Job Openings: Tablets and Smartphones and Handhelds – Oh my!

Meet Adam from Intel’s Gadget Analysis Team. He’s had a diverse career here, taking roles as a computer architect, software researcher, chipset and graphics analyst, and mobile performance engineer. When he’s outside of our Silicon Valley HQ, you’ll find him kiteboarding the San Francisco Bay or cutting a rug on the salsa floor. Over the next little while, Adam will be a guest blogger and is here to tell you about the career opportunities within his team and this segment within Intel.

This is an exciting time in the tech world with the boom of smartphones and the dawn of tablets. What makes this more exciting is that Intel is throwing all of our design, software, and leading fabrication technology behind this segment. The vision is to create the compute continuum or a foundation on which to build common hardware, software and ecosystem solutions to make computing experiences and devices work together seamlessly. (If you haven’t seen our video on the Next Era of Personal Computing: Intel’s Journey, you’re missing out. I kid you not.)

Towards the mobile and handheld end of the continuum, my team conducts analysis of all the major tablets, smartphones, and similar devices in the market. All the latest and greatest digital gadgets toys in this market, we are the experts dissecting and exploring what makes them tick. We analyze the power, performance, and user experience of every Android phone or Apple tablet and compare it to our upcoming Intel devices.

But wait, there’s more! For you coding enthusiasts out there, we also have a team creating software tests in this nascent ecosystem. The problem: many architectures, even more operating systems, one common benchmark. Harness your C++, Java, and Linux skills to tackle this challenge. For you MBAs and Marketeers, we have opportunities to leverage your business expertise. Get the opportunity to influence product directions and marketing strategy of the hottest products in semiconductors.

Here are two openings we currently have on our team: Tablet Performance Engineer (Req# 593751) and Handheld Performance Engineer (Req#600115)If you qualifications match what we’re looking for, submit your resume by following the links!

Stay tuned for upcoming posts, where we’ll take a behind the scenes look at our lab, demo some of the cool gadgets you would be working on, and describe the latest opportunities with our team.

10 thoughts on “Job Openings: Tablets and Smartphones and Handhelds – Oh my!

  1. Hi Adam, my name is Analia Ibargoyen and I will be starting as an RE this July. My first rotation will be in Chandler, AZ but I’m looking to do my next rotation(s) in Santa Clara. I’m very interested in Human Computer Interaction as well as UI design; I was wondering, in your group, what kinds of backgrounds and responsibilities do the people that work on evaluating design and user experience have?
    My focus is mainly on the software side, and I was curious as to whether the group had mostly hardware-oriented team members or had a mixture of hardware, software and UI design backgrounds. Additionally, does your group overlap with (or how does it differ from) the Digital Home Group?
    Thank you!

  2. Hi Analia!
    We understand that the best user experience comes from great software optimized for great hardware, so our group has experts in both disciplines.
    Our group, in the Sales & Marketing division, owns each Intel client-facing product’s “report card.” Because we track the entire industry and do not have bias about a product another group developed, we report the competitiveness of products to divisions and executives.
    Currently our Gadget Team interfaces with the Netbook & Tablet Group, the Ultra Mobility Group, and the Perceptual Computing Group to test and analyze the capability and user experience of products in this tablet and smartphone space.
    If you’d like to chat more about the team or rotation opportunities in Santa Clara, feel free to drop me a line once you start. From one Rotation Engineer to another, welcome to Intel!

  3. Hello Adam,
    My name is Daniel, and I just applied for a Marketing Internship here in Folsom, CA. I have some good work experience for only being a Sophomore, but I was just wondering if Intel managers even hire sophomores? Or is it a case by case basis?
    Thank you!

  4. Hi Adam,
    I applied for many jobs at Intel India.But I have not received any mails yet except the auto genarated confirmation mail. Please suggest me the most effective way applying for a job , inorder to get the call. It’s really a dream to work in Intel.

  5. Hi Balaram! I’ll respond to your question as it’s more of my area of expertise than Adam’s :) Are you applying to jobs where you meet the qualifications and skills? Does your resume match the job description? (For example, if you’re applying for a position that is looking for someone with experience in C++ and Java, you should list both of these on your resume as well.) Barb wrote a great blog post on resume tips that might help you out as well ( Also, if Intel is recruiting on your campus, be sure to meet with our recruiting team! We have new positions opening up all the time, so keep checking back for ones that are a fit: we appreciate your enthusiasm and patience! Good luck!

  6. Hi Sejal,
    Thanks for the reply . The link shared, is also helpful.
    I have a question like,
    can’t I apply for a job for which I do not have any work experience but the job area is the area of my interest ?
    Like for example, if I want to work in VLSI but I do not have any relevent work experience in VLSI , then can’t I apply for VLSI jobs ?

  7. Hi Balaram, you can apply to any job you are interested in, just be aware that if we get applications from people with relevant work experience, they will likely be considered before someone who does not have the required experience. Hope that clarifies!

  8. Hi Tiffany,
    I applied for component design engineer, physical design engineer etc like jobs at Intel job portal.
    Looking at the job description , I realy feel excited to work in those area.
    But I received auto genarated mail mentioning that you are not selected to proceed with interview.
    Pls suggest me .

  9. Balaram, keep applying! We get quite a few applicants on each position and we have to prioritize those with the most relevant experience. Hang in there though, we still have quite a bit of hiring to do in 2011, so hopefully you will get some traction on your resume soon!

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