Journal of my Journey: My metamorphosis from a student to an Intern to an RCG (Chapter 1)

It all began with the purchase of my very first personal computer 12 years back when I was still in my primary schooling. Back then, my dad actually bought me a high-end computer that came with an Intel Pentium Processor. This was when I first learned that Intel was a company that produced the chips that power up my computer, even though I had been seeing the Intel Inside (“Bong”) advertisement for years.

From that moment forward, Intel has been a premiere brand of computing to me because of the promises and excitement in computing it has delivered to me over the years. What I did not imagine is that someday (which is now), I would actually be working in this premiere corporation, helping create products of the future. It’s what we make possible that matters the most.

I can clearly recall a time, a little more than a year ago, when I was in the final semester of my study. I was struggling and not too sure which field or area I wanted to go into for my internship. Coincidently, around that time I met with my cousin who was an “Intel-er” and he shared the opportunities with Intel Malaysia and also the bits and bytes of working at Intel with me.

Without any delay, I created my profile on the Jobs at Intel site and submitted my CV. When I first realized that I could possibly join Intel as an intern, I was so excited because it seemed like it was a “dream come true” scenario. When I mentioned Intel as a possible internship placement to a lecturer or peers, their response was “WOW!”. The wow factor made me look forward to working at Intel even more.

The first step happened when someone from HR called me for a quick interview; more like a background check. Next, my hiring manager called to do a quick interview with me. Right after the phone conversation, I was told to personally visit Intel for a face-to-face interview at the Penang campus. When I stepped foot on the Intel campus, I was actually lost as I went to the wrong building. Luckily I found my way and my interview session went quite smoothly. I was then told that details would be worked out with HR, and I was on my way to becoming an Industrial Engineering Intern.

The joy I had at this particular moment was beyond any excitement I ever had in my lifetime. Not long after, I received the offer package which contained the details of my internship. I knew exactly when I would start, who I would be reporting to and high level details of the projects that I would be working on.

From time to time, I checked in with my supervisor on the pre-work that I needed to complete before on-boarding, and to better understand Intel culture. Using the social networking options on the Jobs at Intel site, I also connected with a few experienced Intel folks. It was great; they openly shared their working experiences and Intel stories with me.

As my official start date approaches, I am beginning to feel both anxious and excited. I can’t wait to start a new chapter in my life at Intel!

Stay tuned for Chapter 2!

15 thoughts on “Journal of my Journey: My metamorphosis from a student to an Intern to an RCG (Chapter 1)

  1. Daniel, this opportunity does seem like a “dream come true”. I have had some of the same experiences in life with my first computer actually being an off brand piece of work that I received when I was still in middle school. Now at twenty-one years of age, I am working on a nice machine that I put together approximately three years ago and have been upgrading since then. I am extremely interested in what your resume/C.V. was compiled of. I don’t have any engineering work experience and have not yet completed my transfer to a university. Yet, I know the inner workings of a computer more than anything else. I have completed four semesters at a community college and am working towards my B.S.E. in Computer Systems Engineering. I guess what I am looking for is feedback on how you got your foot in the door. Is it even possible for someone like myself to have a chance. I mean I do well in school, and have participated in and coordinated a few leadership events. Such as I coordinated a Special Olympics Event at Mesa Community College in the spring of 2009, and participated in and helped coordinate the East Valley Relay for life at Red Mountain High School also in the spring of 2009. These are just a few of the events that I have done since the start of my schooling in the 2008. The question that I have is: Am I a true candidate for an Engineering Internship at Intel or am I just shooting for something that is out of my reach at the time being?
    Thank you for your time Daniel Loh and readers,
    Levi Roble

  2. Hi Levi, thanks for following the blog! It sounds like you have taken some interesting leadership roles in your community and that you have a keen interest in computing – these are great things to help you get an internship at Intel! We do look for that passion and involvement in extracurricular activities. It sounds like you are transferring to a university for your junior and senior years; we do primarily recruit students from universities vs. community colleges. The summer after your junior year is the perfect time to think about getting an internship! Your best bet is to keep your grades up as we consider GPA as an important component showing your dedication to your studies in addition to your extracurricular activities. Good grades, strong computing skills and previous leadership experience will make you a strong candidate for an Intel Internship. Be sure you’re always ready to take up any challenges and be proactive to explore opportunity available at Intel. You may start by browsing the Jobs at Intel website ( from time to time for the latest jobs opening in your area. Good luck!

  3. Hi there! I have submitted my Resume/C.V to Intel Malaysia for the Internship program and now I am waiting for the reply. Since you already do your internship in Intel, I would like to ask on what kind of opportunity can we grab to further our steps in Intel. Since Intel is a global industrial player, what do you think you can do to benefits your opportunity to be with Intel. Personally, I think that everyone have their own dream to work in the big company like Intel or may be Nasa. But for some people, the reason to work in the big company is to be proud of what they have. It nothing wrong to be proud working in the big company since one deserved to be proud. From my opinion, I think the truly meaning of proud is when we produce an excellence work since it will be use to benefits people around the world. Do you agree with me? By the way, congrats for your success to further your steps with Intel.

  4. Hi Aizuddin,
    I’m glad that you’ve taken the first step by submitting your resume and applying for the Intel Malaysia internship program.
    There’s endless opportunity you can grab and explore in Intel,
    First and foremost, you need to know what are you passionate about? You would find that your passion may lead you to a great path in your career and life with Intel.
    Learning is key at Intel, you will find that you’re able to brush up your soft skills and are able to use your abilities, skills and knowledge to contribute back to our society.
    I’m proud to be a part of this company. Everyone can be a rock star at Intel. We’re well appreciated and acknowledged.
    Besides knowing that my contribution to this company will directly and indirectly yield the brain of computer (microprocessor) and will ship out to people around the globe, I realize my role here is significant!
    The most important thing at work is interpersonal connection – how you can work together as a team, contributing to the success of a project/task plus learning and growing together.
    Last but not least, make sure you know yourself—what are you good at and be ready to demonstrate your capabilities. And be honest with yourself and the others about what you find lacking. Find out how and if others can help you improve, embrace and learn from failure.
    Keep it up! Good luck!

  5. Hey Daniel, I have been interested in computers my whole life, it was always just fun to take things apart and put them back together and see that they actually still work. Such as Levi I am wondering how to get a upper hand or how do I get that first actual interview. So I will just let you know some of my back ground, I have been going to NJIT, which is decent Engineering school in New Jersey. I have been apart of many extracurricular activities. Such as Student Senate, which I was an advisor as Freshman Resident Representative, Also I was apart of Second Mile which is an outreach that I helped create to help and serve the poor in Newark. But I do have a problem, In school getting good grades isn’t a problem but I come from a less fortunate family so I have to pay for my own schooling and help my family out with our bills. This year I needed to put school on the back burner so that I could help my family out. Which now in the fall I will be once again attending college for my third year, But I am wondering if there is anything more that I can do instead of just waiting 7months to get my grades back up to where they respectively are and then reapplying once again. Thank you for taking you time out to help all of us. -Adam Tomczak

  6. Hi Adam – sounds like you are juggling a lot of balls! Good for you for keeping your focus on school and service activities, even while working and helping your family. Grades are important, but they aren’t the only thing we look at. While I would encourage you to focus on getting your grades up to at least a 3.0 level, I would be sure that on your resume and in your interaction with recruiters you also emphasize your other leadership skills such as supporting your family and the outreach activities. Best of luck to you!

  7. Thanks Dani,
    I was just very curious if intel would look at my resume and just say no, or would they actually go more indepth and actually give me that first real interview. I know that it sounds cheesy but I have always wanted to work for a big company like intel, if there is anything else that you can help me out with please feel free to email or just blog about it here. Thank you once again. Have a wonderful day :-) SMILE :-)

  8. sorry but i forgot to mention, that when i applied for an internship at intel jobs, i didn’t mention my problem with my grades, so the only thing they have is just my resume.Is there anyway that i can inform them? or do you have any ideas on what I could do. Sorry for being so informal, but yet again it is just a blog.
    Thanks for the third time. :-)

  9. Hi Adam – You can include several attachments in addition to your resume in your profile. So you could certainly include a cover letter where you discuss your many responsibilities in addition to your schooling. I should have been more clear in my first blog response that we do usually only consider candidates with a 3.0 or above. You haven’t mentioned what your GPA is so I don’t know how that applies to you. However highlighting not only your education, but your experience in various organizations and all of your leadership skills will make you a stronger candidate.

  10. Hi Daniel – I am a Malaysian graduated since this year Jan. I want to ask are there any differences between Graduate Trainee and Graduate Intern Technical??? I am confused and don’t know which to apply.

  11. Hi Ali! I spoke to the hiring team in Asia and this is what they shared with me. Technically speaking they is not much of a difference between the two, as both are termed under Student category. Job posting(s) might use terms interchangeably. You may just create a profile and upload your resume to ‘Your Candidate Profile’ in Jobs at Intel page, preferably stating clearly in your cover letter on whether you are looking for an internship or as an entry level RCG position. The recruiter team will be able to review your resume/profile and match directly your right level of qualification to the right level of position. Or you can just go ahead and apply and if you are a match, you will be contacted. For further enquiries, you can always go to ‘Candidate Help Desk. Good luck!

  12. Hi Daniel,
    I’ve completed my post graduate in IT & Management. I started my career in a call center and have 5 years of experience in customer support, Quality & Training.I’m currently in Dubai. Is there any opportunities in Intel in the field of Customer Service?

  13. Hi Swapna! Customer orientation is one of our core values so in that sense, all of our positions touch on customer service. For opportunities that fit your skill set and needs, I urge you to browse and use the search function to input key words. Good luck!

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