How to Find Your Next Job (A Recruiter’s Perspective) (Part 2)

Hi again! So a few weeks ago I started sharing part one on my perspective on the best things a candidate should, and shouldn’t do, to help them in their job search. Ready for part two?

Here’s the next ‘No-No’ in my book: Do NOT apply for every single job posted at every employer. It makes you appear to be a ‘Jack Of All Trades, Master of None’. No, seriously; it does. This is where it is helpful to have your target list. Know what you are good at. Know what you want to do. Seek out those opportunities. If you are a little flexible, fine. Apply for various things… but maybe not 500 different things. :-)

Next, be persistent, but not annoying. At a company like Intel, it’s not the norm for us to find a candidate, interview them in two days, make an offer and have them ready to go in a weeks time. Hiring takes time. There are many people involved in the process. Be patient with us. It’s worth the wait; I assure you! Yes, it is totally acceptable to follow up for feedback on your application… just not EVERY single hour of every single day. YES, there are people who have done that (cue loud ***sigh***).

My next tip is this: Be positive and patient. I think this one is fairly obvious. I won’t go into any of my horror stories, although that may have made this post a little more exciting!

You want to know about job boards? I actually got an inquiry just the other day from a candidate wondering if there was value in posting his resume on a Monster , CareerBuilder or DICE *, etc. Every employer is likely using a different mix of these tools. Often, it will depend a LOT on their budget. These tools aren’t free OR cheap to the employer. My advice to the candidate was simple. Are looking for a new position? Why not help your odds by posting your profile in as many places as possible. Job boards are not irrelevant. They are still being used. Granted, search techniques used by the experienced recruiter tend to take us in many other directions than just a job board, but I still look. You never know what you may find.

There is just so much a person can do with all of the web resources available these days. I guess my final thought would be around networking. After all, it is all about the networking. I owe every one of my jobs to my network. I was rarely looking for a position when I landed my next great gig. Shoot, even when I first joined Intel back in 2000 I literally had ZERO recruiting experience. I just happened to “know a guy” who was working at Intel, and he knew my personality and work ethic. I even told him no when he first approached me about it. He was persistent though, and eventually convinced me to interview for the job. He coached me on how to pass the phone screen (because let’s face it… I was very “green” in this aspect at the time). Sure enough, I landed the job, and it was the best career decision I have ever made. Who knows where I’d be now had I not made a good impression on this guy so many years ago!

Also, it doesn’t hurt to build relationships outside of your “comfort zone”. Sure, I know TONS of people in HR and Staffing at Intel. I also have a slew of recruiter contacts outside the company. I value them all as part of my network. Does that mean I plan to stay in my current role forever? It’s doubtful. It doesn’t mean I plan to leave the company either though. I actually like working here. :-) I am, however, always looking for chances to build my existing network.

Here’s a summary of all the tips I shared with you THIS week (visit my first post to get the full story):

• Do NOT apply for every single job posted at every employer

• Be persistent – but not annoying

• Be positive and patient

• Post your profile in as many places as possible (job boards are not irrelevant)

• Network, network, network!

You just never know where your next opportunity will come from. It may take you by surprise. Work hard. Make solid contacts. Keep a pulse on what is going on around you, and, who knows; maybe your next phone call will be from me, trying to entice you to join the Intel ‘fold’! :-) Happy job hunting!

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  1. @Dr.Peery, I completed my under graduation in 2010 and already placed in TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES(India) through campus placements. But i would like to work in intel, as i want to make my dream come true by working at INTEL.I have been applying to Intel through from many days but i didnot get any response except a mail that i applied for a job.

  2. @Vipin, Please keep in mind that we have a large volume of applicants at this time. We have an order in which we must prioritize candidates. First and foremost, we must consider candidates that have the permanent right to work in the US (ie. US Citizens). If you fall outside of this category, we can’t consider you until we review all US workers first. When/If we determine that we don’t have a strong applicant pool of qualified US workers, we’ll open up our hiring to foreign nationals. This could have an impact on the number of times your resume is submitted for positions though. Be sure to only apply for positions you feel qualified for. Hang in there! Our hiring remains strong for the year and we review your applications on a regular basis! Thanks for your comment.

  3. Hi Tiffany,
    I have recently moved to Vancouver and as a result, I am now looking for new opportunities. Although I obtained my MASc a while ago, I am looking to change fields and as a fellow blogger said, it will put me at a disadvantage since I am not eligible for new entry or intern positions. I have applied to a couple of positions on Intel’s website and followed what you suggested and updated my LinkedIn profile, but no luck. I was wondering if I may send you my resume for some critique and if you can point me to the person responsible for Vancouver’s Intel.
    Thanks for your time!

  4. Hi Tiffany,
    Really liked your posts. I am in the process of applying for various positions and your tips really help. I did get a few interview calls but somehow did not land the job! How about tips to ace the interview (phone and personal)? I am up for a really big interview very soon – any comments would help. Wish me luck! Thanks.

  5. @Sudeshna – That is definitely an idea for another blog post! Perhaps we can work one in on that topic at some time. The only hesitation I have is that being that Intel has 80K+ employees and so many different hiring managers, each one has an individual personality and perspective. It’s difficult to say what one manager might like opposed to what another might care to see. My suggestions are pretty standard for the most part. Be prepared – try to anticipate what questions may be asked and prepare thoughtful answers. Be polite. Be professional. Best of luck!

  6. Tiffany,
    I recently retired from public education after thirty-two years. I am 55 and in tip top shape. I am looking to use my outstanding writing and teaching skills in the private sector. But how do I find out where I would fit in? I know a number of Intel folks here in Arizona, and I have extensive professional editing experience. I just need someone to give me a chance to prove myself. Do you have any suggestions?

  7. @Bob, Thanks for the comment! When I read it, I had to smile. My dad actually retired from Public Education around the same age and ended up going to University of Phoenix- which proved much less stressful! :) I went ahead and pulled up your resume in my database and have a few suggestions for you. One is that while you indicate you have “extensive professional editing experience”, I’m not really reading that on your resume. Even though it may not have been a very specific aspect of your day to day job, you’ll need to find a way to work that experience in, if that is truly the role you are seeking. I think sometimes candidates tend to throw more detail into a cover letter, but very few of us actually read the cover letter! (I know, shocking! Ha!) Keep in mind, resumes are all about the key words. Be detailed, but not too long winded. Incorporate your strengths, even if it wasn’t specifically the role you were paid to do. Hopefully this helps. Best of luck!

  8. Hi Tiffany,
    I enjoyed reading your articles and found your tips useful and encouraging. How long would you say is the norm to wait before contacting Intel about a recently applied position (if at all)? I recently graduated from college and applied for an entry level position within Intel back in the middle of May, I was curious about what to do next. Thank you!

  9. @Juan – I took a look at the position you applied for. I do see the hiring manager is interviewing other candidates right now. We did get several applicants against that position. I would recommend you keep an eye out each day for new openings, and continue to apply for all that are of interest. Thanks!

  10. hello mam,
    i read ur comment .about intel job @us work permit.i m instrumentation graduate.can i have opportunity ti work foe intel india…how could i submit resume directly .i have applied many times but get no response not recruiting frm india.helpme to get a job…

  11. Tiffany,
    I have applied to a few positions within Intel all geared towards facilities and project management. I am an experienced professional, but I have applied to RCG positions because my experience has met the job requirements. As a recent 3 year resident of the east valley and recently laid off, how would I begin to market my experience to Intel even if I were willing to work in an entry level position to get my foot in the door. I am desperately trying to break into the semiconductor industry, optimally with Intel.

  12. @Nichole – This is a great question because Intel has very specific policies on hiring individuals for RCG roles. If you fall outside of 18 months from your graduation date, you can’t be considered for RCG openings. There are no exceptions to that rule. We do hire individuals with a few years of experience, but those positions would not be listed as RCG roles. Hopefully that clarifies! Keep watching for junior level openings, just steer clear of those listed as RCG roles. Thanks for the great question!

  13. hi tiffany mam
    is everything a resume for employee whether he has fake points in resume.i had a resume in which i describe me n my qualifications in simpler ways i think recruiter find it simple.but mam sometimes a man with lot a potential had a simple resume.can u judge a book by its cover…i need a good job but beside qualification a good one stiill on……can u suggest me what type of people called for interview mirror imaged or wirh makeup……

  14. @gaurav – The first thing I would like to say is NEVER lie on a resume. Trust me, it will always catch up with you. Additionally, you say you have kept it simple for the recruiters sake. I’m not always sure that is the best way. Recruiters make a judgment call on a candidate, but ultimately the hiring manager has the final say and he or she is likely looking for the technical information you may be omitting. Make sure your resume has all the appropriate details of your experience. If you are applying for a specific job, just be sure that your relevant experience as it relates to that opening is clearly indicated on the resume. Hope that helps!

  15. Hi Tiffany,
    I was wondering if there are any training design, development, delivery, or management opportunities in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have the right to work there, but currently live and work in California as an instructional designer, curriculum developer.

  16. Hi Tiffany,
    I completed my Masters in ECE from Univ of Illinois in 2009 and have been applying for Intel RCG positions from quite a while and have not received a single interview call till date. Prior to my graduation I also did apply for internship but with no luck. I am wondering if my CV reaches the HR people at Intel ???
    Thank you for your response…..

  17. @Silvia, All of our openings are listed on our Jobs at Intel site. If you haven’t already, I would search there and set up a candidate profile, indicating your interest in the areas you listed and the location as well. Good luck!
    @Praveen – Yes, I do see we have your applications. I think I may have responded to someone else here with a similar response. The issue we have right now is you are on an F1 Visa. So, unless there are absolutely no qualified US Workers for the position, I can’t consider you. Intel also follows guidelines for hiring Foreign Nationals. We have to be able to show that there is a skills shortage among US workers. That is not always the case. I don’t want to discourage you though. We do hire foreign candidates, but we also get a high volume of F1 applicants. I would be sure you resume is thorough, and keep applying to positions of interest! You just never know… Hope that helps.

  18. Thanks Tiffany. I am currently looking for an opportunity with Intel India from the past one month and am hoping something might work out.

  19. hi tiffany mam
    i have appplied for grad intern for atleast six to seven times in intel india everytime i get a big no.u said dat u will ask a hr to check my profile .please help may be its too long that i will remain jobless.can u help i can send resume directly to u.waiting for response.

  20. Hello! My name is Oscar, and I was just recently watching one of the recruiting videos that was blogged on the Intel recruiting site. It really got inspired to apply and to find good opportunites at Intel that can help me launch my career as a hardware engineer. I know that Intel is always looking to recruit the best, the talented, and people with a well established record of success. As for me, I recently graduated with a bachelors degree in computer engineering with a minor in computer science in december 2008 and ever since then, it has been very hard for me to land a good internship somewhere, mainly because I never had the stellar GPA that they are looking for. I have a 2.4GPA, and it may not be an ideal GPA for an intern candidtate. However, I know I can help make a difference somewhere.I have pretty much relied on social networking to see if I can find someone that can help me get my foot in the door somewhere and thats what I am doing right here. So my question is, what are some suggestions that you can give me when trying to apply for an internship here at Intel or with any other technical company in general? Your feedback is greatly appreciated as it can help me refine my job approach.
    best regards,
    Oscar Cerda

  21. @Oscar- Unfortunately Intel has a strict policy that a candidate must have a minimum GPA of 3.0. In the past it was 3.5 but we have relaxed it in the past few years. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to present you to the hiring teams with that GPA. I’m sorry.

  22. Ok…well since I am at a disadvantage with my GPA then, what advice can you give me then if I want to keep applying for some positions here at Intel? Should I apply in clerical positions instead and eventually work my way into an engineering department? Thanks!

  23. @Oscar, You can apply for positions that are not specific to Recent College Grads. Clerical roles may be a start! Intel definitely offers opportunities to grow!

  24. Awesome! well that is the first step for me then! if u can provide me more in depth details on how i can steer myself in that direction then. I am not quite sure what key points to mention in a cover letter so that hiring managers wont be confused about why I am applying for something different other than internship position. You can email me directly if you would like. I am willing to take any necessary steps in order to achieve my main goal of work for Intel, and for that I will need your help and advice! THANK YOU!

  25. @gaurav – I have contacted the recruitment team that manages hiring in India. They are going to reach out to you directly to discuss! Thanks!

  26. Hi Oscar! I would highlight your strengths and be sure that your passion and interest in clear in your communication. I’m sure there are some articles out on the web that might be helpful as well. I strongly recommend you work with your career services center or adviser as well—they would have more experience with this than I do. Good luck!

  27. Hi Tiffany,
    I completed my Engineering graduation in 2007.
    Iam struggling a lot in my life to get a job. I dnt knw whats wrong in me. Wil u plz give any suggestion about what course is necessary to get a job Please dnt think this is a silly question.Please understand my position and help me.To be frank according to my level i cant able to study java .net like those. Please help and guide me for success. One more thing iam having a girlfriend and our marriage is linked with my job.

  28. @Naveen, I am sorry to hear about your struggle. With this strained economy right now, there just aren’t as many job openings as we would like. I wish I had a suggestion for one great class that could help you secure employment, but I’m afraid I really don’t have that kind of answer for you. My best advice is to remain positive and continue to be diligent in your searches. We post new openings every day, and you just never know when the right one may pop up for you! Best of luck to you!

  29. Hi Tiffany
    I am F1 international student and graduated in Dec 2009 from Arizona State Univeristy.I have been applying for a job in Mixed Signal Circuit design at Intel. Am I wrong in being particular to join the area i am passionate about? I have been applying to Intel ever since I started grad school , but I hardly get a call. Sometimes when my resume resembles someone who has got that elusive call, i am unable to understand how I haven’t hit gold even once. I am positive and will continue to apply, but wanted to check base with you. Also as a RCG applicant, should I keep my resume to one page or can i extend it to 2 pages with relevant projects

  30. @Girish – Keep in mind at Intel, for new Graduates, we deal in high volumes. We already have challenges hiring F1’s – we must first consider US workers. However, if 400 people apply for a New Grad opening, we try to present the best students, from top Engineering Schools, with great GPA’s and internship experience. Not every candidate can be presented to the hiring manager unfortunately. Don’t give up! As far as the resume, 2 pages is fine. Nothing more than that though. :-) We are still hiring and plan to do more in the 2nd half. Best of luck!

  31. It has now become very difficult to find first job and this blog gives the clear information and steps that how to apply for the first / next job. Thanks for sharing this information.

  32. Hi Tiffany, thanks for all the information. I am a graduate student specializing in ASIC and digital IC design. Before beginning of graduate course work, I had 12 months of internship experience in network testing field which is quite different from vlsi. Are there any chances that inclusion of this experience in my resume is stopping me from getting a call? Because inspite of maintaining 3.6/4 gpa and research work experience in my graduate studies, I am unable to get a hit.

  33. @Shavali – Let me be the first to say that having internship experience NEVER hurts! We actually love to see students that excel in school and work hard to secure internships, etc. Keep applying! Likely, the only thing now holding recruiters up is an F1 Visa status. Before we could ever consider you for the opening, we have to determine whether there is a skill set shortage among US applicants. Hang in there!

  34. Dear Tiffany, I really enjoyed reading all your answered many questions that I had on mind. I was wondering is their a way or any number to contact to check on my application status. I have recieved an email from a hiring manager asking if I can relocate to Folsom, when can I start, and if I will accept the position as full time employee after the internships ends. I answered all the questions, never recieved an email back. Thanks for your time.

  35. hi tiffany… im an electronics student n i’ll passout from my college next year. i have a strong desire for working in intel. pls tel me what more courses i can do for making me a strong candidate for intel… thanks!

  36. @digvijay – Since I am not an engineer, this is a tough question to answer. If I’m totally honest, I would say that you need to find a good path you are interested in taking. Focus on building solid skills in that specific area, i.e., Analog Design or Digital Design. I find that students sometimes dabble in a little bit of everything and that doesn’t always pan out well. If I had to tell you one or two single skills that I am constantly looking for, it would be Compilers and Microarchitecture. I would say a focus on becoming an expert in a specific area is always beneficial though. Good luck!

  37. Hi Irukan! I’m not exactly sure what you mean by your comment–would you like to reference some of the blog posts on this site on your blog?

  38. Hi Tiffay, Thanks for your favourable response. As you said, I will keep applying to the matching positions and will hang in there till the time I can. I have one more question to you; Does F1 status matter even for the Internship positions?

  39. Hi Tiffany ,
    You are of great help and I have been following the tips you mention here . I keep coming back and forth . Its very informative and helpful .
    @applicants for RCG:
    To all the of them who are trying to get into intel , Please make sure you have a targeted resume for each position . But also list important projects you think would be related to what the group does(you can see this info for every req) . Domain knowledge related info is useful too. Make sure you are good at what you write on your resume . The positions here require good knowledge of programming lng , logical reasoning and general info like what company does is important .
    And intel does hire F1 students aswell , I myself did my 3 internships at intel and i m now a Full time at Intel . Be persistent in your search .. somethings like manager choosing an experienced person over you , choosing a qualified US worker etc are not something you have control on. The rules and policies are there to make intel grow , which is inturn good for all of us . Good luck to you all ..and Taking tips from Tiffany is always great and will give you a feel of what the company and hiring process like !

  40. @Mallika, Thanks for the positive feedback! I love to hear others success stories of being hired on at Intel. Glad you enjoyed the blog!

  41. @Tiffany
    I am guruprasad from india and i completed my bachelor’s degree in computer science june2010 .I want to work in intel and i applied jobs under recent colege graduate but they failed to communicate with me.
    Please tell me what are the steps So that i can work in intel?

  42. @Guruprasad – I would suggest you continue looking for and applying for jobs in India. Typically, in the States, we only hire Foreign Nationals at the Masters + level. Search our job portal regularly. We are ALWAYS adding new positions! Best of luck!

  43. hi Tiffany
    i have been working in Intel Malaysia as permanent staff since 2003. my current work is more on engineering side. recently i am thinking to switch my job scope to HR staffing(internal transfer cos i still prefer to work at Intel). do you have any advice for me? will the engineering guy survive at HR? if you are the hiring manager, what is the quality or requirement you need from a worker like me. Thanks

  44. @SS, “Engineering guys” can absolutely survive in HR, sometimes even thrive as recruiters. You have a unique advantage over some recruiters with your technical background. However, the kicker is you really have to be very outgoing and have great people skills to couple with your technical side. You may want to reach out to HR in your region and start talking to some of the managers about what you might be interested in development wise, and when they may have an opportunity for you! Best of luck! I have seen engineers make a switch and have loved it!

  45. Hi Tiffany, Thanks for the informations posted in this blog. I am an F1 student (M.S.) doing my 1st semester. I don’t have prior work experience in software. I am interested in applying for software-intern. I find that every intern jobs posted requires a minimum software experience. What are the possibilites for an offer for me in Intel? (It would be a dream-come-true me being an Intel employee). Please guide me.

  46. @Babitha – Fortunately, you are in luck. Some of our hiring managers do hire interns with relatively little experience in certain areas, with the understanding that this is an internship, and not an experienced opening. My best recommendation to you is to keep applying for roles you are interested in. Some hiring managers may not be interested, but there will be others open to consider you! Best of luck!

  47. Hi Tiffany,
    thanks for the consistent replies to this blog. we expect a lot from the employees of the global leaders like INTEL to help us out. i am an MBA student from delhi,india. and looking for the internship program of INTEL. can u plz tell us how can we apply.? what is the criteria that INTEL follows or how they select students? thanks.

  48. Hey Tiffany,
    As usual a great post. It would be great if you can clarify an issue of mine.
    I graduated with an MS degree in Dec 2008(close to 24 months now). Since then I’ve had only 10 months of work experience. So, Would I be able to apply for the RCG positions as I am practically an RCG with a little experience. Or,since I exceeded the Intel’s requirement for an RCG guy(18 months),should I steer away from those RCG positions?
    If I steer away from RCG and start applying for the “experienced” roles(which typically require more than 18 months of work-ex), practically speaking I do not have the “experience”,right?
    So, where should I position myself in applying to Intel?
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  49. @Michael – Thanks for the feedback on my postings! I love to hear there is value in it! You are correct in your assumptions though, I’m afraid. We cannot consider someone outside of the 18 months of graduation for RCG positions. You would need to remain focused on what we consider experienced roles, but we do actually hire people with minimal experience in some role. Be sure your resume details your academics, major accomplishments, work history and tools/technologies you are familiar with. I have seen people hired with less. Happy hunting!

  50. Hey there,
    I truly appreciate your prompt reply. Now that you made things clear, I shall give it my best shot this time around.
    Thanks again for your time and you bet there is value in your posts! Keep Rocking !

  51. @Tiffany- Mam, I’ll be graduating with in 6 months and i have a desire to work with Intel. So, can you tel me whether Intel hires recent graduates with no experience !!

  52. Dear Tiffany,
    I graduated 9 years ago with an masters in computer sciences,I am reentering the work force after a parental hiatus now and I am wondering what kind of a role will fit me at Intel? I am looking for a grow opportunitie. Thank you!
    May God reward you for your brilliant work!
    P.S I am a US Citizen living in Hillsboro.

  53. Hello Tiffany,
    After reading your blog and replies, I really appreictae your advice and work ethic. Actully I am doing something similar like you by helping people, but I am writing in Chinese- to help Chinese students who want to attend our MBA school.
    My husband just received his MBA this summer and he is looking for finance position in Intel through our school career management. As a wife, I am trying every means I could to help him to gether information, networking and hopefully land the offer. Of course he tries his best as well, and I believe in his ablities, skills and potentials. I would like to ask that you have an idea how many finance candiates you are looking for in AZ? and any guidience regarding the interview? Thanks!!

  54. @Michelle – I would encourage you to create a candidate profile at – Include a resume that showcases your strengths as you see them (since you likely won’t have a lot of job history to report). Also, consider the type of work you would be most interested in. Search the system for jobs that you feel are a strong fit for you. I know re-entering the work force after a hiatus can be a challenge, but hopefully we’ll have a role that will help you get your foot in the door! Best of luck!
    @cloud9 – I’m glad you asked about Finance! We are actually having a virtual webcast to talk about Finance at Intel, along with a virtual career fair and IM session! Take a look at this link. You can register for all upcoming events/activities, and get all of your questions answered by the actual Finance Experts!

  55. Hello Ms. Tiffany, I am back to your blog to thank you and also to provide some inputs to the people who are applying for jobs with Intel. I was struggling to get a call because I was just applying online but never gave a thought about Social Networking. I had good GPA, Industry experience, Research experience and grip over the subject but was unable to make it to the Interview call. When I got my Networking contacts work for me, I received the first ever call and that too from Intel. After completing the onsite interview, I heard back within 15 hours that they are pleased to offer me RCG position and I also had option to select one of the two available positions. From my experience, I would say that we must have strong command over the area of specialization, maintain good GPA and develop networking contacts. The Social Networking helps in getting the Interview call while the knowledge helps in successful landing in the right place. I wish everyone good luck. Thanks, Shavali.

  56. Hi Lav! If you’re interested in a position with Intel, visit our Jobs at Intel site at and conduct a search using key words from your skill set and interests. If there’s a match, go ahead and apply! If there aren’t any matches at the time, create a candidate profile and check back often because new positions open up all the time! Good luck!

  57. Hi, I have done a phone interview with an Engineer ( an RCG position)exactly a month ago and have not heard anything from then on, could please help with this, I did follow up but it didnt help, is this time span normal or was I missed out?

  58. @SV – If you can provide me with the requisition # you were interviewed against, I can check the status of that opening! It is always our expectation that a manager follow up with candidates they have interviewed, but sadly, sometimes this slips through the cracks. I can definitely check for you though!

  59. Tiffany,
    Thank you very much, meanwhile I heard from my Interviewer too that they are still talking to newer candidates and I would hear from them once they are finalized with a list. I was apprehensive about it being normal as it has already been a month.
    Thank you for your interest and help.

  60. Hi Tiffany,
    Could you please tell me how much time it generally takes after on-site interview to know about final outcome accepted/rejected?

  61. @sehjal- Unfortunately, there is not a standard time period for interview to offer. Each manager can be different. Some may take a week or so, others may take several weeks. It also can depend on how many candidates are being interviewed onsite and how quickly we can get them all scheduled. I wish I had a more concrete answer for you! Sorry~

  62. Hi Tiffany, i am an electronics and communication engineering student in the final year of my course.I have been reading your blog and i think its been a great help and the tips you give have been really handy.
    Intel has always fascinated me and i would really like to work for it someday. I was hoping if you could give me an insight on how i can go about securing a position with your company.
    I have a few questions too..
    1> Is getting an Ms degree in VLSI an added advantage ?
    2>Can i apply for internships with the company after my graduation?
    3>How does the selection process go about for the internship program?
    4>If an internship is secured is there a chance of gaining a position in the company?
    I am currently residing in India and your reply to this post would really be a great help for me and many such people in my position..

  63. Hello Tiffany,
    I had 2 onsite interviews on 29th and 30th of November. On 13th december when I have enquired about the status of my interviews, 2nd interviewer has mentioned that after reviewing my phone interview they are planning not to move further and also mentioned he had heard that I am receiving an offer from the other group. Here what I didnot understand is how can one be rejected based on phone interview after inviting for onsite interview. I was pretty confident that I will be given both the offers as I have done really good on the interviews.
    And the first interviewer was on vacation till january first week. In the mean time came to know from the HR department that I am still under consideration but no decision will be made until 2nd week of January. I have waited till middle of 2nd week of January and written an email to the hiring manager and received the response that they have proceeded with someone else. To say this they have kept me waiting for one and a half month. I felt that this is unfair because at every point I had an indication of positive response but received a rejection at the end.
    Now, even though I am still applying for the positions that exactly match my background, I am not receiving any calls.

  64. @Royston – Answers to your questions. MS degree in VLSI is fine. We do hire people with that background. For internships, you must be enrolled in a qualifying degree program to be considered. Once you graduate, you are then only eligible for Recent College Graduate positions (RCG). Requirements to help you in landing an internship typically vary by business group. Recruiters search resumes of students that have specific skills a manager is looking for. Intel does try to convert the large population of Interns we bring on. We have made an investment in you, and it only makes sense we try to land you! :) Hopefully those answer your questions! Best of luck!

  65. @Kollu – I’m really sorry to hear about that. Unfortunately, the hiring manager is the final decision maker. I disagree with the way they handled it, but it does appear on those 2 openings they are moving forward with other candidates. Please don’t be discouraged though. Continue to apply for jobs you are keenly qualified for. I will see if I can get a few other recruiters to take a look at your profile and see if they have an opportunity for you. Hang in there! We will do quite a bit of hiring this year!

  66. Hi Tiffany, Thank you very much for your response. As a part of my responsibility I am applying for the positions to which my profile is matching. Looking forward for a positive response from the hiring managers. It would be great if you can find recruiters who are interested in my profile. Your favor would be appreciated.

  67. Hello Tiffany:
    I’m currently doing a graduate internship in Oregon (for 6 months) working on instructional design for firmware. I’m really interested in working for the learning and development department, however. Do you have any insight you could offer?

  68. Hi Michael – You can always search for jobs in our Learning and Development group (ILD is the acronym), but we do hire a lot of people internally for those jobs. Keep checking though because we do place a huge emphasis on continued learning at Intel so there may be more opportunities opening in the future!

  69. Hi Tiffany, I love your blogs. I have always wanted to work for Intel but could never find my network there until today that I visited Intel’s website and found this page. I have just recently applied for 2 positions at Intel in the finance department but deep in my heart I don’t know if it will ever gets to the hands of hiring manager. Would it be appropriate to ask you to see what is the status of those positions as the open date and end date are one year out. Thanks, Teresa Tran

  70. @Teresa – Thanks for the feedback! I pulled up your profile and the same recruiter is supporting both of those openings. I can’t guarantee you an interview, but I’ll at least ask them to take a look and consider you!

  71. Hi,
    I have registered and submit my resume on Jun 13.
    But till now I have not received any mail or call regarding any job opening except the only one which is an acknowledgement mail.
    Please help.
    Kind regards,

  72. Hi Arka! Have you continued to search for positions that could be a match? Since you’ve already submitted your resume, you’re in our database but another way to ensure your resume is being considered is to keep checking back and applying to positions that are a match. New positions are created regularly! Good luck!

  73. hi Tiffni, i applied for some job posted on and received some denied letter :(. I hv one question here is whether i get suiltable job there even though my resume is not matched with it. As i know most of job there required relavent qualified certifications. it’s my difficul and worry for me when i wanne back to work for Intel.

  74. Hi Cam Chi! You should apply to openings that are a match to your qualifications and skills, that’s the best way to get your foot in the door. If there isn’t an open position that is a suitable match, keep checking back as new positions open up all the time. In order to really be considered it is wise to have a current resume attached to your profile too. Good luck!

  75. Hi i am surya…i applied for couple of jobs in intel website but never got a reply..i did my btech and later on i did my mba in International business ..can u please help me out how can i get in intel?

  76. Hi Srikanth! There could be a few different reasons why you didn’t get selected for the positions you applied to: it could have been filled internally or cancelled, other candidates may have been more qualified or perhaps you weren’t the best fit. The best thing to do would be to keep trying. Be mindful of the positions you apply to–meeting the minimum requirements is a given but for competitive positions, it may not be enough. Good luck!

  77. Well Nice to recieve a reply from u..tell me one thing is der any possibility for a management student as a fresher to get into intel ???

  78. @Surya, we do offer positions for recent college graduates and they are all listed on our Jobs at Intel site at Try the “Where Do I Fit?” module to learn more about the opportunities based on your background:
    @Cam Chi, glad you like the blog post and discussion!
    Thank you for your comments–this post is pretty old which is why I’m going to close the comments on it, but check out some of our newer posts and feel free to have a discussion there!

  79. Hi, This is Kashinath here since i have 4.5 years Finance and Accounts experiance.
    Now i am looking for change in job and intersted in Intel corporate
    could you please help me Kind regards,
    Kashinath GT

    1. Hi Kashinath! Have you created a candidate profile at our Jobs at Intel website? The site lists all of our current openings: find one that matches your skill set and interests and apply! If there’s nothing available right now, check back because new positions open up fairly frequently. Good luck!

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