Monthly Archives: July 2009

Obama Press Conference Reaction: Success = Results – Expectations

It’s Wednesday July 22nd late in the evening as I write this, and I just got back from a brisk walk by the White House (two nights in a row with exercise…pathetically, a record for me in 2009!) where I … Read more >

Will Obama Lead a Culture Change for Healthcare Reform?

On my flight to D.C. today, I had the pleasure of sitting next to Mark Ganz, President and CEO of Regence, and we struck up a great conversation about what will be required of real reform. We both agreed: it … Read more >

Ray Rossi

Ray Rossi is the director of external tax affairs for Intel Corporation. In his 25-year career at Intel, he has been responsible for site selection negotiations, participation in trade groups and interactions with state, local and federal government officials and … Read more >

Audrey Plonk

Audrey L. Plonk is a global security and Internet policy specialist at Intel Corporation. A member of Intel’s security and privacy policy team, Audrey leads global policy efforts on topics such as cybersecurity, critical infrastructure protection and encryption. She works … Read more >

Eric Dishman

Eric Dishman is an Intel Fellow and director of health innovation and policy for Intel’s Digital Health Group. He founded the product research and innovation team responsible for driving Intel’s worldwide healthcare research, new product innovation, strategic planning, and health … Read more >