Monthly Archives: July 2010

Intel Testifies on Privacy Bills

Yesterday, Intel’s global privacy officer, David Hoffman, testified before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce on H.R. 5777, the BEST PRACTICES Act of 2010, introduced by Rep. Bobby Rush, and a discussion draft, released by Reps. Boucher and Stearns, … Read more >

My Opinion: E-Care Is Ethical, Effective, and Economical Care

I make it a general rule not to discuss Intel’s products in this blog, and in so doing, have erred on the side of rarely even mentioning our Intel® Health Guide. Which also means that I haven’t been able to … Read more >

Intel Releases Global Digital Infrastructure Vision Paper

By David Hoffman, Intel’s director of security policy and global privacy officer Today, Intel is releasing a strategic vision paper outlining our recommendations for policies needed to further the development of the Global Digital Infrastructure (GDI). Intel is committed to … Read more >