College recruiting season, coming soon!

The college recruiting season will soon be upon us! We will be out on campuses this fall (and also reviewing online applications and candidate profiles) looking for 2010 college graduate (CG) hires. We try to do the bulk of our CG hiring in the fall semester and then focus on intern hiring in the spring semester (although if you’re a student who’s looking for an internship, we’re glad to meet with you anytime!)


Intel is unique in the broad range of disciplines and degrees it hires from. We hire students from the bachelors, masters and PhD levels, and in disciplines ranging from materials science to electrical engineering; from computer science to marketing. To see a full list of disciplines we hire from and what the career opportunities are for students from those various backgrounds, check out our “Where do I Fit?” matrix (which can be found after you select a country on our Student Center.)


If you are a motivated, hard working, smart engineering, science or business student, we may have just the right job for you. Please check out our events calendar ( and seek us out on campus, or indicate your interest in positions online. We look forward to meeting you in the next few months!






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44 thoughts on “College recruiting season, coming soon!

  1. Dani, when is Intel TA planning to visit Portland State? I don’t see any specific event in the recruiting calendar. Thanks.

  2. Portland State does not hold a career fair in the fall semester. However we will be on campus for an info session sometime in mid-October. As soon as the details of that are finalized, you will see it posted on the recruiting calendar.

  3. Dani,
    will there be an info-session for UCLA undergrad this year? and will there be any opportunity for chemical engineering students in Intel this year?

  4. Hello Dani,
    Hope ur doing fine
    I am an ASU alumni; I am an process engineer worked in Semiconductor industry; I saw that Intel is coming to ASU on Oct 7th; will they be conducting on campus interviews? is it possible for you to tell which Intel team is coming to ASU? ; I am looking for Process/manufacturing engineer positions at INtel.I have 2+ yrs of experience

  5. Hello and thanks for your interest! I spoke to the campus manager for ASU and here are the details. We are hosting an Information Session on 10/05/09 from 6:00pm-7:00pm in the ASU-Tempe Memorial Union – Coconino Room #246 and attending the career fair on 10/07/07 from 11:30am-3:00pm in the ASU-Tempe Memorial Union-AZ Ballroom. There are several Hiring Managers attending from our Technology Manufacturing Group, Digital Enterprise Group, IT, Corporate Services, Software Solutions, Mobility, etc. Please be sure to come by and see us!

  6. Hi Patrick!
    I am trying to schedule a General Information Session (for all opportunities) on Wednesday evening, Oct.21st, after the Career Fair. If I get it scheduled, we will post on the recruiting calendar. Stay tuned! Either way, come by the Intel booth at the Career Fair!

  7. Hello Dani,
    Hope ur doing good; thanks for ur response.
    I graduated from ASU in may 2007. do you consider me as an RCG? . can i apply to those RCG positions?

  8. Hi Hariharan!
    To be considered an RCG, you must have graduated within the last 18 months. Please feel free to apply for any experienced positions you find. Good luck!

  9. Hi, I interviewed with INTEL at RIT on Oct02,09..It is only 1.5weeks by now..I would like to know the INTEL hiring/scheduling onsite interview process after initial screeing?

  10. @Harry, I hope your interview went well. The timeline for interviewing and hiring can be different based on the hiring manager, but you should hear whether you’ve made it to the next round in the next week or so. If you do not, it is appropriate contact the interviewer and ask when he or she will follow up.
    @Sateesh, While CSU Sacramento is not one of the schools where we have an active recruiting presence, we encourage you to submit a profile with us online and watch for virtual events that you might like to attend. Thanks!

  11. Hello Dani,
    I graduated with a MSEE in December’08 from New York University’s Polytechnic Institute. I have always wanted to work for Intel. However, Intel does not participate in any of the career fairs that takes place in New York City. I have tried applying to several RCG openings online that match my profile exactly, but have never heard from any body. Kindly suggest as to what I must do? I would love the opportunity of interviewing with Intel for a RCG position while I am still eligible for it.
    Really appreciate your response. Thanks!

  12. @Karthik, Thank you for your interest in Intel! Since you already have a profile online with us and are actively applying against jobs for which you meet the requirements, you are already taking the right steps. We have many qualified applicants apply for each position we have open, so perhaps in these cases there were better qualified applicants. You will see more positions open over the next few months, so please continue to apply. Best of luck!

  13. Hi Dani,
    I was wondering if you apply for a job position, what is the amount of time you have to wait before you hear from someone. Is it after the date that the last application submission is due?

  14. Hi John!
    Unfortunately Intel’s current system doesn’t provide applicants with responses when the jobs have closed and doesn’t provide applicants with responses when they were not selected for a job. This is of great concern to us and we have a team in place to rectify the situation.
    Ultimately the response time varies. It could be a couple of weeks or it could be a couple of months. It really depends on the hiring team and the candidates they need to sort through and assess.
    I hope this has been helpful!

  15. Hi Dani,
    I saw that fab 32 in Intel,Az is requiring a number of rcg for process engineering positions. I am graduating with a masters in electrical engineering with emphasis on plasma etching and plasma physics this december and have applied for the dry etch process engineer position. Do you have more information regarding this position – the timeline for recruiting, responsibilities, when it is supposed to start and who to contact etc. Thanks.

  16. Hi Jay! Thanks for your interest in the Fab 32 positions! The staffing team for Fab 32 is currently reviewing all resumes that were submitted for those positions, so if you applied online, that team will review your resume. They will select the candidates best suited for the position and schedule interviews. The hiring for these positions will be mostly done by the end of the month, so if you are selected for an interview, you should hear pretty soon.

  17. Hi Dani, thanks for your previous response. Another question that I have for you is, does it hurt if you apply for many positions at Intel?

  18. Hi John – you are welcome to apply to as many positions as you have interest in and are a fit for. However please just apply to positions for which you meet the qualifications.

  19. Hi Dani,
    I just wanted to find out if there is an update on fab 32 positions. I didnt hear – so I am assuming I was not selected.

  20. Several of you have asked about the status of open positions at Fab 32 in Arizona. We are still accepting resumes and conducting interviews for those positions through the end of this year. You should hear whether you were selected for interviews or not by the end of the year.

  21. Hi Dani, I have applied for a Board Prototyping Engineer position,Hillsboro with
    Posting Date:Oct 21, 2009 – Job Number: 570848.
    The post is still accepting job submissions.Could you kindly tell me when can I expect a call if I am selected to interview for the position?

  22. Hi Soumik!
    You will be notified whether you are or are not selected to interview at the point when the posting is no longer accepting submissions. Unfortunately there is no standard amount of time that a position is open for, it can range from a week to a couple of months. Good luck!

  23. Hi Dani, I have interned with Intel for nine months at the Chandler campus. My internship has ended in May and the hiring freeze was already up by then. I have heard that the SEG teams are not actively seeking RCGs because of the economy. However, I would like to know until when can we expect this freeze to go on (the team that I interned with was a part of SEG)? Also, since there is a new quarter coming up, can we count on Intel to recruit its past interns in 2010 ?

  24. Hello Dani,
    Thanks for preemptively answering so many of my questions, it’s a great idea to address these common questions in a public forum!
    I’m very interested (already applied) in a RCG position for a Mechanical Engineer at the Hillsboro, OR location. Intel didn’t come to my school so I’m wondering if theres another way to get my application “flagged” as being a serious candidate for the interview list. I’m trying to contact the RCG recruiter for this job to improve my chances on this, can you please help me?

  25. Hi Philip! I’m glad to hear that you’ve found the blog helpful! Our internal recruiters do keyword searches to find resumes in our database when looking to fill specific positions. Please ensure that you have clearly called out your skills on your resume so that it will pop up in their searches. Also, the other best way to get your resume noticed is to apply directly against positions for which your skills are a match at The recruiters review all resumes received for those job postings.

  26. Hi Pooja!
    I hope that you enjoyed your internship! Intel is not in a hiring freeze and in fact we are planning to hire several hundred recent college graduates in 2010. Of course some groups will have open positions and others may not, so you should definitely stay in touch with your manager and co-workers from your internship to determine what the hiring picture looks like for that specific organization. We definitely look to recruit successful interns to come work for us full time!

  27. Hi Dani! Firstly, thanks a lot for answering my question. It is definitely comforting to know that Intel is not in a hiring freeze and would actively recruit graduates in 2010. I must admit that working with Intel has been the best experience of my career so far since it has transformed me into a better student and also a better professional. I look forward to this rich experience again in my life but for this time, I hope to make it last for many long years to come :)
    I appreciate all your efforts in trying to answer every question posted on this blog. This site is definitely one good stop for gaining a lot of insight and learning about Intel. Thanks again and happy holidays :)

  28. Hi Dani,
    I am a Grad student at Portland State in Computer Engineering. I would like to know if there is any Career Information Session at Portland State this winter term or spring term?
    Thank you.

  29. Hi Dani,
    Can we apply for poistions as PhD-RCG at multiple Intel site in US (Chandler/Portland etc) if we match requirements for multiple position. Also if we get selected after prescreening and phone interview can we pursue both opportunities simultaneously- like will we be called for onsite interview from two different Intel location if the candidate satisfies all the requirement and recruiting managers finds him/her a good fit over the phone. Or is it the case that after phone interview we will be allowed to site interview at only one site and have to sacrifice other with/without choice????

  30. @Kalyan, no problem! Thank you for your comment!
    @Kiran, Sure, we’d encourage you to apply for multiple positions that you are qualified for! You could potentially be called for on-site interviews by more than one group and it is fine for you to pursue each of those opportunities. We want you to end up in the job that you like the most! We don’t have competing offers internally though. What that means is that if you do receive offers from more than one group that you’ve interviewed with, the offer from each group will have the same salary and benefits.

  31. Hi Dani,
    Your replies are truely helpful and insightful and indeed helping us all.
    I am a final year PhD student and was recently interviewed as in a site interview at one of the intel site in US. I am awaiting results for the same which would take anywhere between 2-3 weeks. However on intel site I just saw a job posting in another location of Intel in US which is very-very relevant and direct to my research exposure; also since the combination of skills wanted in this posting is rare as it demands two extremes together I feel there would’nt be many candidates with relevant PhD research area for this particular posting. Do you suggest to wait for the result of the position I just interviewed and then apply for the new one or should I do both simultaneously as I fear that if I delay this new position might get filled which is kind of a sweet spot for my research exposure.
    Also if I apply for the new position while I am still in the process for the position I interviewed will the recruiting managers at two locations within US communicate and will affect my chances in either of the two positions; I mean is this an independent process or the two recruiting managers will know about applications in each position and might perceive a lesser interest in either due to multiple application.
    I eagerly wait for your suggestions/response.

  32. Hi Layton! First congrats on your current interview. I believe you should apply for the other position and not wait to hear the results of the current position you interviewed before doing so. We want you to end up in the area that is the best fit, so it should not be an issue that you are applying to and interviewing for 2 positions. We don’t do competing offers at Intel which means that if you did interview for both positions and were to receive offers for both positions, it would be the exact same offer in terms of pay, bonuses, benefits, etc.
    The one tricky thing that could potentially happen here is that you could get an offer for the first position in the next 2-3 weeks, and you may not have results from and interview for the 2nd position. Usually you will have a couple of week timeframe to make your decision whether to accept an offer, but if the timing doesn’t work out right, you might have to make that decision for the 1st position without knowing for sure if you will be offered the 2nd position. But I would recommend you cross that bridge if it comes, and in the meantime apply to the 2nd position as well. Best of luck!

  33. Hi Dani,
    I have a question regarding the recruiting calendar for campus visits on the Intel website. I am at Arizona State University and according to the Intel calendar, on Feb 2nd 2010, there was a SWE Info Session scheduled to be at 7:30PM. However, the venue mentioned on the calendar is incorrect since there is no building named PSS in ASU. I have tried for about 40 minutes to search for the session but couldn’t find it! I am not sure if I missed out on it or if the session actually took place! I would be glad if you can check into this and let me know if there is any other Intel session in the coming few days at ASU.
    Also, according to the calendar there is an Intel Career Fair on Feb 4th. It would be really helpful if you can confirm this event and also the venue. Thanks a lot for your help!

  34. Hi Pooja! We did hold the session, but it was in the SCOB building, not TSS. Sorry you missed it!
    We will be present for the fair on February 4, which has a business focus, and the EECS fair on February 18. Hope to see you then!

  35. Hi Dani, Thank you for your reply! I have one more quick question – According to the calendar, there is one more career fair on Feb 17th, is that for business backgrounds too ? I appreciate your help!

  36. Hi Pooja! We are holding an info session for engineering and tech majors on February 17 at Memorial Union 241C (Ventana C) at 6pm. We’ll also be attending the EECS Career Fair on February 18 in the Memorial Union 2nd Floor Ballrooms from 10 to 4pm. You’re welcome to join us at either event.

  37. Hi Dani – I had a phone interview and am going to have an onsite interview in few days with one of the Intel teams. I also had a second phone interview with a different group. However, the manager said that he cannot continue with my interview process since I have already been called onsite by another team.
    Is there a way I can interview for 2 positions at the same time without affecting my chances? Both groups are based on the same location.
    Thank you in advance.

  38. Hi Adithi! We are working with our team of Staffing Consultants to follow up on your specific question and will respond to you directly. However that being said, candidates frequently interview for multiple positions and are made dual offers (compensation and benefits are the same). It is up to the candidate to decide on the opportunity that best suits them.

  39. Hi Dani,
    Thank you for helping us out.
    Please can you give some typical time line between the onsite interview date and the final decision for a PhD RCG (and how is the decision communicated). Does it varies from location to location or w.r.t groups.
    Also how long should the candidate wait before inquiring about the decision from hiring manager?

  40. @Puran, It really depends on the group with which you interviewed. Sometimes the decision is made that day, sometimes within a week and it can take as long as a month. This is the case for Bachelors, Masters and PhD candidates. If you have not heard anything within 2 weeks of the interview you should inquire as to the status.

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