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At Intel, we’re always looking to make things better. Case in point: right now, I’m working on a project where we are evaluating this blog’s performance, and I could really use your help!

This blog was created to help YOU get to know Intel better. To ask your questions and get some answers. To see what it’s like to work here. Help us make the blog better for you. It’s what we want to do.

We have numbers, we have bloggers, we have feedback from those who have worked on the blog with me—but we want to hear from you! What do you think of the blog? What kind of content would you like to see? What’s good? What could be better? Let’s hear it!

And if you don’t tell us, we’ll never know :)

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  1. I applied for a sr. financial analyst position and am wondering who I can contact to find out the status of my application. It is for the Oregon & New Mexico locations. Do you have any information to offer?

  2. Hi Andrew! You will see new positions open and positions that have been filled close regularly. Once the list of candidates to interview has been finalized, you will either receive a communication inviting you to interview, or you will receive a communication letting you know that you were not selected to interview for that position. Keep checking for additional opportunities that may fit at intel.com/jobs Hope this helps!

  3. Hi Sejal,
    I have a couple comments on the blogs. I really like the open forums, and many of my questions are preemptively answered by the blog content and the comment section. Kudos on that!
    I see a lot of people on the blog that have category-specific questions (like interns, RCG, etc). What if there was an open Q/A forum inside the intel.com/jobs site that focused on answering specific questions? I could see what questions have been asked about the specific job or category I was applying to, while I am applying. It might eliminate some of the redundancy in the types of questions asked such as “when will you look at my resume…” etc. I don’t know how many calls and emails you get, but it might cut down on some of that too.
    This is an excellent site, this is the first company I’ve found that puts this level of effort into helping the applicants. Makes me want to work there even more. I’m a RCG and have applied to a position in Hillsboro for Mechanical Engineering, hope to hear back from you!

  4. Hi Sejal,
    I saw that Intel has a content management section too but I could not access any job opportunities in relation to that. Where can I see those? I would like to put up my CV for the same.

  5. First of all, I agree with Philip. Intel’s site is the only one I have come across that offers such an interactive environment for interested parties. Keep up the good work!
    I am curious if you know of anyone working at the Hillsboro, Oregon, USA site in an electrical engineering capacity. I just applied for several jobs at this location and I would be thrilled to discuss the work environment and surrounding area with individuals who are currently employed there. Thanks!

  6. Hi Matthew! Thanks for your comment and feedback, we really appreciate it! :-) If you’re interested in learning more about what it’s like to work at Intel, we have employees share their perspectives through employee profiles, videos and podcasts on our Life at Intel microsite (www.intel.com/lifeatintel). Hope that helps! If you have specific questions, ask away and I’ll try to answer them (or find someone who can!)

  7. Hi Sejal,
    I am a new graduate looking for entry level opportunity. I have been applying to many positions in intel jobs website from almost 8 months. I have got a single call from hiring managers. I believe i have a fairly good profile. I see here people getting jobs in intel with very low profile than me. All of them got through atleast one of the intel employee reference. I really dont understand how your systems works. I am really fed up applying for jobs in intel. Looking forward for your suggestion on how i can improve my chances of atleast getting a call from hiring managers..!

  8. Hi Sejal,
    Thank you for inquiring for our feedback. I am a soon-to-be college graduate and will be interviewing with Intel for an HR position soon. I came across this blog in my search to find out more about HR functional areas, work dynamics and the company itself. I really like that employees have posted a variety of different stories and hyperlinks to the resources mentioned. It allowed me to find some information that otherwise I might have not been aware of or overlooked.
    Thank you for the great job that you and your team are doing.

  9. Hi Sri! All of our employees come through one of our recruiting channels—either through the Jobs at Intel site or meeting a representative on campus. Either way, everyone must submit a resume online. If you’ve applied against positions for which you are qualified, and you’re one of the top candidates for that position, then you will be contacted by our Staffing department. To make yourself stand out, think about customizing your resume to the position you are applying to instead of using the same resume for all of the positions. I would also check out the blog post on resume tips! Good luck with your search!

  10. Hi. I have a query in relation to non-american citizens applying for jobs in the USA. I am an irish citizen with 1 years internship experience in intel ireland. I am wishing to relocate to america however and very interested in the ICE shift 4 vacancy currently on the intel jobs website. May I apply for this as a non-american citizen? Will my application be considered or disregarded?

  11. Hi there! You may apply to the position as a non-American but please keep in mind that all candidates are required to have the permanent right to work in the country where they are applying.

  12. Hi Sejal,
    I am one among so many who would love to join Intel… But I never see any openings for testing profile in India. Please let me know if these positions are always been filled by internal references or I am not finding it. Please provide me a point of contact (and not a website link).

  13. Hi Raj! Our Jobs at Intel web site has the most up-to-date listing of open positions at http://www.intel.com/jobs They might not be available when you have been looking. I would create a candidate profile and set up alerts for positions you are interested in. Unfortunately I am unable to provide a POC for you at this time.

  14. Hi Sejal, I have applied graduate intern position two weeks ago. And I receive the notice today that I were not selected to interview for this position. I have more than four years experience in the exact same industry (CPU) and I’m very confident that my experience and expertise are perfectly match this position. So, if possible, I would like to know the reason why I were rejected. Could you please help me?

  15. @Wen, Our hiring managers look at a range of qualifications and I can’t pinpoint the criteria that was considered when reviewing your application. We continually have new positions opening up at intel.com/jobs and I would urge you to continue looking. Good luck!

  16. Hi Sejal, I am really happy that intel is inducting open communication with interested candidates and the best thing is everybody is getting reply to their questions/queris. I appreciate it. Now coming to my query. I am willing to get into the intel team and also submitted my resume on website. I am having total 3.6 years of experience (in electronics designing and purchasing). So is there anyway your staffing will directly look at the pool of the resume that candidates have submitted at intel/jobs site whenever the requirement is there or we (applicants) do require any kind of references? Please advise..

  17. Hi Dharmin! Thanks–we know there are a lot of questions that go through our candidates’ minds and we’re trying our best to answer them! Rest assured that our staffing team does look at the resumes and profiles that are submitted to our Jobs at Intel site. If references are requested for a specific position (or any other special request) that will be included in the requisition description.There is no action required from you after applying to a requisition–except waiting, which we know is easier said than done! Good luck!

  18. wowwwww.. very quick answer!!.. Thanks you. Let’s see what the luck have thought already.

  19. Hi Sejal,
    I was contacted by an Intel Staffing Representative and was asked to fill out and return an Experienced Pre-screen Questionnaire. Now, I am in my 5th year of work visa (H1b). Assuming you know the way H1b works, what are my chances of getting an interview call? Thanks a lot!

  20. Hi Amol! I am not an immigration expert but I consulted my colleagues in the experienced recruiting department and this is the message that was conveyed: Being on an H1b visa are usually easily transferable, unless you are working for a non-profit which has its own set of rules. With that said, it should not affect your chances of receiving an interview call. Receiving a call to interview is based on your skillset and background as well as what the opening is looking for. If you do receive an interview, your recruiter would be a good person to ask your immigration concerns to. I hope that helps! Good luck!

  21. I recently had an onsite interview at one Intel facilitiy by did not the job. I have seen another job opening at a different Intel site. The job advertised is completely different from what I interviewed for and it is a better fit for my background. Can I apply for this second job opening?

  22. Hi Sejal,
    I recently created my candidate profile for applying one of the open positions at Intel. And I received an email which said my profile “matches an open position at Intel”, which is another one than I applied. What does that mean? Do I have a great opportunity to have that position if I apply?Thanks you and have a nice weekend.

  23. Hi Zhang, you received an email because one of our recruiters found your resume in our database and thinks you’d be a match to an open position. We can’t consider you for a position unless you apply to it, so by applying to the open position that you were matched to, you’re indicating that you’re interested in that job and you’ll be considered for it. Hope that clears things up! Hope you have a great weekend too!

  24. Hello to all! I am in a bit of an anxiety panic. I was recently referred by my college career advisor to Intel for a position (D1D MFG Tech). I received an e-mail, from an Intel recruiter, and returned the questionaire requested, and not more than a day later, I received an e-mail similar to the one Zhang received, and applied for the position again, submitting the same resume and qualifications. I have a few questions regarding these events…:
    1. Is it bad that I applied for the same postion twice?
    2. On the questionaire form I filled out, I mistakenly sent a copy that had a typo (I mispelled “Hillsboro” and sent the questionaire before correcting it.) Does this kill my chances?
    3. How long does it typically take to be called for an interview? I’m not working right now and passing on a few opportunities because I want DESPEARTELY to become a part of the Intel family and show Intel how I can be an asset. I have already memorized certain aspects, such as the Intel Mission Statement (Which gets me geared up!) and the Intel set of values (Risk Taking being my favorite!) :) and I feel very confident and ready to get to work!
    Thanks for your time and effort!

  25. Just a side note, and I apologize for getting off topic with my last post, but, I LOVE the INTEL BLOG! A WONDERFUL resource filled with people posting who actually “care”. Everything you nice folks are doing is awesome! Keep up the excellent work!

  26. Hi Thomas! Love your enthusiasm! Here are some answers to your question:
    1. No, we know if you apply to the same position twice and will only count it once. Applying to similar positions is never a bad idea. Hiring managers could be different on both. If you get ‘matched’ to different jobs, please be sure to officially apply to them all. That confirms to recruiters that you are interested in that particular job. If you do not apply to it, they assume you have no desire to pursue it.
    2. This doesn’t kill your chances but you probably want to be more mindful in the future: we all make mistakes but you also want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.
    3. There’s no typical time frame—it could be a few days, it could be a few weeks.
    Good luck! And thanks for the feedback! And we do care! (No need for the quotes around the word :) )

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