Smart Agriculture: AI and the Right Compute Transforming Farming

As the director of public sector and agriculture for the Intel Internet of Things Group, I focus on technologies, ecosystems and partnerships that need technologies that solve problems in a range of areas. We believe the technologies that we focus on: retail, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, and environmental monitoring, align well with the food and agriculture value chain. The investments and uptake in technology adoption in agriculture is somewhere that we can contribute and add value and one of the most promising industries where IoT can bring transformational changes.

At the recent Forbes Live Ag Tech Summit in Salinas, Calif., a gathering of some of the smartest minds from both Silicon Valley and the global agriculture industry resulted in a key takeaway – that most people don’t realize the numerous locations where processing of agriculture and food supply exists. Like farm equipment, where sensors measure everything from water management to nitrogen levels in soil. I not only found this encouraging, but believe that we at Intel are on the right track to supporting the technology evolution in the agricultural industry.

Moo. A dairy cow.

To that end, this past year we’ve been investigating who we can work with, who we can collaborate with and how we can add value in the context of the vision of the Internet of Things (IoT) and agricultural. The potential for transformational change is tremendous.  We believe that IoT can drive greater insight to the physical world, like farming, enabling better decision-making with that greater insight to an interconnected strong and secure ecosystem. We can’t do any of this without partnerships. It’s in our DNA, to build ecosystems and partnerships that drive innovation and really increase the amount of choice in the marketplace.

We recently invested in a company called Filament who has applied blockchain to the agriculture space. Together with Intel, Filament successfully tested tracking fish, a process that begins with attaching IoT-enabled sensors to freshly caught fish, which then continues to track the fish across the supply chain, from monitoring real-time temperature and location all the way to consumers’ plate. We’re still in the early stages, but we believe that blockchain is a viable option and we hope to continue to evaluate it and contribute to this space.

Dell and Intel work to solve honeybee colony collapse.

From individual devices and new analytics opportunities like AI, machine learning, to the cloud, IoT enables sensing and the fusing of information from multiple sources, enabling informed actions for better results. Agriculture uses this entire spectrum, from sensing, analyzing the data and making decisions from the data.

To learn more about smart agriculture, read the Intel IQ article “Farming” or the case study “Keenan and the IoT create a new kind of data farm.” Watch Tony Franklin speaking about smart agriculture on Forbes Live. To stay informed about Intel IoT developments, subscribe to our RSS feed for email notifications of blog updates, or visit and Twitter.

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Tony Franklin

About Tony Franklin

Tony Franklin is the General Manager of the Internet of Things, Embedded Segments, which includes Military, Aerospace and Government within Intel’s Internet of Things (IoT) Group. He has more than 20 years of corporate entrepreneurial, business development and management experience focused on starting and growing multiple businesses that apply Internet of Things, intelligent systems and embedded & communications technologies. Intel's IoT Group provides solutions that lead the industry in transforming businesses and the way we live by making it simple to create exciting, new IoT solutions. Mr. Franklin holds an MBA and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of South Carolina.

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