Intel IoT Demonstrates Pathways to Smart Buildings at CoRETECH15

CoRETECH15 demo area

Commercial real estate developers, building managers, and green building architects recently attended RealComm’s CoRETECH15 with one focus in mind: Smart buildings. CoRETECH15 drew an elbow-to-elbow crowd of more than 350 attendees, all seeking to learn how Intel IoT can help guide them down the path toward smart buildings capable of transforming data into cost savings, a reduced carbon footprint, asset security, and tenant safety and comfort. Ultimately they learned how Intel technology can drive intelligence in smart buildings, transforming data into true cost savings.

At this event we showcase broad solutions for building infrastructure and corporate operation needs such as signage, vending, DSS, small cell, client wireless technologies, and more. A few of the most popular demos included the scalable smart cell by SpiderCloud Wireless, smart IP camera analytics, vibration analytics for predictive maintenance, and smart building solutions in action from KMC. We were lucky enough to get these on video and posted them to our Facebook page. Take a few minutes and watch them for yourself!

Intel is working with a large community of providers to develop open IoT solutions, which generate actionable information that can be readily applied to develop smarter, more user-friendly buildings and homes. To learn more, read the demo brief “Smarter Buildings & Homes with the Internet of Things”.

Here are some of our key takeaways from the event. To learn more about how Intel IoT can help transform connected buildings into intelligent smart buildings visit


How Intel IoT Is Transforming Business

Intel VP and GM Smart Home and Buildings, Internet of Things Group, Eric Free at CoRETECH15

Eric Free, Intel VP and GM Smart Homes and Buildings, Internet of Things Group, discussed how the next evolution of the Internet is the connection of things. Cars, clothes, appliances, health devices, buildings and more, are already joining an interwoven network of devices that are communicating with each other. The result will be a level of automation that has the potential to greatly improve the way we experience the world around us. Intel, with our global leadership in the semiconductor industry, is in the perfect position to play a significant role in this next phase as it impacts how we design, build, operate and use buildings.

The Intel IoT platform can help make buildings smart, with benefits like improved ROI, operational efficiency, occupant comfort and security. To learn more, read the Intel IoT solution brief, “Making Buildings Smarter”.


Intel IoT and Smart Building Solutions

Christine Boles, Intel Director of Smart Building Solutions, Internet of Things Group

Christine Boles, Intel Director of Smart Building Solutions, Internet of Things Group, said IoT and the connectivity it promotes is poised to change every aspect of how we live, work, play and learn. The more we connect things, the more we discover new experiences and opportunities. Boles pointed out that building owners and operators, corporations included, have been wrestling with technology for quite some time. In just the past few years, the Intel ecosystem is showing that an instrumented building or campus can produce extraordinary improvements in occupant experience, energy conservation, and operational efficiency.

IoT technologies can help property owners increase their profitability in today’s competitive real estate market through optimizing revenue, improving operations, and enhancing occupant experiences. To learn more, read the solution brief, “Increasing Property Owner Profitability with Internet of Things”.


Our Journey to Smarter Buildings

Neil Tunmore, Intel VP and General Manager Corporate Services at CoRETECH15

Neil Tunmore, Intel VP Corporate Services, pointed out that while technology by itself has little impact, technology when applied can have significant and wide-reaching influence. As many corporate executives will attest to, managing a corporate real estate portfolio involves hundreds of different processes.

There are many moving parts to a corporate real estate innovation strategy that include: a clear vision, legitimate executive sponsorship, selecting the right solutions, cross departmental alignment and strong execution skills. Tunmore discussed how Intel’s buildings are designed, built, and managed to be green and smart while reducing environmental footprints and cost; all the while, improving employee experiences. To learn more about how the Intel IoT Platform can help reduce building costs, read the Intel IoT solution brief “Designing More Affordable Smart Building Solutions”.

A key takeaway from CoRETECH15 is that IoT is enabling a transformation in building efficiency and management like never before. Thanks to the robust Intel IoT ecosystem, we are set to deliver building automation solutions optimized for reliable interoperability with the full building ecosystem. We’re ready to help you begin the transformation from connected building to a truly intelligent smart building.

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