Brett Klehn – Doing What’s Never Been Done Before

Known as the “Mad Scientist,” Brett Klehn innovates at the cutting-edge of data center transformation. His work in silicon photonics focuses on replacing outdated Ethernet with fiber optics in the data center. “We’re trying to replace ethernet in the data centers, which can only go up to about 40 gigabit per second, with fiber optics. We use lasers and modulators in our transmitters and photo detectors in our receivers. My role is to design automated test solutions for the lasers and the receiver side for these systems.”

“The most challenging part about my job is probably the same thing that I like most about my job, everything that we’re doing hasn’t been done before. We don’t know how to do any of this stuff when we first start, we have to make it up as we go.” The challenges and the constant ability to grow and learn keeps Brett pushing possible forward. “I found inside of Intel, it’s been very easy for me to say, “This is what I want to learn. This is an area I want to grow.”

Intel offers Brett the unique combination of technology innovation and a supportive and stable environment to push the boundaries. “I don’t think that I could do a lot of the things that I’m doing right now in another company because the resources wouldn’t be there, the name wouldn’t be there and the scale of the projects that I’d be working on wouldn’t be as relevant to what I’m doing.” This opportunity has given this “Mad Scientist” a front row seat to creating brand-new innovations. “These are new things that we’re pioneering. When you actually see something starting to come together, it’s the greatest joy and the greatest pride that you can have.”


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