Sameer Sharma

Sameer Sharma

Sameer Sharma is the General Manager (New Market Development) for IOT Solutions at Intel. Sameer leads a global team that drives new growth categories for Intel in IOT such as Smart City Services, Connected Lighting and Environmental Monitoring. His team focuses on pursuing and incubating new revenue streams and establishing leadership across the IOT segment.

Sameer is a thought leader in IOT and Mobile ecosystem and has driven multiple strategic initiatives over the past 17 years. At Intel, he has played leadership roles including Global Chief of Staff for Intel Mobile Communications Group, where he led strategy. During this time, he helped launch the first Intel Global LTE modem, first Intel-based smartphone in the US and helped grow Intel-based tablet volume by 3X.

Sameer has an MBA from The Wharton School at UPenn, and a Masters in Computer Engineering from Rutgers. He holds 7 patents in the areas of IOT and Mobile.
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