The Future Looks Bright: GE & Intel Ignite Industrial Internet Innovation

Intel IoT VP and GM of the Internet of Things Group (right) speaks at GE Minds and Machines 2016.
Intel IoT VP and GM of the Internet of Things Group Jonathan Ballon (right) speaks about the Industrial Internet of Things at GE Minds and Machines 2016.

Like many people in Silicon Valley, I am passionate about the application of technology toward the environment, human productivity, healthcare and safety. Before arriving at Intel, I spent time at General Electric as the chief operating officer for GE Digital and have enjoyed continuing the collaboration that we began years ago. During my discussion on stage with GE Chief Digital Officer John Gordon at GE Minds + Machines, “Electricity Reimagined: The Platform of Innovation Comes to Life,” we shared some of the GE and Intel collaborations, including exciting new business models.

GE is advancing the Industrial Internet by integrating Intel technology such as processors, security, gateway and embedded system components with the GE Predix platform for industries such as healthcare, energy, manufacturing, transportation and more. Together, we are driving digital industrial transformation, turning operational data into real-time intelligence. Here are some great examples:


Smart Factories

Numers superimposed on a piece of machinery to represent a smart factory.

To quote GE CEO Jeff Immelt, we are “drinking our own champagne” by partnering with GE to drive our own digital industrial transformation as a manufacturer. Starting with our fabrication and sorting manufacturing facility in Arizona, we are leveraging the power of GE Predix and portfolio of GE Digital solutions. Together, we are exploring opportunities to create new applications and tools to power the Industrial Internet — and to bring our customers and partners on this journey with us.


Smart Stadiums

A picture of a man tugging at his wristband.

Smart stadiums equipped with Intel Technology use GE Predix and the Intel IoT Platform to optimize everything from the fan experience to operations — from parking and ticketing to concessions and crowd management. All this while delivering real-time insight to operators.


Smart Locomotives

A man gestures toward an illustration of a locomotive in the Intel booth at GE Minds and Machines 2016.

GE Transportation, another Intel IoT solution collaborator, is making an impact with smart trains to speed up the supply chain process. It’s leveraging a next-generation, Intel-based locomotive data center for its GoLINC platform to enhance communication and improve productivity throughout operation. Its mobile data center provides robust processing, wireless communication, networking, video and data storage. GoLINC interfaces with both locomotive and third-party systems to make data available, and features onboard wireless capability for easier data transfer.


Smart Wind Farms

People in T-shirts and hardhats check out a laptop while wind turbines twirl across the landscape.

GE Energy has created the GE Digital Wind Farm, which connects GE and non-GE wind farms to the Predix cloud via an Intel-based Predix-ready gateway. The GE Digital Wind Farm’s combination of software-defined turbines with a digital infrastructure is helping customers realize hundreds of millions of dollars of additional value over the life of a typical wind farm. The GE Digital Wind Farm solution generates up to 20 percent more energy output thanks to the Predix-ready gateway with Intel technology.


Smart Cities

A man and woman smile as they stroll along a city sidewalk.

I’ve often talked about the future of cities and the implications for IoT. Cities consume 75 percent of the world’s energy and have 80 percent of the carbon impact. Of this, 40 percent of city energy consumption is for lighting.  Imagine a city where smart street lights direct drivers to open parking spaces, measure air quality for pollen and pollution, detect seismic activity and report automobile accidents the instant they happen.

The platform is ready. The operating system is open. But, it’s going to take the developer community to innovate the solutions that will make a lasting impact. It’s going to take the developer community to build the next app economy — the industrial app economy — where changing the world is at our fingertips.


The Future Looks Bright

Intel Iot Platform Infographic

Industrial IoT is real. GE and Intel are bringing together our technology, resources and developer communities to transform the market and open the possibilities. Let’s be first movers as we develop and drive innovation together for a better future.

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