Intel IoT Solutions Transforming Smart Buildings from the Ground Up

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly expanding across industries and among those, building automation technology has undergone an unprecedented transformation, inspiring new, robust solutions for building management. Intel IoT, with its ecosystem partners, is making an impact in this space from smart building energy management and predictive maintenance of HVAC and other building systems to overall building safety and security.

At this year’s IBcon 2016, June 21-24 in San Jose, California, we will be sharing a collection of Intel-based connected building solutions to show how significant cost savings and efficiency gains from building automation can be achieved. Whether it’s environmental controls, communications interfaces, video surveillance, or energy conservation, Intel IoT technology is enabling scores of solutions that scale with budget and schedule.


Intel IoT Ecosystem: Intelligent Building Solutions

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Intel IoT technology is paving the way to help transform buildings to smart and connected ones, and through collaboration with its rapidly growing number of IoT industry partners, it’s delivering innovative solutions to address industry needs.

One example of an Intel and IoT-fueled partnership that is dramatically improving building management is AVOB’s Energy Saver for SMB, an all-in-one energy management system with two distinct options suitable for a range of business uses: monitoring and remote control. To learn more, you can read the following solution brief: Small and smart: saving energy with AVOB building management.


The Intel Building Management Platform

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Today, Intel is demonstrating Intel Building Management Platform (Intel BMP) to enable solution providers to deliver solutions for small-and medium-size buildings to market faster. Intel BMP, integrated with Candi PowerTools, is a secure, management platform that allows applications seamless access to things and the data they generate within smart buildings. The platform connects to a broad set of building systems and sensors, filters and securely transfers data to the cloud (or on-premise) servers while facilitating required protocol translations needed in between. This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform reduces development time and effort for solution providers by offering a pre-integrated building management platform to allow them to deploy a wide range of applications.

Intel BMP is being showcased at IBCon and details on availability will be announced later in the year.


Connecting, Optimizing, and Securing Smart Buildings

At IBcon, Intel and its solution partners will demonstrate how IoT solutions have matured from hype to real-world applications, showcasing examples on how IoT value is being realized. Comfy, EnTouch, Lucid, and others in the Intel IoT ecosystem will demonstrate solutions that directly address IoT convergence challenges like data interoperability and device management, operational technology and IT convergence, and cyber security. Learn more about how the Intel IoT technologies are enabling transformational change.

Intel IoT solutions for smart buildings already offer a range of products, from systems on chips for security edge computing and reference IoT Gateways to analytics platforms and security management. And when it comes to security management, the smart building industry is no longer at a point where cyber security is just an option, it’s a necessity. To tackle this issue, the Intel IoT ecosystem offers a collaborative approach to defense that safeguards buildings and occupants from identifiable, emerging, or even unknown threats. Learn more about security practices for smart buildings.

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