Top 10 Intel Internet of Things Blog Posts in 2015

Before we move forward into 2016, we’d like to pause for a moment to look back and reflect on the year in IoT, as shown through 10 of our most popular IoT@Intel blog posts. As our connected community continues to grow we’d like to thank everyone in the Intel IoT ecosystem for collaborating toward improving the way we experience the changing world around us, together.


Future of IoT: 5 Questions with Technology Futurist Angela Orebaugh

IoT Futurist Angela OrebaughWe sat down with technology futurist Angela Orebaugh to chat about emerging Internet of Things trends. In 2011, Angela was named Booz Allen Hamilton’s first Cybersecurity Fellow, a position reserved for the firm’s most notable experts in their field. Among the questions we asked: What are you most looking forward to for the future of IoT? Read more.



Tiny Smart House Lab: Intel IoT Opens Doors to Connected Solutions

Intel IoT Tiny Smart House Kitchen

Some 80 years ago, Frank Lloyd Wright created Usonian architecture as a framework for energy efficiency, and aesthetically pleasing, tiny home designs for middle income families. As we look toward the future of connected homes, we’re mindful that sometimes the best approach is to think big while starting small; in this case that means welcoming a tiny smart house lab to the Intel IoT neighborhood. Read more.


Intel IoT Platform Collaborations Reveal a Strong and Connected Future

Intel execs at Intel IoT Insights 2015

What is a canvas without its paint? A palette without its brush? Or a brush without a hand to guide it? Just as it requires collaboration between objects to create a work of art, we are finding that by working together toward a more connected world, the promise of the Internet of Things is beginning to take shape before us. Read more.


Intel IoT Bees, Beer & Bovines Build Buzz in Barcelona

Internet of bees at Internet of Things World Congress in Barcelona.Intel Internet of Things solutions expanded beyond all previously known boundaries of innovation at the Internet of Things World Congress in Barcelona. From IoT-connected buzzing bees and bustling smart cities, to robust bovine and refreshing beer keg solutions, Intel demonstrated once again the incredible opportunities that IoT offers to the world. Read more.


Intel IoT Paves the Road for Auto Experience Design Innovation

Intel RealSense Technology inside Jaguar Land Rover

Imagine stepping into a car that recognizes your facial features and begins playing your favorite music. A pair of gloves that knows the history of your vehicle from the time of its inception as a lone chassis on the factory floor. A vehicle that detects the relevancy of upcoming road signs and displays them on your dashboard. Take a peek at some of the amazing IoT innovation happening in the automotive industry today. Read more.


Intel IoT Unlocks True Value in Connected Supply Chains

Intel IoT VP Elliot Garbus showcases the 3D box bounding capabilities of Intel RealSense technology.

A missing link, connecting trillions of dollars in undiscovered value back into the supply chain, could very well rest in the Internet of Things. Dubious? Then consider that IoT is expected to generate $8 trillion in worldwide value over next decade, with half of that attributable to improved supply chain and asset utilization. Read more.


Developers, Robotics, Internet of Things, Take Center Stage at IDF15

Intel Internet of Things Senior VP and GM Doug Davis (left) and Intel Data Center Senior VP and GM Diane Bryant share the stage at IDF15.

In San Francisco, an Intel IoT-connected BMX bike soared over CEO Brian Krzanich’s head, spider bots and industrial robots alike danced on stage to the delight of wide-eyed developers, and the Internet of Things ushered in a new era. It was just another day at the Intel Developer Forum, Intel’s premier event for developers and their champions. Read more.


Intel Delivers on the Promise of the Internet of Things at Embedded World

Image1From smart buildings to connected retail, Intel Internet of Things solutions brought app-ready IoT platforms to key vertical markets at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany. At this year’s event, Intel demonstrated first-hand how developers can quickly step on a path to IoT. Read more.




Intel IoT Emerges as a Trusted Partner for POS Systems at Money 2020

Intel Data Protection Technology for Transactions Infographic

When it comes to securing customer data, there is clearly strength in numbers. Layer upon securely connected layer, we’re increasing the complexity of data protection technology. What we are discovering along the way, is the extraordinary innovation made possible when we collaborate on the Internet of Things. Read more.


5 IoT Questions: Smart Home Innovator Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

We sat down with IoT-connected home appliance designer Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino to chat about emerging Internet of Things trends for future smart homes. Among the questions we asked: How can we better entice people to embrace smart home experiences that could improve their lives? Read more.


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