Retailers Reach for Robust Solutions Built for a Mobile World

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It’s an exciting time for the retaiIntel IoT Retail Mobility Solutions demo at NRF 2016.l industry. New mobile technologies are putting an amazing amount of insight at retailers’ fingertips—empowering sales assistants with timely, tailored knowledge that leads to richer customer engagement and more seamless shopping. New mobile devices are a key component of systems that not only gather information, but aggregate and deliver it on
manager-friendly dashboards that enable real-time action to improve in-store experiences. These systems are designed to help retailers meet their everyday challenges—from driving traffic to improving store performance, from predicting demand to allocating stock, from understanding their customers to serving them most efficiently.

Today’s retailers have access to a wide selection of tablets, POS systems, and other touch-enabled devices that make business decisions and operations easier while strengthening customer loyalty. Intel-based products and complementary retail technologies offer flexibility and choice, including a range of device manufacturers, operating systems, and retail-specific software applications. Here are a five of our favorite examples.


Brooks Brothers 3D Body Scanning Solution

Brooks Brothers 3D body scanning using Intel IoT technology.

After 198 years of made-to-measure with a tailor and a tape, America’s oldest clothier, Brooks Brothers, added Size Stream 3D body scanning technology to improve convenience, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. Running the Size Stream body scanning application on Intel RealSense-enabled tablets, what used to be a time consuming measuring process is now accomplished with two quick snapshots. Benefits include increased accuracy when compared to manual measurements, better-fitting clothing the first time, fewer returns, lower operational costs, and increased brand loyalty. Learn more.


Nordstrom 3D-Foot-Scanning Solution

Nordstrom 3D foot scanning using Intel IoT technology.

Another retail clothing institution, Nordstrom, is using 3D scanning hardware and software from Volumental and Intel RealSense technology to scan customers’ feet in seconds—something that comes in particularly handy during the crowded chaos of Nordstrom’s half-yearly sale. The solution delivers exact measurements to store associates, who can then make precise, data-driven recommendations that ensure every customer leaves with shoes that fit. Rather than that being the end of the customer story, however, this solution steps right into an omnichannel experience. Sizing information is stored with a customer profile for subsequent store visits and ongoing omnichannel opportunities. Aggregated data can also be used to drive future product development decisions. Learn more.


T+ink and WestRock Smart Retail Systems

T+ink conductive ink tracks the ink used on product packaging, powered by Intel IoT technology.

T+ink, WestRock, and Intel have teamed up on the first merchandising display solution to incorporate printed electronic sensors in smart shelves and smart pegs. The result is connected store shelves that provide retailers with near real-time inventory management capability, reducing customer frustration with out-of-stock and incorrectly shelved items.

Powered by Intel, the solution uses T+ink conductive ink technology and WestRock shelving. Together, the fixture components become intelligent, secure, manageable endpoints that alert store personnel to low stock, theft threats, and misplaced items. This allows retailers to understand in near real-time which products are available in each location, with sensors communicating that information further up the supply chain. Learn more.


HP Retail System

HP’s family of POS solutions features built-in security with Intel Data Protection Technology for Transactions.

HP’s family of POS solutions features built-in security with Intel Data Protection Technology for Transactions. The solution reveals only limited customer credit card and personal information that is directly relevant to the transaction. Data is routed from the payment terminal to the bank’s servers, bypassing the POS platform, system memory, and operating system. HP offers an all-in-one terminal with a range of mounting options and peripheral connections; a versatile convertible tablet POS; and a mobile payment solution. Learn more.


Big Cloud Analytics Solution for In-store Engagement

A room of people talking about analytics.

Intelligent gateway solutions from Intel and Big Cloud Analytics help retailers gain understanding about customers in their stores, engage with them more effectively, predict their future behaviors, and evaluate their potential lifetime value—all in near real time. The technology recognizes when customers enter a store and offers insight into what products they are most likely to be interested in. Data-driven analytics determine appropriate discount levels and predictive analytics forecast the logical product or category of shopper interest. The solution can then ping a sales associate for a more personalized experience. It can also send instant offers via email, SMS, or mobile ads, resulting in increased sales and customer satisfaction. Learn more.

Connected retailers now have the tools to offer the range of inventory and product information consumers have come to expect from online shopping—in stores. And their store assistants now have access to the real-time information to offer faster, more personalized, more convenient service. This trend will help retailers create omnichannel experiences that delight customers in the brick-and-mortar setting and cement brand loyalty.

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