Ascending Technologies Soars Ahead of the Curve with Intel RealSense and you’re Invited to Join!

Science Ficvisual-inspection-airbus-airliner-intel-drone-uas-uavtion is full of examples of machines that can scan an object or an area and provide information about what they are looking at to an operator. Now that technology may be closer than ever thanks to new innovations made by Intel and our recently acquired partners at Ascending Technologies (AscTec) in Krailing, Germany. With Intel RealSense technology, AscTec is creating UAVs capable of amazing things. At its core, Intel RealSense is a system of sensors that not only identifies obstacles, but provides a machine equipped with it with something we take for granted, depth perception. By granting this sense to AscTec’s drones, we enable a UAV to not only detect objects in its path, but to autonomously navigate around the object and return to its previous flight path. This allows the drone to deal with unexpected interruptions in its path as well as enables it to execute a simple follow command without getting stuck or confused should it detect an obstacle. By itself, this level of autonomous navigation is extremely impressive, allowing a drone to move around more freely without the need of a human operator directing its every movement, but the precision of RealSense enables the drone to accomplish many things beyond the capabilities of the naked eye. Like scanning an aircraft’s hull for damage while moving freely around it through the air, or creating incredibly detailed scans of landscape for topographical maps.


The potential real world applications of this technology are nothing short of extraordinary, and now we want you to join us in bringing that potential to the world. We have expanded our efforts from the PC realm to AscTec’s drones and the myriad other devices that make up the Internet of Things, and we need talent that is capable of helping us realize our vision of bringing smart, connected devices to everyone on Earth. We seek to create full, end-to-end solutions making use of new, advanced, drones connected to the Cloud. This is made possible thanks to the broad network of support and inventive talent that Intel brings together to collaborate toward the world’s most innovative solutions. Intel taps into a broad range of skills, from aeronautics engineers to digital security professionals, to create things that are more than just gadgets, they are experiences. So what are you waiting for?

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