Intel IoT Bees, Beers & Bovines Build Buzz in Barcelona

Keenan Systems' Gerard Keenan, and Intel IoT's Jonathan Ballon, dicuss Internet of Things solutions for farming at IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona.

Internet of bees at Internet of Things World Congress in Barcelona. Intel Internet of Things (IoT) solutions expanded beyond all previously known boundaries of innovation at the Internet of Things World Congress in Barcelona last week. From IoT-connected buzzing bees and bustling smart cities, to robust bovine and refreshing beer keg solutions, Intel demonstrated once again the incredible opportunities that IoT offers to the world.

“One thing we know about IoT that we’ve learned over the past six or seven years is that no one company can do it alone. It really requires an ecosystem of complimentary companies, technology, business, and the end user, to come together to create the value,” said Intel Internet of Things Group VP and GM Jonathan Ballon during his keynote.

Intel co-founded two groups set on increasing collaboration for IoT: The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and the Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC). Both groups are working across industries and companies to rapidly standardize and expand the growth of IoT solutions across the globe.

“IoT has relevance for everyone on the planet,” Ballon continued. “I like to call it IoT for life. I think as an industry we can get around the real, tangible, societal benefits of IoT. Not technology for technology’s sake, but technology that can fundamentally take us forward into a better world.”


Calculating Cows: A New Breed of Data Farm

Moo. A dairy cow. What happens when real-time data transforms agriculture?  During Ballon’s keynote, Keenan Systems Executive Chairman Gerard Kennan shared how Keenan System has introduced more than 30,000 farms to IoT to help improve livestock feeding efficiency while increasing nutritional results.

Dairy farmers typically overuse feed by as much as 20 percent, so we’ve developed mixer wagons that not only chop and mix the feed, they also capture and communicate relevant data to the cloud, allowing farmers to monitor and control what they feed their animals,” Keenan said. “With this real-time data, they can make optimal decisions that maximize herd health and conserve resources.”

As any cowhand worth his or her salt knows, variation in specification and quality of milk and beef are huge challenges to the entire dairy and cattle value chain.  “By optimizing livestock feed, we help farmers achieve greater consistency and quality of the milk and beef they produce, benefitting everyone from the farmer to the grocer to the end-customer,” Keenan said.

To learn more how Intel IoT and Kennan Systems are transforming agricultural operations, watch the Keenan video on smart agriculture or read the case study.


The Latest Buzz: Internet of Bees

Dell and Intel work to solve honeybee colony collapse.

Bees are critical to over 80 percent of the world’s food, which makes solving the mystery of colony collapse disorder an ever more urgent endeavor. In response, Dell’s internal Planet Employee Resource Group placed a beehive on the roof of the Dell OEM IoT Lab in Limerick, Ireland, to begin collecting data.  The resulting end-to-end solution uses Dell Boomi software, Intel Galileo, and the Intel IoT Gateway to track the daily lives of sensor-laden bees. Data gleaned from the project, of paramount interest to anyone concerned with creating a sustainable and diverse global food supply, will be provided for free to scientists worldwide.


Wind River Smart City Shines in Barcelona

Wind River smart city demo at IoT Soltuions World Congress in Barcelona.

Wind River’s smart city demo is always a hit with those interested in the evolving designs of human habitats. This example shows end-to-end solutions with Wind River Helix Cloud, showcases smart city and critical infrastructure solutions, and covers everything from automotive solutions and smart buildings to industrial automation and energy solutions. To learn more, watch highlights of some of the solutions featured in the smart city demo.


Tasty Tech: Beer Kegorator Taps Into IoT

The SteadyServ ikeg helps retailers track beer inventory.

This refreshing demo quenched attendees’ thirst for real-time retail analytics. The SteadyServ Technologies iKeg uses the Intel IoT Gateway to give retailers easy, mobile access to cloud-based inventory and performance intelligence. To learn more, read the solution briefcheck out the beer analytics infographic, or watch the video.


Now You See Me. Now You Don’t: Intel Enhanced Privacy ID

Intel Enhanced Privacy ID (EPID).

Intel’s Enhanced Privacy ID (EPID) technology provides an “on-ramp” designed to help devices securely connect to the Intel IoT Platform. Intel’s EPID hardware-enforced integrity provides fixed device identity in a manner that is compatible with existing ISO and TCG standards, and helps protect privacy with sophisticated anonymity technology. Extending use of Intel EPID across the industry will help make IoT solutions more secure regardless of vendor choice. To learn more about EPID, watch this video highlight, or read more information about EPID here.

As night fell upon the final day of the IoT Solutions World Conference in Barcelona, one of the biggest takeaways, among the plethora of innovative Intel IoT ecosystem solutions, was that IoT is quickly awakening a growing number of us to the possibility of a better world. We look forward to experiencing it together.

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