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Hey. What’s up. Yeah, so, I took last year off from blogging here. But there are a lot of things to share about what we’re doing in Human Resources for employees, so I’m back. This is also a good time to give Sejal a shout-out for coordinating these blogs – she does an awesome job!

Okay, the newest thing we’ve launched is a “virtual HR agent”. What’s that, you ask? You know when you shop online, whether it’s for new gadgets or it’s for a plane ticket to go somewhere or maybe it’s just for odds and ends, some websites have a virtual agent that will answer FAQs for you and guide you through the process. Our new virtual HR agent, we named her Ivy, is set up to do the same thing, but for our employees at Intel (so this is an internal tool.) If employees have questions about their pay, stock, benefits, or other HR programs, they simply bring Ivy up on the intranet and type in a question. Ivy uses a combination of natural language processing, artificial intelligence and optimized search to find the answer to the question. Also, magic. Okay, well, it’s like magic to me, so…  As of today, Ivy has 4,331 possible responses. How do I know that number so exactly? I led the team that wrote all the responses. You can bet we’re excited for the launch after all that work!

From our research, we’re the first company to implement a virtual agent like this for their employees. Ivy’s no chatbot and she’s not backed by a human “behind the curtain”. She’s all software. We’ve got lots of metrics in place to monitor her performance and our employees can give a star rating to each interaction. Using the performance data and star ratings, we can tune Ivy to make her even better. Beyond that, what’s weird is that she learns. Seriously. Her artificial intelligence gets better as employees ask her questions. Amazing. Oh, and no surprise, she runs on Intel-powered servers. You saw that coming, didn’t you?

So, we started 2013 off with a big project launch that will improve the employee experience here at Intel. And I’m back on the blog. Is it going to be a great year? You bet it is!

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    1. Hi John,
      For that level of technical detail, I’d need to direct you to our supplier and partner, Next It, at They have whitepapers and other information there that may answer your questions.

  1. Dear Sir,

    I am international blogger of Linkoping University, Sweden. I am competent in writing about science, engineering, technology and social aspects of innovative technologies.

    Can I have a job at Intel Blog ? Intel is my dream place to be there. Any engagement with Intel would be a great thing in my life.

    Please, let me know, how I can get a job in Intel Blog.



    1. Hi Mohammad, thanks for your kind words! Unfortunately we do not have a team that specifically works on the Jobs@Intel blog but rather we find Intel employees who have stories to share and feature them on the blog. If you’re interested in a job at Intel, check out our Jobs at Intel website at and search our openings to see if there is a match. Good luck to you!

  2. G’day,

    I’m a guy in Australia and passionate about life in Intel. I’m wondering if I can apply for a position at Intel in the U.S.?


    Daniel Liu

    1. Hi Daniel,
      You can apply to a position, but be warned that priority for our US positions go to those who have the permanent unrestricted right to work in the US. For some skill sets/position, we are able to help with sponsorship IF there is a shortage of domestic talent. The degree levels for that are Master’s level in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, as well as PhDs across the board. Good luck!

  3. This is a new concept with introduction of a virtual agent to answer questions before applying. This saves process time for HR team as well as applicant. This is discussed by an Intel employee speaker @ SAP Sapphire event in Florida happened this month. She discussed about the launch and use of this virtual agent in the seminar, but did not use the word Ivy.
    Nice to see this virtual agent answer our questions before getting into the application process. Did this process have any user rating done? This is not present in most of other company careers website. This rating can encourage them to introduce this in their website.

  4. Hi,

    Good Day!

    I wanted to know , how many rounds of interview would be there for a lateral having around 7 years of experience, and how much time the whole process of hiring would take place. Is it mandatory to have a face to face round in the last or can it also be done via Skype interview.How much gap (weeks) would be there after each round.


    1. Hi Ashu, the number of interviewing rounds would depend on the position and the candidate pool. The last interview tends to be face to face but if there’s a conflict or a compelling reason why it can’t be done, your recruiter would be the best person to work with. Good luck!

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