An Intern’s Perspective: Life at Intel Germany

At Intel Germany we offer incredible opportunities for students to gain insight into one of the world’s leading technology companies and earn valuable work experience in the latest technology fields, including Connectivity, Autonomous Driving, and Drones. But what is it really like once you’re a part of our student community?

To find out, we asked Domitille Bourdeau, a 21-year-old French student who is studying Digital Sciences at CPE Lyon, about her experience as an intern in our Communications and Devices Group based in Munich, Germany.

Read excerpts from our interview below to learn more about the challenges, surprises, and fun of being a working student at Intel Germany.

What are your general job responsibilities and what did you find challenging about your work?

I work for the documentation team. My mission is to transform an Excel tool into a local Windows application linked to a database that will be more adapted to the team’s needs.

It’s very challenging to start a project from scratch as opposed to continuing someone else’s work. It’s also rewarding–even if it takes more time, you can really see the evolution and progress of the work you have done.

What was the best experience from your internship?

My best experience was meeting all the other interns from all over the world and getting the chance to talk about our different experiences before and during our internships.

Did anything surprise you about interning at Intel?

No one from my team knows the language in which I code, so I am developing my project independently. Sometimes it is hard to solve certain issues and it takes time to progress, but this is a very interesting way to learn and develop programming skills.

Do you have any advice for prospective interns?

Show that you are really interested in the opportunity by researching the topic you will work on, asking questions, and being excited about it.

Once you get the internship, don’t be shy to ask questions and take initiative. Your experience will depend on how much you invest in your internship and your curiosity to discover new things.


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  1. Well that’s awesome! But how did you get selected for the internship? I have tried applying so many times and have always been replied with “Sorry we have decided to move forward with another application” and I don’t understand how the selection even works now, was it through recommendation from someone you knew or did you use the Intel workday platform? Though I am from a different country I assume it would be similar here as well… Thanks again and hope you are having a great time over there Domitille!

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