Intel Software Careers: See what we’re doing, meet our people and how you can join us!

Everyone knows Intel as a manufacturer of some of the world’s best microprocessors and other hardware technologies, right? But did you know Intel does software too? We do, and we just launched our new Software Careers website! Yep, I said software… but… what about the s-o-f-t-w-a-r-e? Jason blogged about software opportunities in his post, “Why does a hardware company need Software Engineers?” a little while back, but I wanted to remind you and share some of my thoughts too.

Having been involved with the Software and Services group for five years now, I always knew it was an important component of Intel’s success. No matter how great the hardware is, it will not realize its full potential without correspondingly great software. I was amazed to find out that if you counted up all our software employees, as a stand alone company, it would be one of the largest software companies in the world. We have an insanely great team of software engineers that create many cool innovations in areas like graphics computing, open source, Moblin–Cool Vid, Intru 3D, Security, Manageability, Windows and other technologies.

With all this amazing “software stuff” flying around, in what is commonly known as a hardware company, we thought it would be a good idea to have a place designed for people interested in software careers. Inside Intel’s careers site, Jobs at Intel, (pardon the pun) you can quickly learn more about our software opportunities, explore Intel’s latest software innovations and easily meet and connect with the people that make Intel such a great software company.

Check out the new site and let me know what you think!

Also, stay tuned as we will be adding functionality that will allow users to select a specific interest area (open source, graphics computing, etc.) and see all of our software opportunities in that specific area. No searching – all with one click. Have questions? I’d love to help! Leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to answer them .

18 thoughts on “Intel Software Careers: See what we’re doing, meet our people and how you can join us!

  1. confused.
    i don’t see the option for software engineer in the advanced job search category list any more.
    also, as far as i can remember that job category used to be in that selection earlier. you say that “see all of our software opportunities in that specific area. No searching – all with one click” but i don’t see the extra functionality. where i am getting it wrong?

  2. Hi Rohit! We are in the process of adding links to the new Software Careers landing page that will take you to specific reqs. It should be coming shortly! Thanks for your patience!

  3. Hi Shazia! To see specific job openings, visit and conduct a Job Search on the skills and areas that are a match to you. Requisitions are always opening and closing, so be sure to check back if you don’t see a match. Good luck!

  4. I ever heard that Intel made chips for communication technology. Does an embedded SW engineer for protocol stack have opportunity at Intel?

  5. Hi Sokov!
    You can absolutely quote the post in the blog, but please share the link when you do so we can see it! We are on Twitter! You can follow us at @JobsatIntel

  6. Hi Padmanaba! Sorry for the delay in response. There are definitely opportunities for a “protocol stack software engineer” at Intel. Intel is a major supplier of network LAN on Motherboard (LOMs) and Network Interface Card (NIC) adapters to the industry. In addition, our Embedded & Communications Group (ECG) is a leading supplier of platforms & building blocks for the telecom industry. Follow ECG and learn more on Twitter.
    As a general comment, Intel has significant investments across the software industry spectrum and in every part of the “software stack”. Because of this, software candidates are likely to find a rich collection of exciting software career opportunities at Intel. Not just hardware opportunities, but software too! Lots of them!

  7. Hi,
    Are there opportunities at Intel for people with software engineering, signal processing, biomedical research and medical industry experience ?
    I see Intel is recently involved in the healthcare space with some cool initiatives. I would be very interested to know about related career options. Thanks.

  8. hi there, i am mayuresh and i am pursuing my b.e. in computer engineering from mumbai university. i want to make my career in intel. so how is that possible? please let me know what should i have to be 1 of you? do reply me on

  9. Hi Mayuresh! Have you looked for matches on our Jobs at Intel site? If not, visit and conduct a search using key words that describe your interests and skill set. We look for candidates who have the technical expertise we are looking for as well as a passion for technology. There are lots of great blog posts on this site with tips as well! Good luck!

  10. Can I get an opportunity to work for Intel with my 59% B.Tech degree and with little work experience in a different field? Now I am pursuing Embedded design, Hardware and other Chip designing courses. And If I need some other qualification , kindly mention those required skills.

  11. Sam, every hiring manager is different and it’s up to them to decide the minimum requirements for a position. If you find a position that you feel you are interested in, feel free to apply. It’s impossible for me to predict whether or not the hiring manager will consider you though. It never hurts to try though!

  12. I have completed B.E(cse) with 78%,Can i get an opportunity to work for Intel.I am 2011 fresher.

  13. Hi Saranya! Sure, look for job opportunities online at or be a part of the placement process at your campus if you have not yet graduated. If you are shortlisted based on the job requirements, you will be notified. Good luck!

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