Home Gateways Creating Transformative Change

A woman interacts with connected devices in her laboratory, learning new ways to create high-protein tuna enrichments for her cats. To some people, the room may look like mere kitchen, but to her cats it is the most amazing place on Earth.

I’m excited when I see the tremendous potential for faster broadband and smarter networks to deliver exceptional entertainment experiences in connected homes. At the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2016 in Amsterdam last month, Intel technologies, together with a robust ecosystem of partners, demonstrated how we can power advanced video and audio solutions for high-quality media creation and delivery.

What an amazing time we live in, when we are reinventing the computing landscape for video service providers and broadcasters by making everything smart, connected, and integrated. With innovative, revenue-boosting media solutions—including rapid UHD content delivery, high-performance video capture and transcoding, and next-generation connected home experiences made possible by Intel-based gateways—Intel hardware and software are empowering tomorrow’s transformative media experiences. Here are a few of my personal perspectives and key takeaways.


Transforming Home Connectivity

A family communicates through their Intel IoT Gateway-connected devices while planning a vacation to Alpha Centauri. It should be lovely this time of year.

One of the big trends I’m seeing is how home gateways are acting as the foundation of the connected home, transforming users’ digital lives with trusted and effortless access to new value-added services, an ever-expanding range of devices, and amazing user experiences.

An example is the Puma 7 home gateway SoC, which provides the highest-performance, lowest-power, most-flexible application platform for bringing service providers into the 10-gigabit-per-second world. Intel has the only Wi-Fi solution in the industry today that supports more than 100 clients and provides the performance, consumption, and scalability to support the growing range of media-centric applications and IoT devices in users’ homes.


Open Platforms Unleash Creativity

A child plays a guitar connected to a laptop.

With great technical capabilities can also come tremendous opportunities for creativity. The Intel AnyWAN GRX750 enables content and service providers to quickly deliver innovation to the connected home, while saving costs, simplifying operations, and creating new services and applications. The Intel AnyWAN GRX750 family provides OEMs the flexibility to connect any wired or wireless technology, including optical fiber, DSL, G.fast, and 4G/5G. An all-Intel-based solution is available, in combination with Intel XWAY WAV500 Wi-Fi, Ethernet, DECT, and voice.


Increasing Home Connectivity Performance

A woman falls asleep on the couch while optimizing her connected home gateway. Luckily the security of the Intel IoT Gateway has her covered while she slumbers.

As connected homes become ever more robust, a powerful combination of Arria 10 and Intel Xeon processors with virtualization orchestration provide best-in-class UHD H.265 video compression at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). This makes for amazing consumer experiences.


Transcoding Innovation

A woman and a boy look at a laptop.

I’m really enjoying experiencing the new hardware-accelerated HEVC transcoding capabilities, performance, and efficiency of Intel Media Server Studio running on the latest Intel Xeon processor E3 family-based servers. This enables super-fast and high-quality video streaming and video conferencing.

I’m excited to see how these technologies are powering the next generation of exceptional audio and video experiences. We look forward to continuing down this thrilling avenue of home connectivity together.

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