Paul Butcher

Paul Butcher

Paul Butcher is a marketing manager with 22 years of experience at Intel. In his current role as one of Intel’s retail strategists, Butcher delivers insights and direction for Intel and Intel’s customers on the current and future state of the retail vertical. Butcher’s passion is in the area of fostering loyalty by exceeding consumer expectations. His informed perspectives are not only shaped by his store floor experiences but also through his training and experience as a clinical counselor, financial analyst and marketing roles. His vast experience is complemented by his technical understanding of store floor technologies, networking, wireless broadband, PC and server management.

Butcher actively maintains a network of forward-thinking retail visionaries in the retail industry as well as the university, analyst, SI, ISV, SP, consulting, and OEM ecosystem. Butcher is a faculty member with the International Institute for Analytics retail analytics research council. He received his Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Linfield College and an MBA from Portland State University. You can follow him @greatretail on twitter.
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