Intel IoT Tech Drives Enhanced Store Intelligence Solutions at JDA Focus

The Intel IoT booth at JDA FOCUS 2016.

Intel Internet of Things (IoT) technology drove robust smart and connected retail solutions and interactive brand experiences at JDA FOCUS in Nashville this month. JDA’s annual global conference brings together more than 2,000 retail and manufacturing professionals to network, share best practices and hear how industry leaders are delivering real results with the help of JDA’s innovative solutions. Here are some of our favorite highlights from the event.


JDA Teams Up with Intel IoT on Retail Sensor Platform Expansion

Intel IoT's Rachel Mushahwar speaks at JDA FOCUS 2016.

Intel Internet of Things Group’s Rachel Mushahwar announced that Intel IoT and JDA are teaming up to combine the latest in sensor technology and analytics with next-generation store logistics capabilities. This will provide pinpoint inventory insight for smarter merchandising, increased associate productivity, and a delightful customer experience. This combination will use near real-time inventory data to help deliver profitable and personalized in-store customer experiences that build brand loyalty. Mushahwar described IoT as a disruptive force that will change retail forever.


Intel Retail Sensor Platform

Intel Retail Sensor Platform.

Here are some key features of the Intel Retail Sensor Platform:

  • Near-real-time inventory data from Intel Retail Sensor Platform sensor technology will be combined with the JDA Store Logistics solution
  • Associates can view timely info and alerts on Intel-based tablets and phones, as well as wearable devices like Android-based watches
  • Intel and JDA will continue to innovate together and invest in IoT solutions for smarter supply chains, self-help kiosks, asset management and preventive maintenance


Optimizing Store Profits and Customer Experiences

A screenshot of a JDA Software video showing Intel as well.

Watch a short video showing how Intel IoT and JDA Software’s next-generation solution will transform the retail experience, as we know it.


Near Real-time Inventory Visibility

A screenshot showing the Intel Retail Sensor Platform in action.

The Intel Retail Sensor Platform offers up-to-the-minute inventory visibility at the store level to decrease out of stocks and increase revenue, enabling retailers to anticipate customer needs using near-real-time data—from fast location of items and inventory replenishment to providing the optimal store layout. Watch a short video demonstrating inventory visibility.


Improve Inventory Assortments

The Intel IoT booth at JDA FOCUS 2016.

Intel IoT connected retail solutions also enable near-real-time visibility into item location and movement. This makes store space and layouts smarter to save associates time, prioritize high-demand items, and delight customers. Watch a short video demonstrating how to track misplaced items in a store.

That’s a wrap for JDA FOCUS 2016. Read more about the Retail Sensor Platform in our blog post from NRF 2016. To learn more about Intel IoT retail innovations, visit To stay up-to-date with Intel IoT developments, keep your eyes on this  blog,, and Twitter.

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