Intel IoT Champions Connected Retail Experiences at NRF Big Show

Intel booth at NRF16.

At the NRF Big Show in New York City last week, Intel IoT launched the Intel Retail Sensor Platform and demonstrated everything from 3D digital foot scanners to full-body custom fitting technology, offering retailers a wide range of smart solutions — from head to toe. Retailers saw first hand how connected retail can be easy to implement, quick to deliver value, and solve everyday problems in retail environments. The result: A seamless path to a connected, data-driven solution for happier customers, increased sales, and lower operating costs.

Here is an overview of some of the most popular connected retail experiences to come out of NRF16. To see more, watch our NRF 2016 Trends video.


Nordstrom 3D Digital Foot Measurement

A 3D foot scanner using Intel RealSense in use at NRF16.

Nordstrom is using a precise foot scanning solution from Volumental, powered by Intel RealSense technology to take 3D scans of customers’ feet. The solution enables employees to make precise, data-driven recommendations to ensure the customer leaves with shoes that are a great fit. Watch to see this solution in action.


Brooks Brothers’ Made to Measure

A 3D body scanner using Intel RealSense technology in use at NRF16.

Brooks Brothers is using body scanning technology powered by Intel RealSense technology and Size Stream. This solution helps customers achieve the perfect fit on a custom shirt by reducing errors that may occur during manual measurements. Watch to see this solution in action.


Capgemini Interactive 3D Modeling

Capgemini's 3D interactive modeling solution using Intel RealSense technoloyg, featued at NRF16.

Capgemini uses Intel RealSense cameras to replicate physical objects in the digital space, instantly creating rich 3D models of rooms in a virtual world. The room models can be further customized with style, color, and surroundings. They can also be combined with Oculus Rift to create and even more realistic experience. Watch to see this solution in action.


T+ink Smart Shelf and T+ink Smart Peg

T+ink tracks products right down to the ink on the box using Intel technology.

Using T+ink’s conductive ink technology and the Intel Quark microcontroller D1000, the T+ink Smart Shelf and T+ink Smart Peg turn fixture components into intelligent, secure, and manageable endpoints. The smart retail system enables store personnel to receive and respond to alerts around inventory movement and customer behavior. Watch to see this solution in action.


Intel Retail Sensor Platform

The Intel Retail Sensor Platform launched at NRF16.

Using the Intel Retail Sensor Platform, stores can track inventory in real time through RFID tags, while preserving customer privacy. In addition, a smart fitting room application allows customers to view their selected item on a screen, recommends items to match, and connects them directly with a sales associate for size exchanges. Watch to see this solution in action.


Intel Data Protection Technology for Transactions

Intel Data Protecting Technology for Transactions helps secure customer data from the hardware to the bank server.

Intel Data Protection Technology for Transactions combines software optimized for retailers along with Intel hardware, including Intel Core and select Intel Atom processors. The result is a higher level of security from the start of a transaction until transaction data is stored on a bank server.


COOP Supermarket of the Future

The supermarket of the future, developed by Accenture and Avanade, and featuring Intel technology. Source of origin information displays when a customer reaches for a product.

Developed by Accenture in collaboration with Avanade, and featuring Intel technology, the supermarket of the future creates an experience where customers can view source of origin and nutritional information about products simply when they reach for them.


Mirium Magic Mirror

Mirium Magic Mirror uses Intel RealSense technology, enabling customers to virtually try on outfits.

By utilizing Intel RealSense technology, the Mirum Magic Mirror creates an immersive shopping experience that allows customers to create outfits and try on different items without ever entering a fitting room. Customers can try out different looks by adding jewelry, change the color of an item, and try on items that are out of stock.


Predictive Analytics

Intel collaborated with Cloudera on a predictive analytics solution shown at NRF16.

Working with Cloudera’s distribution of Apache Hadoop and Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub, Intel’s predictive analytics solution provides market insights to help retailers improve marketing and business efficiency.


Mobile Solutions for Connected Retail

Intel-based tablets were on display at NRF16.

Retailers have a robust choice of Intel-based tablets that offer the flexibility to create engaging shopping environments with their choice of software. This included a range of options for Windows 10 and Android-based operating systems.

It’s an exciting time for connected retail. To see more of our footage from the show, watch our NRF 2016 Trends video. To learn more about Intel IoT retail innovations, visit To stay up-to-date with Intel IoT developments, keep your eyes on this blog,, and Twitter.


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