What could you expect from an internship at Intel UK?

Welcome to this new blog! I’m really excited to writing a blog post for the Greater Europe region (GER). After 11 years spent at Intel, I wanted to share with you why I think our placement scheme is fantastic. Intel is truly a great place to work offering its employees many opportunities to grow as well as focusing on its people as key assets to the company. I am very passionate about hiring new talent in to the company and would like to especially talk to you about what you could expect from the UK intern program.

REAL work experience: The Intel placement scheme is exceptional as we provide invaluable opportunities as part of a thriving global team in a fast paced and dynamic industry all over the world. Whichever job roles interns take on, they will be part of an integral team who make smart decisions that help Intel stay on top of this industry. My experience working with interns at Intel is that they are given interesting roles and assignments; you will not be serving coffee, believe me ! We feel honoured that Intel UK was accredited a National Quality Mark for the provision of a great placement scheme by the NCWE (National Council for Work Experience).

Part of a team:Interns act as FULL partners in making and supporting business decisions, taking responsibility and driving projects. Interns are also encouraged to take on challenging work in an attempt to make a difference and are rewarded and recognized for this. After working with many interns over the years, I have found that Intel treats their interns as they would treat their other staff members.

Work/Life Balance:Working at Intel is not all work. Intel has a thriving Intern community with intranet sites, Facebook groups, email distribution lists and many organized social events. For example, this year our interns went to Dublin to visit our manufacturing site and meet our Irish interns, had a skiing event, pub quizzes, games, etc. Of course this is not just a principle for interns, Intel recognizes that its employees have a life outside of work. Intel also provides study days and dissertation support for its interns.

Learning/Development opportunities:The integration period is a chance to fully introduce student interns to Intel. I have witnessed many interns enhance their business acumen and employability skills, such as communication, teamwork, prioritizing and planning, organization, time keeping and project management, during their placement here.

Student Support:Every intern at Intel is assigned a Buddy. It is an informal arrangement in which experienced employees (Buddies) with common interests are paired with interns for mutual benefit and assistance. A Buddy is there to listen, advise and encourage. When I first joined Intel, having a Buddy really helped my integration and eased my transition in this company. Interns can also choose to opt into the Mentoring Program here at Intel. This is a process whereby a mentor is responsible for overseeing the career and development of another person outside of the normal manager / subordinate relationship.

Intel values its interns as a principal source of future talent that will help the business to grow. An internship with Intel is an excellent opportunity to learn and network with experienced professionals in the workplace.

We have met our intern needs for 2009 but encourage you to fill out a candidate profile to be considered for intern opportunities in 2010. You can find out more about our internship programme at our Student Center. Or you can discover what it’s like to work here as an intern from interns themselves on our new Life at Intel site. I welcome any comments, feedback or queries you may have too!

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  1. Yes, Intel accepts applications from candidates outside the UK providing they have the right to work in the UK

  2. Greetings! I’am a former intel employee,my last day of office is January 1, 2009 as a Process and Equipment Engineer,am residing here in central London with a student visa and currently enrolled at CLC to pursue further studies.I love the life at intel and the values i’ve been with for the past 12 years.Can I re-apply for a open job position either in Swindon or Winnersh intel site here in UK? Am looking and hoping to work with you again in the future.

  3. Hi Nelson! Thank you for your comments. We currently do not have any open Process & Equipment Engineering positions in the UK but this may change in the near future, so you are welcome to submit your “candidate profile” on our database : http://www.intel.com.jobs so your CV will be available for any Intel recruiters searching for candidates with your skills. You can also check for any openings on the same web site. We wish you all the best for your future.

  4. Hi Stephanie,
    I’m 2nd year UK student (Electronic and Software Engineering) looking for an internship in Europe or USA. I am really interested in microprocessor development and I was wondering if Intel offers some related internship this summer?

  5. Hi Alex! Thank you for your interest in Intel. I would recommend you check our web site for any potential internships that meet your needs in Europe or USA : http://www.intel.com/jobs In terms of UK placements, we do not have any openings in the microprocessor development field. Let us know if this helps!

  6. Hi Monica! Thank you for your feedback, unfortunately all our UK IT placements have now been filled for 2010. Depending on when you plan to graduate, Intel UK is planning to open soon an IT graduate opportunity in Swindon that might meet your needs, check out our web site : http://www.intel.com/jobs

  7. Hi Stephanie,
    I am an Indian student currently in my second year of electronics engineering. Can I apply for an internship at Intel, Swindon? Are there any course requirements? I am very keen to work on microprocessor development.
    Thanking you,

  8. Hi Anir! Thank you for your interest in Intel. We welcome Foreign Nationals for our UK Placement Scheme as long as candidates are entitled to work in the UK and can provide a letter from their university confirming an industrial placement is required part of their degree. In terms of available placements, we have now filled all vacancies.

  9. hi sir,am an indian student just finished my eng(electronics and communication)..am very much intrested in core and creative jobs.so can i have a chance working in ur company as i have seen ur office in bangalore am very eager to go for it.plz give me a good suggestion

  10. Thank you for your interest in Intel. In terms of Graduate hiring in the UK, we have nearly filled all openings, we have 1 left based in Swindon (Mixed Signal CMOS IC design Engineer, Job # 581034). You can find out more about this vacancy on our Jobs at Intel web site: http://www.intel.com/jobs. All UK Internship positions have been filled too. In terms of Internship & graduate hiring at Intel Bangalore, I can only recommend you check our web site for any potential openings.

  11. Thank you for your interest in Intel internships! You can explore the various internship possibilities we have worldwide by visiting our Student Center (http://www.intel.com/jobs/students/).
    Just select one or more of the Intel locations listed to learn about the various internships available at that location and how to apply.

  12. i am student of btech it 3rd year can i have intership in intel? i am from india,are there any exam or test for that how can i apply for them …..i really want to be a part of intel…pls could u suggest me or guide me????

  13. Hi,
    Am working as a Assistant manager in Community Radio, it caters to all type of community with different projects and initiatives for the development of Community.We do work with different NGO’s and even rural people. Kindly let me know if any position available in Bangalore Intel in CSR department.
    Thank you,

  14. You said Intel welcomes interns from outside the UK, does Intel offer any kind of help for relocating? Financially and not only.

  15. Does Intel help international students relocate? Financially and by helping for problems that can come up when moving (finding a house etc.)

  16. Hi, I am ex-intelier whom resigned 4 months ago. Hence, I would like to know if I can go back to Intel Family? Is there any restriction on rehirer? T.Q

  17. Hi there! The general guideline is that someone who was an Intel employee and has left can return to Intel after a period of 12 months. Hope that helps!

  18. hello Stephanie, does intel offer summer internship in the uk? I would really like to spend my summer working with intel.

  19. Hi, I am a second year student studying electronic and electrical engineering. I was just wondering if you do summer placement for student such as me. Your advice will be appreciated. Thanks Abib

  20. @tracie, Currently we focus on 13 months placements & not short-term placements in the summer in the UK. Hope this helps.

  21. Hi I am pursuing MSC in embedded systems from delft university of technology , Netherlands and with specialization in computer architecture and want to my internship and thesis in intel. where should i apply for intel?? is it possible to get in intel US i don’t have a work permit for US… :( please help and whow me the right way as intel is mine dream company any how i want to make it ..

  22. Hi Vigya, you can apply online through our Jobs at Intel site at http://www.intel.com/jobs . If you’re not sure what area would be a fit, check out our “Where do I fit?” module: http://www.intel.com/jobs/students/WDIF/WDIF.htm In regards to your question about opportunities in the US, we can only hire interns in the US that have the right to work in the US without sponsorship of a company. We can consider interns in areas where we can sponsor, MS in EE, CE, CS, or PhDs. Good luck to you!

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