HR Pathways: Intel is Truly a Great Place to Work!

Have you ever had moments where something feels to good to be true, and it just keeps you up at night? Well, I must say that my last rotation is keeping me up at night. I am still in the transition period of this rotation: meeting new faces, having my introductory 1:1’s, ramping up on project management methodologies, but at the same time diving into some Benchmarking Analysis for a project that I will be managing. I would love to share more about that project but it is top secret. What I can share is what I am learning about the process of leading a project. I never knew how much detail went into being a project manager. Every project here at Intel goes through a project life cycle. Some examples of the life cycle would be a pre-exploratory phase, exploratory, planning, development and then deployment. At each stage decisions can be made to cut the project. WOW, for me that has been eye-opening. I guess what I am trying to say is that I never knew that there was such detail and such measures that go into a project. So far I am in the Pre-explore phase. I have had to draft the why, where and benefits of this project in order to convince stakeholders to buy-in , as well as network in order to build a team with the right members that will help make the project a success. This is exciting and I am learning a lot! I am so glad I have been given this opportunity. Next month, I hope to be able to write about the next phases that I have been working on.

It hasn’t been all work though. Yes, I have been having some fun here at Intel too! While last month was a little slow for me, I cannot say the same for this month. I love that Intel has so many volunteer opportunities for employees. This month the volunteer event that I attended was a “Clean the Beach” event. The cool thing about this event was that even though our main focus was to clean up debris from the beach, we got to go to Cannon Beach (a great beach here in Oregon). I mean seriously, a day at the beach, helping the community and having it count towards our Intel Involved matching grant program, how could I not write about that?! It was great to meet new Intel faces, give back to the community, and support Intel’s volunteer mission.

Cannon Beach

At another Intel Great Place to Work event I was able to meet some of the team members of the Portland Trail Blazers. I was also able to bring my nephew to this event. My nephew had a great time.  Although, he was a little nervous when he asked for the players autographs, he was glad that he got to meet them.  There were lots of kid-friendly games there, and he got excited when he beat me at air hockey. I think it is so awesome that Intel has events where we can invite family members and are able to share with them these exciting events.

Blazer Locker Room

I also have some amazing events coming up in the next month or so that I cannot wait to share. I will be going to the Women at Intel Conference, the Learning Community of Practice Summit as well as volunteering at an Intel Campus Open House and at an event for the Network of Intel African American Group.

Whew!!! As a college graduate in the HR Pathways group, I have to admit that it has been exciting going through this program. I have a few more months left into this last rotation and then I move into my permanent role. I can honestly say that Intel has been a great place to work. I have learned a lot about the industry, the way that people collaborate and most importantly about myself.

10 thoughts on “HR Pathways: Intel is Truly a Great Place to Work!

  1. Dear Mona, I had a phone interview with an Intel recruiter 11 days ago. She told me she would let me know the decision in a weeks time. Its been more than a week. Does this indicate I did not get the position or is it usual at Intel? Does Intel recruiters let candidates know when they are not selected?

    1. Hi Jo, do you know what job it was in regards to? I would follow-up with the recruiter directly but if you give me the job number, I can try looking it up as well.

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Greetings from Amrita family.

    Have been trying to reach out at HR to get support in initiation of Industry Academia Interface.

    Will be thankful to get connected with concerned person over there in Intel.

    With best wishes
    Srikanth S
    Head Corporate Relations, Amrita University, Coimbatore

    1. Hi Srikanth, I forwarded your comment to members of our team in India. They should be in touch with you or you’ll hear from me soon. Cheers!

  3. hi Sejal, Does Intel call any candidate twice for on-site interview to the same place (for different groups though)? my situation is i was interviewed on-site at portland with a group last week. I am still waiting for their decision. Today i got a phone screen from another group(this group is also located in Portland) . My interviewer informed me that I did really well in the phone screen and said he will be giving a positive feedback to the HR but wasn’t sure whether the HR would decide to call me for a second time or not. I am very much interested in this new group and now I am disappointed hearing this. Any idea what would happen? Thanks and sorry for making this a long one.

    1. Hi there,
      It is possible to be considered for two different positions with two different groups in the same location, at the same time. I tried looking you up using the email account you listed for your comment but no luck. Please send me an email at with your name, email account you applied with and the positions that you are being considered for and I can look into this a bit more. Cheers!

  4. Hello sir After applying to so many Internships, i got few replies saying sorry and others still not, i am wondering why i am getting Rejected always,please tell me whats Really not well with my resume, thanks.

    1. Hi Zeeshan, I can see that you’ve applied to a few different positions with us, which is great, continue to apply to openings that are a match to your skills and interests! On some of the openings, it simply says that the position was filled. That could mean that there was a better-qualified candidate or that by the time your resume was received, we may have already been close to selecting a candidate. I would continue to search and apply as new openings come up every day and make sure that your resume highlights the match between you and the opportunity. Good luck!

  5. Hi Sejal,
    I am in a similar position to Jo above. I applied for job 622358 in Leixlip, Ireland which is now closed to submissions. What’s the usual time before potential candidates are contacted for interviews?

    1. Hi Declan,
      It looks like the posting just expired which means that recruiters should be reviewing resumes. If you’re selected to continue to the next phase, you’ll be contacted. In the interim, I’d continue to look for positions that match your interests and skillset–the more fits you apply to, the higher the likelihood of finding a good match. Good luck!

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