Monthly Archives: August 2009

Mr. President, Time to Put Forth Your Vision (Video)

Dear President Obama: As fear mongering and health reform distortions have stolen the headlines this week, it is clear that very few of us understand what healthcare reform will look and feel like when it is done. In the absence … Read more >

Debates Lead to Provocative Thoughts on Healthcare

I tried really hard not to write this blog entry, to swallow my outrage and stifle my word processor. I chose something pleasant and calming the past few days…picking plums and blackberries on our farm…to try to talk myself down … Read more >

Myths and Misconceptions about EHRs

I am not an expert on Electronic Health Records (EHRs), and I never want to be. Nor do I want most people to be experts on EHRs. For that matter, the vast majority of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers … Read more >

Denis Gudym

Denis Gudym is a government affairs manager for Intel Corporation in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, a role he has held since 2006. Prior to joining Intel, Denis was the head of public relations and corporate affairs service … Read more >

Claire Vishik

Claire Vishik is the security and privacy standards and policy manager at Intel Corporation in the United Kingdom. Claire focuses on hardware security, trusted computing, privacy enhancing technologies, and some aspects of encryption and related policy issues.   Claire is … Read more >

The Fraud and Abuse of “Fraud and Abuse”

As a patient advocate and frequent flyer, I spend a lot of time in “waiting areas.” Whether it is the waiting room of a hospital (I really can’t read the same finger-worn issue of Good Housekeeping April 1997 one more … Read more >