Intel Unveils Tiny Smart House at Intel IoT Insights 2015

Intel IoT Tiny Smart House Kitchen

Some 80 years ago, Frank Lloyd Wright created Usonian architecture as a framework for energy efficiency, and aesthetically pleasing, tiny home designs for middle income families. As we look toward the future of connected homes, we’re mindful that sometimes the best approach is to think big while starting small; in this case that means welcoming a new tiny smart house to the Intel IoT neighborhood.

A man and a woman in the Intel tiny smart house office

At Intel IoT Insights 2015, we revealed that the framework of our Intel IoT Platform reference architecture is expanding with the announcement of the Intel IoT Smart Home Developer Enablement Platform. As a diverse team of people who pack up and return to our assorted apartments, condos, and houses each evening, we spend a good deal of time thinking about how we can improve the way we experience the world around us. That’s why Intel commissioned a nationwide smart home survey asking people to envision the kind of house they want to come home to each night.

Intel IoT's Doug Davis reveals the Intel smart tiny house at Intel IoT Insights 2015

“We wanted to understand what consumers’ impressions were of smart homes,” said Doug Davis, senior VP and GM for the Intel Internet of Things Group (IOTG), “What we discovered is that we’re really headed for a transformation.”

Intel IoT Insights 2015 attendees mingle inside the Intel IoT tiny smart house

It turns out that we aren’t the only ones with smart homes on our minds. We learned that 68 percent of people surveyed are confident that smart homes will be as commonplace as smartphones in the next 10 years. The question now is how do we leverage the unique individual strengths of the Intel IoT ecosystem to connect our homes and our communities? You can read the results of the survey here.


Intel IoT Platform Community Solutions

Exterior view of the Intel IoT tiny smart house

We think we’ve found the answer to delivering on the promise of more connected communities: Collaboration. After delving into the survey results, we teamed up with Kyle Schuneman, a well-recognized interior designer, to design a tiny smart house. Schuneman worked with our developers, contributing his expertise in small space design and fusing technology and aesthetics to create a livable space.

Daytime exterior of the Intel IoT tiny smart homeOver the next 18 months, the tiny smart house lab will help the Intel IoT ecosystem expand on smart home innovation. We’ll work through new ways of thinking about connectivity, expand interoperability through the Open Interconnect Consortium, improve user experience scenarios, and put our security to the test.

True Key facial recognition software in use at the Intel IoT tiny smart house

Facial recognition technology, including True Key by Intel Security, provides convenient, hands-free security allowing access to trusted friends and neighbors based on preset rules. It can also provide parents and pet owners with suspicious activity alerts when they are not at home. The home can also be set to go into away mode, turning off lights and locking the door, when no occupant presence is detected. The tiny house’s home automation system is also capable of being set to detect when glass breaks or a smoke alarm is triggered, and could even be programmed to alert to the sound of a crying baby.

Intel IoT Tiny Smart House Office

By utilizing open standards, including the Open Interconnect Consortium, the Intel IoT Platform enables interoperability between three distinct lighting solutions: Philips Hue, Cree and Osram. Despite each light’s propriety connectivity protocols, the app can recognize each one and allows them to work together, thanks to the established interoperability.

Intel IoT's tiny smart home can be managed from a central dashboard

We have a real opportunity to greatly improve the way we experience our lives in our communities, our neighborhoods, and our homes. We look forward to continuing the journey toward a more connected future, together.

Watch a recording of the entire Intel IoT Insights Day webcast here. To learn more about Intel IoT developments, keep visiting this blog,, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


3 thoughts on “Intel Unveils Tiny Smart House at Intel IoT Insights 2015

  1. Survey results are interesting.

    While the main challenege of service providers will be seam less integration between various internet of things, they should be ready for worst case scenarios like when any or some device fails, the possible remedial action to be taken on war foot, while ensuring the rest of the smart home (iot) functions to give optimal experience to users.

    Simply it’s like two layer strategy: while the main layer is to give intuitive & smart experience to customers, at the underlying layer….any minor glitch within smart home sysetm, to be sensored, and audited, and proper action to be taken, at smart level, or if required, physically.

    Price of even minor failures can be high, hence sophistication to be observed 24×7.

  2. Good concept…why not build a model community of smart small homes with yards for baby boomer retirees who want to downsize in a walkable neighborhood with nature all around and shopping nearby? A small high tech house might be the way to avoid maintenance and reduce expenses for adults wanting to avoid stress and a rushed lifestyle as they age. The urban lifestyles their career-minded children require is not a priority for happiness. They want to get out of traffic and relax, yet the housing market lacks fresh ideas for this group of potential buyers. They are retiring daily, don’t need the space they have, but won’t sell their current homes for urban condominiums. How about building small, smart homes for people over 60?

  3. Combined with off-grid power and utilities, as well as software robots to manage your services, this is the future for sustainable housing, forever. The networks will be unrecognisable from what we see today. There will be Yottabytes of data, trillions of connections and transactions and mega platforms managing everything. A very very exciting time to be had by all…..The universe here we come!

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