Intel IoT and SAP Accelerate Edge Analytics for Smart Retail

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I’m truly energized when I look around me and see real collaboration in action. That sense of teamwork around IoT is why so many of us at Intel were excited by SAPPHIRE NOW. By working together, Intel and SAP are combining smart data processing with cost-effective data analysis and efficiency to enable the creation of amazing experiences.


Creating Amazing Customer Experiences

Intel IoT’s Bridget Karlin speaks during SAP's SAPPHIRE NOW event in 2016.

During a SAPPHIRE NOW panel discussion, we rallied around Intel IoT’s Bridget Karlin as she shared how fast, accurate data insight is a top priority for retailers. As many of us know, retailers today are facing some mighty powerful challenges—from inventory shrinkage to unified commerce expectations from customers. We were right there with Bridget, rooting her on as she emphasized that Intel IoT and SAP demonstrate simple, secure retail solutions that are optimizing in-store operations and transforming customer experiences. That’s just the kind of thing that can breathe new life into once-struggling brick-and-mortar stores. To learn more, watch a video of her panel discussion.


Intel Retail Sensor Platform

Intel Retail Sensor Platform infographic featuring Impinj

Another star of the show was the Intel Retail Sensor Platform. Retailers are using this savvy shopping superstar to scoop up data and make decisions in near real time. By collecting data from sensors and RFID tags, sales staff know about stock levels, misplaced items, what products are drawing customers, and local demand. Yes, this powerful platform lassoes up data at the edge and then corrals it into the welcoming digits of SAP S/4HANA software. Simultaneously, that same data is round up for strategic, longer-term predictive analytics and forecasting. One of the mighty fine features here is how it can help retailers further optimize operations and grow their business.


SAP Digital Boardroom

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Buzzing around the event, the Intel IoT team engaged in quite a bit of enthusiastic discussion around the SAP digital Boardroom as well. In a nutshell, it’s an analytics dashboard that simplifies performance reporting across all areas of a business—in near real time. It gives people across departments, roles, and devices a unified view of a company’s critical business metrics. No more guessing. I like in particular that the SAP Digital Boardroom is based on total data transparency, with a standards-based, 360-degree reporting view of financials, operations, marketing, and sales.  Interested in checking it out for yourself? Click here to learn more.

It was an awesome time for the Intel IoT team and a fantastic continuation of our many collaborations with SAP. Together, we look forward to offering retailers a reliable roadmap and a vision that makes in-store experiences relevant and exciting again. Yes, indeed. The road ahead for retailers and customers alike certainly does look bright!

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