judgement. By not speaking up I believe one is giving implied support.

  273. Thank you sir for your leadership. Times like these for us and all Americans it means more than ever before. There are many of us that have your back and support and admire your position statement.

  274. Thank you BK!
    Last night my dad called me to congratulate me on working for a company with a CEO who will do the right thing.

  275. I agree wholeheartedly with your comments and that the political tension in this country has gotten out of hand. The political agenda to destroy our country’s leader, at all costs, has been at the forefront of all that is and all that will be until he is no longer President….no matter what good he has done or will do for this country. I am saddened by the fact that you and two other CEOs gave up so soon….we need influential leaders like you to continue to assist our country’s President and we all need to stand shoulder to shoulder against evil, not run from it. Please believe that you will make a difference…that it may take time…but that it can be done. I personally ask that you reconsider your decision.

  276. Thank you for standing up to hate and ignorance.

    We can’t tolerate the hate-spawned violence of these white supremacists. As a country, we are much better than hatred and division.

    I support your decisions 100%. It is this type of leadership that makes me PROUD to work for Intel!

    With time, the better angels will help us prevail.

    Please continue with your positive leadership.

  277. As an Intel retiree, I am so very disappointed in you BK. I did not expect you to be such a quitter. I had high hopes you would have the leadership to strengthen Intel but I think you will instead keep it down with your SJW ideology. Frankly I thought Intel had started a downward spiral when Intel introduced the BS class about microagressions.

    If I understand you correctly, you have chosen to make a political statement by resigning something entirely unrelated because you don’t like things to be politicized??? You must be taking lessons from the Google CEO. You and others left because the POTUS remarks made on Saturday were not good enough and dared to mention black activists creating problems as well as white activists? You probably do not deserve a seat at the table anyway. As they say, either lead or get out of the way.

  278. Mr. Krzanich,
    I understood your reasons for joining the American Manufacturing Council in the first place, and I understand your reasons for leaving it now. You are taking a principled stand against the forces of racism, intolerance, and bigotry that reject the tides of history and want to take us back to some 1950s utopia that only exists, and only for old white men, at that, in their imaginations. At some point, having one’s views heard requires the strong statement of stepping away from one’s seat at the table. Your resignation means that Intel will not participate in whatever good work the American Manufacturing Council might do in the future, but it also means that Intel will not endorse hatred and violence. It means that we do not approve of President Trump praising hate groups with faint damns. I’m sure this was not an easy decision, and I’m sure you must have considered it carefully before you made it. In my opinion, you did exactly the right thing. Congratulations, sir, and thank you for making it clear where Intel stands on these issues.

  279. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Everything you wrote was right on. You are a very thoughtful and brave man in this administration, (that you’ve now denounced), sticking up for the equality of race and religion in our nation and bringing out the hypocrisy of the messages and actions of our President. It’s shameful that our President gives a platform to the ugliness of the hate groups. President Trump promised he had the goal of increasing manufacturing jobs, something he’s not concentrated on and probably never will. I will always idolize you for leaving a mockery of an U.S. administration. All blessings to you. All blessings to our country.

  280. I wholeheartedly support Mr Krzanich’s withdrawal from the Council, and I thank him for setting an example for all Americans to speak up loudly against the bigoted and racist elements in our society. They will not prevail.

  281. If you want to improve US manufacturing you need to have a seat at the table. That’s not political, it’s practical. Instead you just made it political by walking away for reasons that have nothing to do with the council itself.

  282. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for standing up to an administration that bullies and demeans. That is NOT the American way. I am sure you are getting your share of hate mail on this topic, but know the silent majority is in your corner. I applaud your bold actions and courage for stepping out publicly for what is right and decent. A famous rabbi and teacher once said: In a place where there are no men, be man. You, Mr. Krzanich, are quite the man.

  283. Bravo. I am proud to use your products. From the Intel 8080 until the present day, your company has been a driving force for the American economy, and I have been privileged to benefit from that. All corporations should put principles first, profit second. In this case, you have done so. Thank you

  284. From my experience in life it is always easy to look at a situation from the outside and say what should or should not be done. I have no idea how hard/easy it was for Brian to work with that counsel. But I do appreciate the effort he made, and sometimes the best choice is to change the way you are headed. I have read his blog three times and I think that he was pointing to all of Washington politics, not just Pres Trump. For those of you disappointed in Brian’s choice. Maybe you could contact him and see if you could take his place. Maybe you could make progress where he could not.

  285. Thank you Mr. Krzanich, I support your resignation from the President Council and wanted you to know

  286. Thank you, Mr. Krzanich for taking a stand against bigotry and hatred. I appreciate that you understand that US business leaders can serve as positive models for American values.

  287. Your conclusion particularly resonated with me:

    “My request—my plea—to everyone involved in our political system is this: set scoring political points aside and focus on what is best for the nation as a whole. The current environment must change, or else our nation will become a shadow of what it once was and what it still can and should be.”

    Polarization in this country has been increasing for decades, and honestly walking back from this brink is going to be a long and delicate process. I hope we as a nation are up to the challenge.

  288. Thank you, Brian. I cannot imagine the difficulty that went into this decision and admire your courage. Particularly when there are those who would condemn this decision. We, however, do not have the optics you do on this and need to support you at this time. You have mine.

  289. Nice Politically correct move. The previous president is who got us here. The Antifa and BLM movements are what caused the Charlottesville reaction. In fact one could have predicted this, if we honestly observed the riots, traffic obstructions and damage to private property as a result of these left-wing groups. And we continue to see destruction and vandalism, even today. We see the left destroy a statue in Durham and destroyed a 10 Commandment statue in Arkansas. And BTW, this administration has been good for manufacturing with the removal of all these burdensome regulations.

  290. Intel used to lead in the PC (Personal Computer) era, and now Intel is leading in the PC (Political Correctness) era. Given that this is a California company, and BK is from California, it is hard to fight the biggest hate group (ie. liberals) in the US & California today. Liberals have been in the “hatred” mode against POTUS since the election day. Violence in language, speech, propaganda is as bad as the physical violence demonstrated by all hate groups in the society. We have to respect the people and the system who elected our President. To make record straight, I am not a conservative, not in the right, and I voted for Obama twice. However, the hatred demonstrated in the posting and in the comments sickening me. The hatred toward POTUS will drive the independents forever to the right.

  291. Thank you. There is a time to take a seat at the table and let our voice be heard, and a time to make it heard by leaving the table. This was such a time and I’m glad BK did it.

  292. I don’t understand how quitting helps. Should have stayed on to do what you could to help make our country’s manufacturing base strong again. Should have stayed on to reduce the growing divisions in our country where you could. Our country badly needs people willing to work hard to make it better. Should have stayed and worked hard to make our country a better place.

    1. No hero in your tragedy
      No daring in your escape
      No salutes for your surrender
      Nothing noble in your fate

  293. Too little, too late. You just spent more time whining about how “political” things are than you did condemning a racially-driven terrorist attack and the violent racists and Nazi idealists that Trump travels with. And now you are being attacked by all sides, as well as Trump himself. Lol, it worked out really well for you, didn’t it?

    It didn’t seem to bother you too much before, so I’m guessing that your problem is not so much with Trump’s racist ideology, his nepotistic grifting of the US Treasury or his despotic behavior, but more with the fact you are starting to pay a political price for your willingness to overlook all those things when you chose to support him.

    You do realize that getting yourself mixed up in this was entirely self-inflicted? It was entirely obvious at the time you joined the council that Trump was what he is, and that anybody who willingly puts themselves into his orbit ends up paying with the loss of their dignity and reputation.

    Make no mistake: You willingly gave Trump political cover and legitimacy by participating in his Potemkin council. It was, itself, a blatantly political act — even though it was painfully clear at the time that Trump’s racial animosity was fuel for the kind of people that worship Hitler and commit terrorist acts.

    So now, you’ve sullied your reputation as well as Intel’s. You have proven that you are not fit follow in the footsteps of leaders like Robert Noyce and Andy Grove. You should resign.

    And to the board of directors: Do you think it’s too late to give Renee James a call?

  294. Thanks BK. As a 17 year Intel employee, I’m glad that you refused to support a man who could not condemn Nazis. I hope Trump doesn’t attack you the way he did Kenneth C. Frazier, Merck’s CEO.

  295. Dear Mr. Krizanich,

    thank YOU for standing up when it matters the most.

    Kind Regards,

  296. “I resigned because I want to make progress.” So, to make progress on next Nth Gen Core processors, Intel employees should all resign?

  297. Sir, Your resignation does nothing to help bring our Country together but only shows your political leaning. Most everyone disdains those hate groups and especially the violence. All groups have a right to protest and march and make their views known, even though some of them are disgusting. The violence part should never be tolerated. Even those skinheads deserve protection by law enforcement. Your resignation was not as much about that than it was about your disdain for our President and your desire to help bring his administration down.
    The law enforcement that refused to act is what allowed the violence to escalate and should be the ones on the hot seat. Our President made as good a statement that he could based on the available information at the time. Just listen to the past President’s statements after situations such as this. They were more divisive and caused more division in our country. Your resignation only causes more division. Be a great American and go back to the group to help solve manufacturing problems in our country. At least our President is interested in bringing jobs and prosperity back to our Country.

  298. Your resignation is politically motivated and makes no sense. In doing so, you have chosen sides and contributed to the divide in the country, becoming part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

    As you indicated, manufacturing has no political affiliation. Why would you resign from the manufacturing board other than to announce yourself as a leftist and make a political statement?

  299. It is myself I look to challenge when not understanding something…. and this will be no different…
    As a combat vet, Intel employee, and from the looks of the comments , one of few who struggle to see how your actions of resigning from the council are going to help. You cannot play hockey with baseball rules, and visa versa.. you represented Intel as a leader on that council to make American business grow and strive.. Instead you are picking up your ball and heading home…like I said in the beginning, it will be me that will work to understand as I can no longer rely on your actions…

  300. “Yet, it is clear even to me that nearly every issue is now politicized to the point where significant progress is impossible. Promoting American manufacturing should not be a political issue.”

    That sentence sounds like you’re giving up. How can we as a company or as individuals hope to inflict change if we stand idly by from the outside and just wait for things to get better. You say everything is politicized to the point that significant progress is impossible, yet you involve yourself with these political happenings as much as the next person. You said, “and earlier today I called on all leaders to condemn the white supremacists and their ilk who marched and committed violence.” That sounds like something a politician would say. Who wouldn’t condemn the killing of innocent people, does that mean you said the same thing when people were driven over on the London bridge? By choosing to only voice yourself when certain occurrences take place, you’re being political in one form or another.

    All I see here is you choosing to distance yourself from the White House out of fear of becoming caught up in the mix of any negative publicity. This sends a message, but not the right message in my humble opinion.

  301. Walking away from hatred, bravo. Diversity at Intel has a long way to go though.

    Thank you BK.

  302. Happy to see executives take a stand against this new low in the office of the presidency. Trump is a disgrace. We knew that long ago.

  303. As a current employee, this made me proud to wear the badge. Thank you for your leadership and sobering statement.

  304. Thank you for standing up for our values for the great company that we are. I feel proud to have you as our CEO.

    Andy Grove and his family suffered at the hands of Nazis. One can only imagine what Andy’s action might have been if were he on this council. His actions might not have been that far off from our CEO’s actions yesterday. Andy Grove might even have made this a teachable moment for much of corporate leadership.

  305. Thank You for standing up to President Trump, Brian. The US needs more leaders like your self to stand up for the principles this country adheres to. Your courage and leadership is not only most appreciated but gives honor to your company’s philosophy and ideas.

  306. Can BK form an external council of all the good people who have left the American Manufacturing Council plus other great American tech and manufacturing leaders who never would have joined the American Manufacturing Council in the first place? This new group could attempt to point the Congress, the White House, federal departments, and state governments in the direction of helping rebuild Americas manufacturing base without being tied to the current POTUS’s terrible political views. Call it the United American Manufacturing Council.

  307. For those who are disappointed that Intel won’t have a seat at the table as part of this council, from what I’ve read this group hasn’t done anything in the 7 months since it was formed. No meeting, no plans for upcoming meetings, etc. There was one press conference when it was formed and then no activity in the months since then.

    I think there are much better ways that the Intel CEO can drive US manufacturing than sitting on a council that doesn’t actually do anything.

  308. WELL WRITTEN! We need to address the important work to be done rather than diverting our attention into sniping.

  309. Disappointed. Don’t understand why it is a surprise that a white house forum is political. Don’t understand quitting a forum that is focusing on the issue you are seeking to solve. It is a big problem. It is hard.

  310. I remember a time at Intel when people came to work to WORK! Not exchange insults over blog posts. We need to cut the political discussion from the work environment. Start by removing all the televisions from every cafeteria. If you want to sit around watching Fox and CNN then stay at home!!

  311. Thank you BK for standing up for ours principles here at Intel.

    Aside from being just an engineer, we are human beings above all. Real people with real hopes and dreams. Violence only begets more violence. Love and compassion will overcome.

    In the words of the great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

  312. Term limits, Term limits, Term limits – oh, and square voting districts, not gerrymandering

  313. Thank you!!! As a disabled American, the mother of a disabled child, and as a woman (three groups who have been marginalized and targeted by 45), I am so happy that you have taken this stand. As an Intel employee, I am proud that you made this move. Of course I wish you had made it earlier, but at least you did it, and did it LOUDLY. I can only hope that the administration will take note that actions & words, or the lack thereof, have consequences.

    Again, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!

  314. You have surrendered to those who want to shape the world in their specific narrow definition of “ideal”. Anytime good people quit taking action to improve the world, nation, or company Evil wins regardless of if it’s right or left leaning evil.

  315. I am saddened that in a announcement in which you criticize “the serious harm our divided political climate is causing to critical issues” you then play division politics.

    If you really intended to reduce the politics and work on a solution you would not have ran away.

  316. Thank you and well done! I could not be prouder to be a part of a company that will be counted on the correct side of history. It is tragic that there are those who will turn a blind eye to what is clearly atrocious behavior or simply stand for what is antithetical to ideals this country was founded upon. As a Marine and son of the South I’ve seen truly terrible acts of hate and grace and awe inspiring acts of love. Thank you again for being on the right side of this issue.

    1. The primary (maybe only) purpose of political correctness is to demonstrate how enlightened one is.

    2. Simple – The action showed Intel will not stand for divisiveness, bigotry and racism. There is no monetary value assign to human decency but it is the right thing to do. It helps Intel’s employees, customers and partners see that they are parts of a moral decent company.

      1. James, just how exactly does it do that? Does a board member of a company quit if there is an argument between some junior employees in their company? I don’t think so. Instead, they stay and try to make it better for the company, make a good example, and help resolve the issues, and punish in some way the badly acting employees.

        1. If the shareholder’s interest were all that mattered, then they should cut everyone’s wages and benefits. Corporations aren’t run by shareholders. They are ran by PEOPLE. If the people disagree with the company’s direction, people will leave. That is why is it important for our leadership to support just causes and promote decency.

  317. Thank you!

    Yesterday, I woke up thinking that you would stay on the council, with an excuse like Intel needs to be at the table. Hours later, I was happy to go to sleep knowing you decided to leave.

    Thank you!

  318. I cannot thank BK and Intel for fearlessly and continually standing against prejudice. Part of their forward thinking DNA is their inclusiveness. As a former contingent and agency worker at Intel, I am proof that Intel treated me–an older, bi-racial, differently-abled, lesbian female–with flawless professionalism and collaborative spirit.

    During my time at Intel (4 contracts worth in Oregon), I witnessed people who needed service dogs being welcomed, people with chemical allergies and environmental allergies being warned well ahead of time of possible triggering events (painting, roof work, etc.), attempts to create menus in the café that took into consideration people who had special dietary needs, and gender neutral bathrooms on each floor.

    Thank you for being true to the Intel blue, and standing against racism, hate, and prejudice.

  319. I wholeheartedly support Mr. Krzanich’s decision to leave the council. It is heartening to know that Intel has a leader who has the heart and the principles to make this move.

  320. I saw the new this morning, I were so proud of BK for standing up against hate and racism.
    Thank you BK, you are the man:).

  321. It takes a lot of courage to stand up for what is right and not necessarily what is popular specially in this very challenging time in the political atmosphere. Quoting Warren Bennis, a professor at the University of Southern California: “ Managers do things right but leaders do the right things.”

    Thank you for BK for letting us know where principles and values are.

  322. I find it hard to believe that there are people that did not see this train wreck coming from the moment he rode the golden escalator down from his ivory tower.
    I find it harder to believe based on the comments above; that the least oppressed people on earth; the white, educated, middle-class male, appear to be the most angry, just like the other angry, white males in Virginia, I fail to see the oppression. (Yes, I am white, male and middle-class.)
    History shows us change scares some people, and fear is ugly. History will not be kind to this administration.
    I thought BK’s joining the council was a mistake, it gave the president a sense of legitimacy, and showed a passive agreement with his abhorrent behavior, but we all have our limits and BK has reached his. Good for him and better for America.

  323. Good for you! Thank you for doing the right thing. It took courage. Hope Steph Curry is also proud!

  324. I agree with BK that the politicizing of every event into an extension of who’s to blame is destroying the ability to make meaningful progress in real matters which impact everyday people. On top of this is the inability of any reasonable moderate voice to be heard among the far right and far left shouting at one another.

  325. Thank You Brian!!! Makes me feel Proud of the decision you made as the leader of a company where ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ is a pillar which our innovation is built on.

  326. Thank you very much for being an American leader in these trying times. We need more courage and bravery. Enough is enough. Please plan to lead from the outside; sitting on that panel, under this President, is a meaningless exercise. He doesn’t listen. American manufacturing is doing fine, recovering from a terrible recession. Let’s hope this President (with his regulatory devastation) doesn’t ruin the recovery.

  327. The council was a useless sham from the beginning, much like this abhorrent and hate mongering presidency. That it took this long for Intel to come around to distancing itself from anything coming from this administration is shameful. I was appalled when our CEO took an opportunity to go shake hands at the White House and offer succor to the white supremacist in chief who drew his support from the neo-nazis, mysoginists and Islamophobes.
    No one can stand by while this is goes on pretending that they can remain neutral, that they can work the levers of power on behalf of the shareholders and keep their conscience clean, knowing what this administration is doing and what it stands for.
    This was shamefully overdue.

  328. This was an important thing to do Brian. It’s hard to weigh the considerations of the company while also considering the future of our country. What can I say other than your actions were important. Important to me, important to my children, important to my daughter and her circle of friends who are studying to be engineers, doctors and nurses, and important to my son and his best friends who will all be 14 this year and are becoming the talented and thoughtful white, black and hispanic young men we need in this country. It’s was important to declare there is enough room in this country for all of us and we that all matter. Thank you.

  329. Thank you BK for standing up for what is right. Your message above sounds heart felt and what you believe in –
    leaving the council to show your, by extension Intel’s, opposition to the weak condemnation of the racist groups (White Supremacists in this case) is absolutely the right thing to do. It sends a strong message for what we all stand for irrespective of our political beliefs, and your message cements that. I have not been terribly impressed by your diplomatically correct stance many a times…but this message makes me proud. Kudos!

  330. I hope we still get the tax cuts and deregulation for 42 in order to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

  331. Option 1: quit in order to make a statement
    Option 2: stay to try to make a difference
    Tough choice. Either one is taking a stand against what is wrong in our world.
    Many of our colleagues congratulate our CEO for choosing #1 – which makes a statement but removes our voice and influence from the on-going work that will now be done by others, or perhaps won’t get done at all.
    Others wish he would have chosen path #2, and kept our voice and energies in the difficult process to make a change – just like we do every day in our jobs at Intel.

  332. I deeply regret how deeply politics has insinuated itself within the Intel work environment now. I just want to come to work and do a good job. I don’t want to come here to debate, fight, join causes, be derided for opinions that I hold, or be lectured by coworkers or management about what is right and wrong, politically. I just want to work here. Ending the politics-in-the-workplace, that has become a part of Intel life now, would be a big improvement in working conditions.

  333. Thanks BK! As a non-US citizen I applaud your decision. These political issues in the US are not only affecting your country’s population but everyone around the globe. This is one interconnected planet that relies on all leaders making the right choices. Thanks again!

  334. WEAK! You just scored your political party a point (contradicts your written statement)… I don’t buy into the “reasons why” you made this decision. Obviously, if any group other than American Caucasians use free speech for their particular cause it’s OK…..To me you are either OK or Not OK with ALL forms of fee speech.
    You, Brian, appear to be unsure, so quitting fits the form perfectly. Way to go leader..

  335. • Disappointed in this decision after the Whitehouse graciously put Intel front and center across America to announce our new factory effort in Arizona.
    • Disappointed Intel didn’t stay neutral – we don’t need one-half of the country or the other seeing us as a political entity and changes purchasing decisions.
    • Disappointed our spot on the council can now be filled with a delighted competitor.
    • Disappointed that my workplace is getting to be more political every day.

  336. Many family and friends have been contacting me today to say they approve of your bold decision.

  337. THANK YOU! Leaders and policy makers in all of America must stand up against a President who is leading our country into “darkness”.

  338. Thank you SO much for standing up against this tyranny. I for one am even prouder now to work for Intel when led by a leader who understands the rights of others. If good men don’t stand up for what is right then all will be lost.

  339. Thank you for taking a stand against the disrespectful and bullying behavior coming out of Washington, DC which is bringing out the worst in our country. I couldn’t be more proud of Intel and our CEO. THANK YOU

  340. Intel stock prices slide as market looses confidence in CEO who puts political agenda ahead of business and American jobs. Intel has now taken sides in the extremist street battles rather than be part of the solutions Americans need.

  341. Mr. Krzanich, I thank you and support your decision to withdraw from the Manufacturing Council. Yes, it is important to have a seat at the table in order to improve US manufacturing but it is more important, especially in this current political climate, to take a stand against racist and divisive rhetoric and violence. While one person resigning from the Council and publicly voicing their objection to our President’s refusal to denounce these neo-nazi, ku klux klan and white nationalist groups for their bigotry and hatred which led to the brutal attack in Charlottesville, VA, is commendable, many people resigning and publicly voicing their opinions sends a stronger message. I thank all of you, Mr. Brian Krzanich, Mr. Kenneth Frazier and Mr. Kevin Plank.

  342. Bravo BK,

    I didn’t agree with your decision to appear in the Oval Office, but understood the desire to take a seat at the table.

    You gave the incoming President a chance and he has failed (quickly.) Intel can continue innovating and creating jobs without participating in a sham council.

  343. BK says, “I am not a politician, I am an engineer. . . ” , yet the only logical inference to make from BKs grandstanding resignation is that he holds Pres. Trump (and the half of the country who voted for him) responsible for the violence in Charlottesville. Right – just pure engineer logic at work there.

    BK’s next step? When is the Google thought-purge coming to Intel?

  344. Thank you for showing real corporate leadership and removing Intel from the president’s advisory council. There is very little evidence that advice works on this administration. It is good to try to make an impact from the inside– but too much about the inside of this administration is intolerable.

  345. I have many thoughts and comments on this and many other things, which I will keep to myself. I will say, however, on one hand I appreciate the company Intel that was formed by the brilliant minds of Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore and Andy Grove. 3 individuals made more jobs and opportunities for not just the great many Intel employees that have been employed here, but also the companies that formed from the seeds of Intel. On the other hand, the technologies that we invented and developed into products have changed this world in a major way. Most of it humans use in a very good way, but also in a very bad way. The human race will have to learn how to deal with that…

  346. AMC is hardly furthering or hindering what Intel manufacturing does, has done, and will continue to do. This committee is hardly the bulwark of American manufacturing that it appears to be.

    Continuing to sit next to a President in this largely superficial committee is a departure from Intel’s core values and what Intel stands for (or not). It was unacceptable to you, as it was to many of us. You spoke. Thank you for taking a bold stand.

  347. BK,

    Your decision to cease cooperation with the current administration is frustrating and disappointing.

    You complain about today’s extreme overpoliticization and ask people to stop trying to score political points, yet you release a overt politically charged statement yourself. The statement reads like you are trying to play politics and please both sides, yet quite transparently puts the blame on Trump and his administration. You are the one trying score political points by caving to the very people responsible for the politicization. Intel is a manufacturing company first, and responses like yours do nothing to our bottom line and only work to create division within the company. If you want to see an American manufacturing revival, then I urge you to resist being political yourself and work with the current administration.

    My frustration with you is nothing new – it began with your poor business decisions continued with your support of injecting politics into Intel culture.

    An Intel engineer

  348. I read the Diversity Mid Year report just now and BK’s walking away from the Manufacturing Council was included at the end of that part of the post. That would seen to intimate his walking away was related to diversity. Must have been a convenient tie-in for someone with an agenda. Specious at best.

  349. Thank you! HUMANITY first. Not always easy to lead with the heart, but this was IMPORTANT! Intel has an amazing CEO!

  350. Yes, thank you. The business community must step up to demand right action. Companies used to have much more of a civic heart and acted with civic responsibility. I’m glad to see Intel taking this role seriously.

  351. Hmmm, tell me again how committed Intel is to improving American manufacturing jobs? We have probably one of the world’s most advanced and refined manufacturing processes, yet our leader quits, blaming the latest terrorist act, the president and “political climate” as the reason. Yes America is divided. Yes it is a problem, but you don’t make America better by running home just because you don’t agree with the president or to make him look bad. Strong leaders stick it out. American leaders contribute their expertise to help America get stronger. Is Intel committed to America? I wonder.

    1. You are virtue signaling. Your resignation is a retreat from progress. It’s ok I suppose since you’re likely not up to the task of being proactive. It’s sad what cowardice passes as courage these days. I love Intel btw and will continue to buy Intel inside. Even if the boss afraid.

  352. I think BK did the right thing but for pragmatic reasons instead of political or ethical reasons. He’s saying that Washington is too politicized right now to accomplish anything so he’s not going to waste anymore of his time on the American Manufacturing Council. That makes sense but I don’t see understand how it inspires anyone for or against him. The comments from both sides range from silly to saddening.

  353. Sad.. BK says he is not a politician and promoting American manufacturing should not be a political issue. But, by resigning from this council he has directly made it a political issue. I am very disappointed.

  354. INTC stock since Nov 8, 2016: UP 3.77%
    DJIA since Nov 8, 2016: UP 20.5%

    Perhaps it is best if you eliminate all extraneous activities from your docket and focus on providing some shareholder value Mr. Krzanich.

    We all know you are just using this as a scapegoat to distance yourself from a President you don’t agree with and did not vote for anyways… You do not condemn the hate and violence when it comes from your comrades.

  355. Thank you for taking a principled stand BK!

    Some of us felt that this council was a sham and you were allowing our company’s good name to be used as a photo op and that this president never intended to heed any advice of his council, as evidenced by our exit of the Paris climate accords despite the wishes of the majority of the members of the council.

    One of Intel’s most valuable asset is it’s brand. Some people on this board seem to think it is engaging in politics but I think this is a good business decision to not have our brand associated with intolerance and hatred.

  356. Respect. Thank you for taking a stand against racism and hate.

    The country needs more strong leaders like you to speak out

  357. Thank you for your bravery!
    While many responders say that staying on the council and being a voice against hatred would have been more effective, that assumes that anyone would have been listening…which, given Trump’s temperament, I seriously doubt.
    And to those who think Trump didn’t create a climate that would encourage these violent acts, I suggest two things: 1) read the happy reaction of the white supremacists, and 2) go back and look at some of his rallies where he personally said things like he wanted to “punch the guy in the face.”
    So again, thank you Mr. Krzanich!

  358. Thank you for the courage to stand for human decency against bigotry and racism. When Trump as the POTUS failed to lead; your action reminds Trump of his moral obligation and lack of it. There is only ONE side for moral values. So, thank you.

  359. I understand his leaving, but in my opinion, this has been going on for years, not just the current President.
    There are groups trying to make a difference in our politics to try to get people to work together at all levels like they used to. Such as No Labels, Represent Us and many others. It has to be grass roots up to meet the ones trying at the top. It actually means you have to work together. It is one of the things Intel and most tech does very well at. It is too bad so many other areas of our country can’t seem to work together. Although, I do not see many tech people working at trying to straighten out the mess of our own making.

  360. There is no conversation to be had with hate. The seat at that table is not worth having.
    Thank you, BK, for making this clear.

  361. Long time listener, first time blogger…Proud of Intel again today, Values cannot be in contention within a local environment, Ba .bam. bam bomp!

  362. BK, please do what you were hired for – to grow intels business for it’s shareholders, not be a civil protestor driven by current social events!

    The council on american technology benefits Intel when you are there and giving a voice, not resigning and being absent at the table like you just did. Quitters leave when the going gets tough, Real leaders stay and fight it out. Now you have no say in this council – this will hurt Intel in the long run, and America.

    Unfortunately, I think you got played by the liberal, trump bashing media frenzy thats currently trying to divide this country….

    1. Unfortunately politics is a “thing”. I for one, despises politics; however, it’s been around a very very long time.
      I am not sure I have any real answers but it would seem that Intel should be in the Political game.
      Having BK on that council may not be the right thing but due to my political ignorance I don’t understand if Intel has appropriate representation. Many thoughts but few conclusions.
      Big picture items: We are here to set the stage for future generations otherwise humanity is lost.
      The world needs a goal everyone around the world can at least be generally focused.
      Figuring out how to get off this rock is an ideal way to bring the entire world together.

  363. Thank you Mr. Krzanich! I heard this news listening to the radio and was extremely elated that while you are striving to help the American public by creating high-tech jobs, you will not stand by behavior that deviates from our core values that make us as a unique nation where religion and color does not matter. I have had my reservations of you working alongside our president, but I now see that you were working for the benefit if manufacturing development. We should strive to improve and learn from our mistakes in the past, whether it be a process variation in the fab or American history. I alongside many Intellians commend you on your attitude towards this shameful reminder of our past. Thank you for standing up and not being intimidated!

  364. Sadly, our nation is already a shadow of what it once was. I am reminded of a quote from Justice William O’ Douglas: “As nightfall does not come all at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air – however slight – lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.”

  365. When I read this in the news I felt so proud to be an Intel employee and very proud of our CEO. It’s so sad (and appalling!) to read some of the nasty and downright disrespectful comments from my colleagues.. Wow! These same colleagues, in my opinion, are the ones who need to be pruned if we are ever to be the completely inclusive, positive, diverse organization we aim to be. These folks may call their negativity a representation of diverse thought, but if you support leadership that tolerates bigotry, hate, and supremacist ideology/actions/rhetoric, etc, then you are a part of the problem. It’s not enough to sit idly by. Our CEO took a stand– on the right side of history! Figure out what side you’re on and take your stand and if you find that you don’t share the values of that of our great company and our Leader, then please go work elsewhere. This is who Intel is. Thank you, BK!

    1. I see bigotry and hate coming from both sides. And one side in particular full of self-righteousness, not listening to the other side, and casting disparaging labels freely at them (like your post) to marginalize their voices. Perhaps it is they who are part of the problem too, and some time away from the mob mentality would be good for some self-reflection, self-awareness, and independent thought. And suggesting people should leave — or forcefully ‘pruned’ — because they don’t politically agree with you does not exactly fit a work culture that claims to be “Inclusive”. But then again, maybe we are seeking to becoming a bigger ideological echo-chamber than Google. This may be who Intel is “today” but it didn’t used to be this way. We used to have leadership that didn’t bring politics into the workplace and instead focused more on growing our business. As far as the right side of history, time will tell.

  366. Bravo BK, I know you really wanted to make this work, but the response from #45 to Frazier was uncalled for. We are just wasting our time in this committee and in true Intel fashion we do not waste time on things that have no possibility of fruition. We can address the initiative in other forums.

  367. Thank you for standing up for this. I felt a sense of pride when i read the news in the afternoon and then in our employee portal.

  368. Thank you BK for doing what must be done. This administration has always been a sham, and simply does not care about the American people at all, regardless of what his die hard supporters think. The only time he denounces hate is when his advisors tell him he should do it , and he still cant get it right.

  369. Thank you for taking a courageous stand against racism, bigotry, hateful rhetoric, and violence by resigning from the President’s Manufacturing and Jobs Council. We desperately need voices demonstrating ethical corporate leadership. The divisive rhetoric of the President and his refusal to condemn the speech and violence by the white supremacy groups is abhorrent to all Americans who hope to build a future which is respectful and inclusive. Care for one another is foundational if we are to create a society in which all can prosper. I hope other business leaders will follow your example. It gives me hope, during a very dark time in our country’s life.

  370. Thank you BK for making this company more polarized than ever before. Inclusion and tolerance at Intel is a joke. I’m more afraid now to speak what I really feel than ever before. Thank you for leading us where I never wanted to go.

  371. Bravo, BK. Thank you for your statement, and for taking a stance. Brush off the haters.

  372. Thank you for your courageous decision to resign from the President’s Manufacturing and Jobs Council. Our country is desperately in need of ethical corporate leadership. The hatred and violence demonstrated by the white supremacists in Charlottesville is abhorrent to all Americans who hope to build a respectful, inclusive future for our country. Respectful dialogue, peaceful communities, and acceptance of the diversity of our people are foundational if we are to create an environment in which the business sector, the private sector, and the non-profit sector can prosper. Thank you for recognizing that without these, we cannot move forward. Thank you for your actions and your words. You give me hope, during a very dark time.

  373. Thank you for making the decision to leave this council. I wish we hadn’t joined in the first place but getting out is better now than letting our company ethics be tied to a sham President. Donald Trump never cared about any American that voted or didn’t vote for him because he only cares about 1 person, himself. The only reason he even said anything about the hate crime in Virginia is because his advisors pushed him to do it and he still couldn’t get it right. Once again thanks BK for restoring Intel’s honor with this decision.

  374. Any and all associations with the trump administration sullies our corporate brand and insults many members of our workforce.