Attention students! How to join Intel Vietnam …in five simple steps

Intel – the world’s leading semiconductor company that has helped change the way we work, live and play over the past 40 years – is now building a $1billion USD assembly and test plant in Ho Chi Minh City. This will be the biggest single Intel factory worldwide and we plan to hire up to 4,000 employees when we run into full production. About 70% of our workforce will be College Graduates (CG) and there will be opportunities for those who have needed skill sets and have a passion for Intel.


I joined Intel as a Staffing intern three years ago. It was an amazing opportunity for me as I never thought I could do a staffing job. William, my manager at that time, told me on the first day, “Huan, I believe you can do staffing, and you can do very well.” And that’s how my career at Intel started. Now, when I stand in front of students, I am very proud of having been an Intel CG and being able to share my experiences with them. Here are my tips—in five simple steps— that students should take to find opportunities at Intel.



Study well and get good grades


University is one of the best places to learn and, as a student, you should utilize and maximize your chance for studying and research. The knowledge you gain from university will be very important as it is your foundation for when you start your career. Many students don’t think they will apply their knowledge from school when they start to work. That is not right. Yes, the specific information might not be used, but the way you think is different and will help you. At Intel, we believe the knowledge you gained from university will help us when we hire you as an CG. That basic knowledge will be useful for the additional training you will take at Intel.



Gain experience by jumping into activities


Many students worry about “experience” when they graduate. “Where can I find my experience during my years at university?” This question is always at the top of the FAQs list for employers. I agree that 80% of a student’s time is spent studying and researching and you need to rest after working hard for hours in lecture halls. Why not use that 20% to “play” and jump in social activities or voluntary projects? This would be a great way to relax. For example, becoming a leader for a recycling project will not only help you to understand the urgency of global warming, but also give you the chance to talk about and deal with different types of issues. You will learn how to plan a project, how to set a timeline, how to work in a team and gain new environment knowledge that you won’t find in your textbook.



Do an internship


Internships are becoming popular and a “must” for some universities before a student can graduate. Doing an internship during your final years will help you gain an inside view of a company and provide you with valuable first-hand experience. It is also a chance for you to get closer with your favorite employers. In many cases, your internship may give you a topic for your final thesis as well as the chance to gain support from your manager or team. Many students are afraid of getting an internship that is not related to their major at school, but that should not be an issue. Use an internship to explore your talents in other fields that you would not otherwise pursue.



Research Intel and the job you want


The first question that you may be asked in an interview is, “Why do you want to work for Intel and why this job?” Many students don’t know how to answer this question, and it could cost you that first impression. Take a look at the Jobs at Intel site to learn about Intel and visit our Student Center to find out about all of the programs that Intel offers to students. You can also use the Possibilities Matrixto see how many jobs at Intel you can do with your major. The advantage of being an CG is that you have many choices. Keep in mind what you are passion about and what you love to do when considering your possibilities. Where you start with Intel is not where you will end.



Create your profile on the Jobs at Intel site


Intel uses the Internet and online databases to search for candidates and find talent. Therefore, creating your profile online at our Jobs at Intel site is the best way for us to reach you among thousands of candidates. (Yes, creating a profile online really does matter.) Indicating your preferred job and keeping your online profile updated are key to finding the right opportunity.


Now that I have walked you through the process, you can use these five steps to help you explore the opportunities we have. If you have any questions, leave a comment and I will certainly respond.


Find your opportunity


34 thoughts on “Attention students! How to join Intel Vietnam …in five simple steps

  1. I would like to ask if vietnam intel welcome poly student in singapore to gain experience over there ? are we suppose to fork out our traveling expenses and accommodation or likewise ?

  2. The Vietnam factory will start production in 2010 and we will focus on the local workforce first. However, we will consider the option for foreign students to come to the Intel Vietnam factory to gain experience and/or to do an internship in the future. Consider getting a head start by creating a candidate profile, at, in our database so you can be considered for potential future positions.

  3. Hi ,
    My name is Huong . I got BA .I am an English teacher now. I also read some information that you want to share with students . I would like to apply for a position in your company. be honest, I have no experiences about IT except for teaching experiences. I look for a new challenges for my future . What could I do to get a job there.I hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Intel is not just “an IT company” and we recruit a wide-range of backgrounds and experience. Therefore, we welcome you to apply to Intel. Please visit to learn more about our current openings at Intel Vietnam. If you don’t find your preferred job listed, click “Your Candidate Profile” to submit your resume and tell us about yourself so we can consider you for future openings matching your interests.

  5. Hi, currently i am a graduated student of RMIT University, Melbourne. I plan coming back Vietnam at the end of this year. I realise that Intel has invested USD 1 billion to build up a facility in Saigon Hitech Park is a big opportunity for IT students. Hopefully, i’ll got a chance to join you guys at Intel corp. :)

  6. Hi Duong,
    Thank you for sharing the information. It’s very helpful for students to know what Intel looks for when hiring an employer.
    I have a small question and I hope this won’t cause any trouble. I’m very interested in working for Intel in Vietnam and I have seen a job posting for fresh graduated students (I have recently graduated with a M.S. degree in the U.S. in February 2009 and now I’m working in Japan.) Do you know who would be in charge for the hiring? Would it be Intel in the U.S. or Intel Vietnam. The reason I’m asking you this that I would like to express my special interest for the position to the hiring manager. I hope what I’m asking is not confidential.
    Thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon.

  7. Hi Duong,
    I’m Duy Tin, currently finishing my High school in Singapore and looking for my colleges. I heard from a friend that Intel is having scholarship for students at HCM International University to study Electrical Engineering there and at Oregon State University. Do you know where i can find more information about this, because i’ve looked through Intel and HCM IU website and couldn’t find anything about this programme.
    After hearing from my friend, i’m really interested in Intel and the job prospects here. I’d love to find out more about this programme, or any possible internships at Intel Vietnam to have some experience with the company. Do you know if this is possible?
    Look forward to hearing from you soon,

  8. Hi Duy Tin! It’s great that you are following us. About the scholarship you mentioned, we offered it last year to local students who finished their third year at top technical universities in Vietnam. We sent 28 students to spend their final two years studying at Portland State University in Oregon (USA).
    As for internships at Intel Vietnam, this program is open for students who have completed at least two thirds of their studies. All internship positions at Intel Vietnam will be posted at
    Please do not hesitate to ask us for more info.

  9. Hi Roman,
    Thank you very much for your interest in working at Intel Vietnam. This job (RCG Engineer) has been opened to hire employees for Intel’s Vietnam factory and the hiring process is managed by the Intel Vietnam Staffing Team. Please go to our jobs website at and submit your candidate profile online, we will contact you if you are qualified.

  10. Hi Duong:
    I’m currently a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at Washington University in St. Louis. I’m looking for an internship opportunity in Vietnam in Summer 2010 to explore Intel Vietnam and the life in Ho Chi Minh city.
    My research area is computer graphics. It would be perfect if Intel offers some intern position related to this field in Vietnam. But I can do some work in software engineering and networking too.
    I tried to search to learn more about Intel Vietnam but there were not much useful information.
    Do you have any resources (other than to learn about specific activities or work groups at Intel Vietnam?

  11. hello sir, I am an engg ECE student of india,ap
    will u provide information for the qualification to get job in intel.
    i am realy intersted to research&developmets
    kindly say. will be waiting for your reply
    & its my lifetime goal to get job in intel.

  12. Hi Madhu! I spoke to a colleague in India and this is the advice I was given to share with you. Please go to and apply to requisitions that you are interested in. Intel India Staffing team will get back if he is shortlisted. If there are no open requisitions that fit your interests or skills, please create a candidate profile and keep checking back. Good luck!

  13. @Trung, Sorry for the delay in response! If you have the right to work in Vietnam, we will happily consider you for positions there. Intel Vietnam has internship opportunities and we have three batches of interns every year. For now, we are not looking for interns in Vietnam with your background but I suggest you visit and create a candidate profile so if we do have internships available with a computer graphics/software background, you are in our database and we can contact you.
    In terms of additional resources to learn about Intel Vietnam, is where you will find information on career opportunities. If you are looking for information about what it’s like to work at Intel, I encourage you to visit our Life at Intel site ( We will have a new section dedicated to life at Intel in our Greater Asia region in November! There is also a site called ‘Intel in Your Community – Vietnam’ ( that has a host of other information about the site. If you don’t find the specific information you are looking for on these sites, please feel free to comment on this post. You never know, your question may be the impetus for my next blog post!

  14. Hi Huan Duong,
    I went through all your posts as they are very helpful information. I’m a Vietnamese international student that completed MBA degree in Dec 2007. Currently Im working for an American company, and Im interested in the summer 2010 internship with Intel in Vietnam as pursuing the Business Analyst career.Here are my questions:
    1. If I am hired as 2010 MBA Summer intern in Vietnam as the BA for IT department, and I work in Vietnam for 3 to 6 months internship(from June to Dec 2010), am I possible considered as internal candidate to apply for transferring back to work for Intel head quarter in the US?
    2. Is there any opportunity that I could work as the US Intel Rep and so I could travel back and forward between US and Vietnam?
    Please let me know and thanks for your answer in advance.

  15. Hi Huan! Really thanks for informations you shared with us. I have found many informations that relating to Intel since Intel established the factory at Vietnam, our country.
    I graduated in April 2009. I have been eager to join Intel since my third year in my university. And i also joined your company’s interviews for RCG Engineer (through phone and face to face). Unfortunately, i failed. I know i need to learn more things to be passed the interview.
    But can you advice what the candidates need to learn and what things Intel want from candidates?
    We need to know that to prepare for next interview in the future better.

  16. Hi Huan,
    My name is Tony,is married and lives in the HCM City four years, my main job is the management of the quality of mechanical products, and the investigation … …over 20 year. Forward to working at Intel.

  17. Hi anh Huan,
    I’m Yen Nhi. I met you 3 times in Hanoi in your presentation in Hanoi University of Technology and 2nd round of interview. I passed that interview and I will be a member of Intel Products Vietnam on 5th April 2010. Hope to see you in Ho Chi Minh City.
    Your tips are very useful for fresh graduate students like me. Actually I apply your 5 steps before I read this blog entry, and now I’m successful after twice interview in Intel. Thank you very much for posting your tips.
    I hope other fresh students to be successful too after applying your tips.
    I’m looking forward to starting my career at Intel Products Vietnam, and awaiting for being one of your colleagues.
    See you soon.

  18. Hi Quoc! Thank you for your question. We highly appreciate your interest in working at Intel. For different positions, we have different appropriate requirements; that’s the reason why our recruitment process includes interviews that can help interviewer judge candidates. For a general answer to your question, we can say that we need RCG candidates that have good technical knowledge, good English communication and soft skills that can support them in performing the job in an international working environment. And, last but not least, a passion for growing and challenging for a great future for themselves and Vietnam is the driven key for a career at Intel Products Vietnam. We encourage you to re-apply whenever you feel confident and want to build up your career path with us. Good luck!

  19. Hi Duong,
    I’m in my junior year of BS in chemical engineering. I am really hoping to get for an internship for Intel Vietnam this summer. I did check out but there aren’t any open positions for interns right now. Should I still post my profile?

  20. Hi! Thank you for your interest in an internship with Intel Vietnam. For open position at Intel, please go to Currently, there are open positions for internships in HR, IT, Finance, Corporate Affairs Group, and Materials. However, we encourage you to deposit your profile there and our recruiters will contact you should there be any potential positions that may suit your interest and qualifications. Thanks!

  21. Hi Anaba! All of our openings are listed on our Jobs at Intel site at . I would conduct a search for positions that match your skillset and also create a candidate profile. Please note that you must have the permanent right to work in the country the job you are applying to is located. Good luck!

  22. Hi, I got phone interview for Finance Analyst position within Intel Vietnam 2 week ago. How can I know my interview result? I tried to contact with Intel Vietnam by phones and mail, but phone numbers I found in Intel Vietnam web didn’t work and my mail hasn’t reply. Please let me know how to contact with you. Thank you so much

  23. @Jane, I’m working on your query but need a little more information from you–what mail address did you contact Intel Vietnam at? This will help! Thanks!

  24. I have been working in a semiconductor in san jose, cali for 11 years . I want to move back to Vietnam to live with family and look for a hightech job there. I hear that Intel is hiring people in Vietnam. Please tell me if it’s true and how to apply for the job

  25. I also applied for the financial analyst position in hcmc, vietnam about 1 month ago; however, I recently updated my resume and cover letter, so I need to resubmit my application. Is it possible to edit/resubmit your application?
    Also, can someone tell me that if I am not qualified for a position, will I receive an email from Intel saying that I am not chosen? I have been waiting for a response from Intel for a while, but so far I have received none.
    Best regards,

  26. Can someone tell me how long does it take to receive a response from Intel once you apply for a position, or do they send you a response at all if you are not chosen for an interview process? I have been waiting for a while but I have not hear anything from Intel (I applied for the Analyst position in Ho Chi Minh city). Thank you in advance.

  27. Hi Bryan! You don’t need to resubmit a job application if you update your resume. The recruiter will look at the most recent attachment. If you’re not chosen for the position you will be notified. Some will be notified immediately if they have been reviewed and deemed not qualified, others will be notified when someone else is chosen for the position which maybe much later in the process. Hope that helps! Good luck!

  28. Hi! I would like to know if foreign talents need to apply working visa once hired at Intel Vietnam? Btw, I have an almost 8 yrs experience working in a semiconductor company (Taiwan & Singapore) and now planning to look for a job in Vietnam.

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