Get carried away with Intel: from intern to a full-time employee

What does every college graduate dream about? For me, it was to get a great full-time job with a multinational company after completing an internship and my degree. In 2008 when I entered Intel as an intern in their European Staffing group, I was pretty excited about opportunities and career paths that Intel could offer. It turned out that there were many more paths than I initially expected. Now, three years later, is a perfect time to look back and reflect upon the memories of my Intel experience.

At first, I got totally carried away by the fascinating world of business meetings, important phone calls and working with people from all over the world. My first job was to search for interns and college graduates in Russia. Online recruiting, organizing and attending career fairs and Intel days at universities—it all was a great experience. This job was appealing to me because I knew what students wanted to hear from an employer and how we could attract our target audience.

As much as I enjoyed what I was doing, I wanted a new challenge. Fortunately for me, Intel never stops developing employees, professionally and individually. After I talked to my manager and told him that I was totally ready to take up something new, he offered me the opportunity to support Intel’s hiring needs in the Middle East, in addition to what I did for Russia. My first reaction was shock; how can someone search for candidates who are located miles away? Turns out it’s entirely possible! My senior colleagues shared their tips and tricks on how to reach a good candidate who is located in another country. This precious experience helped me understand that the richer job background you have -the more valuable professional you are. What I mean is that it’s always challenging to get out of your comfort zone and start exploring something completely new, but once you have started- there’s no way back.

As I became more proficient in my position, I found it was the right time to move on, so one day I found out there was another internship opportunity within Intel’s Employee Communications group. I applied for the job and, happily, I got it! My new responsibilities included writing news and employee information for Intel local and regional communication channels. Even though I moved from recruiting to journalism, I stayed within the HR function. This new job gave me a broader perspective on HR as a function and it particularly helped me develop my writing and communication skills. It was my second year with Intel and I felt like I was ready for a full-time job.

They say “all roads lead to Rome”—this proverb proved to be true. Eventually, I got a full-time position in Staffing as a Recruiter for the UK and Nordics region. I returned to where I started, but it was a great step forward. What I really love about Intel is that you always have an opportunity to grow. No matter if you are a fresh intern or a mature specialist, you will always have a chance to try something new, something that would fit your personal and professional interests.

Look out for the Jobs at Intel in your country and I am absolutely sure you will enjoy being carried away!

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10 thoughts on “Get carried away with Intel: from intern to a full-time employee

  1. Working eviroment at Intel is really a good chance for anyone who wants to learn, apply and develop their knowledge, experiences and skills. I ever applied my CV to one position at HR department but what a pity my background and experiences is not the suitable ones to gain, besides i also have one small trouble during time handling a past position so i have to wait for long time to come back with a better ability and energy. It’s a sad news but I still lay my passion on this to keep trying forward. World is continuosly changing day by day and please do not stop your fire inside and optimistic thinkings.

  2. hi just applied for an Intel role in HR that i got off of – the role was perfect for me and based in the south of france. I immediately got an email saying i would not be considered. No reason why! What can one do if they want to know why? Perhaps the job isn’t even open. There is no way they would say no to my CV as it fit perfectly…at least i thought it did. Thanks if anyone has any comments. FC

  3. Hi FC! The role to which you applied is one open to Recent College Graduates, graduating within the past year and a half. It seems that the position would therefore not be relevant for you though you are very welcome to continue viewing our open positions and to apply for those that seem relevant to you. Best of luck!

  4. I’m really sad. Last year i got interview with INTEL staff about Internship program in Kulim,Malaysia..shortlisted, but then the he got transfer to another department and then I heard the news that I was rejected because of Intel research grant (i didn’t have any clues what happen). Till now i’m keep waiting and submit my resume at Intel ..any job that related to my areas of expertise..Now i’m waiting for viva on my study & research (Master level) and I hope maybe someday… i can work at INTEL.. :-)..keep waiting..wish me luck!

  5. Sorry to hear that Khairi but it says something about your strengths and skills to have made it that far! Good luck!

  6. hi just applied for the position of Intern pre-Si CPU Validation, job number 583656** but not selected this position why????????

  7. Hi Prince! It’s hard for me to tell you why you weren’t selected as there are lots of reasons why it could happen–with so many qualified candidates applying and only x amount of positions, it’s bound to happen to people. If you’re qualified, I would continue to apply to openings that match your skillset and interest. Good luck!

  8. Realy it is a great forunatly to get a job in inte. I’m a hardware engg. I wish to god that please provide me a job in Intel..

  9. I used to work for Intel when they bought the company I worked for, Dialogic. They are a fantastic company to work for, I to this day speak about my work history with them. I never had a problem getting up and going to work at 5 am. I just enjoyed working there. Anyone looking to grow with a great company should consider Intel, I would again.

  10. It is my dream to get a job at Intel from my childhood, and I also wish that maybe one day I can make my dreams come true..
    Everyone, please pray for me, I really wanna do something for Intel I promise……

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