Intel IoT Unlocks True Value in Connected Supply Chains

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A missing link, connecting trillions of dollars in undiscovered value back into the supply chain, could very well rest in the Internet of Things (IoT). Dubious? Then consider that IoT is expected to generate $8 trillion in worldwide value over next decade, with half of that attributable to improved supply chain and asset utilization, according to a Cisco and DHL industry trends report released earlier this year.

That’s the kind of news you want to share far and wide, which is exactly what I did when I spoke at the Council of Supply Chain Managers and Professionals (CSCMP) annual conference in San Diego, recently.

We all know that the challenges facing the supply chain industry are many. Among known pressure points are globalization and emerging markets, reduced cycle times and inventory levels, evolving demand for real-time shipment visibility, increased security risks, and growth in specialized services requiring temperature-controlled shipping.

Yet with every set of problems, innovation seems to rise to the challenge and surfaces solutions. In this case, rapid innovation around intelligent devices and big data, along with interoperability of protocol standards from organizations like the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and the Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC), are coalescing an intelligent infrastructure and corresponding solutions to address the challenges of today.

What we’re discovering, is that the key to unlocking hidden value in the supply chain is found through built-in, secure, interconnected intelligence from end to end—from suppliers all the way through to return logistics. Here are a few great Intel IoT ecosystem solutions that we showcased during the annual CSCMP conference.


Intelligent Fleet Management with Intel IoT

Intel IoT VP Elliot Garbus showcases Vnomics use of the Intel IoT Gateway.

Vnomics uses sensors, the Intel IoT Gateway, and data center analytics, to reduce fleet operating costs and improving safety through edge analytics and real-time driver coaching. The result is freight trucks that are more efficient and drivers who have a safer experience. Learn more about how Vnomics is using the Intel IoT Gateway to improve driver safety while increasing fuel efficiency.


Intel RealSense 3D Box Bounding Technology

Intel IoT VP Elliot Garbus showcases the 3D box bounding capabilities of Intel RealSense technology.

An exciting technology in this space is the 3D box bounding capabilities of Intel RealSense technology. For those who need a little brushing up on their geometry, box bounding defines the outer limits of the physical space utilized by an object. This is helpful information to have at your fingertips for packing efficiency and it’s something you can now map out in real-time with Intel RealSense. Companies across the supply chain are also beginning to see first-hand how they can use Intel RealSense technology to quickly calculate dimensional weight for shipping and to improve load planning. Learn more about Intel RealSense.


Advantech-DLoG: Smart Warehouses

Intel IoT VP Elliot Garbus showcases a fleet management solution devleoped in collaboration with Advantech DLoG.Intel architecture is also powering vehicle-mounted terminals in warehouses and across fleets thanks to solutions developed in collaboration with Advantech-DLoG. The result is more secure, efficient, intelligent supply management from OEM to return logistics. Learn more about Advantech-DLoG IoT solutions in this case study.

As an industry, we have an opportunity to influence cost reduction, improve efficiencies, better secure our technology, and tap into the huge value that awaits us when we connect our supply chains through IoT. I look forward to driving down that road together.

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