Keith Wehmeyer

Keith Wehmeyer

Keith Wehmeyer is a General Manager for the Cable Business Line, Connected Home Division, of Intel and has 23 years of experience in software/hardware design, product planning, business development, mergers and acquisitions, and general management in the consumer electronics industry. Wehmeyer graduated from University of Cincinnati with a MSEE in electrical and computer engineering.
A child plays a guitar connected to a laptop.

Home Gateways Creating Transformative Change

I’m excited when I see the tremendous potential for faster broadband and smarter networks to deliver exceptional entertainment experiences in connected homes. At the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2016 in Amsterdam last month, Intel technologies, together with a robust ecosystem … Read more >

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Puma 7 Home Gateway Leads the Way in Transformational Connectivity

As Internet services, television, and the Internet of Things transform the way we connect to and experience the world around us, a key trend in transformational connectivity is emerging: Connected home gateways. At INTX: The Internet and Television Expo in … Read more >