Life and Work at Intel Germany: Being Part of the Team

When you work at Intel, you are always a member of the team. We join forces and work together to make the project a success. Wonder how Intel employees view team spirit and work ethic? See what some of them in Munich, Germany, had to say about living the team spirit.

Anna M, Product Roadmap and Strategy

“For me, being part of a team you believe in and are passionate about is essential to staying motivated every day. I take my energy from the people I work with, and in return, strive to provide clarity about where our path is leading us by defining our product roadmaps. I’ve been with the team for the last 12 years and never regretted a single day.”

Birgit S, Design System Architect
“We have a motivational and innovative team spirit; we don’t let others fail. There is always support from my managers to further develop my skills.”

 Susanne E, Application Engineer

“My team is a very small group, but has a very wide range from direct product support to development of custom solutions and library topics. So everybody has special skills and knowledge, and thus, by working closely together on providing custom solutions for very demanding products, we get insights into other topics and broaden our own knowledge. This is very exciting and makes every day’s work a challenge and a pleasure.”

 Simona B, Technical Staff HW Engineer

“There are lots of experienced people with a great breadth of technical knowledge, always ready to help you and share that knowledge with you. For example, in our cubicle we have a group Principal Engineer. Instead of having a closed office, he decided to sit among us and happily answer our questions or give advice. In our cubicle of just 12 people, we have an age spectrum ranging from 26 to 55, we have people from multiple levels of our operational hierarchy and despite that, everybody is able to talk to everyone. There is no question “too dumb” to be answered. It’s simply amazing.”

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