Capital Ideas in the Capital City — Intel’s 4th Annual Federal Summit

Hi, Tony Franklin here, General Manager of the Internet of Things, Embedded Segments.

Autumn leaves, refreshing breezes, and mission-specific solutions made Washington, D.C., the place to be this October.

If you’re looking for highlights from this year’s Federal Summit & Tech Exchange, read on!

Our 4th annual Federal Summit spanned three days of focused conversations, networking with top industry players, opportunities for peer-to-peer connections, and sessions that put our guests on “Cloud” 9.

Federal Summary

This year’s event theme — Data: Enabling Your Mission — summed up our mission to deliver 300+ attendees thought leadership, new insights from our portfolio, and access to the biggest ecosystem in this space!

We discussed extensively how new technologies are changing, at unprecedented levels, the way we all do business. Analytics, edge computing, 5G, Security, to name a few, are impacting every process — how operations are being streamlined, where efficiencies can be increased, and what new opportunities lie ahead! Fresh perspectives were explored during this event:

Federal Summit featured:

45 General sessions
80+ Customer breakout sessions
• 3 Keynotes
• 2 Sponsor speaking sessions
• 3 Technical workshops
• Match making sessions
• Executive Advisory Roundtable
• Tech showcase
• Networking reception

Bullet points obviously don’t do justice, so let’s break it down…


Three watchwords — Security, FPGA, Intel® OpenVINO™ Toolkit — kept almost 100 industry experts and developers talking, sharing, and debating during this hands-on training and workshop plenary.

Security: With Intel® Security technology leading the way, Tech Exchange took deep dives into Secure Boot, Verified boot on Intel® Architecture, updates on Manageability Engine, and Trusted Execution environment.

Intel® OpenVINO™ Toolkit: This computer vision workshop looked at creating and optimizing smart video applications. Workflow using the latest Intel technologies and comprehensive toolkits, plus ways to optimize and improve performance with and without external accelerators, also came into sharper focus.

Intel® FPGA: Defense and Government markets were at the center of topics covering security capabilities inside Intel® FPGAs targeted for Military and Government applications, and capabilities built into Intel® FPGAs for Radar Electronic Warfare and Artificial Intelligence use cases.



Bright morning sun greeted our three executive keynote presenters as they laid out their vision of 5G & AI, Product Security, and the Intertwined Legacies of DARPA, Intel, and Moore’s Law.

First up Keynote: Intelligent Edge Enabled by 5G and AI

Vida Ilderem, PhD
Vice President, Intel Labs
Director, Wireless Communications Research

What’s the future of human / machine interaction? What are the challenges and opportunities for our industry when it comes to massive amounts of data generated by the Internet of Things? How can 5G and AI, two independent technologies, be wisely partitioned between edge and cloud? In Vida’s presentation we learned the answers.

Next Keynote: Intel’s Approach to Product Security

Donald D. Parker
Vice President, Intel Product Assurance & Security Group

Donald provided perspective on Intel’s approach to product security touching on Coordinated Disclosure, the “Confidentiality Integrity Assurance” model, industry best practices, and Intel’s vision for security leadership and in maximizing the security of our products.

Closing Keynote: The Intertwined Legacies of DARPA, Intel, and Moore’s Law

Dr. Bill Chappell
Office Director, Microsystems Technology Office, DARPA

Dr. Chappell connected our past (1965) with our future in his exploration of Gordon Moore’s memorable paper, how it has propelled us forward, and what new era we can expect to find as other nuggets of his wisdom bring us into the time of “Moore’s Inflection.” Dr. Chappell believes this new era of increasingly difficult physics, massive foreign investment, and growing concerns for cyber security in ICs, will provide the country wisdom — and clarify the importance of partnerships — as we navigate the modern dynamics of our industry.

Summit Sessions

The wide variety of breakout sessions during Federal Summit threaded together the latest AI and ML opportunities, the future of wireless communications, how analytics is driving new intelligence at the edge and in the data center, plus Intel solutions available today, and what we envision for the future.

Hardware and Software tracks kept attendees on point as they navigated the capabilities Intel® offers in the Federal space.

Some of the Hardware topics we covered were Intel’s solution for 5G Communication and Intel® Optane™ technology, plus an overview of various interconnect technologies supported by Intel, Use Condition & Qualification Approach Overview.

On the Software side, we explored Intel’s solution for Neuromorphic computing and various Software Solutions and tools provided by Intel® for Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning, processor performance optimization, tools for Intel® FPGA programming, and for porting software from other architectures to Intel® Architecture.

Technology Showcase

For me, the best, most memorable moments from any gathering are the conversations! And were they ever buzzing when our ecosystem partners, their demos, our attendees, and the Intel team all got together in one space.

I’m proud of our sponsors because they share our dedication to enabling your mission.

When you get a chance, you owe it to yourself to learn more about these innovative companies listed on

We’ve already started building next year’s event to be even more relevant to you and your needs. That’s why we hope to see you in 2019 at the 5th annual Federal Summit. Until then,

Attendee quotes

• Being able to engage with our MIL customers and finding new opportunities is a great advantage to this event. The insight Intel provides into technologies and industry needs/trends is valuable. Once again, great job with the federal summit 2019 – Trenton System
• “One of the biggest benefits for us being in the event is the opportunities we have to talk with our customers and present ourselves to possible new customers. At same time, we had the chance to improve our relationship with Intel’s experts to keep our solutions updated with the market trends”
• This is my third year coming to Intel Federal Summit, every year I learn something new and valuable – Krypton Solutions
• “Attended Federal Summit last year and heard about secure boot and with that knowledge implemented the feature by standing up Signing Server and infrastructure”

Tony Franklin

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