My Life as a Staffing Project Manager and Recruiter

Ahoy Intel Blogosphere fans! When I tell people I work for Intel, they usually think I’m an engineer and wear a bunny suit. While I COULD wear a bunny suit (we have a casual dress code), I actually have a dual role as a Staffing Project Manager and a Senior Recruiter. I have sat in the Intel Manufacturing and Design Center in Hudson Massachusetts along with about 1899 other employees for the past 4+ years. I have teammates that I actively work with in Shanghai, Taiwan, Ireland, Israel, Austin, New Mexico, Arizona, Folsom and Oregon.


Currently, I am doing a temporary assignment within the Staffing Marketing and Channels Team. It’s fairly common for Intel employees to take on temporary assignments: it’s pretty cool because you get to try something different for a while. My current projects include helping research and plan the launch of a new Intel Staffing Facebook fan page (coming very soon), enhancing our Student Center web site, and finding new ways and places to locate top talent.


In my usual recruiter role, I’m responsible for securing the top PhD College Graduate (CG) technical talent for one of our premier R&D teams that largely sits in Oregon. I have recently attended a couple of campus events to speak with PhD Graduates and have filled several intern positions within the USA and I am working on filling some design jobs in India as well. But enough of the basic stuff…what I really want to share with you is what I like about my job.


I really enjoy working with candidates and hiring managers – no really I do! Surprisingly, my experience with both is very similar. Many of the technical resumes I look at are so very impressive – it makes Star Trek and Star Wars seem reasonable. Geeze, I wish I had studied a little harder (a lot harder) in math and science as it seems as though the only limiting factor in the creation of new technology is ones own imagination. Interviewing is one of my favorite parts of my job as I get many dynamic and interesting answers on a variety of different subjects and I learn a lot during interviews. Second, sometimes I get some ridiculous answers to questions. Once in a while I forget to erase the word “GULLIBLE” across my forehead (haha) and candidates practice advanced storytelling while answering questions. My best advice when interviewing at Intel is know what you know very well and be able to communicate it


My role is just one of the many career opportunities that are available at Intel. I welcome your questions about Intel Staffing, how to find and secure a position at Intel, or more about my position. I look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, I think you’ll enjoy learning about other Intel employees; just visit Life at Intel to hear their stories!


P.S. I thought my post was getting a tad long but I wanted to put some of my favorite Intel tidbits here for your reading pleasure:


• I fought the law and the law won – Moore’s Law that is!


• Favorite Intel Quote: “The ingredient we start with is sand. Everything else is value added by people.” Andy Bryant, Feb 2006


• Intel Staffing is the talent for talent. We are the experts at finding talent for Intel.


• I once met Intel Great Andy Grove who coined the phrase “Only the paranoid survive.” He was as forthright and as impressive as I hoped he would be.


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14 thoughts on “My Life as a Staffing Project Manager and Recruiter

  1. Thanks charles for writing all about life @ intel. i want to know that what kind of job opportunities are available in intel india for some one who has done his masters from IITB in microelectronic

  2. Hi Sumit, thanks for your question.
    First, please go to and create a profile by uploading your resume and other relevant information. You will be asked a series of questions when creating your profile; I encourage you to answer all of them so that the Recruiters and Hiring Managers who reads your profile will have all the relevant information.
    If you are a recent college graduate this is a great time to be looking for work as Intel is out on campus at many different schools in India and the United States. We have an entire section of our jobs website reserved for recent college graduates and interns candidates called the Student Center. Please find the information at
    After creating your profile and viewing the information on the Student Center it is very important to do advanced job search periodically and apply to positions you are qualified and interested in.
    Thanks Sumit!

  3. Should one create a profile both in the /jobs section and also in the /jobs/students section if both are applicable?
    I’ve had my profile in the /jobs section for years as I’ve been a green badge, and have recently finished a new degree. Should I also create a profile in the /students section?

  4. Congratulations in completing a new degree, I know that is a lot of work. Right now is prime recruiting season for recent college graduates and I would be surprised if you did not find interesting positions to apply to. If you have a profile already created you don’t need to create a second one but I strongly encourage you to keep it up to date. Although recruiters are actively seeking candidates through key word searches within the database at Intel we say “you own your career” and with that in mind be sure to look at the job postings and apply to positions that we have posted and if possible attend a career fair that Intel will be at.
    Intel strongly values new college graduates as they bring in new ideas, energy and technology ideas into all of groups. We consider someone to be a new college graduate 18 months from their graduation date so keep that in mind as you apply to applicable positions. Most of all thank you for your continued interest in Intel, maintain your diligence and good luck. Please let me know if I can help you out with any other information.

  5. Thanks Charles for sharing your experience with Intel. I applied for a Recent Graduate position on intel website and would like to know how to check the status of my application.

  6. Reading your post you can’t help admiring because it’s absolutely great when people love their job. Because when you communicate with recruiting managers on the phone, they hardly seem to love their job. Perhaps, it’s so because you work in a large company.

  7. hello sir,
    i have completed mba and i am interesting join your organization. i had created my profile, my user name:
    if you have any mgt job,pls inform me. how can join your organization? thanks.

  8. Hi Mohan,
    Thanks for reading my blog post, I hope you had a chance to read some of the other blog pots as well. Creating a profile is the first step in applying for a position. Please go to and apply to positions you are interested in. Each position is reviewed by a Recruiter who shares with the manager many of the best candidates. I encourage you to apply to every position that you are interested and qualified for. Remember that you can attach up to 5 documents to your Intel Profile which could include different resumes for different positions, cover letters, transcripts or referrals. The candidates that includes a cover letter within the resume can safe space and really show their interest in Intel and that specific position.
    Hope to see you in the Intel hallways in the future!

  9. Hi Charles,
    I have a question that I was hoping you can help answer. As I am no longer a fresh/recent grad (I got my MASc in 2007) but I want to change to embedded systems (was previously an EMC engineer at Compal) what is the best way to go about it?
    I have already created a profile, looked and applied to jobs on but since I am changing fields, I don’t have any related work experience. I have looked at internships as I think they’re a great way to develop the skills for that field, but they usually require real “fresh” grads or people who are still in school.
    Thanks for your time!

  10. Hi Keith,
    Thanks for the comment/question on my blog, I appreciate it.
    At this point you are considered an experienced candidate, at Intel we consider anyone within 18 months of there graduation date a Recent College Graduate. In a typical year we hire more recent college graduates than experienced hires as we thrive off the energy and new ideas that new graduates bring.
    It sounds like you are following the right steps; you’ve created a profile and have filled out all of the questions when applying to different positions. You may be at a disadvantage it sounds like as you are changing fields. What I often suggest is to continue to build on those skills by taking classes, working at a non profit or other ways to create current and additional relevant experience for you to show on your resume.
    The intern program at Intel is robust and we hire many of our successful interns as new full time employees but one requirement is that you need to be a full time student.
    It is always important to customize a resume for the job your applying to but in your case it may be even more important as you don’t have actual experience so be sure to “shout out” all your transferrable skills and relevant technology “know how” as well.
    Best of luck and I hope to see you the hallways of Intel soon. :)

  11. Hi Charlie,
    Thanks for your reply!
    Yes, that is sort of what I am afraid of that I’m considered being out of school for too long. I am currently looking into attending some courses, but I don’t know how recruiters typically view the knowledge or experience gained from courses.
    If I may ask, can you help review my resume if I am to change fields? I think right now I’m really stuck on what I should leave and take out since I want to say I have transferable skills but at the same time I don’t want it to be too cluttered as some are not directly related. My email is
    Thank you very much for your time!

  12. Hi Sireesha! That’s great that you’re interested in an internship with us! Please visit our Jobs at Intel site at
    and conduct a search for our current internship openings. Apply to those that are a match to your skills and interests. If you are unable to find something right now, be sure to create a candidate profile and continue to check back as new requisitions are opened regularly! Good luck!

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