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Welcome to the Jobs@Intel Blog – our global community created to help you get to know Intel better. We invite you to meet our recruiters and passionate employees, learn about our culture and discover your opportunities.

Our bloggers will write about what it’s really like inside Intel and share their work experiences with you. We want you to ask us questions on the recruiting process, or how we balance life and work, or maybe just what’s cooking in the café today.

Leave us your comments, tell us what you think – join the conversation.

To foster a meaningful and constructive discussion, we follow these guiding principles:

  • We will provide unique, individual perspectives on what’s going on at Intel around the world;
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  • We invite you to visit the site regularly to read all about what we’re up to and how you can be a part of our team.

Ask Intel Bloggers

So you’ve read through the blog, checked out our Jobs at Intel site and still have some unanswered questions? We’re here to help!
Ask Intel Bloggers

We can’t guarantee an answer to each and every question. But if we can answer then it will be as a blog post—chances are, if you’re wondering about it, someone else out there is wondering the exact same thing. We might reword your question a little bit to shed some more light on it, and we’ll make sure your identity is protected, but know that your questions are going to really drive where this blog will go.

Before you send us a question though, keep these following points in mind:

• Did you already go through the archives to see if there was a similar post that might answer your question?

• Did you check out our Life at Intel site?

• We have some general FAQs within our Candidate Help Desk that may be of assistance.

• Is this a specific question or feedback about your recruiting experience? If so, contact your recruiter directly—they’ll know more about it than we will.

• If you are experiencing a technical issue, have general feedback regarding our Jobs at Intel website or you’re experiencing issues with our applicant tools, please use our Contact Us support team.

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