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When I was in college I used to think, “What options do I have for starting my career in an organization? Which role do I start my career with? How can I add value to the organization I join? Will I be able to do justice to my own career development? Am I important?”


It was difficult to get answers to these questions in the beginning of my career. But once I joined Intel, I could see how important I am as an employee and as an individual. For Intel, each employee is important and for those freshly out of college it is a great foundation.


Intel not only made me feel important, but took care of me and my career over the years. Intel makes a lot of effort to select the right talent – the best and brightest. Intel’s investments are headliners because Intel’s wisest investment is in the employees.


I have learned at Intel that getting fresh faces into the organization is so important; it helps us in getting the most innovative ideas. A great place to find this freshness is in our local colleges and universities. That’s why Intel India, and my team in particular, has a variety of college programs to offer and a strong college presence! We are connected with the best colleges around the country which means we’re making it easier for talented minds, such as yourself, to apply. There are different ways that college students can join Intel: students can join the intern program while College Graduates (CGs) can apply for full-time positions. You can take a look at it yourself at Jobs at Intel.


Today, I would like to highlight the intern program. The internship program is extremely important to us at Intel, as you may know from the posts we have had on internships in general, and specifically on internships in the UK and China. An internship can last from two months to one year with lots of opportunities to get involved on projects with lasting impact. This program becomes very important because at the end of the internship we evaluate the students’ performances and may offer jobs to outstanding performers. We have interns coming from across the country to be a part of Intel India’s growth. We have an Intel Scholar Program in India which helps us to connect up to the colleges. Under this program we have contests where we invite applications from students across the country to send in their proposals on certain key topics identified by Intel Technologists. Through this program we find the ‘best of the best’ and invite them to apply to relevant internship opportunities at Intel India.


The intern program in India is unique in its own way. The kind of projects, independence and sense of responsibility that is given to the interns helps them to get connected with the latest technology and the company at a very nascent stage of their career. They are exposed to the mentoring and guidance of the best of leaders to help them learn and grow and choose their area of expertise.


Now that you know about the Intern Program, I’m sure you are anxious to hear about the RCG hiring opportunities. All of these programs and Intel’s strong presence in colleges make the Intel India’s College Program a great success. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post where I’ll tell you more about RCG hiring.


In the meantime, you can visit the India Student Center and also log on to Jobs at Intelto check out the latest job opportunities that match your profile.


If you have the passion to change the world with innovation, I hope to see you at Intel.


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44 thoughts on “Intel India – Start your career and help change the world

  1. Can you please tell me how to apply for summer internship (2010) in India. And what is the criteria for selection?

  2. Hi Priyanka,
    I am currently pursuing MBA in Canada and have around four years of experience in telecom/software. I was wondering if there are any projects related to Moorestown/telecom being executed in India. I want to leverage my previous experience so I guess such projects would be a great choice.

  3. Hi Srikanth! Good question. Intel India hires interns directly from college visits and applicants who have applied online at In order to be considered for an intern opportunity, you need to be a student, the internship should be part of the course curriculum and linked with the course being pursued, and candidates should meet the minimum qualifications (Bachelors/Masters degree) and match the skill set specified on the opening. To see what opportunities are available, check out the Job Search at Good luck!

  4. Hey there,I am an Indian citizen,currently residing in the US.I would like to work for Intel in India.Would you conduct an interview in the US and recruit me for a position in India? If not,what is the way out?
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  5. Hi Aditya!
    We do not have a set process on how we would handle a scenario like this as it varies depending on your status (eligibility to work) in the country you wish to work in. Our best advice would be to apply against the req and we will take it from there. Good luck!

  6. Hi Priyanka Bhagat
    I’m from Vietnam. I know Intel factory is being under construction now. And i also know about about RCG program (I joined the interview of this program one time but unfortunately i failed). I has just graduated from my university at april 2009. Really, my grade isn’t really high. I only has an enthusiastic mind to learn, to find what i can do. And i know at Intel, i can find out that. So i really want to join Intel. Can i ask some questions:
    What skills does Intel want from a candidate who has just graduated?
    I need to know about that to improve myself to re-try in next application on Intel.
    Thanks for your advices.

  7. Does it (your views and thoughts) helpful for everyone, sometime people struggle to get the job according to to their changed career, but they couldn’t get! I need your opinion-What would be mistake they made 1.changing their career or 2. Not getting right job. Please reply.

  8. Hi,
    I was interested to know if Intel is into sponsoring technology projects in India. I am a student in BITS Pilani and am working on a humanoid robotics project, named Project AcYut, which has been running for the past 2 years and has won a bronze medal in RoboOlympics 2009 at San Fransisco apart from winning laurels for India all over the world.
    Since Intel prides itself on being a “Sponsor of Tommorow”, I was wondering if Intel would be interested in sponsoring this project?
    Hoping for a quick reply :)

  9. Hello,
    I am a Purdue Grad and I am trying to apply for the APAC Sales & Marketing Rotation Program with Intel – India through the career site, but I am unable to update my profile in applying for this opening. My account still shows the last update was made on October 21, 2009. Could you please diagnose this problem for me.
    Thanks, Rohan

  10. Hi,I want to apply for Intel’s APAC Sales & Marketing Rotation Program for job posting in Bangalore, India. The job post becomes active sometimes and inactive sometimes. How do I apply for the post? Is the job post open or not?

  11. hi priyanka
    iam having 2 plus year exp in ecil india,where i used to do testing of microprocessor based boards and orcad layouts
    after marriage i came to usa on h4, can apply a intern job at intel and how to apply
    thanks bye

  12. Hi Priyanka,
    Nice to see your story. Intel is my dream company and I want to excel in Intel.
    Right now, I am a software engineer in MNC working for World best US based client.
    My Profile is belongs to Server side testing(automation and manual)with 1 year + exp. I did one project in my graduation for IEEE in VLSI design and simulation domain. I am engineering graduate passed out in 2008 with Hons degree in Electronics descipline.
    I have uploaded my resume on Intel jobs. Could you please help me in understanding and providing me opportunities in Intel?
    So, I could got one call from Intel for my job satisfaction. I can assured you..I will got up in Intel. Please do me this favor.
    Thanking you.
    Shashank Saxena

  13. Hi Atin! At Intel India we do fund some projects in partnership with Institute faculty and the students. Do share with us the details of your project through a professor in charge or who is connected to the India College Team so we can see how we can take this further. Thanks!

  14. Hi Shashank! Thanks for your enthusiasm to be part of Intel! You’ve taken the right step by uploading your resume on our job portal. Do apply for the job openings that you find relevant to your interest and skills. As we find a match, we will get in touch with you. Good luck! :)

  15. Hi Ly Quoc Thanh! Thank you for your question. We highly appreciate your interest in working at Intel. Your enthusiasm to learn should be a great key for your career success. For different positions, we have different appropriate requirements; that’s the reason why our recruitment process includes interviews that can help interviewer judge candidates. In Intel Vietnam, we require RCG (Recent College Graduate) candidates that have good technical knowledge, good English communication and good behavior skills. And, last but not least, a passion for growing and challenging for a great future for themselves and Vietnam is the driven key for a career at Intel Products Vietnam. We encourage you to re-apply whenever you are ready and want to build up your career path with us. Good luck!
    For further job opportunities, please visit

  16. Hi Priyanka,
    I hold MS in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University NY.My specialization was in VLSI design.I want to apply for VLSI job with Intel India.What is the process.I am in MS Computer Engineering program at this moment and this is my second MS degree.Your inputs in this regard would be highly appreciated.

  17. Sir/Madam,
    I am persuing my B.Tech in IT(Information Technology) from NIT Patna. My second year is going to be over this April,2010.
    In my summer vacation I want to do internship from Intel.Am I suitable for your internship program. If yes then I want to know about the procedure. If no then what will you suggest me to do to make my summer vacation valuable for me.

  18. Hi! Thanks for your interest in Intel India! The best way to apply for an opportunity at Intel is via our online portal\jobs. Do go ahead and upload your resume against the relevant openings for the review of the hiring team. Should we be unable to find a match now we would always look at this profile for future openings as well.. so keep your profile updated!

  19. Hi,
    I’m Impa, pursuing MCA (2007-2010)in RNS institution of technology,Bengaluru. I’m interested in the internship available in your organization. Kindly please give me a opportunity to do my internship in your company. please send me the details of applying.
    Thanking you

  20. Hi Impa! Intel India hires interns directly from college visits and applicants who have applied online at In order to be considered for an intern opportunity, you need to be a student, the internship should be part of the course curriculum and linked with the course being pursued, and candidates should meet the minimum qualifications (Bachelors/Masters degree) and match the skill set specified on the opening. To see what opportunities are available, check out the Job Search at Good luck!

  21. hiiiiiii Priyanka,
    i m 2nd year student of B.TECH. of stream Electronic & Communication engg. I want to do summer internship from INTEL . Kindly help me out.

  22. Hi!
    I’m presently doing M.Tech in CAD/CAM, Intel-Banglore visited my college looking for Interns and i got selected in that.
    My internship duration is 10months.
    Can I expect a permanent job in Intel after my successful completion of Internship?

  23. Hi Shivaram! While many of our interns who complete a successful internship do receive full-time offers after their internship, it is not guaranteed. There are many factors that go into giving an offer to an intern, including but not limited to a successful internship completion and an opening that fits your needs and our needs.

  24. hi, i am presently doing my M.Tech in VLSI from NIT KURUKSHETRA and INTEL recruited me n 6 of my friends in may 2010. but now its my 3rd semester and i am in need of the topic for dissertation .i want to work on the same topic which intel would provide me. so plz kindly tel me the field in which INTEL B anglore is inviting us.

  25. Hi Babita! Congratulations on your internship with Intel. In India the hiring teams work very closely with the college placement teams so do direct your queries through your placement officer.

  26. Hi,i am guruprasad and i completed my bachelor’s degree in june 2010.I want to work in intel and i applied jobs in jobs site under RCG but i didnt get any response.What are the steps so that i can work in intel?I am been applying RCG jobs from the day i finished my degree.

  27. Hi!
    Im basically from Mechanical Engineering stream, Now doing Master Degree in Computer Aided Design and Manufactufing. Do Intel-Banglore have a permanent Mechanical division for it? Being an electronics and semiconductors based company, what Intel has got to do with Mechanical Engineers basically? The Hint given by my interviewer when i asked about my project was that I have to work on a mechanical component so called Socket. What other areas Intel has got, that mechanical Engineers could do? Will ther be a need for Mechanical Engineers on throught basis in Intel???

  28. Hi Sivaramakrishnan! Thanks for your comment! I wanted to be sure to give you the best answer I could so I connected with our Intel India College Program team and here is what they shared: While Intel is a semi-conductor organization, we do have plenty of opportunities that require diverse perspectives from various education disciplines. Intel India does not have a specific mechanical division, however there are opportunities that are available for Mechanical Engineers as well. One of the beautiful aspects of Intel is the range of opportunities that one can pursue in different fields. Once you come on board as an intern I’m sure you would be able to discover more about Intel & Intel India in order to get a better perspective on this. With regards to your specific question on your project, we will request your manager to get in touch with you so you can discuss these details and iron out any apprehensions you may have. All the best for your internship!

  29. Hi Sejal!
    Thanks a lot for your valuable information about Intel Internship and also regarding my question. I’ve collected a lot of informations about Intel these days and now I’m very eagerly waiting for my internship to get started. I’ll definitely give my best efforts throughout this internship and I wish I’d become a permanent employee of Intel after my internship.

  30. @Guruprasad, I consulted a colleague in India and here was here response: “Thanks for your interest in Intel India! We are getting tons of great candidates everyday but unfortunately don’t have enough openings for all of them. In India we typically route most of our Intern/RCG hiring through the college training and placement teams.In that regard I strongly recommend you get in touch with your placement in charge for the same to understand opportunities with Intel. In case of full time opportunities, we do also review direct applications through our website [] so do apply to openings you find interesting and suitable. Best of luck!”

  31. hi ,
    I am Recentrly Graduated Student from Nanyang Technological Univeristy, SIngapore MS in IC Design. I am having an initial telephinc interview with INTEL. if possible kindly throw me some questions which ll be asked in phone. hoping for sooner relpy
    thanking you

  32. hi,I am doing Final year Electronics and Instrumentation in Chennai,India , i am very much interested in nanotechnology especially working in energy harvesting. i have submitted my CV for student internship in INTEL,i am looking for my career in research oriented job.please give some valuable guidelines to attain my goal.thanks in advance. – Balachandar,India.

  33. hi, I am doing final year M.Tech project on parallel programming. If internship opportunities are available plz tell me. Also plz give me some guidelines to complete the project.

  34. Hi SVK! All of our internship opportunities are listed on our Jobs at Intel site at . I suggest you do a search there using your skill set and interests as key words to see what comes up. Keep in mind that there are new openings all the time and to check back often! Good luck!

  35. hi
    i am electronics and telecomm graduate from pune university
    i want to work with intel
    can tell how should i aproch
    and if i need any further study pls tell me

  36. Hi Sandeep! That’s great that you’re interested in joining Intel! Please visit our Jobs at Intel site,, and conduct a search for openings that match your interests and skill set. The next step is to apply to those openings that are a match. If there are no matches at the time, please create a candidate profile and continue to check back as there are constantly new positions being opened. Good luck!

  37. hello everyone>> i m pursuing my at punjabi university, india.. this college has very nice comp placement but no scope for electronics at all>> i have an innovative brain with nice imagination,concepts and will power>> and i desperately aspire for JOB AT INTEL>> as i am fond of the type of chips they make and their contribution to electronic world>> SO PLZZZ SOME1 TELL ME WHAT SHUD I DO TO ACHIEVE MA GOAL( INTEL GOAL )..>> after btech,india>> plz reply>> any experienced person can gimme his/her kind suggestion.. welcome at (( or at this page onlyy>> plz help me out>>…..

  38. Hi Singh! Glad to hear that you’re interested in a job with Intel! Have you created a candidate profile? Visit our Jobs at Intel site at and do a search on our positions using your skill set and interests as key words. If you find open positions that you are qualified for and match your skill set, apply! If you don’t, than be sure to create a candidate profile and check back often as new positions open regularly! Good luck!

  39. Hi,i am a,3rd year student in Electronics & Communication Engg from Kolkata , West bengal. As per the above posts, Intel selects interns from campus visits. I want to know whether Intel conducts any pool campussing in Kolkata. I aslo want to know whether any special emphasis is given to final year projects for UG interns.

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