Here’s Your Quick Guide to All Things IoT at Mobile World Congress

It’s time for this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, February 27 to March 2, and I’m excited to share what we have in store for the Internet of Things (IoT). At MWC 2017, Intel will show how 5G will transform and improve all aspects of our daily lives such as in smart cities, connected homes, virtual reality and autonomous driving. We are delivering new technologies, and working with leaders in the industry on platforms, to realize the full promise of 5G. (More in Aicha’s post here). Just yesterday, we also announced a new category of ready-to-deploy commercial LTE-based devices via the Intel LTE IOT Quick Deployment (Intel LIQD) Program.  AT&T will be the first major carrier to work with Intel (more in Dipti’s post here).

One thing is clear: 5G is happening now and will mark an inflection point in our industry. It will connect billions of “things” that haven’t been connected before, bringing intelligence and data to cars, homes, buildings, factories, cities, infrastructure and more to transform the way we live.

From the road to 5G and automated driving to smart cities and connected homes, MWC 2017 will be chock-full of transformational technology. Read on for a sneak peek at some of the most innovative platforms our team has lined up for you to experience. We look forward to seeing you at the show!


Automated Driving

An automated BMW dashboard with hands-off steering.

Visit our autonomous driving demo to explore how the Intel 5G automotive platform and Intel Go automotive solutions enable an automated vehicle, in this case a BMW 740i, to sense the world around it. As the car moves to the center of the smart, connected and autonomous world, vehicles are increasingly learning to sense, reason and act to adapt to the real world. This experience will show how autonomous cars can learn from data (vehicle to network communication) and the experience of millions of cars (vehicle to vehicle communication), ultimately resulting in zero accidents and safer roads, more enjoyable commutes and reduced congestion in the world’s most polluted cities.

From a data stream emitting from a shark fin antenna and a holographic car outline to object detection and a smart traffic light, this experience offers a glimpse at how automated vehicles are driving us toward the smart cities of the future. Swing by to experience the road ahead.


Smart City

Two people stroll along a city sidewalk.

IoT represents a tremendous opportunity to shape the future and improve every life on this planet, with technologies from 5G emerging networks to cloud computing enabling smart cities to flourish. We will showcase Intel IoT ecosystem solutions, including:

  • Bosch air quality monitoring, a mobile edge computing solution that will allow faster analytics at the edge allowing officials interpret changes in air quality and make immediate decisions.
  • GE Light Pole, a platform for network densification in the emerging 5G world
  • City Beacon, a platform for network densification, client connectivity, network backhaul, situational awareness with security cameras and air quality sensors
  • First responder assistance using drones and more.

Come by to see how city neighborhood can be equipped with a number of connected 5G IoT networks, devices sensors and smart devices interacting with each other and reacting to environmental changes through edge and cloud analytics.


Smart & Connected Home

A woman and a boy look at a laptop.

The 5G transformation ahead is leading to a fundamental re-architecting of the home network, bringing valuable innovation to users to eliminate the burdens many people experience with implementing smart homes today. Smart homes go beyond home automation or connecting devices to the cloud. The value of the smart home comes from addressing real human needs by easing the tasks of running a home, offering experiences that enrich daily life, and providing assurance that creates peace of mind. To be truly smart, a home must seamlessly interconnect diverse devices, services, and things throughout the home to become more.

At MWC 2017, we’re demonstrating a wide array of capabilities that include wireless broadband to the home, greater in-home Wi-Fi coverage, increased security and easy home automation. Join us to learn more about how IoT is scaling to accommodate a growing number of connected devices, enabling amazing experiences in our homes, our communities, and beyond.

To learn more about this year’s Mobile World Congress click here. For more on Intel IoT  developments, subscribe to our RSS feed for email notifications of blog updates, or visit and Twitter.


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