Recruiting for interns and full-time positions for 2010!

Hi Students! Well just as things are getting busy for you at the start of the spring semester, it’s back to the busy recruiting season for us recruiters too. The good news is that Intel is still hiring for internships and for full-time positions for 2010! We are looking for student at all degree levels (BS, MS & PhD) and across most of our technical disciplines and business disciplines. Here’s a tip: We have a great “Where do I Fit” matrix to help you determine how what you’re studying applies to our opportunities. This means we’ll be out on campus quite a bit and you can find our schedule of events at this link. If we come to your campus, there is a benefit to you for taking the time to meet with us at a career fair or info session, not only because we get the chance to talk with you individually, but because we’re able to identify areas where you might be a good fit and flag your resume appropriately. But if we miss you on campus, or if you attend a university where we don’t come in person, not to worry! We post all of our internship and full-time openings on the Jobs at Intel site. Here you can apply directly against positions that interest you and for which your skill sets are a good fit. And be sure to check back often as there are new positions being posted almost daily!

Here are a few former blog posts you can reference to be prepared to talk with recruiters on campus and to get some tips on writing a great resume/CV part one and part two.

We look forward to meeting with you soon!

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192 thoughts on “Recruiting for interns and full-time positions for 2010!

  1. Dani,
    I was a RCG that took a job with Intel recently. I was paid out a relocation package to move to the Intel site after school.
    If I want to transfer to say, another Intel site after one year from the original job. Do I have to repay the remaining relocation package back? The relocation package states, that if you leave Intel before 2 years is up, you have to pay the remaining balance. But it does not say anything about internal transfers (or even transfers to another Intel site).

  2. Hey, I’ll be graduating in Jun’2010 from BITS-Pilani. Currently I’m working as an intern at Analog Devices, Bangalore.
    I want to apply for jobs in VLSI with joining date aound June,July or August’2010 but whenever I go to “Search for Jobs” link, I find jobs which have a very recent joining date.
    How can I find jobs for above mentioned joining dates?

  3. Hey, I am doing my Masters in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. I will be graduating in May 2011. I am an international student and have joined CMU this semester so I am not allowed to work off-campus or do an internship this summer. I am however, highly interested in working with your organization. How should I go about it? When should I apply and what is expected out of me as a potential candidate?

  4. Hi Ashutosh! It may be that there are not any jobs open yet in Intel India with dates that far out. Just make sure that you have an up to date profile that reflects your graduation date. That way the India staffing managers can get in contact with you as they begin to source for positions for later in 2010.
    @Manny, we are in the midst of contacting our relocation department to get more information for you!

  5. Hi Aakanksha! Unfortunately Chemical engineering is not a field where we can sponsor international students at the masters level. We can a doctorate level, so if you continue with your studies past the masters, please let us know.

  6. Hi Manny! Thanks for your question and sorry for the delay in response. I was confirming with our relocation department on how to answer. If you were a recent hire you would be committed back to paying the balance of the relocation if you move to another site, even staying working for Intel. If you have additional questions about your specific relocation package you should contact a relocation consultant through the“Relocation US Domestic” email account.

  7. Hi Dani,
    I graduated in 07 from Germany and Currently working at Univ. of California as a postdoc scholar since 2007. My area of expertise is nano device fabrication. I had been looking for full time jobs at intel career site but almost all of the PhD level jobs related to my area are for fresh graduates only. I was wondering if intel is only interested in fresh graduates and doesn’t offer anything for people with more research experience. Could you may be shed some light on how should I approach ?

  8. Hi DJ! Although our process technology development team prefers to hire recent college graduates into their organization, there are other R&D organizations where we hire both experienced and recent college graduates. The candidates with the most relevant experience and skill sets needed for the job are considered for our experienced research positions. If you haven’t already, please complete a profile at and apply to the jobs where you feel there is a fit. Hope this helps answer your question!

  9. Hi Dani. I applied for a PhD level position two weeks ago but haven’t received any response so far. Does it mean I am not qualified? How long am I suppose to wait?

  10. Hi Aakanksha,
    I am doing my second MS in Computer Engineering first being in Electrical Engineering and in both degrees my focus is on VLSI. I am applying for Intern openings in US but don’t get any response. I am about to finish the degree and looking for full time. How can i apply for Intel openings in India.How can i provide you with my resume.Let me know.

  11. Hi Dani,
    I am a first year graduate student pursuing Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology with majors in Computer engineering. I would like to apply for a summer internship at INTEL for any position related to computer architecture/ embedded systems designing/ hardware engineering. I have already applied online but it seems that doesn’t work. Can you please accept my resume some how? ( I can email it to you)

  12. Hi Dani,
    I have submitted my MPhil thesis on GMMEDA: EDA based optimization algorithm. Though was pursuing PhD, but unfortunately, I had to submit it as MPhil thesis as I had financial constraints.
    In the research I tried to find , do we need complex optimization algorithm to optimize complex function.
    On to my job search, I have not been able to find any optimization related jobs in Australia. I have a very kind request can you, Please suggest me on how should I proceed to get a job of my field of interest, preferably at intel.

  13. @Weldon, Thanks for your interest in positions with Intel! Our recent college graduate positions are usually open for a month to two. Within that timeframe you will either be called to schedule an interview, or informed that you were not selected to interview.
    @Amol, we are in the midst of doing quite a bit of intern hiring right now. Often intern positions, like our recent college graduate positions, will be open for a month or two to give students time to apply. You will get a call if you are selected to interview, or you will get an email stating that you were not selected to interview when the position closes. It is also a good idea to apply for positions in India if that is your country of citizenship. You can access information about positions in India by going to our student center at and selecting India.

  14. @Chintan – Our online profile process is our official application process and I can assure you that plenty of candidates are hired through this venue. There is still quite a bit of intern hiring to be done, so it may be that the positions you’ve applied for are ones where they have not yet made decisions on who to interview. You will either here that you are selected to interview, or you will receive an email indicating if you were not selected to interview for each specific position. Also, we do quite a bit of recruiting at Georgia Tech, so I’d encourage you to look for opportunities to interact with our recruiters there if you’ve not already done so.
    @Naveen, you will not find many jobs in Australia at all as we do not have any major locations there (especially for any technical positions). I’d encourage you to review for positions in the US that relate to your research. Also, here is a link where you can look up Intel locations to understand what we do where: Note that in many cases you will need to have the permanent right to work in the country in which you are applying for a job.

  15. Dear Dani,
    Thank you for the very informative blog!
    I am an undergraduate engineering student in Canada. I would love to work at Intel during the summer term. Do offices in the United States consider Canadian candidates for internship positions? I am eligible for the J-1 visa.
    Thank you!

  16. Hi Kenneth! If you are an undergraduate student, you must have the permanent right to work in the US in order to do an internship with us in the US (J1 visa does not fall under that criteria). If you are a graduate student, there could be more opportunity for you to do an internship in the US, but I would need to know more about the degree you are pursuing. Thanks.

  17. Hi Dani, I had already asked you about intel not seem to be much interested in hiring experienced graduates (PostDocs). Well as you suggested, keep looking – and yes, I did get a response. I have another question, most of the international postdocs come on J1 visa with a 2 Year home residency bar that needs to be fulfilled before making any status change from J1. Although it can be waived by several ways but that needs a few months of processing time. I have already started that process. On intel website, somewhere I found that intel is also authorized to sponsor J1, I was wondering if intel can hire someone for a full time position on J1 visa and then later on process H1B if there is an immediate need.

  18. Hi Dani, I’m very interested in working for Intel as RCG in Marketing or Administration. It appears from the blog that many of the candidates have a Engineering background. I recently graduated with a MBA and meet the qualifications. If all of the candidates meet the qualifications for RCG positions, will you shed some light on how Intel will determine who will get an interview? Will Engineer graduates have top priority?

  19. Hi, Dani. I was phone interviewed for an internship a month ago, but I still haven’t heard anything back yet. Is it normal? Am I not selected or I am still under consideration? Will I be contacted no matter I get it or not?
    Is it wise for me to ask back?

  20. hii,
    I would heartily appreciate if you can give some insight into timeline between onsite interview at Intel (PhD RCG at Portland or Chandler) and the final decision by recruiting manager. Is is 2/3 or 4 weeks? How long should the candidate wait before inquiring?
    Thanks much.

  21. I am a Masters student in EE at University of Minnesota. Intel came on campus and accepted my resume and asked me to apply online for summer internships. Consequently, I have applied for “Graduate Technical Intern” positions at various locations. When can I expect to hear back about my application?

  22. Dear Dani,
    I am a current graduate student (MS) in computer science at Arizona State University. I will be finishing my program in Fall 2010. I am a J-1 visa holder and I would like to know what opportunities there may be for me at Intel.

  23. I’ve just received an email to inform I’ve not selected to interview for the Financial Analyst position # 570732. However, at the same time, I also applied for the other Financial Analyst position for new graduate from Spring 09 to Spring 10.
    Will the refused decision of the 1st job effect my application of the 2nd job?

  24. I am currently finishing up my PhD thesis. Let’s say I have applied for RCG positions and get hired today, how long will intel hold the job for me? I am an international student; applying for immigration paper work, convincing my boss to let me leave, finishing up my thesis etc may take a few months’ time! I am curious to know what protocols Intel follows for someone in my situation. I understand that Intel won’t let me join unless I submit a degree completion certificate and the proper immigration paperwork (OPT EAD card in my case).

  25. Hi I am a masters student. I am interested to do intern at Intel. I am graduating this may 2010. Can I apply for intern positions??

  26. Hi Dani! I’m very happy that you are requiting interns for 2010. I have in fact applied for a few jobs in human factors already. However, I’m a bit confused as to whether your internships are only summer positions, or whether you offer prolonged stays as well. I’m myself pursuing a position with a duration of approx half a year in the second half of 2010, since I hope to make this part of the final year of my masters’ program in Engineering Psychology.
    Thank you! Claus Stadel, Denmark

  27. Hi Dani,
    I am Ankit Desai and I did my Ms in Electrical Engineering fro University of Texas at Arlington and graduated on Aug’ 08. I was also interviewed at Intel on Nov ’08 and just after my confirmation Intel stopped hiring. So, I am just wondering that its been almost 18 months to my graduation. so, will I be come any kind of consideration for the new RCG openings????…

  28. Hi Dani,
    I am completing my PHD from WashU May 2010 with focus on signal and image processing. I am wondering if there is a good fit for me in Intel. Let me know. Thanks,

  29. Hi Dani,
    I am a RCG and hold a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering.I see that most of the jobs that I have applied have a couple of questions attached to them asking if we’ve worked in that field.All the projects that i have worked on are related to my school coursework. Is it bad not to have any work experience as this is going to be my first job? Gives me nerves, every time i apply for a potential position. Thanks!

  30. @Puran, After a month I would encourage you to reach out to your interview team and ask about the status of your application. Until you’ve heard that you have not been selected, you are still being considered. The team is probably interviewing multiple candidates for the role. Thank you for your patience.
    @DJ, There are several ways in which a J-1 may be subject to the 2-year home residence requirement (i.e. a country’s skills list, government funding (either their government or US government), foreign medical graduates who engage in clinical residence medical training. Applying for a waiver is not a guarantee that it will be granted. The home country may decline under the skills list requirement and without the home country approval, a waiver will not be granted. If US government funding is involved it is less likely to be approved. For these reasons, Intel will not make an offer until the waiver is in hand. I hope this helps.
    @Pradeep, The application process timeline varies, so it is difficult to provide a timeline to students. The hiring teams will review the resumes submitted against the requisition and contact those students who best fit the job. If you are not selected for theposition, you will receive an email from Intel indicating so. Hope this helps!
    @Juan, please see the response above to DJ.
    @Kenneth, For full-time positions we require the same sorts of things. We require a 3.0 GPA or better (on a 4.0 scale), graduating from an accredited university and the permananet right to work in the U.S. without sponsorship, with some exceptions for PhD’s and Masters candidates. Unfortunately we aren’t able to offer internships or full-time jobs to undergraduates who do not have the permanent right to work in the United States. I hear Canada produces some outstanding engineers but there is no shortage of engineering students applying to intel internships or full-time jobs here in the US. Hope this helps is your job search and we wish you all the best!
    @Sidhu, Congrats on almost completing your PhD! Intel is very used to hiring PhD’s and we understand the complexity of the situation you just described. Your start date is typically a negotiation between your hiring team (when they need you) and you (when you’re available). We understand – it literally takes months! While interviewing communicate your situation with the team. You can interview for a position prior to receiving OPT or submitting for your degree completion. However you are correct that you can not start your employment until those things are verified. Good luck to you!
    @Satish, You must be returning to a full time degree program to be eligible for an internship. So if you are graduating in May 2010, and not going on to pursue a PhD, you should apply for full time recent college graduate positions, and not internship positions. If however you are going back to school to work on a PhD after your master’s graduation, please do apply for internship positions.
    @Claus, Hiring managers want interns to work summers and for extending periods during the traditional school year. If you are contacted by a hiring team, please let them know your interest so they can try and accommodate for your needs.

  31. @Nia, A majority of the jobs we have are in engineering, but like any business we need all different types of backgrounds, including MBA’s. I would encourage you to look at the ALP, SMRP and Finance pages at to get some more insight into what its like for MBA’s who work on those teams. Once you complete your profile, apply to some of the jobs you are interested in. The candidates who best fit the job are typically contacted for a phone interview.
    @Anh, Great question. There is no impact to your application for the 2nd job if you weren’t selected for the first.
    @Ankit, You will be considered for RCG openings for up to 18 months past your graduation date. After that point you are considered an Experienced candidate and no longer qualify for RCG positions. Make sure your profile is up to date and you’re applying for all the jobs you are qualified for.
    @Divya, Students at the Master’s and PhD level typically have previous internships, work-study experience or practical experience that addresses the experience requirement. We really don’t expect work experience for undergraduate students. The practical experience students get through school is relevant experience.

  32. hi Dani,
    This bolg is very informative and full of much needed guidance. Thanks a lot!
    I was looking for PhD RCG positions on intel website and saw exactly same job title “process engineer” in different sites of intel, hillsboro (OR), Chandler (AZ), Phoenix (AZ), Santa Clara (CA),Albaraque.
    I have two questions:
    1) does the final salary (base + variable pay+benefits+bonuses) for the same job title (requiring an RCG) changes from site to site. If Yes..what is the typical variation index so to say?
    Any ballpark would help.
    2) Even in the same site, say in Hillsboro OR, I saw same “Process Engineer” job title in different groups/division, namely, Component Resarch; Portland Technology Development, Ramp Division etc.
    So is there a salary variation between groups in the same site (for the same job title requiring an RCG)?
    Thanks a lot for helping us all.

  33. Hi Dani,
    I have recently applied for few positions in Intel. I have an EAD and am authorized for full time employment in US. Currently, is Intel further processing a candidate having EAD for openings in USA?

  34. Hi Layton! Every year Intel assesses our RCG salaries at all levels, BS, MS, PhD. The base salaries are competitive and at par with what others in our industry are paying their Chemical, Material, Mechanical, Electrical, MBA’s, etc. Santa Clara employee’s are eligible to receive a geographic differential on top of their regular base salary. Salaries will also differ based on prior experience or internships and GPA. I hope this helps!

  35. @DB, All of our open positions are listed on our Jobs at Intel site at I’d recommend you do an advanced search with ‘signal and image processing’ as keywords to determine if there are any positions of that sort open at this time. Also, even if you don’t find a position that is a good match with your skillsets at this time, we’d encourage you to create a profile so that we have your resume on hand so that if/when those positions open in the future, we can get in contact with you.

  36. Hi Dani,
    I had posted in one of your earlier blogs regarding the fab 32 positions. I see that the dry etch engineer position (570114) is still open. I had applied for this when the position first came out in october 2009. I have a masters in electrical engineering from a us university with a thesis on plasma based reactive ion etching(dry etching). I was wondering if you have an update and if there is somebody i can contact to emphasize my credentials. Thanks.

  37. Hi Jay – thanks for your interest in the F32 job. At this point they are focusing on interviewing candidates with the permanent right to work in the US per the preferred qualifications on the req. We will keep your resume on hand though in the event that that changes. Thanks.

  38. Hi Dani,
    I made it through the phone screen and have completed the First Advantage forms. Approx how long do those screenings take or when should I expect to be notified about a face to face interview? Thanks

  39. Congrats Clay on making it through the phone screen! It really can depend (mostly on the hiring manager’s schedule) how long it will be before a face to face interview will be scheduled. If you haven’t heard anything within 2 weeks of your phone screen, you should follow up with the hiring manager or staffing consultant who’s working with you.

  40. Dani,
    This forum is very informative. I have been so far satisfied with all your responses. Thank you.

  41. i I am a CS undergraduate from ASU with a GPA of 3.7 and will be graduating on May 2010. I have applied for several positions but have not been called for an interview yet. Can you elaborate on your shortlisting policy. Do you only recruit via referrals or based on the accomplishments of a student as elucidated in his or her resume?

  42. @Rahul, Thanks for your interest in our full time positions! We do not recruit only based on referrals – we actively recruit candidates from our top priority schools (ASU is one of those) for full time and internship positions. I can assure you that if you’ve applied directly against positions, your resume is being reviewed by the staffing manager for that position. We do receive many applications for each open position, so short-lists are created based on candidate fit with the prescreening questions, GPA, previous experience, and other accomplishments called out on the resume. Sometimes recent college graduate positions are open as long as 2 months. You will either hear that you’ve been selected to interview, or that you haven’t when the position closes.

  43. Hi Dani,
    I am a Master’s student in Electrical Engineering. I will be graduating in May 2010.
    I have been applying for RCG positions for quite sometime, without any success.
    I had interviewed for an Intern position in Intel about an year back and had not performed well in the phone interview (as a result, I was not selected for that position)
    Will this, in any way, affect my chances of getting calls for the positions that I am applying right now? When I am applying now, I see that sometimes, I am asked to give contact details of the person who interviewed me. I am wondering if my previous performance will affect my current chances of getting a call.

  44. Hi Naveen! That’s a good question. And the answer is no, your performance on an interview a year ago will not affect your chance of getting a call for RCG positions today. We realize that sometimes students might be interviewed for a position for which they are not a great fit, or perhaps the candidate was just having an “off day”. If you have a strong resume and your qualifications are a match for the current job openings, you will be considered for those positions regardless of a previous interview.

  45. Hi Dani,
    First of all, thank you very much for hosting such an informative blog.
    I am an EE student at University of Maryland, graduating in spring 2011. I had applied for VLSI design internship positions at Fort Collins for summer 2010, but haven’t heard back yet. So, I was wondering if you happen to know the contact whom I should follow-up with about my application to the position (if there is one)?
    My next question is, are hiring decisions made as applications/resumes are received, or are those made after all the applications are in?
    Lastly, even though the openings for the VLSI design internships at Ft. Collins don’t call for coverletters, would you say that a cover letter makes one’s application stronger?
    Thanks in advance for your time in reading through my questions.
    With Best Regards,

  46. Hi Dani,
    I am currently a senior undergrad physics major at Ball State University. I have experience with nano science (i.e. carbon nanotube growth, etc.) and non-linear optics. I was wondering what kind of positions may fit my skill set. Any advice would be great. Thanks.

  47. @Nausheen, sorry for taking so long to get back to you! I was checking with our immigration team for advice on your question. Yes, Intel does hire foreign nationals with an EAD or other employment authorization if they meet Intel’s foreign national hiring guideline. Intel hires US workers first. When we cannot find a US worker, Intel supports FN hiring for technical positions where there is an identified skill shortage.

  48. @Suchit, Thanks, glad you’re enjoying the blog! An internship position may be posted as an open position for a month or more. Resumes are reviewed as they come in, but the final decision on who will be interviewed is not made until resumes from all the applicants are reviewed. The position will be closed when a short list of interview candidates is finalized and all candidates who applied against the position will either be informed whether they are being invited to interview or not. If you’ve applied directly against an internship position, you can be sure that the staffing manager is reviewing your application. We rely primarily on the information in the resume, but if you have some additional information you’d like to provide in a cover letter, it doesn’t hurt.
    @Kyle, Sounds like you are studying some exciting things! Intel does have a group that does research in nano science and optics, however our research groups hire primarily PhDs. For physics students we are in general looking for people with graduate degrees. Depending though on what other experience you have, you might be a fit for process engineering type positions in the fabs. I’d recommend you review our jobs website and apply against any positions that are fab related and required only a BS degree. Thanks.

  49. Hi Dani,
    I also have to say thank you for hosting such an informative blog !
    I am a French engineering student, in optics and electronics. I will get my engineering degree next October after I do two internships. I am currently doing the first one at the NIST in Gaithersburg, Maryland in fundamental physics, and I would be very interested in doing the second one in the Nanoscience and Optics group at Intel. The Silicon Photonics project is very attractive. So here are my two questions : Does Intel offer three months internship for foreigners (starting in July) ? And (how) can I contact the researchers involved in this project ?
    Thank you very much,
    with best regards, Lucas

  50. Hi Lucas! Thanks for your interest in Intel. The Optics group is part of our Intel Labs group which hires mostly MS and PhD students. Intel Labs does have summer internship opportunities, although I’m not sure specifically about the group working on Silicon Photonics. I’d encourage you to review the internships we have posted at – all of our internships are posted there and updated regularly. Intel Labs does hire foreign students, but it depends on a variety of factors including the specific position, your degree and discipline, whether a qualified US candidate is available, etc.

  51. Hi Dani!
    This is a great blog from intel for students. I am a EE Phd student at UF. I will be graduating in Dec 2010 or May 2011. I am wondering if I apply for RCG now, will I be considered or should I wait until I near graduation? Also, since I might graduate in Dec 2010, am I eligible for a intern in May 2010?

  52. Hi Dani,
    I got a mail from Intel subject:Intel Electronic Application Form Follow Up.
    I wanna know what is dis all bout?

  53. @Vish, Congrats on being almost done with your PhD! We consider you to be an RCG candidate for 18 months before you graduate up through 18 months after you graduate, so even if your graduation is not until May 2011, we could consider you as an RCG candidate now. If you are graduating in December, it’s not too early to apply for open RCG positions (some positions may require someone to start earlier, but others will be OK to wait until late in the year). If you aren’t graduating until May’11, its still good to have a completed profile, but its probably a little too early to apply for open positions (but start looking in August’10 or so).
    You would also be eligible for an internship prior to your graduation. However once you graduate we will no longer consider you for intern positions (you must be returning to a full time degree program to be considered for an internship).

  54. I am a BS in IT (just graduated in Sep 2009) and have applied for two RCG positions(in Vietnam).
    I want to know how long should I wait until get noticed “selected” or “not selected”.
    I have wished for a job at Intel long time ago(before I attend university) so I can’t wait to see the result. :))
    The job number: 576400 & 574432

  55. @Sateesh, This is a legit pre-interview communication from a vendor we work with. The vendor verifies your information on behalf of Intel once you’ve completed the requested form.

  56. What is the salary of a fresh MS in Computer Science (RCG) in Hillsboro for a Software Engineer position? Can you provide any figures? I know Microsoft pays 80k base in a tax free place like Seattle. Is the pay comparable to this provided you are taxed in Oregon?

  57. Hi Robin! We don’t share specific salary information as it will be different for each offer dependent on factors such as the university, the student’s previous experience, etc. Our compensation and benefits group does a lot of analysis and benchmarking every year to ensure that our total compensation is competitive with the market.

  58. Hi Dani:
    Thanks for patiently answering each and every question. This is very informative. As you said in your earlier posts, does Intel consider other accomplishments such as publications seriously too or is GPA alone is the primary criteria in choosing RCGs for the interview? Because my scenario is I have a decent GPA (> 3.0) but my other accomplishments are strong. So I am wondering if I am still in the competition.
    Thanks for providing me the opportunity.

  59. @ViNay – At Intel our hiring managers look at a broad range of candidate qualifications. Grade Point Average is one of several things we consider when selecting candidates from the large pool of applicants. As a baseline we require a 3.0 cumulative GPA. Some of our business groups require a 3.5 GPA. Some other things we look for include: specific university coursework, applicable work experience (including internships), other relevant life experiences, and projects and publications.

  60. Hi, I graduated with my BS in business with an emphasis in marketing. I am currently looking for a position within intel and am very willing to relocate. I have posted my resume’ do you have any suggestions for me and my search with your company?

  61. Hi Dani,
    I am an BS/MS Electrical Engineering RCG and I have applied for several jobs at Intel in the last week .I do meet Intel’s 3.5 GPA requirement and was wondering if it is too late to get hired for the summer new hire class? Since most company’s complete their recruiting seasons in January.

  62. Hi Andreye! Thank you for your interest in Intel Corporation. As you would expect of a company Intel’s size, we have substantial marketing and other business operations departments. The majority of the jobs in these disciplines are located at our jobsites in California, Oregon, and Arizona. I recommend that you regularly visit our Jobs at Intel website ( and ensure you keep your profile and resume up to date. You may search our open positions and apply for those you feel are a good match for your qualifications.

  63. Hi Dani,
    I’m a former Intel employee who left to serve in the USAF after 9/11. I’m returning to civilian life and I applied for a manufacturing tech position. It closed out 31 Mar and my question is do non-exempt candidates recieve feedback wheter or not they were selected to interview?

  64. hello…
    I am engg. second year student of stream ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION ENGG . I want to do summer internship in INTEL . Please help me out for the same.

  65. Hi Ravi! Thanks for your interest in Intel. I’d encourage you to review the internships we have posted at —all of our internships are posted there and updated regularly. Then, apply for those you feel are a good match for your qualifications. Be sure to complete your candidate profile and submit your resume so we have the information needed to consider you for current or future positions!

  66. Hi Dani,
    I graduated last year (approx 10 months ago). Decided to take a year out. Now, been looking at jobs on the site, and I couldn’t help but notice few(pretty much all) postings stating “Recent graduate, that has graduated in the past 18 months”. Although, I’m still under the 18 months mark. Of what value would my application be now, since I’m dangerously nearing the 18 months mark (10 months)? Is this going to be an issue?
    Thanks in advance.
    Don’t know if this helps. But was given the opportunity to take an internships 2yrs ago. But due to certain reasons. I couldn’t. And now, I’m eager to gain valuable experience, starting at intel.

  67. Hi Dani,
    I am an MBA graduate from India and am interested in the Accelerated Leadership Program at Intel. Is this Program open in India ? I have created my profile on the Intel Jobs site and fulfill the criterion mentioned for the ALP.

  68. Hello Dani,
    I am a student studying at the University of Waterloo Electrical Engineering Honours Co-op in my second year, second semester. I have finished making an application online at Intel. I am looking for a co-op position for Fall 2010 (September 2010 to December 2010), do you guys hire mostly from jobmine or the Intel website?
    Please let me know, thanks.

  69. @Alex, as long as you are within the 18 month window, you are just as eligible as someone who graduated yesterday. We are still doing a good amount of hiring, so you should see plenty of positions out there that you could apply to and be considered for within the next 8 months. Good luck!
    @Tony, I’m waiting to hear back from the ALP program lead on your question. Hang tight!
    @Sai, we rely primarily on applications to our Intel Jobs website.
    Thanks for your comments!

  70. Hi Dani! This is a follow-up to my earlier question on 14 April…Is Job Number: 575131 still screening applicants? I applied on 31 March and haven’t heard anything.

  71. Hi Dan,
    If you haven’t received an email from Intel on the position, then it is still open and applicants are being considered. When the position closes, all applicants not selected receive an email stating so.
    I don’t own the requisition so I don’t know the status of any one applicant.

  72. @Tony, sorry for taking so long to respond to you! If you have submitted your profile on our Jobs at Intel site, then it will be reviewed by our staffing group. We do hire people for ALP in India but our hiring cycle for the program this year is complete. Good luck with your search!

  73. Hi Dani, I am only a high school student, but I have been admitted to ucsb for electrical engineering. I plan on doing a 4+1 master’s there. I was wondering if there is anyway I can intern for Intel during the summer of my college years. Please let me know. Thanks.

  74. My name is Aniq and I am almost done with my junior year in Electrical Engineering. I am in Portland, OR and attend Portland State University. I was wondering how else I can possibly find an undergrad internship with Intel. I have been applying to almost every opening I see on the jobs page however I seldom make it past the initial reviewing process. Any tips??

  75. @Daeseong, Congrats on your acceptance into UCSB. I always encourage students I meet to consider the 4+1 program if their school has one because a majority of our positions require graduate level education. Although we don’t actively recruit at UCSB, that certainly doesn’t prevent a student from being considered for an internship. In preparing for an internship I would make sure to visit UCSB’s Career Center so they can help you prepare your resume and prepare you to engage with employers.
    To be considered for an Intel Internship you will need at least a 3.0 or greater GPA, be enrolled in a full-time, accredited academic program and have relavent skill sets needed for the position. As you grow in your academic career, so will your skill sets and the likelihood of being considered for an internship. All the best!
    @Aniq, It can be very a competitive process to land the right internship. You’re doing the right thing by applying for the jobs that match your interests and skill sets. I would keep applying. Make sure your resume has been reviewed by someone at the PSU Career Service office. All the best to you!

  76. Hi Dan,
    I am a recent college grad with masters in Materials science and Engg., and bachelors in Electrical Engg. I would like to know if whether Intel sponsors masters level material engineers. Thank you…

  77. hi, I am an MBA student at the U of Arizona. I am interested in the Accelerated Leadership Program. is it available in Phoenix?

  78. Dear Dani,
    I have recently applied for position as a software developer. I have misquoted my GPA (GPA quoted was less than what it supposedly is). Is is okay to upload/edit a new resume version while the job is still active? Thank you.

  79. @Sam, For the most part, we don’t sponsor MS MatSci students on an F-1 for their H1-B. In order to sponsor a student we need to demonstrate a shortage of qualified US applicants and we just don’t have a shortage of BS or MS MatSci applicants. I wish I had better news for you. We do sponsor most PhD MatSci students.
    @Tom, The ALP Program has employees at all sites, including Chandler, AZ, right outside of Phoenix. The ALP program has completed its recruitment and hiring for this year. There are other MBA positions available so you should definitely search the jobs and apply for the ones you’re interested in.
    @Shiva, No worries. You can edit your profile at anytime you need. Let me know if you have any issue with doing this.

  80. I am an Indian student of international business at Warsaw school of Economics, Poland. I wish to do an internship with Intel marketing divison IN USA. how can i join Intel as a marketing intern . please provide me the detailed information. Thanks!

  81. Hi Gaurav! Internships in the US are meant for US based students. If you do apply to an internship in a different country, we would need to look into the local labor law and ensure we are acting in compliance.

  82. Hi Dani,
    I’m a master’s electrical engineering student from University of Texas at Arlington.I’m studying in F1- Visa status.I would be graduating in Aug 2010.I’m very much interested in pursuing Internships or full time jobs at Intel. Please let me know if i would be eligible to pursue Internships or Full-time Jobs at Intel.
    Thank you,

  83. hello dani,
    i am doing undergraduate electrical engineering in NIT Nagpur,India. I would like to apply for internships in India so what are the requirements like GPA ..etc and how to aplly.please help me .

  84. hi, am a post graduate student (vlsi and embedded systems) from india. how are the prospects for internships in banglore? i’ve applied at the intel job site, but no update yet.

  85. @Dilip @Annie, Thanks for your interest in Intel India! We are getting tons of great candidates everyday but unfortunately don’t have enough openings for all of them. In India we typically route most of our Intern/RCG hiring through the college training and placement teams. In that regard I strongly recommend you get in touch with your placement in charge for the same to understand opportunities with Intel. In case of full time opportunities, we do also review direct applications through our website [] so do apply to openings you find interesting and suitable. Best of luck!

  86. Hi Dani,
    I had a face to face interview (USA for RGS fulltime position) after couple of phone interviews about a month back.
    How long it will take to get a feedback from Intel?
    If I am not receiving feedback after 4 weeks then does this mean they recruited somebody else or sth?
    It’s been a while now and now I am having my finger crossed. Nobody has responded me till now… Let me know how long does it usually take to hear back from Intel?
    Any information regarding this whould be appreciated.

  87. Hi Dani
    I have finished my university and want to apply for an RCG role. I have my transcripts ready and a letter from my university suggesting that i have successfully completed all my courses.As you are aware that it takes time to get the degree processed. So i am expecting my degree in two months from now. However if i apply for an RCG role, will i be considered and can i start working? Will a letter and transcripts be enough to get me started for the RCG role and i can then submit my degree in two months time?

  88. @Suray, I’m sorry you’ve had to wait. It can take as quick as two days or I’ve seen it take as long as three months. Both are extremes. Usually a month is a good time frame to allow hiring teams to interview all candidates, make a decision and get back to interviewees. It really does depend on the hiring manager. My suggestion is to contact the interview team and ask the status. They would know better than anyone else.
    @Sabir, Good question! I actually wasn’t sure about this and did some digging and reached out to a colleague who knows more about this and here’s what we came up with. You can and absolutely should apply for an RCG role, even if you do not officially have your degree. Many of our RCG applicants apply to roles before receiving their degree and are considered for RCG positions. Showing proof of your degree comes into play if you reach the offer stage; your offer and pay would be contingent on your degree. Also, you would not be able to start until you officially have your degree. Hope that helps!

  89. Hello Ms. Napier,
    First of all, you are doing a great job! This blog of yours is very informative and a glance at the number of conversations here is a proof of your good work!
    I am a Masters grad in Electrical Engineering from SDSMT with a 4.0 GPA. My undergrads has been in Electronics and Communications from India, again with a 4.0 GPA. I have more than an years of internship experience and 2 years of teaching and research assistants. I also have 9 presentations/publications to my credit along with a number of academic projects.
    Currently, I am continuing to intern under the F-1 student visa status in the US. I will be entering the OPT (Optional Practical Training) period starting September 2010 and will continue to be under this visa status until September 2011. Having researched your website, I see a number of full time positions I am interested in and which suit my qualifications.
    My questions to you are:
    1. Do you sponsor H-1B work visa for international students like me?
    2. Do you have an option where you hire me as an intern and later accept me as a full timer offering H-1B sponsorship?
    Thanks in advance,
    Anoop Chadaga

  90. @Praveen, Since you graduate in August, make sure you are applying for full-time positions. To be considered for Intel’s Internship Program you need to be enrolled in a full-time, accredited college program and returning to complete your degree. Since you are done, you are ready for full-time work.

  91. @Anoop Thanks for reading the blog! I’m glad it’s providing some helpful information to you. To answer your question, yes we consider students in the US on an F-1 Visa as long as we can demonstrate a shortage of US applicants in the same area. Our intern program is meant for students enrolled and returning to their full-time academic program. You would only be qualified for a full-time position. All the best to you in your job search.

  92. Hi Dani,
    Thanks for your reply. How would I get to know which department would have a shortage for them to consider having me (F1 visa status applicant) join them?
    Also, at times I see multiple openings on your website with the same job titles and qualifications at the same location, but different job codes. Would application to 1 such job be equivalent to application for all openings posted? Or would applying to multiple, similar openings give an impression of desperation to find a job and reduce my chances of being qualified for the next level?
    Thanks again,
    Anoop Chadaga

  93. Hi Anoop,
    Only the department experiencing the shortage of US workers would know about this. I don’t even have that level of information.
    Per your second concern, yes you will often see same title, different job codes. My recommendation to students is to always apply for the jobs where you are a fit. Some applicants have applied for jobs for which there is clearly no fit and if a hiring team sees that enough (and they do see it) that leaves an impression. However, when there is a fit there is a fit. We’re a big enough company to have similar jobs, all of which I would apply to if I were you. You are absolutely doing the right things. Now its up to the hiring teams to do their selection and screening.
    All the best to you!

  94. Hi Dani,I am B.Tech ECE with research interest in Low power VLSI from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham. Really interested to get a job in Intel. I can’t see my college name in the Intel job site to select my college name!Please help.

  95. Hi Dani,
    Thanks for your detailed reply. I want to make informed decisions when it comes to applying for jobs, thanks for answering my concerns.
    Anoop Chadaga

  96. Hi…Dani
    I am studying M.Tech in Vlsi Design ….
    i want intership in INTEL….
    so please give suggestions to get internship in intel

  97. hai dani, i am prabhakar doing M.Tech in nanotechnology………… i want to do my internship in intel…… so i need suggestion and informations to apply and proceed to get the internship in intel………..

  98. Hello Dani,
    Firstly – kudos to you for your time and dedication in maintaining this blog.. I am doing phd at ASU, and I would like to apply for an internship at Intel..There are 2 questions that I would like to ask you – Firstly, are internships for PhD students available only in summer, or can it be possible during regular semester.. Secondly, is there a way to know what kind of research/work is done in the nanoscience/physics and nanofab related areas at Intel,Chandler?

  99. Hello Dani…
    My sincere appreciation to you for you dedication and patience…Hope u reply to me also :)
    This is Anusha and I am doing my Masters at UTEP, USA and my specialization is in Microelctronics Fabrication…I wanna apply for Internship in Fall 2010 are thy available?? and do Internship require any experience wit wafer process engg as a Assistant for a Prof..? Becoz I jst done my course work which includes lab, no thesis/project….

  100. @SP, Our internships last anywhere from 3 months to a year, if you’re interested, check out the openings on our Jobs at Intel site at . Unfortunately, I’m not the expert on the research we are doing here but I would recommend checking out the Research@Intel blog at Hope that answers your question!
    @Anusha, All of our internship openings are listed on our Jobs at Intel site at . Most of our internships take place over the summer but like I mentioned above, they can be 3 months to a year in length. Internships can occur at various points throughout the year, it depends on the internship. This same goes for your question about experience; it depends on the role you have. We do keep in mind that they are internships–we know you’re not finished with your schooling and are constantly going to be learning. Hope that helps!

  101. hi, i’m jacquie. I have a BSC in Electrical7 electronics engineering from Ghana and I have an MBA in Engineering Management from the United Kingdom. I was wondering if its possible to be recruited as an associate HR , Marketing or Supply Chain Management business partner in any of the Intel offices in the USA?

  102. Hi Jacquie! For positions in the U.S., we must first consider candidates that have the permanent right to work in the US. If you fall outside of this category, we can’t consider you until we review all US workers first. When/If we determine that we don’t have a strong applicant pool of qualified US workers, we’ll open up our hiring to consider foreign nationals. Hope that answers your question!

  103. Hello, I’m a recent graduate and I’ve been informed of Intel’s program to hire people like me. Someone in my church was actually hired here in Arizona, and I’m curious about how to get in touch with a recruiter. My resume is currently in the Intel job search database. Thank you!

  104. Hi Brett! To find out more about our opportunities for recent college graduates, check out our Student Center at . If your resume is in our database, that’s the first step to getting your foot in the door. I would encourage you to continue to look at new openings and apply to ones that fit your skill set.

  105. hello,am pursuing my masters in computer science i would graduate around jan’10 before graduating i want to do an internship with itel,can you help me out with it.

  106. Hi Dani,
    I completed my MS in Computer Science in Jan 09 from California. I understand that I am just past the 18 month deadline for RCG. I am about to start my second MS in Fall 2010. As I was able to get some of my credits transferred, I can graduate by Dec 2011 (within 18 months from now). Am I eligible to apply for RCG now? Thanks, Siddharth

  107. Hello, I’m an undergraduated student at the Universidad de Los Andes (Bogota,Colombia), I would like to know if there is a posibility for an internship at Intel, specially in the U.S. My area of studies is Industrial Engineering, and I am prepared in operation research, logistics and finances, those are the three areas where I have been focusing. Thanks

  108. hello, I’m entering 2nd year electronics and communication electrical engineering,Alexandria University, Egypt.
    I would like to apply for internship @ intel next year so what is the minimum requirements for any position related to my field of study so i can prepare my self studying fields not covered if there is prerequisites required

  109. Hi Siddharth! You are technically eligible to apply but I doubt that hiring managers will know the availability of full-time positions in December 2011 from now. You can still submit a candidate profile and even look at internships (if your program allows for them). Good luck!

  110. @Ivan, We have internships available all over the world including Latin America and the US. For internships in the US, you need to have the permanent right to work to be considered, especially if you are applying from a non-US college. I would conduct a search at using the areas you highlighted as search terms to find openings that might be a match! If there are no openings available that suit you, you may also create a candidate profile to be entered into our system. Good luck!
    @Osama, That’s great that you want to intern at Intel! Our internship requirements vary based on the region you are applying to but a good rule of thumb is having a strong GPA, the permanent right to work in the country you are applying to intern in, and being a current student (so you are returning to school after the internship). Different positions may ask for different areas of expertise– conduct a search on the Jobs at Intel web site, find positions that sound interesting to you and read the job description for any specifics. Hope that helps!

  111. Hi Dani,
    Thanks for your reply. Since I am technically eligible for an RCG position, can a manager hire me right now as an RCG and maybe I can continue my degree part time? If so, is there a deadline for me to complete the degree?

  112. Hi Siddharth! We wouldn’t generally hire an RCG over a year in advance (if December 2011 is when you graduate from your second MS). If you’re looking for a position now based off of your first MS, you would fall outside of the 18-month period which would mean you’re ineligible. Candidates who receive an offer for an RCG position start work after completing their degree.

  113. I just completed my B.E[CSE] in july,2010.
    Can you please tel me whether there is any opportunity for me in Intel.
    Please do reply!

  114. Hey.I am a 3rd year student pursuing engineering from Delhi College of Engineering in the Electronics and Communication stream.I am interested in getting an internship at Intel.It will helpful if you could explain me the process of my application.

  115. Hello,
    I recently had a 1:1 Face to Face interview with a position in Intel Finance. The next day I was called by Intel HR letting me know that the hiring manager selected me as the top candidate. She asked me to fill out an electronic application form where I had to give my personal information and consent for a background,drug and credit check. I recall when speaking to the HR representative and asking her if this means I was selected as the candidate for the job, she notified me that this needed to be processed and approved before an offer can be processed. My question is: does that mean I have been selected as the candidate for the job but just have to get a background check to do receive an offer? Does Intel usually do a background check before an official offer come? I am in the middle of interviewing with two other companies, so I wanted to know if I was in a process of getting an offer from Intel or not? Your response is appreciated.THANKS!

  116. Hi Titash! All of our openings are listed on our Jobs at Intel site over at Conduct a search based on your background and interests and if there is a matching opportunity it will show up. If you can’t find something right now, be sure to check back later as positions are opening up daily. Good luck!

  117. Hi Mohit! If you’re interested in an internship in India, check out our India Student Center on our Jobs at Intel site at The first step to take if you are actively seeking a job with us is to visit our Job Search and find positions that are a match. (Our internships are also listed there). Next, create a profile or log-in using an existing candidate profile and follow the steps to apply. You’ll also notice a box on the right hand side called “The Job Process” on the India Student Center Page that includes a link on how to apply as well. Hope that helps!

  118. @Luke, We run the background investigation after a candidate gets a job offer and accepts it. During the verbal offer we confirm the candidate must complete the drug screen and background investigation and the offer is contingent on passing them both to be eligible to work for Intel.

  119. Hi Dani,
    I have been selected after the 1:1 interview (as told over the phone) and I am waiting for the immigration department to process my case.
    I have been interning at a another company and they had filed for my H1-B which is still pending. However I am a recent college graduate and I have EAD card (OPT).In this case what is the way that I will be joining Intel. Will they apply for an H1-B again for me or transfer or what.

  120. Hi Dani,
    I currently hold a B.E. Computer Science and Engg degree and am going to pursue an M.S.E in Embedded Systems from University of Pennsylvania (Fall 2010). I have some exposure to ESL design and my interests include Embedded Systems, Computer Architecture and EDA. In a years time, what kind of work could I apply for @ the Intel, Bangalore, India site?

  121. Hi Dani,
    Sorry, I forgot to mention in my earlier post. I am keen on pursuing research. Would there be a possibility of pursuing research @ Intel?

  122. @Pallavi, It sounds like you’ve already been in touch with a recruiter. Given the complexities of sponsorship, I suggest you work with your recruiter on figuring out the next steps. Sorry we can’t be more of a help!

  123. Hi Dani,
    I am currently pursuing my Masters in Computer Sciences, majoring in Computer Networking and Wireless technologies,I am looking for an entry level/internship opportunity in ” Mobile Wireless group” at Intel (US). Could please tell how I can specifically find openings in this particular group and how do I apply to them. Could you also tell me if your hiring process is on throughout the year.

  124. Hi Dani,
    I am pursuing Master’s in Electrical Engineering (SoC).
    I am specializing in Analog and Mixed Signal Design.
    I have completed one year of my Master’s degree in Linkoping University, Sweden.
    I would like to do internship or master thesis in Intel to gain more knowledge in the field stated above.
    I request you to guide me for the same.
    Thanks in advance!!

  125. @Sahiti, If you’re interested in an internship at Intel, visit our Student Center at and select the country you have the permanent right to work in. The country specific student center page will be able to give you more information on internships there as well as the application process. Good luck!
    @Dinesh, Our Candidate Help desk over at has all the information you need to know about applying for a job. If you’re looking for a job with a specific group or that cater to a specific skill set, conduct a search in “Job Search” using those as key words. As for our hiring—we do hire year round with increased hiring for college students in the Fall and Spring. Good luck!

  126. Interview result?
    I had an interview 3weeks ago, but I still didn’t hear back the result. Does Intel inform it to me eventually? Btw, I applied for phd position at Oregon site.

  127. @Jay, You will be informed about the result of your interview. The best way to get an update on your interview status is to contact the recruiter you have been working with. Sometimes there may be a delay because there are other candidates to interview, the hiring manager may have a schedule conflict, etc., however you will be informed on the result. Thanks for your patience–good luck!

  128. Hi Folks,
    I am a current MBA student (originally from India) looking to apply to the ALP program this fall. I am on track for permanent residency in the US, expecting to get final approval in the next 8-12 months.
    The website mentions that work authorization is needed for this program which I have: an EAD work authorization which does not have any restrictions on company or role. Is this sufficient to satisfy Intel’s immigration requirements for the ALP program?
    Thanks in advance.

  129. Hi Dani,
    I am an international Masters student and had a interview at the Intel Folsom site for a RCG position. After about a week the hiring manager said that they would be going forward with the offer process. But even after a week after that, I have not heard from anyone at Intel. The job no. that I had interviewed for is still open.
    I am confused. Does it mean that I have still not been actually selected for the position? Looking forward for your suggestion.
    Thanks in advance.

  130. Dear Dani,
    I had been recently contacted by a recruiter and was asked to send a pre-screen. She was pretty good and guided me through the pre-screen process. It has been almost 15 days and haven’t heard back from them.
    Would I be informed of the decision? Should I also simultaneously apply online since I’d already sent the prescreen by mail? Is it too early to give up hope on the position?

  131. Hi I am NITHIN I have done my MS in EMBEDDED SYSTEMS did I have any opportunties to find jobs in intel

  132. Intel’s HR divison is a crap. They do not have minimum etiquette to reply back or thank the candidates.

  133. Hi Kamesh! I consulted with the ALP program manager and until you have the PRTW in the US, you will not be considered for the ALP program. After you receive your final approval, you could be considered for the ALP program as well as additional RCG positions at Intel. As an FYI, Intel considers candidates for RCG positions up to 18 months after you graduate. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, good luck!

  134. @KT, we’ll follow up directly to the email address you shared.
    @Sam, If you are a solid fit, a recruiter could contact you as soon as within a few days but this also varies based on the volume of candidates, etc. I’d encourage you to keep applying to positions that fit your skill set and interest. Thanks for your patience! Good luck!
    @Nithin, If you’re interested in a position with Intel, I’d urge you to visit our Jobs at Intel site at and use the Job Search tool to find openings that match your skill set. Good luck!
    @Roopa, Sorry to hear that you’ve had a negative experience. We value your input and feedback so we can improve our processes. You can submit your feedback at

  135. Hi Dani,
    I am a PhD candidate graduating in December 2010. My background aligns well with a job opening at Intel for the position of Senior Process Engineer -584357. However, the requirement for the job states: “You must possess a Ph.D. in Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Applied Mechanics, Metallurgy or Applied Engineering Physics “. My PhD research and coursework has been focused on Materials Science but my major is Aerospace Engineering. I was curious whether Intel considers majors other than those stated if the background of the candidate aligns with the requirements for the position?

  136. Hi Sujay! If the req states “or related engineering fields”, then other majors may be considered. Otherwise, per OFCCP we cannot hire unless candidates meet the minimum requirement. This req does not allow anything other than those degree fields. Sorry!

  137. Hi,
    Thanks for the reply. I have a follow up question, you can answer my following question via my email address: The majors “Applied mechanics and Applied engineering physics” listed in Req 584357 do not exists at Texas A&M University. Those majors/research work are included in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering departments. Does the major “title” requirements stringent? Does the hiring manager receive the CV or is it filtered out?
    Thank you for addressing my queries.

  138. I’m a undergraduate student pursuing in computer science currently in 4th year 1st our program we have to undergo an internship program of atleast 5 months as a part of our course credits. so may i kindly know how can i apply for internship training in INTEL. the internship period is from january 2011-july 2011. kindly help me with details as to where i should mail my application/ resume or contact. how do i apply??

  139. @Sujay, Unless the requisition includes “or related degrees” in the minimum requirements, there isn’t a lot of flexibility around it. If you’d still like to apply for the position, you can explain int he cover letter that your degree is closely related but it’s up to the hiring manager.
    @Kaushik, All of our openings are listed on our Jobs at Intel site at . Visit this site and search for openings that match your skill set and interests. If there isn’t an opening at the moment, be sure to fill out a candidate profile so you are in our system. Good luck!

  140. Hey Dani,
    First, you are all doing a great job here helping us students; keep it up!!
    I was interviewed (twice over the phone and finally on-site at Hillsboro) for a RCG PhD-level position (for PhD candidates graduating Fall 2010 or graduated within the last 18 months). But it’s been over two months now and I haven’t heard from Intel. Does this mean I’m no longer in the race? The status on my jobpage for that position is ‘accepting applications’. Are job statuses updated as/when needed or do you keep them the same even after the position has been filled? Would it be ok to email someone at Intel about the status of my application or should I wait longer? Thanks in advance!!!


  142. i recently had a phone interview for a process engineer position in chandler az. how long before i get a feedback if I will move on to a face to face interview?

  143. Hi Dani – I’m currently working as an intern at Intel and have another 2 semesters to finish my master’s degree in electrical engineering. I was wondering if there is the possibility to transition to a full-time employee after my internship and continue my master’s degree on a part-time basis. Thanks!

  144. @Harry, We appreciate your interest in Intel, unfortunately we do not have an Research center in Pakistan and hence our hiring in Pakistan is limited. However, you can apply for opportunities in other countries. However do note that you would need a valid work permit for an offer from any country. Good luck!
    @Ricz, I wish I could tell you that you’d hear within x number of days, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. It can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to receive feedback, depending on how many people have applied and are being considered. If it’s been a few weeks, it might be a good idea to follow-up with your recruiter to get a status update.
    @Dave, Unfortunately not, because the only way to become eligible for full time employment is to complete your current degree program. Your best bet is to work to receive an offer of full time employment once you’ve completed your Master’s degree.

  145. Dani and others:
    Lol!! Why didn’t you answer my question? I don’t think that or a similar question has been answered before!!

  146. @Debashis, Sorry about that! Didn’t realize we missed it! Thanks for your comment, we’re glad you’re finding the postings valuable! After a position has been filled, reqs are generally removed from the system. With that said, there are some reqs that stay open for longer because they have a higher number of openings for them (you can look at the number of positions listed to check this) or they might be reqs where it’s not a specific job with a specific degree/discipline skill set but rather are a listing of typical hiring profiles, these are designed to attract the candidates we hire in large volumes. In your case, I would suggest you follow up with the recruiter you worked with to get an update. Good luck!

  147. how can i get in contact with the recruiter? when i was interviewed, she did not give me her name or number. i was not even given a chance to ask some questions after the phone interview.

  148. Hi Ricz,
    That’s odd–the recruiter should have identified themselves at the beginning of the conversation and provided contact information if it was asked for. We’re sorry this didn’t happen for you! I’m not sure what else we can do at this point… Do you have any information about the req this was in regards to? You will get notified about your status eventually, whether you are chosen to move forward with or not, but like we said before, there’s no set time frame for that.

  149. Thanks for replying me post above!
    but i have one more question
    I’m Egyptian and i wanna apply for positions (jobs) in US or Malaysia …. and i don’t own a work permit visa
    so will intel accept me and let me then I’d apply for J-1 visa (if US) to be able to work there or should i have the visa before applying and how ?!
    because as i know that to get a visa ; you should have offer before it , is that true ?

  150. I was wondering if Intel recruits international students as intern when they are on OPT prior to graduation. I am aware that Intel requires students to be enrolled at the university to be eligible for internship and usually you graduate before starting OPT.
    Do you know what is Intel’s policy when you start your OPT before graduation and still be enrolled at the university?

  151. Hi dani,
    I was interviewed for a position in june 2010 but couldn’t make it. however i still want to pursue a career at intel .i have my profile in intel website from march.Do i have to wait six months to be considered for other positions or can i just apply with the same resume for which i was interviewed earlier?

  152. Hi Osama! In general, we do not sponsor candidates that have a J1 visa or have previously held a J1 visa. Intel also does not get J1 visa’s for candidates. Your best bet may be to look at positions at Intel Egypt ( though it’s important to note that this is a sales and marketing office. Good luck!

  153. Hi Oliver! In order to be an intern, Intel requires that you be enrolled at a university and returning to university after your internship. You are also required to have the permanent right to work in the United States OR if you are a foreign national, you need to have your OPT. Hope that helps!

  154. Hello,
    I graduated in 2001, I am Masters in Computer Sciences,I have unrelated work experience, but unfortunately just a few related to computer software. My question is may i apply to the software internship(entry-level?)at Intel now? I very much appreciate your time,and I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you!

  155. Hi,
    I have been selected after the 1:1 interview (as told over the phone) and I am waiting for the immigration department to process my case.
    I have been interning at a another company and they had filed for my H1-B which is still pending. However I am a recent college graduate and I have EAD card (OPT).In this case what is the way that I will be joining Intel. Will they apply for an H1-B again for me or transfer or what.

  156. Entry level positions are typically reserved for what we call an RCG (Recent College Graduate). At Intel, this means you must be within 18 months of your graduation date to actually qualify for those roles. If you are looking for a junior role, be sure you aren’t running searches looking at RCG positions. Another idea may be to get hired into a role that is more closely aligned with your present experience and then consider making a change after you’ve been with Intel a few years. Managers at Intel definitely help you work through your career goals! Thanks for the query!

  157. Thank you very much for your response.
    The thing is how can i get a offer from Intel
    (I’ve applied for several opening at Intel and never have a chance to be interview)? I’d like to be a technician,tech worker…I would be very appreciative of any chance that I’d be given. I just want to be part of Intel. Thank you again!

  158. @patel, If Intel is hiring you, we always pursue the H1B. If your present employer secures one first, and you have an H1 already, we will initiate the transfer. Otherwise, we will just apply on our own for your H1B. When an offer is made from Intel, they will go into greater detail about the entire process. This will occur after our immigration group clears you for hire.

  159. Hi,
    Presently , i am working with one employer who has filed my H1-B VISA. I just graduated in aug 2010. I got one phone screen this week and i called them my scenario they refuse to take my phone screen because i am already working with another company. This really makes me sad. does my acceptance in another company take my chance to ever work with intel?

  160. @Michelle – Can you give me an idea of your background? Are you a new grad? Do you have the permanent right to work in the US? Let me know and I’ll try to offer you some more direction! Thanks!
    @Patel – Working with another company won’t always exclude you from the Intel Interview process, but you may encounter some managers that don’t want to take the risk of you going with the other company. Especially if they have many other viable candidates that are not already in process with another employer.

  161. Hi Dani,
    I am a 4th year UG Electronics and Communication Engineering student of MIT, Manipal, India. I would like to work on a research project with Intel in India as part of my 8th semester project. Please let me know how to proceed with this.

  162. I was contacted by Intel at 10/05/2010 to apply for a position that suits my profile. Providing the Job number (requisition number). The job number is 584783 – Manufacturing Technician in AZ – Chandler. I could not find the position in Jobs section. Please advice how can I apply for this position.

  163. Hi Dani,
    I recently got an email from Intel that they are interested in interviewing me for an internship position. Are there any tips that you would like to give me?
    I was referred by another Intel employee. Are the chances higher for me to get the Internship?

  164. Hi,
    I got candidate forms from the…but unfortunately i missed the deadline to fill up those forms because that email went into my spamm folder.
    Can you please tell me what should i have to do?

  165. I Was interviewed for the software Engineer position ( phone interview)by an Engineer from that team on oct 27 th, I havent still heard anything further about it from then on , I emailed the interviewer 1 week after the interview and he asked me to expect to hear soon, but i have still not heard from anyone, can you please help me with this situation to find out whats on ?

  166. @Shanti – If you can provide me with the requisition # you were interviewed against, I can check the status of that opening! It is always our expectation that a manager follow up with candidates they have interviewed, but sadly, sometimes this slips through the cracks. I can definitely check for you though!

  167. Thanks! I heard from the interviewer, they are still in the process, I wanted make sure in any case either selection/not selected the candidate is informed about it.

  168. hey…I am a second year student of IIT Kharagpur doing my Btech. in instrumentation engineering. Am i eligible to apply for internship in intel india??and whats the procedure???
    thanks a lot in advance……..

  169. Hi, I was interviewed for Q&R Engineer position at Intel Austin 3 months ago. I emailed the manager 3 times after my interview but I got no reply. One group member responded after one and half months saying that it will be a slow process. Till now I never heard back from the manager regarding any update on the interview. The job ID was 581436. Also job postings from Intel Austin note that they will not sponsor H1B. Is there any reason?

  170. @Rohit – To search for available opportunities, visit From there you can do a quick job search by location and job category to see if there are any internship opportunities that match your skills/interests. If you see a specific job that interests you, go ahead and apply, and create a candidate profile if you have not done so already. Once you have created a profile, we will be able to match you to any other opportunities that may come up in the future that match your skills. Also remember to keep a good eye on our jobs site, because new opportunities are posted every day. Good luck!

  171. Hi Dani,
    I am doing B.Tech in Electronics and Communication and will be graduating in Jun’2011 from IIT – Roorkee, India. I want to apply for jobs in Hardware and digital design or VLSI but just couldn’t get through how to do the same. Is there any openings in India for freshers for the coming year??? It would be great if you could show me the right path.

  172. @Amit – We’re sorry to hear you’re having difficulty getting updates! Unfortunately, the interview/hire process can sometimes take longer than some people would like, but I will take a look to see if I can find anything out about the progress of that specific job requisition.

  173. @ Dani If you’re interested in a position with Intel in India visit our Jobs at Intel site at and you can conduct a search using your key words (i.e. hardware, digital design, VLSI) from your skill set and interests, and you can also filter this search by location. If there’s a match, you can go ahead and apply! If there’s not a match at that time, create a candidate profile and stay tuned because new opportunities are posted every day!

  174. @ Marques..thanx for the info.
    BY the way what are the chances of a fresher with just a B.Tech degree in ECE to get a job in intel India.

  175. Hello!
    I am an Erasmus Mundus Master of Science in Photonics student at Ghent University, Belgium. I am currently working on my thesis on All-Optical logic gating on Silicon-on-insulator platform. We are using a microdisk resonator coupled with 2 wire waveguides for gating purposes. The device shows tremendous potential for high speed switching at very low power levels. I went across the Intel Light peak website and realised that Intel might also be working on a similar technology. Do you think Intel might have an internship/job opportunity for a graduating student next summer?
    Kind regards,

  176. Hi,
    I’m a student pursuing MS in Embedded Systems in Manipal University………… I’ve completed my B.E., in ELectrical and Electronics and would like to know whether i can get an internship for my 2nd year project in Bangaolre or in any other city India???? Pls reply……………

  177. @ Kishore – If you’re interested in a position with Intel in India visit our Jobs at Intel site at and you can conduct a search using your skill set and interests, and you can also filter this search by location. If there’s a match, you can go ahead and apply! If you can’t find one at that time, create a candidate profile and stay tuned because new opportunities are posted every day!

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