Innovative IoT Technologies Unlock Value in Supply Chain Management

Attendees stand around a tablet at the annual Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals conference.

I am pleased to share my thoughts here on the IoT@Intel blog for the first time. In my position as GM for industrial solutions in the Intel Internet of Things Group (IOTG) I speak and listen to everyone from equipment manufacturers and factory automation software vendors to service providers and systems integrators. I see firsthand how operational excellence in connected devices, edge analytic platforms, and IoT architectures lead to transformative business solutions across the supply chain.

That is why I am so excited to share what came out of the annual Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals conference, held recently near Orlando, Florida. I am energized by the disruptive supply chain innovations and synergies shown there. Here are three things that stood out to be about our presence there.


Smart Glasses for the Connected Workforce

Recon Jet Pro’s augmented reality (AR) glasses.

It was clear that attendees who saw Recon Jet Pro’s augmented reality (AR) glasses in action were wowed. They offer three key options: glanceable AR monocular display, immersive AR binocular display with 3D visuals, and the fully immersive AR headset with full 3D visuals that truly blends the virtual and reality worlds. Some of the key features that set this workplace wearable apart are the balanced weight, ANSI compliance, a 20-degree field of view, a swappable battery, and options for prescription inserts. This emerging category of devices enables hands-free access to real-time visual information. To learn more, watch our video of a Recon Jet Pro demonstration from the show floor.


Supply Chain Logistics with Intel RealSense Technology

Intel RealSense technology can enable 3D depth-sensing optical data. It really is as cool as it looks.
Another highlight was the Intel IoT team’s demonstration showing how Intel RealSense technology can enable 3D depth-sensing optical data for analysis, deep insight, and supply chain logistics planning. This business-use case story includes the following:

  • Performance and Efficiency – Reduce the time spent manually measuring and scanning boxes or objects.
  • Optimal Packing– Ensure that aircraft and freight containers are more efficiently loaded.
  • Accuracy – Proper rate and price are applied to the correct package dimensions.

To learn more, watch our video showing how Intel RealSense technology can improve supply chain logistics.


Tablets Tough Enough for the Factory and Beyond

A rugged tablet displays a bounding box created using Intel RealSense technology.

I am intrigued by the potential applications for rugged tablets in challenging situations, from the factory environment to first responders out in the field. I can see how 10-finger multitouch displays helps optimize the efficiency of connected workers.

The big takeaway for me from the event was the awareness of what a tremendous time this is for supply chain management and logistics professionals! From suppliers all the way to return logistics, it is clear that we live in a time of exciting opportunities. We look forward to continuing on the journey with you.

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About Chet Hullum

Chet Hullum joined the Internet of Things Group (IOTG) of Intel Corporation as General Manager of Industrial Solutions in September 2015 to develop and deliver IoT solutions for the Industrial vertical. The goal of Industrial IoT is to implement solutions supporting industrial manufacturing and production to optimize customer output and efficiency. Chet is working with the ecosystem of equipment manufacturers, automation and software vendors, as well as service providers and system integrators to develop and deploy ubiquitous connected devices, edge analytic platforms and architectures for operational excellence and transformative business solutions. Chet has 23 years of experience providing advanced solutions most recently at GE, he was responsible for selling the complete set of GE Energy offerings to global industries worldwide, including metals, mining, food and beverage, shale and petrochemical producers. Chet’s background includes working in power generation for GE Power Generation Services as CMO, and as the Regional Services Director. He has also held leadership positions in business operations including quality and services and design engineering. Chet began his career as a Field Engineer for heavy duty turbines and generators. He is located in Chandler, AZ.

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