Intel in the News: Intel Honored in Glassdoor’s Candidates’ Choice Awards

glassdoor-candidates-choice-award-2015-200x135Glassdoor has announced the winners of its inaugural Candidates’ Choice Awards—and Intel is very proud to be among them.

The awards recognize employers with the best interview experience, according to those who know it best—the job candidates themselves. Based solely on feedback shared by job candidates on Glassdoor over the past year, Intel was rated the highest in our industry and is being recognized alongside winners in 45 other industries.

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1 thought on “Intel in the News: Intel Honored in Glassdoor’s Candidates’ Choice Awards

  1. Hi,
    It’s good to see that Intel has got this recognition from interviewed candidates. Congrats ! I too saw reviews on Glassdoor regarding some engineering positions and interviews and felt it is candidates choice. But, soon I realized, they are just a fraction of candidates from all those who have been interviewed. Am I saying that the interview process is not as good as it appears online on some website ? Yes I am. Let me give some examples from my personal experience with the interview process at Intel and from experience of my friends’ as well. We don’t get mail responding to our application no matter how good we match the keywords and write resume accordingly, we should definitely find some referral who could help us getting calls. This can be taken for granted, as Intel is a well reputed company with 100s of aspirants trying to get into every single position the company has, so they will be looking for help from employers as well. Okay, if we get referral somehow drilling through our network, we may get emails asking for convenient time slots to schedule an interview. Now, this is most arrogant part, some interviewers will not give Job ID or title or description, some interviewers will not even see our resume once before the interview. They say ” I will describe about the position during interview”, “I don’t have job ID or Description with me, I will describe it on the day of interview”. We get interviewed for unknown positions. They say, “Oh, So, you don’t have an industrial experience, is it just an academic experience ?”. And then they wrap up interview just 5 mins after that “experience” question, as if they are done talking to us giving no time to explain. After interview they will say that we would hear back after week or 2, if not they will even ask us to email them for an update. We would hear back in that time only if the requirement is immediate, else we won’t get any update for at least 4 weeks and some times more than a month. I know this usually happens because of volume of applicants. But, interviewer or hiring manager can reply saying that and tell an approximate time, which they don’t do. We have to email them asking for update till we ourselves feel as annoying. One Hiring manager called me after 2 of my emails after 3 weeks of interview, he said “Hi, you don’t have to mail me for this again, we are looking for candidates with specific tool experience, so we are not planning to bring you on-site”. I’m stumped there, I said “Oh, Okay ! Thanks though” and ended the call. One interviewer so sweetly says email me definitely, it should not take more than a week or two. Its more than a month, 6th week from the day of interview, I emailed him 4 times, every week after 2 weeks and no reply till now. 2 of my friends are still waiting to hear back from Intel interviewers from past 5 weeks. And I’m glad I didn’t get into such teams who don’t care about candidates. We are entry level engineers, so University we graduated from, matters more than what we learnt in school, team referrals matters more than what our professor or an on-campus employer whom we worked for more than a year, says about us, sometimes we will be interviewed only to serve the numbers and statistics of hiring manger. It might have happened only for few of us, but its not acceptable. We value interviewers’ time and energy, please do the same with us. Please, look into situations like this. We still love Intel, we still believe that Intel is where we belong.


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