Maroun Ishac

Maroun Ishac is Director of Business Development in the Retail Solutions Division at Intel where he works closely with retail brands, media planning agencies and analytics providers to shape the future of new technology platforms that deliver richer, more engaging and more relevant customer experiences. Maroun has 25 years of experience in senior management positions at Intel. Maroun led Customer and Sales Development Worldwide for a number of start-ups at Intel including the Intel Personal Health Care and Consumer Electronics Groups, where he was responsible for developing and implementing OEM and sales development initiatives around the world. He has an extensive track record in designing and implementing new strategies and go-to-market models that deliver results and achieve revenue goals. In addition to his work at Intel, Maroun launched Cedrus Networks, a start-up focused on smart-grid mesh networks in the Middle East. Maroun is married with three children and enjoys farming and being a winemaker. He holds an MBA and Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Northern Arizona University.