What it’s like to be an Intel Software Engineering Student Intern

Hi all, my name is Nitzan. Netta here asked me to describe what it’s like to work as a student intern in Intel; specifically what it’s like to work on software as a student. I started out working at Intel in Israel about two years ago. I’m working on Pin , a (take a deep breath, you might want to sit down) dynamic binary instrumentation tool. Don’t worry, I didn’t understand a single word of it either when I started here. This tool is used as an engine for other tools produced by Intel; among them the Intel® Parallel Studio which is all kinds of awesome for parallel programming.

But let’s talk more about what it’s actually like, being a student intern. One of the fun things about Intel Israel is that there are a lot of us interns around – many of them I know from the Technion, where I study. This is great because we already know one another. We often eat together at the cafeteria, or take coffee or Wii* breaks together. Then there’s the air hockey table; though, it’s a bit further away so we don’t play with it as often. Naturally, I spend most of my time next to a computer writing code, but the breaks are never boring. :)

Another fun part about working at Intel is the helpful and spontaneous approach to doing things. The guy I work with had given a lecture about automatic parallelization tools where I study, and my cubicle partner participated in a virtual hiring fair. My group also got a chance to make a difference and volunteered; once to clean the beach (which I can see from my window!) and another time to package food for the unfortunate. As if that isn’t enough fun, I actually managed to fulfill a secret dream and take the modeling world by storm! I appeared in a local newspaper in an Intel ad for students – the photo shoot was a very fun experience!

So, basically, working here at Intel has been a lot of fun. Wanna join? :)

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  1. Thanks for the post!
    I too, had a great intern experience.
    However, that dept was not hiring when my internship ended recently. Many other depts are hiring Recent College graduates, but I don’t know them; I only know my old group who are not hiring. Any suggestions on how to get hired into Intel as a former intern? Thanks!

  2. Hi there!
    One of the best ways to find a new job is to ask around. Talk with the employees that you know, from your department, and ask them if they know someone at another department who may be interested in hiring you. Hopefully they will know such a place and may even talk to someone in the department that’s hiring about you. Naturally, there’s also Intel’s hiring site at http://www.intel.com/jobs. I’m not a former intern yet, so I can’t say anything of substance about my own experience hunting down a job.
    Good luck!

  3. Very interesting post!
    I am a student in the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. Going through the job postings on the hiring site, I found that Intel Israel had intern openings for interesting projects. So I was wondering if its possible to get an intern in Intel Israel, though I am not an Israeli citizen?
    Will Intel consider my application?

  4. Very exiting experience!
    Hi there. I am student from Malaysia and I currently waiting for the reply from Intel for intern program. As you wrote your experience above, I feel like I’m already in Intel working environment. Thanks for sharing your experience. I would like to know more about what kind of opportunity that we have to move further as intern a part from fun and enjoyable working experience.

  5. Hi Aizuddin,
    The way I see it, the opportunities available during the internship are up to you. If you show that you are reliable, skilled and resourceful, people will appreciate you.
    Showing that you are a fast learner, asking meaningful questions and applying the answers to your work will make people want to teach you, as most people learn best when they teach someone else.
    If you are straightforward with your manager and technical leader about what you want and need for your work on the project, they will try their best to help you achieve that. It may be knowledge you don’t have, a question you need to ask someone outside the group. It could be a piece of equipment you need to get the job done faster. Or maybe to work on a project that interests you. After they get those things for you, if you deliver results, it will make you that much more professional in what you do.
    Naturally this doesn’t cover everything. One of the most important things at work is for everyone to get along with other people, to contribute to things other than your defined role, and to help other people when they need your help. But I’m guessing you asked about professional opportunities. In that regard, I think the best thing you can do is find out what you’re good at and demonstrate your capabilities, and be honest with yourself and the others about what you find lacking and find out if and how they can help you improve.

  6. CAREER PLANNING I am an honors student in High School and have plans to get a degree that will help me enter the field of computer hardware engineering. I have some career related questions I need help with for my career planning class. Can you take a few minutes to answer some questions for my school project? If so, I will send you a follow up email with them. Your help would be greatly appreciated. SIncerely, Ben Baumgart

  7. Hi Ben, my work is related to the software engineering side of things, but sure. Seeing that other people may have similar questions, I think it would be even better to post them to the blog and let me answer them publicly. What do you think?

  8. hye i am santanu , i am a hardware engineer. i have completed A+ from IIHT. And i want good JOB

  9. Sir i am studying B.Tech final year in the stream of I.T and planing to do intern in intel.so any one plzz help me for the process of that.

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