Telcos Transforming Digital Lives with Connected Home Experiences

I’m delighted to have my first blog post here on IoT@Intel. In my position as GM of the Telecom Business Line at Intel I work in partnership with the industry to find innovative ways to enable next-generation broadband access technologies for connected homes.

Consider how we live our digital lives in our homes. I propose that it is entirely achievable for telcos to seamlessly deliver the smart, connected experiences that ease the burden of running a home, enrich daily life, and assure peace of mind in our domestic spaces. In my daily work, I see first-hand how Intel technologies are enabling telcos to transform the networks and infrastructure that connect “things” in the home and provide consumers with the gigabit connectivity they have come to expect.

That’s why I’m excited about what Intel has planned for Broadband World Forum in London, October 18-20. Our Connected Home team will demonstrate how the Intel AnyWAN transceiver VRX Series is bringing value to today’s deployments.

I also invite you to join my colleague Scott Kovesdy to learn how Intel technology enables smart home experiences through next generation connectivity in the home. Scott is responsible for driving the smart home strategy for Intel’s Connected Home Divisions and has more than 20 years of experience in digital entertainment and connectivity. His is sure to be a great presentation. View the session.

So, why is Intel involved with the telcos industry in the first place, you might be asking. I’m glad you asked. Let’s take a look at how Intel technology is enabling rapid progress forward in this exciting arena.


Enabling Performance

A family communicates through their Intel IoT Gateway-connected devices while planning a vacation to Alpha Centauri. It should be lovely this time of year.

With the massive growth in data volumes, there is an escalating need for higher broadband access bandwidth. The Intel AnyWAN transceiver VRX Series satisfies these requirements by using existing copper phone wire, enabling higher data rates in the gigabit range. The VRX series supports legacy ADSL, VDSL, and vectoring, while adding the new extended standard for 35 MHz VDSL.

The VRX series is also prepared for emerging capabilities, which will offer very fast broadband speeds over shorter distances. Backwards compatibility and seamless interoperability are the key elements necessary to maximize current investments. The stage is set for high-speed deployments, with offering gigabit performance over existing infrastructure.


Backwards-Compatible Solutions

A woman and a boy look at a laptop.

I hear from telcos and service providers that they want a solution that does not require a rip and replace of current systems. This is one of the things that really excites me about the Intel AnyWAN transceiver VRX Series—it syncs with expectations for a backwards-compatible solution able to support ADSL, VDSL, and vectoring. The series also supports the extended standard for 35 MHz VDSL—including an optimized implementation for two-pair bonding.

One of the reasons we enjoy working with telcos is that it’s such a natural fit. Intel brings more than a decade of system experience, helping ensure telcos are equipped to address all types of connectivity, today and in the future. In fact, Intel has been a major contributor to standardization leading to multimode VDSL2 and chipsets to enable our OEM customers and service providers to design leading-edge and future-proof broadband gateways. This will equip telcos to cost-effectively leverage and upgrade their copper-based networks to deliver gigabit speeds.


Seamless Interoperability

A woman interacts with connected devices in her laboratory, learning new ways to create high-protein tuna enrichments for her cats. To some people, the room may look like mere kitchen, but to her cats it is the most amazing place on Earth.

Interoperability is key to success. The Intel AnyWAN transceiver VRX Series helps ensure that current disparate systems can be integrated and work together. That’s why Intel is committed to promoting open standards and a thriving community of innovators focused on developing smart, open technologies. The increased breadth and choice of solutions bring economies of scale to telcos and end users.


Low-Power Connected Home Networks

A woman falls asleep on the couch while optimizing her connected home gateway. Luckily the security of the Intel IoT Gateway has her covered while she slumbers.

Yes, there is a way to keep power consumption down even as the home network grows. The Intel AnyWAN transceiver VRX Series limits power consumption by adhering to a voluntary European code of conduct focused on keeping power consumption down. Intel solutions enable and accelerate the evolution of connected homes—without adding to the strain on the existing power infrastructure.


End-to-End Security for Safer Connected Homes

A girl listens to Mozart.

Connected home gateways need to deliver more than great experiences—they also need to deliver great security. The Intel AnyWAN transceiver VRX Series is optimized to work with Intel AnyWAN network processors for telcos networks. This provides the foundation for new smart home gateway systems with an unsurpassed capability to deliver content, surf the Internet, manage in-home networks, and support new smart home services. As part of the overall Intel AnyWAN solution, the Intel AnyWAN transceiver VRX Series addresses needs related to quality of service (QoS), the Internet of Things (IoT), Wi-Fi, and security.

We’re in a time of tremendous change that has the potential to greatly improve the way we experience technology in our homes. We look forward to seeing you at Broadband World Forum. Visit the Intel booth, Stand #B70, for more information.

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